Heavenly Genius - Chapter 117


The cart passed, and traffic on the road returned to normal. A lot of people were secretly pointing at Yuan Gang and saying something.

The parents hugged the girl and thanked Yuan Gang. They were afraid of him, but they revered him more.

Yuan Gang didn't say much, but went back to his table and continued eating. The people around were continually whispering to each other, and yuan Gan was able to hear what is driving the Royal carriage ruler of the region.

Yuan Gang had a good appetite, so he quickly and at the same time swallowed everything on the table in large chunks. And when it came time to pay, the owners did not accept the money Yuan Gang.

Yuan Gang still insisted and threw a silver coin. Then he and Wei Duo took the horses and asked the people for directions and went to the ruler's Palace.

When they reached the Palace, of course, they were stopped.

At this time, Hai Ru Yue was returning from her examination. I went back to my room just in time to rest. Only at this moment, a maid came over and took out some jewelry from the box and brought it to show Hai Ru Yue.

Zhong shun came and reported:

"Lady, Yuan Gang has arrived.

Hai Ru Yue: - Give him the message of Niu Yu Dao.

Zhu shun did not leave immediately, but added with a smile:

"You just said that it was Yuan Gang who ran into you on the street. It was he who overturned your rider.

Hai Ru Yue was surprised. She immediately put the jewelry back in the box.

"Is this Yuan Gang?"

Zhu shun shook his head:

"The servant didn't see him in the street; I can't say for sure.

Hai Ru Yue said with interest:

- Indeed, a shepherd sees a shepherd from far away. And he's an outstanding man. What is their relationship with Niu Yu Dao?

Zhu shun: - they both rarely appear, and little is known about them. However, you can say that they trust each other.

Hai Ru Yue waved her hand:

- Call him.

"Yes," he said. "Zhu shun went out and told the men to bring Yuan Gang.

Yuan Gang and Wei Duo missed out. However, according to the rules, Wei Duo's sword and Yuan Gan's dagger were taken. Channels were also blocked.

Two people were waiting in the living room.

It wasn't long before Hai Ru Yue, accompanied by Zhu Shun, came out. Guests and hosts were found.

After determining the position, Yuan Gang was slightly surprised. I didn't think that this ruler of Qingzhou would personally come to him.

Yuan gang did not fold his hands or worship her. Out of habit, he didn't bow to anyone. Even when he saw Shu Qing and Chao Zong, he still did not observe etiquette. He looked at her and asked:

- Niu Yu Dao, where?

Hai Ru Yue also looked at him appraisingly and noticed that this person was quite interesting. And it seems that Yuan Gang didn't pay much attention to them.

It seems that this person does not pay attention to the hierarchy of this world at all. Rank — is the level of the people is the people. For Yuan Gan, it doesn't seem to matter. He even feels more sympathy for the people.

Hai Ru Yue replied calmly:

"Niu Yu Dao is gone.

Yuan Gang frown asked:

"Where to?" And noticing that Hai Ru Yue didn't seem to think to answer, he immediately added:

"Gone to the Palace of ice and snow?"

Hai Ru Yue said: "You seem to know a lot."

- Trouble you. Goodbye! Yuan Gang said, and turned and started to walk away.

Hai Ru Yue grinned. This man does not attach any importance to it. She shouted:

- Stop! You think this is a place where you can come whenever you want. And you can leave whenever you want?

Yuan gang stopped and turned slowly:

"We do not quarrel with the Princess!"

Hai Ru Yue: - don't stay long in Qingzhou. She added:

"Niu Yu Dao left a message for you. As she spoke, she made a sign to Zhu Shun.

Zhu shun took a letter from his sleeve and handed it to Yuan Gang.

They had already looked at Niu Yu Dao's letter a long time ago. Only they couldn't make out what it said. No matter how many times they viewed, they still didn't understand what was written there.

Yuan Gang looked at the letter and immediately realized that it was a personal message from Niu Yu Dao. After all, simplified Chinese was used there and written in his style. So you could immediately rule out that the letter was forged.

Judging from the contents of the letter, Niu Yu Dao knew that Yuan Gang would come here. And he asked that Yuan Gang stay in Qingzhou. I was waiting for him to arrive.

Niu Yu Dao had arranged it this way. In Qingshan, when the fighting starts, if Yuan Gang is around the Shang family, then 80-90% of them will participate in the battles. Yuan Gan is an ardent, temperamental, sensual, and death-defying person. Therefore, he will fight even at the risk of his life.

Niu Yu Dao did not consider the shun family's cause worthy of Yuan Gang risking his life.

Therefore, the primary purpose of the fake breakup of Niu Yu Dao's relationship with Chao Zong was to summon Yuan Gang here. And when the situation in Qingshan stabilizes, then Yuan Gang can return to them again. And if the brother and sister failed to capture Qing Shan,  Yuan Gang would still be safe. And not the fact that he will already need to go to them. For this reason, Niu Yu Dao went to get the red Yang fruit. And he was already preparing to create the conditions for the departure to Qingzhou.

