Heavenly Genius - Chapter 12




Take the sheep that fell under the arm

Picking up something in passing While carrying out your plans, be flexible enough to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself,  however small, and avail yourself of any profit, however slight.

Cleaning the internal channels is a rather slow process. While cleaning the channels can not be used for brute force. The base is still fragile. It's the same as a high-pressure water head that will flow through a low-quality pipe. The pipe may not support pressure and will be burst.

Inside the body passing through the channels of qi is the basic true qi. In cultivation there is a level * Zhu ​​qi * (translated base). This can be said: Like the fishing net of channels for true qi, which is laid in the body to withstand higher pressure of qi. As soon as you lay, the foundation can say you have already reached the level of zhu qi. Of course, the better you lay the foundation, the more pressure you can withstand.

He only recently began to temper the body, so he was still far from the level of zhu qi.

The process of cleansing the canals is not 1-2 days. This is a delicate job that takes time. Especially when during the day, he needs to pretend to be a fool.

At dawn, Niu Yu Tao was successful. He collected true qi from the dan tian, and the circulation of qi in his body now passed freely, like a sword floating in the air. (Chinese honey. Dan Tian (the pubic region, the place of concentration of vitality))

Brushing his teeth and washing out the blood, Niu Yu Tao opened the doors of the courtyard and joyfully met the rays of the morning sun. A vital force was seething in his body, which is why he felt for a long time the lightness that he long time had not been felt. So, spending days with Xiu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo until the evening, he could say lounged. But in the evening, he was plunging into contemplation and cleaned the canals.

This happened day after day, and no one seemed to notice a change in vitality in his body.

Almost every day, Song Yang Qing came and asked if he remembered the verses of the teacher. Niu Yu Tao politely refused him. As the saying goes: * until you see a hare, do not let the falcon *. (do not allow the falcon down until you see a hare; arr. never begin to act until you are sure.)

A few days later, patriarch Luo Yuan Gun came. This patriarch of the highest purity adhered to the old rites. His long mustache gave formidability to his appearance. Compared to him, the silent younger patriarch Su Po seemed softer. And patriarch Tang Su Su was found by disciples to be obstinate and cruel. Perhaps this is because she is a woman.

Song Yang Qing also came with him to officially present Niu Yu Tao cultivation techniques. Luo Yuan Gun personally intended to conduct this ritual.

It was possible to guess that the position of Song Yang Qing was very significant in the sect of the Highest purity since he could ask the patriarch to come and pass on the equipment to Niu Yu Tao.

In the peach garden was an image of the founder of the sect. After they bowed to the founder, Luo Yuan Gun ordered the disciples to pass on the canons to Niu Yu Tao. And Niu Yu Tao bowed kneel before the image of the founder and swear that he would not transfer technology to people outside the sect.

After the ceremony, Luo Yuan Gun looked at Niu Yu Tao with mixed feelings. It seemed that he ashamed in front of the image of the founder to say something. In the end, he only mentioned in a warm tone, but with a stern expression on his face:

 "My student-brothers was an outstanding cultivator and gained exceptional talents. Your teacher was one of them. We can say that he is the rarest talent of our sect of the highest purity. I hope you will cultivate well and not fail the teacher's hopes. If you reach the heights in cultivation, it will only be for the best for our sect of the Highest purity.

"Yes! The student will remember everything!" Niu Yu Tao accepted the canons, and respectfully answered. And in the soul of his joy knew no bounds. Finally, he can see the techniques. *What a pity that I can't immediately consider them.*

Luo Yuan Gun turned to Song Yang Qing: "Our students should help each other. Your uncle Dong Guo died, and Niu Yu Tao was left without a guide on the path of enlightenment. I instruct you to show him this way. Any objections?"

Song Yang Qing folded his arms and answered: "Not. The student will do his best!

Luo Yuan Gun nodded his head, walked through the peach orchard, and sighed several times heavily. He seemed to mourn the fact that Dong Guo Hao Ran died so early. After that, Luo Yuan Gun with such an expression left.

As soon as Niu Yu Tao was left alone, he, like a hungry wolf, pounced on books. He endured everything only for the sake of this knowledge.

One canon * sutra of the heart of Highest purity * is the fundamental method of the sect of the Highest purity.

A * Notes of the Highest purity * - this is knowledge acquired over 10,000 years by a sect. Knowledge about exciting things, plants, pills, animals, and even significant figures. Niu Yu Tao leafing through them realized that the notes are updated continuously.

* Notes of the Highest purity * Niu Yu Tao was just needed for a better understanding of the cultivation world. However, he only leafed through them for a while and threw them away. Now for him, the sutra of the heart of the Highest purity was just essential.

He immediately became interested in it. In a past life, for the sake of understanding and deciphering Taiyi, it is not known how much ancient literature he read and how many educated people he visited to dispel doubts.

The original books of Taiyi helped him easily read notes of the highest purity. He found this book fascinating and exciting.

