Heavenly Genius - Chapter 114


Tsang Wu County, Ning Wang's estate.

Before dawn, a servant's voice was heard outside the house:

- Prince!

Chiao Zong, who was lying with his eyes closed, bowed his head and said:


Feng Ru Nan, who was lying next to Her, also woke up. She saw that the window had not yet bloomed. Her brows immediately furrowed: "It's not dawn yet, what could have happened?"

The newlyweds had stopped fighting each other. It's been a long time. Feng Ru Nan was already used to having Chao Zong by her side. They were even used to sleeping together.

A voice came from outside.

"The Grand Duchess requests an audience."

Shu Qing has recently returned. It was only last night that she reached the manor. After Niu Yu Dao left the village, she immediately Packed up with Yuan Gang and they went back.

She returned much more safely and freely. There were a lot of stretchers in the village, so they took them and lowered them into a secret passage. So it was much freer for her this time.

Chiao Zong noticed that it was still dark and knew that this was a special case. Shu Qing would not have bothered him for such a small matter. He immediately threw off the blanket, quickly put on shoes, and throwing on a robe, without putting on an outer garment immediately left.

Feng Ru Nan sat down on the bed and looked doubtfully at the departing Prince.

As soon as Chiao Zong left, a bodyguard immediately approached him and whispered in his ear:

"Prince, the Princess has urgent business to attend to.

Chiao Zong immediately looked around as soon as he heard it. This place was full of Feng Ru Nan's spies. And Shu Qing has its people everywhere. So he nodded and went straight to Shu Qing.

When he came to Shu Qing's courtyard, he immediately discovered that LAN RUO ting was also standing with Shu Qing. They were waiting for him.

When they saw each other, they did not talk much but went into the library office. At the same time, Chao Zong waved his hand at the bodyguard, making it clear that he would not let anyone in.

The Shu Qing library was quite sophisticated. She had paintings of calligraphy that she had painted. Her paintings were simple, and the written hieroglyphs were quite elegant.

As soon as they entered before Chiao Zong could ask anything, LAN RUO ting took a secret message from his sleeve and handed it to him.

The secret letter was not official, it was encrypted. The king of birds is dangerous to use, because the letter may fall into the wrong hands. So they used a secret language.

Chiao Zong opened the secret message, and under the light of the lantern began to read the message. And the more he read, the more surprised he became. I didn't think that Niu Yu Dao would face sun lung in Qingzhou. And get into such danger. It was good that Niu Yu Dao was out of danger.

It is clear from the message that Hai Ru Yue has already agreed to his proposal.

He stopped reading and sighed heavily:

"The help of the Lord of the Tao is like water to a fish. Indeed, the gods help me!

LAN Jo ting also said:

"Indeed! I didn't think it would work out so quickly. The Lord of the Tao only reached Qingzhou yesterday, and this very night he resolved a difficult situation. A rare genius indeed! Prince, such talent is worth a hundred thousand troops. Like the legendary General Meng!

Shu Qing had complex feelings. She remembered how in the village, she had not yet told Niu Yu Dao about the situation. She was afraid that Niu Yu Dao would run away. But she didn't think that Niu Yu Dao would solve everything so quickly. And as soon as she returned to the manor, she would receive good news.

Only she said coldly:

"Fang Jae almost ruined it!" The song family's people were there, and he didn't even know. If the Lord of the Dao didn't pull himself out of a dangerous situation, then we would have failed a big deal!

Chiao Zong and LAN RUO ting looked at each other. Shu Qing is rarely so angry.!

LAN RUO ting thought for a moment, and then said:

"Princess, you can't blame Fang Jae completely. We don't have many people in Qingzhou. And Fang Jae's abilities are so limited. You can understand it. Moreover, Fang Zhe didn't know about the relationship between the Dao master and the song family!

Shu Qing said with displeasure:

- He doesn't have enough people or enough, his problems. We should then look for people who would report to him. If something happens, it will all pay off. And if something doesn't work out, you don't need to look for excuses. It didn't work, so it didn't work!

You could see her attitude immediately. The Princess was really angry.

Two people didn't understand her condition. If she didn't ask Niu Yu Dao for help, then He could continue to cultivate. And I wouldn't go to solve these questions for them. However, he went using all his methods to serve them. And in the end, almost lost his life!

Seeing the dangers that Niu Yu Dao was facing, and knowing that sun long as the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom had many high masters, Shu Qing was seriously worried. It was she who had persuaded him to stay with them. After all, she had learned from Yuan Gan that they needed more Niu Yu Dao. Now she was uneasy.

LAN RUO ting nodded uncomfortably:

"That's right, the Princess is telling the truth. I'll teach Fan Jae a lesson later!

Chiao Zong didn't want LAN RUO ting to feel awkward. Still, a Fan of Jae was a man of Jo LAN Tina. Little sister says so, and you can say that she is scolding LAN RUO ting himself.

