Heavenly Genius - Chapter 120


Black peony also understood what Yuan Fang was going to do. However, she did not pay much attention to this and immediately began to open two drawers and take out snacks and wine.

At the Inn, Yuan Fang reached the counter and gave the Manager the receipt:

"Is this receipt real or not?"

The boss looked at her and understood. Then, returning it, he said:

- Present. That dark-skinned girl just deposited the money.

Yuan Fan took the receipt and walked back without saying anything, his eyes sparkling. That'll do, too.

He had earned only a few hundred gold coins in a few years at the temple near the South mountain, and here in one day, he had made so much money.

He returned happily and quickly approached Niu Yu Dao:

"Lord of the Tao, authentic. He said, leaning towards Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao looked at him askance and could not find words. Yuan Fan acts as if he hasn't seen the money. How can tiny thousands of gold pieces be higher than a person? What is more important to you than money or a person?

After spreading out the appetizer and wine, Black peony took out a porcelain bottle and sprinkled white powder. I was showing that the food is not poisoned.

Yuan Fang took the porcelain bottle from her and looked at it, then tasted the white powder on his tongue. When he realized that everything was all right, he immediately returned the bottle.

Niu Yu Dao couldn't help but laugh. He had forgotten that Yuan Fang knew about medicine. He then pointed to the Black peony, so she put the book of records of wild animals on the table next to him.

Black peony raised her hand respectfully.

Niu Yu Dao took out a book, flipped through it, and found a page about the Golden bear king. He handed the paper to Yuan Fang.

"What to watch?» Yuan Fan looked a little incredulous and froze.

Niu Yu Dao waved Black peony to sit across from him, and at the same time, said, " Black peony is a nickname?"

Black peony was glad inwardly. At last, he deigned to speak to her. Smiling, she nodded, the Nickname, and at the same time is the real name. I haven't known my parents since I was a child. I know that since I was a child, I was dark-skinned, so I was called a black girl. Then, when I met the teacher, he started calling me Black peony.

Niu Yu Dao asked: What sector school is your teacher from?

Black peony: he was a single cultivator. Once he took me to the sea to collect spiritual herbs, but there we ran into robbers. He was killed there, and I escaped into the sea.

Niu Yu Dao lifted his chin: So you are alone?

Black peony: I used to be a corrupt judge of people and was with one man. Only the bastard left me later because of his friends. Now I communicate with people like me. We earn money in foreign countries as we can.

Remembering her anger, anger, and pain, she raised her glass and drank the wine.

Niu Yu Dao also supported her and drank with her. Looking at Yuan Fan's puzzled face, he chuckled to himself.

Black peony put down her glass and offered Niu Yu Dao something to eat.

"Sir, try the food. Delicious, not delicious? She got up and sat down next to Niu Yu Dao. It made it easier for her to pour.

Niu Yu Dao took the chopsticks, tasted the food several times, and asked again:

"What kind of cultivation do you and your friends have?"

"We have reached the level of Zhu JI. Otherwise, you would not have dared to disturb the master. Black peony poured the wine and asked: Only I don't know the master's name.

- Huangdi Dao. Niu Yu Dao introduced himself with a smile and pointed at Yuan Fan:

"His name is Jin Wei.

They hurt a powerful enemy like the song family. Moreover, the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom was killed. Now they need to hide their identities. Yuan Fang didn't have a name. It used to be called the Golden or little Jin in the temple, which is why it took this name. Yuan Gang also influenced him. Yuan gang seems to have made such an impressive-sounding name because he wanted to appear cruel and robust. Therefore, the Yuan Fang was trying to be like Yuan Gana.

Black peony said, smiling:

"I just heard Jin Wei refer to the master as the Lord of the Tao. That's where your Tao comes from. Then I'll call you that, too. I don't know which sect the Lord of the Tao is from.

Niu Yu Dao smiled: Like you, I am a single cultivator.

Black peony's face changed. She calmed down and said with a smile: Impossible.

Nu Yu Dao asked in surprise: Why not?

Black peony: Single cultivators can't be that rich. Much less afford to live in the Inn of Aoue, especially judging by the Lord of the Dao's youthful appearance and how freely the Lord of the Dao behaves. She glanced at Yuan Fang.

A Yuan Fan at this time folded the book of records about wild animals. He sat down at the table and knocking over a glass, drank it in one gulp. He wanted to calm himself.

He only found out that many people want to kill him and use him as a precious thing. He only now realized how valuable his fur was. After all, it can be used to make outstanding armor. Why did he show his hair? Now it made his body break out in a cold sweat.