He also understood that all the techniques of the sect had not yet been transferred to him. Yes, this was reasonable. He can't immediately know everything. Those books that were given to him were already enough for him for an extended period.

On that day, Song Yang Qing ran to him again and immediately distracted the reader of Niu Yu Tao from the sutra of a heart of higher purity. This aristocrat is very impatient.

*Bastard!* Niu Yu Tao spoke to himself and, drawing out a mascara with a sheet, wrote a poem for Song Yang Qing.

Song Yang Qing looked at the sheet and asked delightedly: "Is there some more?"

Niu Yu Tao smiled bitterly: "I remember one more verse!"

He is not a fool to give everything to him at once.

"Only one?" Song Yang Qing asked.

Niu Yu Tao replied: "Brother, my memory is not so good. I hardly remember it! And what does this mean?" - again holding up the book sutra of the heart of Highest purity, Niu Yu Tao asked for advice.

Song Yang Qing said nervously: "Where you do not understand, ask Xu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo. Do not forget to remember the verses, otherwise do not be surprised at my impoliteness" - having blurted out, he turned and left.

Niu Yu Tao did, in principle, as Song Yang Qing advised. He went to ask Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Yi Tian. After all, his prior knowledge was useless. The worlds are different, and in many places, he needs an explanation.

Thus, he read books during the day, and cultivated at night, cleaning the canals.

However, he had another problem when he cultivated. The protective amulet that Dong Guo Hao Ran left in his body simply wrapped itself in cobwebs inside acupuncture points. His true qi tried to cleanse his body, but everything was in vain. Yet true qi is very weak. He protective amulet already, like a powerful formation, merged with his body, qi, and blood.

Now the bloody protective amulet is part of him and most likely affects him. However, this same amulet saves his life. So if he remains in the body, then nothing wrong should happen.

"If you see my thoughts if you know my thoughts ... Then there was only one face that I continuously think about ..." in a secluded courtyard,  Tan Yi was holding a masterpiece of Song Yang Qing, slowly walked and quietly reread the verse.

She later asked again if Song Yang Qing had received letters from outside. But she was told that he did not receive it. However, he still went to the peach orchard.

Niu Yu Tao was busy cultivation, Song Yang Qing always bothered him, and Tan Yi consistently found out what and from whom Song Yang Qing was receiving.

"I'm asking the universe what love is? This is the same as striving for immortality ..." Tan Yi slowly walked around the yard.

The one who saw the sea cannot be surprised by the stream of a river ... Tan Yi sat in front of the mirror. (one who saw the sea cannot be surprised by the flow of a river; who saw the clouds on Mount Wushan does not recognize other clouds; the arr. who knew the great could not be content with the small)

A lonely man, like a fallen leaf. Flies where the wind blows ...

Tan Yi stood on the ground floor and quietly dropped her hand with a leaf. And her gaze was fixed on the peach orchard, which was on the opposite side of the cliff.

If she did not know the essence of Song Yang Qing, then perhaps already fell into his net. After all, these verses touched the soul. From poems of love were emanated warmth. From their reading, the heart was beating hard, as if about to jump out of her chest.

She already noticed that if Song Yang Qing went to the peach orchard, then he would bring her good verses.

Who lives in a peach orchard? Only Xiu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo, who serve Song Yang Qing. But they are excluded. It remains the one whom they guard.

But she did not understand how one village youth could write such excellent verses. Although he is literate, how can you write love poems that can be understood in adulthood?

If not him, then who? Song Yang Qing? Impossible. If he had talent, he would have long been revealed to her.

She suggested that Niu Yu Tao heard these verses and remembered. But if so, why didn't he immediately give them all to Song Yang Qing, but make him come to him every time? Very suspicious ...

"Brother Song, take your time!"

Niu Yu Tao only finished the verse as Song Yang Qing quickly picked it up and left.

Looking at the outgoing Song Yang Qing, Niu Yu Tao mumbled:

 "How many shameless people I saw, but I have not seen so shameless yet .... Eh, brother Cheng!" "Niu Yu Tao saw the incoming and joyful Cheng Gui Shuo.

Cheng Gui Shuo was just looking at the food box:

"Lately, Brother Song has been taking good care of you, brother." He brings goodies every day.

Niu Yu Tao could only grin. Song Yang Qing seems to have begun to find the favor of Tan Yi.

Niu Yu Tao opened a box of food and shared it with Cheng Gui Shuo. Like this, they were spending time together, two people gradually became closer to each other.

Other things Niu Yu Tao did not concern. He devoted himself entirely to cultivation. He had already cleared the channels of the body, and one could say his body became suitable for cultivation. His happiness knew no bounds. And he finally began to cultivate the sutra of the heart of Highest purity.

However, starting to cultivate, he had one problem. He did not know where and what he had done wrong. But the effect of the sutra of the heart of Highest purity was inferior to the Tayi method and inferior far.