Heavenly Genius - Chapter 115


Outside the garden, Yuan Gang shouted to the monks to finish. And he called Wei Duo to him.

When they entered the house. The two men stood for a long time and stared at each other. Then Yuan Gang asked:

"What is your cultivation?"

Wei Duo: - Zhu JI!

Wei Duo immediately replied calmly.

Yuan Gang nodded his head, and immediately offered:

"Do you want to go with me to find the Lord of the Tao?"

Wei Duo immediately nodded his head.

- Yes!

He didn't stutter.

Leaving the monks, he and Wei Duo left.

In the main courtyard a bodyguard reported:

"Prince, Yuan Gan stammered and changed his clothes for the Princess's servants. He borrowed two horses and they went down the mountain.

Several people fell silent. It was as if they realized that Yuan Gang had definitely not gone for a walk.

Chao Tsung waved his hand, letting him know that the bodyguard left. Then he said with a sigh:

"Disguised?" They must have gone looking for the Lord of the Tao. Don't they know that there might be sung family spies here? Are they putting themselves in danger?

LAN RUO ting said a little doubtfully:

- The goal of the song family is the Lord of the Dao. And we have already announced that we are cutting ties with the Lord of the Tao. So they have nothing more to see here. And Yuan Gang was still disguised. So they shouldn't have any problems.

Shu Qing bit her lip. She was worried that Niu Yu Dao might not return. After all, Niu Yu Dao knows Yuan Gan well. And when they were announced, didn't he know that Yuan Gang would go looking for him?


The capital, the seat of the song family, inside the library. A vase, a precious ink pot, and a teacup were broken. Papers are scattered on the floor.

Sun Ju-Ming staggered around the library.

Why was he in such a state? Because of the incident in Qingzhou, of course. As soon as the accident happened to Sun lung, he was immediately informed. When sun Ju-Ming found out about this, he even jumped up from the table.

When the clan reaches such power, the death of the second son is not so significant. The main thing was that the high-ranking envoy of the Yan Kingdom, abusing his official obligations, wanted to solve personal matters. Sun Ju-Ming could now clearly see how many people were secretly gossiping against him in the Imperial household.

The steward of the house, Liu Lu, and the eldest son, sun Chuan, stood in a corner and said nothing.

They knew that when sun Ju-Ming was angry, it was best to remain silent. Whatever you say won't calm his anger.

"He is an Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom. Who asked him to solve this case? He asked to die. Does this help the song family now?

Sun Ju Ming pointed his finger at both of them and cursed. At least in normal times, he does not show his emotions.

Two people had no choice but to listen to him. If any of the song family saw Niu Yu Dao in Qingzhou, they would immediately try to kill Him. How could anyone miss this opportunity? The only sun Long didn't think that the situation would turn out this way. Who would have thought it could be so?

Sun Chuan spoke in a weak voice:

"Is there any way to hide it?"

"Hide it?" How do I hide it? Sun Ju Ming pointed at his forehead and said:

"What have you learned?" Inside the country, our family has power, we can blame someone. But in another country, before the ambassadors of other kingdoms, before those who would most like to see the disorder in our Kingdom.? Can we ask them to be silent?! All the more so in the Kingdom of Zhao! We should ask the Zhao Kingdom to hide this!?

At this time, a man outside reported:

"Master, a man has come from the Minister of public works. The Minister is calling!

There was silence inside the room. Tun Mo is 90% responsible for this case.

When he heard that Tong Mo was summoning sun Ju Ming, he immediately calmed down. However, he did not go to the Minister. First, he told them to put it in order. All his clothes were carefully Packed, and only then did he leave the house and get into the carriage.

In the carriage, he calmed down even more. And when they reached the residence of the Minister of public works. To sun Ju Ming was already completely calm.

As soon as he entered the main hall, he saw Tong Mo sitting at his Desk. Tang Mo looked at him coldly. Sun Ju-Ming came out and knelt and bowed.

Tun Mo said coldly:

"You know everything?"

Sun Ju Ming, who was on his knees, folded his hands and said:

"I didn't raise my son. I am ready to take all the responsibility of the Minister of public works!

Tong Mo, looking at his calm state and cool face, couldn't help but nod approvingly. Among all of them, sun Ju Ming was his favorite subordinate. He liked that when faced with a big case, sun Ju-Ming remained calm.

"You know, that's good. Then I won't talk in vain. You can submit your own resignation!

"Yes," he said. Sun Ju-Ming immediately agreed. And folding his hands he said:

"I will immediately apply to be removed from my position in the court of justice.

Seeing his calmness, Tong Mo nodded approvingly again and sighed:

"It's not your fault. It's your son, but there's nothing you can do about it. Last time, the incident on South mountain had already irritated his Highness. It's a good thing no one found out about the incident. But now, you know what a fuss there is!

DOON-DOON! He tapped his finger on the table and said, " I'm sorry.