"Shu Qing, we don't have as much power as we used to, and we don't have as many people. Fang Jae lacks experience, and from now on, he will know what to do. Of course, the Lord of the Tao handled the situation well, but we must not forget that he is gifted from God. Don't compare Fang Jae to him. Don't worry. We will tell Fan Jae to pay more attention in the future.

Shu Qing also realized that she had lost her temper, and immediately nodded her head.

- I hope that he will now look more closely at everything.

LAN RUO ting nodded.

"The Princess is right. Only LAN RUO ting looked doubtfully at Shu Qing.

Chiao Zong waved his hand, and returning to the subject, said:

- We still need to get in touch with the sect of the Celestial jade.

Shu Qing only interrupted:

"The Lord of the Tao has asked us to announce that we are breaking off our relationship with him. What should we do now?

The library was silent again. LAN RUO ting sighed:

"The Lord of the Tao does it better for us. And what reputation about it goes, it doesn't seem to worry too much. We'll do it, just like he said.

Shu Qing pursed her lips, she wanted to say something, but still didn't say anything. Will not leave you Nude Yu Tao after that?

Chao Zong and LAN RUO ting left the house together and went straight to Bai Yao's courtyard after passing through Feng Ru Nan's courtyard.

As soon as they encountered Bai Yao, they immediately told their offer.

Bai Yao became serious and began to walk around the courtyard thinking to himself. LAN RUO ting looked at him and asked:

"If that's what Hai Ru Yue is suggesting, then what should we do?"? Should we take Qingshan County or not?

Bai Yao stopped and looked at him:

"I'll tell the teachers." Let's wait for them to respond!

LAN Jo ting and Chao Tsung looked at each other. Chiao Zong folded his hands and said:

"Then we'll wait for word from the teachers."

Bai Yao looked at them askance: "didn't Niu Yu Dao accompany the Princess to establish contacts with ning Wang's veterans?" Why did he go to Qingzhou?

LAN Jo ting explained: "We didn't have many people in Qinzhou. Therefore, they could only ask Niu Yu Dao to go there. Who knew that there he would be confronted with sun Loong.

"I don't understand!" Bai Yao replied with displeasure. Then he said coldly:

"Prince, next time, you'd better let us know first. So that there would be no such noise!

LAN RUO ting replied with a bitter smile:

"We didn't think it would be like this from the beginning. Hai Ru Yue only said that she wanted to consult…


A crowd of monks was digging in the garden. And one more person was added among them. Wei Duo!

Yuan Gang stood under a tree and sometimes looked at this almost dead stutterer. As soon as he arrived, he found out that Wei Duo had almost knelt to death. They were even going to bury him. It was a good thing that Bai Yao had arrived in time to notice that Wei Duo was still alive. So he cured and saved him.

Wei Duo was injured by the primordial qi, and as soon as he recovered and was able to walk. To Bai Yao immediately banished him to the Prince.

Niu Yu Dao wasn't here, so everyone didn't know what to do with him. For the time being, Yuan Gang could only keep an eye on him.

A monk returned from the city. He was just buying things for the garden.

"Lord Yuan, I just saw an ad in the city. It says that the Prince breaks off all relations with the Lord of the Tao. And banishes him from Tsang Wu County.

Yuan Gang turned his head.

The monk continued to speak:

"What is this?" Is it true? Will the Lord of the Tao return? And the Abbot? The Abbot follows the Lord of the Tao. Will they return?

Yuan gang said with displeasure:

"Tell me exactly what it said."

"It is said that the Lord of the Tao, in the Kingdom of Zhao, in Qingzhou, encountered the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, sun lung. And I killed him there because of the old hatred. Therefore, they cut off relations with him, saying that the murder of the Ambassador had nothing to do with them.

After hearing everything, Yuan Gang immediately turned around and left.

Near the Prince's courtyard, a guard blocked Yuan Gang's path. Only Yuan Gang immediately took it out of his feet. Which sent it tumbling away.

In the end, one cultivator stopped Yuan Gan.

From the noise outside, Chiao Zong and the others came out.

Several people immediately approached and asked the cultivator to let Yuan Gang in.

As soon as they went inside, Yuan Gang immediately asked in a cold tone:

"What does it all mean?" Is this an ad with the Lord of the Tao?

"Brother yuan got it all wrong. This is not what we wanted. It was the Lord of the Dao who instructed us to do this..."

Yuan Gang understood. It turns out that Niu Yu Dao did not leave in search of resources for cultivation. I went to help these people. He suddenly clashed with the people of the song family. He immediately glared at Shu Qing:

"You've known about this for a long time, haven't you?" Why didn't you tell me?

Shu Qing replied awkwardly:

"The Lord of the Tao has asked me several times not to tell you.

Whether it was good or bad, when Yuan Gang found out, he immediately turned around and left.

"Brother Yuan, brother Yuan..." Several people immediately started shouting at him, but he didn't listen to them at all.