Heavenly Genius - Chapter 118


Both travellers only learned that the stables below also belonged to the head of the city and that their horses were free of charge for visitors to the Yao Yue Inn. Later, as soon as the stable learned that Yuan Fang and Niu Yu Dao were Yao Yue's guests, their horses were immediately given better food and care.

This way, they could save one gold coin every day.

Two people immediately went into the room. Niu Yu Dao saw the torchlit hall and remembered the five-star hotels of his previous Life. However, this Inn was still in the ancient style. How can this style be compared to a five-star hotel?

Nothing can be done; everything has its pros and cons.

As soon as you enter the courtyard, it feels like you are entering a Botanical garden. It's a barren desert outside, but here it's an oasis. Torches also illuminated the inner Park, which gave more magic to the atmosphere. It turns out that the flames lit up the Park much more beautifully than the artificial lamps of a previous life. Someone just sat in the Park; someone played chess.

Such an ancient beauty struck Niu Yu Dao. An innkeeper is a refined man. And here you immediately understand that your money is not spent in vain.

When they went upstairs, they were shown into a simple, economical room.

An employee of the yard came in and lit the lights and explained where you could get tea leaves to brew tea. It turns out that tea can be brewed directly in the room. An as for water, it is supplied directly to the room through a copper pipe. Meltwater is continuously flowing from the mountain.

Niu Yu Dao was happy. This Inn can be said to be the prototype of modern hotels.

- If you have any questions, you can call us – - the employee said before leaving.

Niu Yu Dao opened the Windows and looked up at the night sky. He was overjoyed.

- Make tea!

Yuan Fang immediately lit the stoves and began to make tea. As soon as he put the kettle on the stove, he walked over to Niu Yu Dao, and took said:

- Lord of the Dao, ten gold in one day. This is even tougher than daylight robbery! How many days can I live on this money on South mountain! He began to wring his fingers.:

- One gold coin is 100 silver coins. One silver coin is 100 copper coins. So it turns out, a hundred thousand coppers in one day. This is enough to live a simple person for several years. We live through millions of people in one day.

"Don't think so. Here, the guest of the courtyard is given security throughout the city. Isn't Life measured in money? Niu Yu Dao said with a smile and added, " All the more reason for you to live here for a whole year." Isn't that right?

Yuan Fang smiled and looked at the gold banknote in his hand. Niu Yu Dao, before leaving Wu Hai Ru Yue, demanded 10,000 gold for his expenses. And so that it was not difficult for him to carry money on the way, the amount was given to him in banknotes accepted in all seven kingdoms. These notes can be exchanged at any store.

Accustomed to counting every penny Yuan Fan saw many Inn signs along the way:

- The Lord of the Dao, I just saw a lot of Inns. And they must be cheaper than that by a lot…

"Don't be petty. Niu Yu Dao said joyfully. He turned and smiled:

"Bear, listen carefully. If you follow me, you won't need any money. If conditions allow, you can eat the best, take the best, live in the best. If it's me, you don't have to worry about money. Then you will understand that money is just a number. The essence of a person is not measured in money.

- Hehe! Yuan Fang was delighted. After his words, he immediately felt good at heart. But at the same time, he said to himself: "It would be better to put this money aside for the construction of the temple.»

Outside, several people stared at the room as they saw that the light had been turned on.

One dark-skinned girl bit her lips, turned to call out to several people, and then disappeared into a dark alley.

"I'll go in there to find him."

One person replied: Mistress, people are not allowed in there unless they are guests of the courtyard. Or if one of the guests doesn't call them.

Girl: Then I'll rent a room for the day.

Someone replied: at Least one day will cost ten gold. Is it worth it? Wouldn't it be better if we waited here for him? And when he comes out, we'll get him right away.

The girl shook her head. Didn't you notice? We weren't the only ones watching him. I'm afraid it won't be our turn when he comes out.

One person said, And will he do it? Only rich people live there. We will only have to rely on luck.

Girl: I have a hunch that this man might be able to help us. I hope for him!

"A hunch?! What do we get out of it?» - several people couldn't find words. However, the girl had already made a decision, so they could not say anything against it.

She came out of the dark alley and immediately started up the stairs to the Yaoyue Inn. Only an employee stopped her.