"His Highness lost his temper. I can't help you here. It is better to write your own resignation than to be kicked out. Now give this place to someone. And we'll have to wait for the noise to subside. And then you can see if your replacement makes a mistake. And if it does, you need to be ready.

Sun Ju-min: "Yes, Sir." I'll do as the Minister said.

Tong Mo got up from the table with satisfaction, walked around the table, and approached Sun Ju Ming. He personally reached out and helped sun Ju Ming stand up.

- Some things are not convenient to do in this position. I can understand that, too. Since you have personal family matters to attend to. Then you can take advantage of your free time and settle everything. Once you've settled everything, then you'll have to wait for the chance to come back. The Kingdom of Yan needs such capable citizens like you!

Sun Ju-Min: - thank you, Minister, I understand everything!

Tun Mo tapped him on the shoulder:

"You'd better write your resignation now." I'm just going to the Palace to report on the sun Lung case. I'd better pick up your petition on the way.

"Yes," he said. Sun Ju-Ming immediately replied.


When he returned to his residence, the library was already clean.

When he sat down at the table, sun Chuan personally brought the tea. I asked curiously:

"Father, what does the Minister say?"

Sun Ju Ming replied calmly:

- Nothing. I already wrote about my resignation!

Liu Lu and sun Chuan were scared.

Especially Sun Chuan. His future depended on his father's position. Without the support of his father, it will be difficult for him. After a moment's thought he said:

- Father can not be in a hurry?

Sun Ju-Ming paid no attention to him but looked at the map of the Middle Kingdom, which was Jolly in front of him. He got up, walked around the table, and went to the map. After looking at him for a while, song Ju-Ming asked:

"Sun Moon's body, when will it be delivered?"

Lu replied, " it doesn't seem to have been decided yet. The people of Qingzhou are holding his body. They say they won't let you go until they investigate.

Sun Ju Ming put his hands behind his back and said:

"This Niu Yu Dao, what are they going to do with him in Qingzhou?"

Liu Lu: - They also said that they would determine it after the investigation.

Sun Ju-Ming: "don't think that Qingzhou will be handed over to Niu Yu-Dao. They must be 90% involved in this. Since they can't deal with Niu Yu Dao, they can't hand Him over to us. So they'll let him go in secret.

Sun Chuan said doubtfully:

"Father, are you telling me that the qing chou was also involved in my brother's murder?"

Sun Ju-Min: "I don't believe that nonsense. And having worked in court for many years, I clearly saw how many such cases were conducted. With such a big deal, a small hitch can lead to failure. But Niu Yu Dao had everything so arranged, as if by notes. It's definitely not clean. It looks like sun Lung has fallen into someone's trap. Although I don't know why Qingzhou did this, I know for sure. Well, it won't be easy for us to get Niu Yu Dao. What news from the County of Tsan Woo?

Lu Lu: - Just reported. Shang Chao Zong has already announced that he is breaking off all relations with Niu Yu Dao. He chased Niu Yu Dao away.

- Haha! Sun Ju-Ming laughed. He looked at the map:

"Logically, Niu Yu Dao won't be there for a long time. Otherwise, we'll find him. He killed my grandson, and now he's killed, my son. If I don't solve this again, everyone will laugh at me. I will then be able to enter the Imperial Palace? Now that I've got some free time, I'm going to do it myself.

He raised his hand and pointed to the map:

- On all the realms, on every post office, hang a portrait of Niu Yu Dao, leave observers. Find a person who knows Niu Yu Dao, make a portrait of Him. I don't believe he can be gone that long. After you set up the net, send a person to Shang Chao Tsung for negotiations. Ask him to give Niu Yu Dao. It doesn't matter whether he agrees or not, and it doesn't matter what price you offer. The main thing is to spread the word about it. And Niu Yu Dao would have heard about it. Then he would have doubts about Shang Chao Tsung. And he wouldn't dare hide behind Shang Chao Zong.

Lu Lu asked doubtfully:

"Master, did you say in all the realms or in our realm?" – He thought he'd misheard."

Sun Ju Ming: "All of them!

Lu Lu was afraid and answered:

"Master, you can draw a portrait and negotiate with Shang Chao Zun. But to set up surveillance on all the realms, it requires people and means…

Sun Ju-Min: "Don't worry. I will contact Lao Mo and write a report to the Department. There they will help in all the realms to establish surveillance.

Liu Lu and sun Chuan looked at each other. Sun Ju Ming is really using all his strength to grab Niu Yu Dao.

Now, even if Niu Yu Dao dies, He won't hide. It looks like the owner left the service, though. But his influence is still working.

"I will find Lao Mo and consult with him. As soon as the object is found, the Department can send mercenaries to solve the issue. One way or another, we can send people ourselves. The other is no longer important.

Liu Lu also had a deadly hatred for Niu Yu Dao. The man had killed his son. So he nodded at once:

"Master, don't worry. I'll send out a portrait of Niu Yu Dao.