Heavenly Genius - Chapter 116


Lan Ruo Ting was walking towards the garden, and just saw Shu Qing who was planting vegetables in the field with the monks, and at the same time was talking to them. She seemed to be learning how to plant vegetables.

Shu Qing also soon discovered it and left the field. As soon as she came up to him, she asked:

"Mr. Lan, is there something?"

Lan Ruo Ting, smiling, pulled out a secret message and passed it over with both hands.

Shu Qing took it and opened it and began to look at it. Lan Ruo Ting's eyes glittered. It was as if he wanted to see Shu Qing's reaction.

After seeing the secret message, Shu Qing realized that Niu Yu Dao was asking for a person to be sent to the capital. To establish a connection with Cheng Gui Shuo.

In that case, it looks like Niu Yu Dao is not going to leave them.

She looked up and noticed that Lan Ruo Ting was looking at her strangely. She broke down and asked:

"What are you looking at, sir?" She raised her hand and began to touch her face. Maybe when she was planting vegetables, she got dirty?

Lan Ruo Ting hurriedly said:

- Nothing, just looking at what the Princess is learning to plant. This is a bit strange.

Shu Qing smiled coquettishly, although it wasn't pretty in her performance.

- I found that with their method of planting, vegetables grow much faster and better.

Lan Ruo ting nodded happily.

Not far from the regional city of Qingzhou, there was a mountain forest. Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan carried a basket on a yoke. And in the basket were things, including a wrapped sword and knife. Two people disguised themselves as peasants.

Not far from them, a man was pulling two horses. As soon as he identified the two men, he handed them the horses. Those two immediately climbed on them and rode off the mountain.

As for Chao Zun and Hai Ru Yue, the heavenly jade sect and the heavenly vending Palace agreed in their case. Niu Yu Dao, as soon as he found out, immediately went to fulfill the promise of Hai Ru Yue.

They rode for some distance and then turned to look at the vast fortified city.

- The Lord of the Dao, we will help the woman look for the fruit of red Jan? Yuan Fang tried to ask.

Niu Yu Dao frowned and said:

"Bear, don't you think I'm a man of my word?"

"No, no, no. Lord of the Tao, that's not what I meant. Yuan Fan immediately scratched his head and said with a smile:

"I only think if you've already talked it over with her." If everything is somehow resolved, and especially if the Princess can't get the fruit unless we can get it? Why should we go there? "Yuan Fan hinted that maybe they shouldn't go there.

Niu Yu Dao: - we Cannot can this one thing, and to go or not, this is another. Soon there will be military operations in Qingshan, and the Prince must win there. But I don't understand military strategy. And you follow me, and I am responsible for you. So I have to come up with an escape route for us, just in case.

Yuan Fang understands it. It turns out that the Lord of the Tao has long decided to use Qingzhou as a path to retreat. He said suddenly:

"If there is war in Qingshan, will my monks be safe?"

Niu Yu Dao: - I told you, if you follow me, I will be responsible for you. Don't worry; I've already arranged everything well. As soon as they stay at the manor, Nothing should happen to them. If anything happens, you'll remember that they still have a secret passageway in the hotel. If anything, they will be taken out.

Yuan Fang let out a gentle sigh. It was good that Niu Yu Dao had found a way to escape. The Lord of the Tao did not plan to tie his fate to Chao Zong. Why was Yuan Fang interested, and he asked:

"Lord Dao, is it essential to do this?" Why not just say it directly and leave?

Niu Yu Dao: - Do you think I didn't think so? If you agree to give up the idea of a temple, then everything will be fine. Wouldn't we have left freely then… Another APE has a warm heart. Says you need to do everything reasonably. If it weren't for him, we would have left them long ago. In these troubled times, we would have lived quite quietly, somewhere in the mountains. And you, some wrong bear. What good is a big temple for you? What's fun about it?

Yuan Fang said in a weak voice:

"Nothing fun, but I made a promise to the Abbot before he died.

Niu Yu Dao grinned: - Yes? You want to build a temple. Well, if you make a temple, then what? In this troubled age, how long can it stand without influential support? Believe it or not, you will be able to build a temple, but before a year has passed, you will have to close it again! Otherwise, you might just get killed. How will you then maintain your faith?

Yuan Fan seemed to understand and said:

- The Lord of the Tao, then maybe we will find some sphere of influence? We'll see some support.?

"Find a sphere of influence?" Have you ever seen someone take someone in? Unless someone will only help you. And you will also remain a free man? Aah, you don't need to talk. I advise you... you'd better follow me. We will see the world. You will expand your horizons. See the world. Let's go! - Niu Yu Dao, as finished, immediately spurred his horse and raced on.