The main thing is that Yuan Gang is safe.

Looking at the contents of the letter, Yuan Gang realized that Niu Yu Dao was heading to a dangerous place. I didn't take it with me.

"Good-bye!" Yuan gang replied and turned to leave.

Only two cultivators appeared at the door. They stopped them. And Hai Ru Yue said:

"Send them to Luce's yard!"


The time system for calculating the Kingdom of Wu!

Although each Kingdom already had its own time of reckoning, however, when it came to talking between States. Then all the kingdoms looked at the system of calculation of the Kingdom of Wu. This was one of the reasons why the Ghost of the Kingdom of Wu hung over every Kingdom.

Five hundred twenty-three years on the calendar of U.

The Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, sun Long in the Zhao Kingdom, Qingzhou region, was killed. During the investigation, it was found that sun Long neglected his duties and wanted to kill a person in the territory of Qingzhou. Qingzhou sent a note of protest to the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom and wanted to hear an explanation. Only the Imperial residence of the Yan Kingdom refused to hold a dialogue with them at all. The Imperial House of the Yan Kingdom only contacted the Imperial house of the Zhao Kingdom. Why did the ruler of Qingzhou lose his temper? As a result, Qingzhou gathered troops, put them on alert, and they began to draw forces to the southern region of the Yan Kingdom.

The Yan Kingdom immediately became concerned. The ruler of the southern region of Zhou Shou Xiang hastily began to recruit troops in the area. And the simple Prince of Shang Chao Zong, because earlier the ruler of the southern region of Zhou Shou Xiao tried to attack him, asked for justice from the Imperial house. And the Imperial house had no reason to refuse him. As a result, Shang Chao Zun asked Feng Lin Bo's father-in-law for troops. He took 50 thousand selected troops and began to threaten Zhou Shou Xiang. From this, all the Kingdom of Yan came to the creeps!


The vast Gobi desert. Finally, the peak of the mountain could be seen dimly in the distance. Yuan Fang excitedly pointed ahead and said:

"Lord Tao, we have arrived. Finally, the city Jicin.

Swaying gently on the horse's back, Niu Yu Dao looked into the distance:

"It looks like if we keep our horses moving, we can get there when it gets dark."

City Jaysin is an ancient city. They said when it was the capital of all States. Then, the ruler of the Kingdom of Wu, Shang song destroyed it. Now, this is the center of the cultivator trade.

And of course, this place has its owner. This was a cultivator of the level of Yuan Ying that could be counted on one's fingers. Such cultivators can only be the heads of sects such as ice Palace, werewolf ridge… And just behind the Palace of ice and snow, mother Xue was standing.

The purpose of Niu Yu Dao's coming here was to expand his horizons in cultivation. As for the red Yang fruit. Then this business can not be done in a hurry. After all, if Hai Ru Yue didn't get it, how could Niu Yu Dao take it so quickly? He needs to study the situation well, and then only act.

Yuan Fan was excited, just because of this place. After all, he was following Niu Yu Dao, and he also realized what this place was.

However, this vast desert was not deserted. At times, many riders could be seen here.

Niu Yu Dao had expected it was already dusk when They reached the mountains' foot.

Two people also could not climb the mountain on horses. It was a good thing that there was a stable at the foot where there were many horses. Travelers could leave their horses there to be tended and fed. Only the price of services was considerable. One day one gold coin.

The two men had no choice but to leave their horses and fly up.

When they reached the top, they noticed that they had not yet reached the city. At the top, they only saw the distant lights of an ancient city.

Crossing the ridges of the city, they finally reached the town. And when we entered the town, we noticed that there were a lot of people in it. And obviously, they were all cultivators. Lighting at night in the city was not necessary, only entrepreneurs heated stoves to light their shops. And most of them held butterflies over their heads to light their way.

There were many people whose positions were difficult to identify. This meant that there could be danger everywhere. Yuan Fang and Niu Yu Dao went straight to the famous courtyard. They say this is the courtyard of the head of the city. This means that everything will be fine with his security. Therefore, travelers who are poorly oriented in the city immediately settle here.

Yaoyue Inn is located in the highest position. Its owner placed it in the middle of the slope of the highest mountain. From this location, you could see the entire city. You can imagine what power it represents. The Yao Yue Inn is said to be the former Imperial court. When the town of Jicin was still the capital of the world. Nu Yu Tao, in principle, believed in it.

As they were going up the stairs to the Inn, Niu Yu Dao suddenly stopped and looked back. He noticed that many people stared at them like wolves at a big piece of meat.

However, all the people didn't seem to dare attack them here.

As soon as the two people entered the Inn, they felt the luxury of Yaoyue. Truly worthy of being the first Inn. Immediately, the rainbow employees approached them. And when they found out that the travelers wanted to stay for the night, they were directly registered.

Niu Yu Dao took them one room. And it was worth the ten gold a day. We can say that this price is beyond reasonable. However, the owner promised that even if you rent a room for one day and then hold the tag room of The Yao Yue Inn, no one in the city would dare to put obstacles in your way.