Heavenly Genius - Chapter 119


After tidying up, Black peony looked at the employee with displeasure and then went to Niu Yu Dao.

Nu Yu Tao smiled slightly: Looking for me?

They were standing in front of the employee, and Black peony said with conviction:

"We've met before.

Niu Yu Dao: What's your business?

Black peony looked at the employee and then looked at the room:

"Can I come in?"

"Please! Niu Yu Dao pulled back and invited her in.

Watching the black peony enter, that employee reminded Niu Yu Dao:

"My dear fellow, don't say I didn't warn you. Earlier, a guest was robbed by some people when they invited similar cheaters to their home. And then the guests only noticed that their money was missing. But we are not responsible in this case.

He spoke quite loudly, which Black peony heard well. When she heard it, she gritted her teeth and silently cursed the man.

Niu Yu Dao remembered that The high purity sect had moved to the Han Kingdom. Maybe this girl was looking for him about it.

"Thank you for your courtesy." Niu Yu Dao waved his hand and handed over a single gold coin.

This made Yuan Fan's heartache. Why spend money like this?

The employee held out his hand and accepted the coin with a smile:

"I'm downstairs on the first floor. If the master needs anything, you can call me.

Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan entered the room, and the employee closed the door behind them.

Inside the room, Black peony saw that the kettle was already boiling and immediately came over and began to layout everything. Then she invited Niu Yu Dao:

"Brother, please!

Niu Yu Dao sat down, smiling. And she seems to have already determined the relationship between Yuan Fan and him.

Black peony only then invited Yuan Fan:

"Brother, you sit down, too.

Yuan Fang was a little puzzled. This girl, what does she want to do? But he didn't sit down. This he learned from Yuan Gan. He stood behind Niu Yu Dao.

It was well imprinted on his memory that Yuan Gang always stood behind Nu Yu Dao when a new person appeared. To be ready always to repel the enemy's attack.

Seeing that Yuan Fang didn't want to sit down, Black peony only grinned and then began to pour tea for both of them. Then she introduced herself as Nu Yu Dao:

"Everyone calls me Black peony…

Niu Yu Dao interrupted her with his hand and, looking out of the window, said:

Please bring me the book of records of wild animals.

Yuan Fan nodded his head and turned to leave. He thought that Niu Yu Dao had called Him back to play with the girl himself.

"You come back." Niu Yu Dao called him back, but he was smiling bitterly to himself. Still, what a difference between him and Yuan Gang! The latter understood him at a glance, and Yuan Fang needed to explain everything.

He said to Yuan Fang: I didn't tell you, I told her.

Black peony and Yuan Fang both froze.

Black peony immediately stood up and hesitated.

"Recordings of wild animals, more excellent wine and snacks. By the way, he doesn't eat meat. " Niu Yu Dao immediately decided to clarify everything: Any questions?

"..."Black peony didn't understand what was happening at all? She had just met him, and they hadn't even sat down, and he was already sending her shopping? She knew that it looked like the other side was thinking of talking to her.

"Good! I'll be back soon.

As a result, she immediately turned around and went. Just as she was about to open the door, Niu Yu Dao spoke again:

"I'm thinking of staying here for six months. In the meantime, I rented a room for the day.

Black peony paused at the door. She turned her head and looked at Nu Yu Dao. And Niu Yu Dao was holding a Cup of tea and looking out the window. It was unclear who he was talking to.

Black peony hesitated, then nodded.

"I'll help you." after that, she closed the door and left.

"..."Yuan Fan was surprised and asked," Lord Dao, will she have to pay for our room?"

Niu Yu Dao: Perhaps! Here, the tea is of the highest grade. The money was well spent. He held out his hand for tea.

Yuan Fan sat down opposite him and sipped some tea, then asked again:

"Are we going to live here for six months?" Can she help us pay for a room here?

"Whether it helps us or not, we won't lose anything. What are you worried about? Niu Yu Dao looked at him.

"That would be good. Yuan Fang said doubtfully. However, he had already determined that the Lord of the Tao was a person who was used to controlling people. Wherever he went, everywhere he will find the person who will manage. As if it was natural.