Yuan Fang also chased after him.

Two people, as soon as they reached the roadway, immediately went around it. They passed it by a small road. It's best to avoid the tracts, just in case the enemy isn't watching them. As soon as they had rounded the way, they returned to the main road.

Their goal was the Northern part of the Daxueshan mountains, the Han Kingdom. The Palace of ice and snow!


In another mountainous and wooded area, two horses were grazing.

Not far from them, a naked Yuan Gan with a dragon's back stood on his torso. And Wei Duo was walking around him, beating him around with a stick. At the end of the training session, Yuan gang immediately rushed to the nearby pond to wash his face.

Along the way, they stopped for an hour and practiced. Yuan gang now had to spend an hour training every day.

Two people had already reached Qingzhou, and the regional city was already close…


Twilight, the Palace of the ruler Kangai.

In the library office, the Manager of the Shaw Nanny house was delivering a secret message:

"Master, news from the Heavenly jade sect.

Sitting at the table, Feng Lin Bo put down his brush and began to read the message. And the more he read, the more his brows furrowed.

After a while, Peng Yu Lan came in with a Cup of hot soup. When she saw Feng Lin Bo's condition, she immediately asked:

"What is it?"

Feng Lin Bo handed her a note.

Peng Yu Lan took the note doubtfully and looked at it. Then she said through her teeth:

"Within a half-moon, we need to hand over 50,000 warriors to Chao Zong?" Why are there so many warriors in the tiny County of Cang? And provide them with food? Would Qingshan County let in so many people?

She turned and looked at the Nanny Show:

"Any news from Ru Nan?" Is there any movement in the County of Tsan Woo?

Shaw Nian shook his head:

- No. Other than how Niu Yu Dao was exiled, there is no other news.

Feng Ling Bo spoke with displeasure.

"Did something happen to Niu Yu Dao in Qingzhou?"

Peng Yu Lan looked at the secret message again:

"No need to guess. I'll ask my father right away. – Yet, father, Peng Yu Lan, is the current head of the Heavenly jade sect…

The high wall of the regional city of Qingzhou rose in front of Yuan Gang. They rode in with Wei Duo. Yuan gang had never seen such high walls in his life.

They were driving down the street and did not want to visit luxury eateries. The main thing is to have something to fill your stomach with.

Stopping their horses, they immediately stopped at a diner and sat down to eat.

At this moment, a single luxurious carriage was driving along the road, and before them, all the people were dispersing.

People dispersed, but the owner of the eatery with his wife suddenly frightened, shouted:

- Daughter!

One girl just went to get diapers. And at this moment, when everyone was leaving, the girl who ran for diapers, most likely from fright just froze in the middle of the road. Couldn't leave.

Yuan gang immediately rushed to the middle of the street and blocked the girl.

The rider in front of the carriage was also surprised. He immediately reined in, causing the horses to neigh. At the same time, the rider swung the whip in the direction of Yuan Gan:

"Give way quickly!"

Yuan Gang grabbed the whip and pulled it, throwing it onto the next roof of the house.

Yuan Gang paid no attention as if nothing had happened. He went straight back. And the owners went to meet them joyfully.

Only the rider got angry and went straight for Yuan Gan.

The parents who met him, as soon as they saw that the rider was going to harm Yuan Gang, immediately began to shout angrily.

Wei Duo also stood up and wanted to protect Yuan Gang. Only then did he see yuan gang turn around and strike out with his fist.


He struck the rider's horse savagely in the face.

- Neigh – the Warhorse neighed, and even toppled over with the rider.

This incident attracted the attention of all people. How strong you need to be. To overturn a horse with a single blow. Not like ordinary people, even Wei Duo was privately amazed by the mighty power of Yuan Gang. It looks like he has sturdy bones.

Sitting in the carriage, Hai Ru Yue pulled back the curtain and looked at what was happening outside.

Cultivators immediately flashed by on either side of the carriage. However, Hai Ru Yue, who was sitting inside, said calmly:

- Be enough.

Immediately outside the carriage, someone relayed her order.

The cultivators looked coldly at Yuan Gang and Wei Duo, who appeared next to him. Then they came back.

The carriage moved on. And the little girl started crying at her parents ' house.

Yuan Gang stony-faced picked up the dropped diaper and blew on it, blowing away the dust. Tore off some of the stained places, and then brought it to the girl. The girl stopped crying, and with tears in her eyes began to eat a diaper.

Yuan Gang stroked the calmed girl's head and did not pay any attention to the departing cart.

However, Hai Ru Yue, on the contrary, spied on everything from beginning to end. She stared at Yuan Gang until he was out of sight.