Niu Yu Dao looked at him and knew instinctively what was going on. Then he asked with a smile: aren't you also a single cultivator?

Black peony knew what Niu Yu Dao wanted to say. After all, she also paid ten gold to rent a room:

- Not the same. I just spent money to meet the Lord of the Tao.

Niu Yu Dao asked with interest: And why?

Black peony didn't think that Nu Yu Dao didn't know why she was looking for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be bossing her around like this.

"I want to start my sect. I want to get rid of the position of a single cultivator.

Niu Yu Dao: That's good, but what does it have to do with me?

Black peony asked: the Lord of the Dao must know what it takes to create a sect? This is not something that a single cultivator can do. I can't just say that I'm not a single cultivator anymore, and I wouldn't know that I created a sect.

Niu Yu Dao nodded:

"First, you need the approval of the cultivator world, and only then can you establish a sect. But not everyone can recognize a cult. This can only be done by the most revered cultivators of the Yuan Ying level, like the head of this city of Zhaixin. After receiving a certificate from 9 Yuan Ying cultivators, you can already start a sect! Only in addition to this, you still need to prove your strength and financial condition. It would help if you also had other denominations to vouch for you. Did I say that correctly?

Black peony nodded: the Lord of the Dao had spoken correctly. We are not masters of the top ten of the Tribute list. And without the support of an influential cultivator, we will not be able to establish our sect.

Niu Yu Dao: Then what do you have of the fulfilled conditions?

Black peony: We have shown our strength. We have already completed 30 tasks from the list of evil demons and criminals. Now that we need the support of the sects and financial condition.

The so-called list of evil demons and criminals-as Niu Yu Dao knew, some people violated the laws of the cultivator world or incurred the disfavor of generally recognized people. Therefore, in the entire middle Kingdom, everyone encourages cultivators who eliminate pests and protect the laws of cultivators.

If you want to be recognized as reliable, it is not enough to talk about your strength. It still needs to be proved. Here to cope with the villain from the list or perform any task from the list-can, determine your strength. By doing so, you also show that you follow the laws of cultivators.

Niu Yu Dao said:

- Thirty tasks are not easy to solve. – He knew it was dangerous and difficult.

They spent a lot of time and effort into this. It seems that these people are so eager to get rid of the position of single cultivators.

Looking at Niu Yu Dao, Black peony said:

- More than 10 of our brothers died to eliminate 30 tasks. Now there are only a few of us left. We paid a fair price.

Niu Yu Dao drank some wine and then said slowly: What's holding you back?

Black peony, looking at him hopefully, said:

"We don't have enough money. We can still find 10,000 gold pieces. We still lack the approval of other sects. And 100 thousand gold in the form of a fine, we will not be able to get it.

One hundred thousand is not needed by the applicant, but by the sect that will act as a guarantor of the new cult. When creating a cult, strict laws are observed. Create - this is not a toy in which anyone wanted to create a faction and disband the sect when they wanted. Therefore, the sect-the guarantor will not be anyone to guarantee.

If one of the disciples within the sect leaves the sect within three years, it will mean that the cult is not doing well with governance. If you can't take care of your essential disciples, then why would you create a sect?

In such cases, the Garant sect would have to pay a fine of hundreds of thousands of gold to the nebula pavilion. The so-called nebula pavilion is the representative and law enforcement officer of the cultivator world.

It's hard to find a sect that speaks well of you. And here in case of failure to pay for you hundreds of thousands of gold? Who will agree?

In such cases, what sect needs such a headache? Therefore, sometimes the applicant himself provides a hundred thousand gold. When the probation period passes, then the cult can return their money, or you need to beg the sect of the guarantor tearfully.

Here at this moment is Nu Yu Tao did not understand what was wanted from him Black peony?

It was difficult for single cultivators in this world. You want to join a sect, but the cult will not accept anyone as a disciple for its safety, especially in such a troubled age. Of course, there were times when I took a sect foreign to themselves just because they were useful to some extent. Even some single cultivators themselves did not want to be deprived of their freedom and be bound by the rules of the sect.

But the most crucial reason why many cultivators wanted to create a sect was that each faction, with its benefits, after passing through the nebula pavilion, this organization of cultivators, could freely engage in trade. In the world of cultivators, there was a law prohibiting any single cultivator from trading with ordinary people. Because cultivators could use force to prevent ordinary people from living, therefore, anyone who violates this law will be severely punished.

In such a seemingly fair law, single cultivators suffered the most, and sects had their benefits.