At the bottom of the Inn, an employee noticed Black peony leave Niu Yu Dao's room. He was surprised. Had she been kicked out so quickly?

Black peony went outside and nodded to her men, and they disappeared into a dark alley.

Several people immediately asked:

"Have you seen him?" Does he agree?

Black peony: I've seen it, haven't told you yet. I don't have enough money. You will collect 800 gold pieces for me.

Everyone was surprised: Why so much money?

Black peon felt awkward. She said: He wants to live here for six months, but only paid for one day. We have to pay for the rest of the days.

"..." several people looked at her in surprise, as if they had heard some nonsense.

Black peony then told them everything so they would know what happened.

- Aah! Several people looked at her as if she were an idiot.

One asked: Head, how do we collect so much money?

Another person said:

- One day - 10 gold, and six months – about 1800!

Another person said: Head, are you not mistaken? You haven't talked about the case yet, but you already want to rent a room for him for six months? And if he refuses, what do we do?

- Yes! We don't have much money. And he just came here and dared to ask for a room? If he refuses, how will we get the money back? Wouldn't we be throwing money away?

Black peony was also worried. They are still crooks themselves, but today it is as if they have met an even more powerful criminal. It was like seeing a demon. He'd just dropped one offer, and she'd already agreed. What's up?

"I think he's trustworthy!" Black peony answered timidly.

"Trustworthy?" It seems to me that he is a dishonest person. He can deceive us. And then what do we do? Throw yourself in a ditch?

"Right, right. This man seems dark and cunning. You don't need to pay attention to it. Okay, we've already spent ten gold coins. But 1800 gold is another matter. This kind of money is hard to get.

"This man is so cruel that he robs even the poor of their money!"

Black peony angrily said: Don't delay, give me the money. I'll take the risk!

"At risk?" What is the risk? Chief, are you out of your mind? We don't even know him.

Black peony: What nonsense is this? If I make a mistake, then you can think that I borrowed money from you. Deduct from my share!

"Chief, that's not the point. Just what kind of person is he? Isn't he ready to deceive us!

Black peony: Hurry up! He is still waiting for me... " she began angrily, slapping their legs. Black peony was freaking out.

As a result, several people without enthusiasm took out eight 100-gold notes and handed them to her.

- Books on the records of wild animals, good wine, and snacks. Remembered. By the way, one of them is a vegetarian, bring more food without meat. Quick, I'll wait for you here. Black peony urged them on.

One person said with displeasure: should I buy food for them? As well? He is deceiving us all. How can you do that!?

Black peony only shouted angrily:

- More quickly. Are you deaf? She urged them on.

Black peony watched several people go, then covered her face with her hands. She wasn't sure. Was she mad?

However, in the end, she made a final decision. To take a risk is to take a chance.

She sighed and turned to go to the Inn counter. When she reached the head of the table, she took out one 500 gold note and 13 100 gold notes and handed them to the head of the table.

- Chief, in-room 2B for six months.

The chief froze. He took 14 notes and rechecked them for authenticity. Then, at a loss for words, he asked doubtfully:

"Six months in room 2B, are you sure?"

Black peony steeled herself and nodded:

"Is the money fake?" Or won't you let me in again? – She was still angry about being insulted recently.

The boss looked at the employee in confusion. Is this true?

He took out a magazine, wrote out a receipt, and handed it to her.

Black peony took the receipt like an incomparably heavy piece of paper. After that, the head of the counter politely invited her inside the courtyard, but she did not pay attention to him, went out, and waited near the Inn of friends.

At that moment, she had complicated feelings. After a while, her friends came with food. Everyone was visibly drooping.

Black peony picked up the boxes and went to her room.

Yuan Fang opened the door and let her in.

As soon as she entered, she spread out her things and handed the receipt to Niu Yu Dao:

"This is a receipt for a six-month stay here.

Niu Yu Dao took the receipt and looked at it. Then he handed the receipt to Yuan Fang:

- Take.

Yuan Fang took the receipt and saw that 1,800 gold coins had already been paid for them. The figure made his mouth curl. Before that, the chief said that the overpaid money for accommodation could be returned. Does this mean that he has 1,800 gold coins in his hands right now?!

He left the room and went to the supervisor to check the authenticity of the receipt.