"Black peony, what do you want to do?" Go away; go away! He waved her away.

The employee knew famous people well. And she was no exception.

The girl called black peony bit her lip and said:

"What?" Can't I even rent a room?

The employee hesitated for a moment and then pointed to the counter.

Black peony went to the counter and placed ten gold pieces.

- Chief, I need a room for one day!

The head of the counter looked up, and as soon as he saw her, he immediately narrowed his eyes, smiling. He gave her the money back.

Black peony said in surprise:

"What does that mean?"

The chief said calmly:

"Black peony, this is not a place you can come to. You know that.

Seeing this attitude, black peony immediately became angry. They decided to disgrace her like this:

"Didn't I give you money?"

The boss rapped on the counter and said bluntly:

"You're not welcome here.

Another employee also came up and waved:

"Go away, go away.

Black peony was angry:

"I'm not leaving!" I gave you money! And I have as much money as you do. Why on earth would you send me away? I run, then I later find the head of the city Jicin and will demand justice!

Seeing this situation, the head of the counter changed his face and said:

"You can live. However, I warn you. It is not necessary to disturb the guests of Asia! Otherwise, please, I don't think you should blame me for this later!

Black peony turned her neck and said:

"I know, I don't need to remind you.

The boss took the money and tossed the number tag.

Then he waved his hand, and one employee went to accompany the black peony.

As soon as they entered the courtyard, black peony immediately began to look around and look for the room that had only recently caught fire.

When she identified the room, she immediately remembered its number.

An employee-led her to her room. Black peony sat in the room for a while and then went out. She went straight to that room. However, one employee immediately followed her.

Black peony turned and asked: Why are you following me?

Employee: I'm not watching. This is an Inn; I go where I want.

Black peony knew that he was watching her, and she knew that she would not be able to get to the room just like that. After a moment's thought, she turned and continued walking.

When she reached that room, the employee immediately stood in front of her and whispered:

"Black peony, I'm telling you not to make any noise. Otherwise, you won't get away with it.

Black peony replied:

"I know a man who lives there. He called me.

The employee said with a grin:

- No noise. Everyone knows each other. And I know who you are and what you do.

Black peony: He was calling me. He has business with me. If you don't believe me, ask me yourself.

An employee dissatisfied with the said:

"Don't be ridiculous. Otherwise, I'll call you, and you'll be thrown out!

Just then, the door opened, and Yuan Fang asked:

"What are you doing here?"

Niu Yu Dao noticed that someone was whispering under their door, so he told Yuan Fang to check everything.

The employee replied: Nothing, Nothing.

He noticed that Yuan Fang didn't recognize the Black peony.

Black peony took the opportunity to call out:

"Brother, it's me. We've met.

The employee was angry. Many guests have cultivated here. He immediately called out to two other employees. Quickly, two men came up and grabbed Black peony by the arms.

Yuan Fan didn't understand what was happening.

Niu Yu Dao also showed up. He looked at Yuan Fang:

"What is it?" he looked at the struggling Black peony.

Yuan Fang shook his head. He didn't know what was going on here.

The employee shook his head.

"Nothing. Disturbed a dear guest. Excuse.

Black peony turned her head and shouted to Niu Yu Dao: Brother, it's me. We've seen each other.

The staff immediately covered her mouth so that she would not scream.

Niu Yu Dao froze. He had seen her. As they climbed the stairs, many people looked at them, and she was among them. The girl was dark-skinned, so Niu Yu Dao quickly remembered her. Seeing this state of Affairs, he pointed to it with his hand and said:

"Isn't that a case?" She said she had business with me, didn't she? Isn't that right?

Employee: There are different people in the city. Don't pay any attention to it, sir.

Niu Yu Dao wanted to clarify the situation. In such a restless world, when such people remind you what kind of world you live in and to know the case in all areas, you need to communicate with people from all walks of life. How would a man of high morals understand what was going on in a brothel? So he pointed to the black peony and said:

"If it's convenient, can you let her go?"

- Er ... - the employee was surprised but eventually waved his people to let go of the black peony.

Black peony immediately began to adjust her clothes. And as soon as I got myself in order, I quickly raised my head proudly and went.