Heavenly Genius - Chapter 121


Even if a single cultivator were to sell secretly and were to trade, would they be allowed to compete with the ordinary people easily? And when they find out about it, what will be the consequences? Then surely all his labors will not be worth the results.

You can indeed become one of the mentors-cultivators. Again, it is not so easy for single cultivators to become a mentor-protector. After all, rich people often have powerful sects behind them. For example, the Heavenly jade sect is behind Feng Lin Bo. And would Feng Lin Bo dare to take a single cultivator?

And here it is difficult for single cultivators. Where can I make money here? Or a simple rich man will be offered a mentor by some sect, how dare he refuse? And if he refused, wouldn't it be considered annihilation?

In principle, the world of the cultivators permits to trade. Only single cultivators are restricted by-laws to ensure that they guarantee the ordinary people justice and preserve their benefits!

In other words, you can't needle people or sell fake stuff. After all, then the buyer will then complain to the appropriate authorities about you. But sects can trade more boldly in this regard. After all, everyone knows that as soon as an incident occurs, the seller will complain. And the seller will not run away, because there is a sect behind it. The cult will be responsible for the disciple. And what disciple would dare offend their sect in such a way? Who would dare take on such a responsibility?

In this case, again, single cultivators are at a disadvantage. After all, there is no sect behind them. And if someone breaks the laws, the power of the world of cultivators and defense organizations will find the violator anywhere.

But you can do shady deals, which is why there are so many cultivators in the city of Zhaixin, and so many secret deals go through. However, the same things and prices are the same in the city. Therefore, single cultivators have to lower costs to sell goods in a dark deal.

But here they meet with another difficulty. Who will guarantee the safety of your life after a dark deal? If I'm stronger than you, why should I pay you money? Or why give away the product when you can take the money? This is a matter of chance. No one will be responsible for the quality of the product or the authenticity of the capital. And here, single cultivators do not look in the best light because of their poverty. After all, people in poverty go to extremes. They are not strangers to shamelessness; they forget about conscience.

It is difficult for single cultivators to live in such a challenging environment. And the laws of the nebula pavilion seem to be fair and logical, but they do not give life to single cultivators.

Also, here the cultivators themselves will interfere with you. You, a single cultivator, are selling the same thing for less, which is hurting our sect's trade. And if a single cultivator is not protected, then someone from the cult, hiding their position, will take care of you.

Sometimes single cultivators are forced to break the laws. But if they notice that they are violating, they are immediately killed.

It also happens that cultivators are sent to difficult places where a simple person can not reach. There they collect spiritual herbs. Only they spend a lot of energy on it themselves. And as a result, someone can come to the ready and Rob them or kill them even worse. That's how they suffer, suffer, somehow get resources for cultivation. From where they will then find the strength to cultivate.? Therefore, cultivators in the sect are much better and faster at growing.

Now the main question is, how many single cultivators want to be in the sect?

And creating a sect is not so easy. Many can complete 30 tasks from the list of evil demons and criminals, but it is not enough to enlist other sects' support and establish a cult.

Niu Yu Dao also understood this and sighed. The pavilion of the nebula is quite severe. Created laws that already make life worse for poor single cultivators. And so they eliminate the criminals of the world of cultivation we can say free. And there are probably a lot of cultivators who couldn't complete the 30 tasks on the list. And it turns out their efforts were all in vain.

We can say that single cultivators were laborers who improve the environment for free by completing tasks and clearing the world of evil spirits.

And cultivators in the sect quietly cultivate or earn a lot of money.

Niu Yu Dao was also displeased with this situation.

He clearly understood that there are things that everyone needs. And these things can become scarce. And few people can increase such things. In such situations, there were always people who wanted to grab more resources. They were getting loud. And those with fewer resources could make little difference.

That's why Black peony addressed him so respectfully, hoping to get an entrance ticket to the cultivators' world.

Niu Yu Dao chuckled:

"What makes you think I can help you?"

Black peony wanted to say," you are young, you are accompanied, you are free, and you live in such an expensive Inn. Only an idiot can't see that you have a powerful sphere of influence behind you."

"The Lord of the Tao is very special and strong.

Niu Yu Dao laughed: So many people live here. Why did you pay attention to me?

"It's easier to convince a young person, and others probably wouldn't talk to her. Aren't we sitting together now?» - the thought flashed at the black peony. Only now did she notice that this young man was not simple at all. And there was a calm and wise look in his eyes.

- Intuition, feelings. Girls often believe this. "Black peony explained it that way.

Niu Yu Dao smiled and looked at the puzzled and upset Yuan Fanf.

- Bear, why aren't you happy?

Black peony could not find words. She's telling him this now, and he's changing the subject?

Yuan Fang started to say something, but then looked at the Black peony and shook his head and said nothing.

Niu Yu Dao looked at Yuan Fang and said:

- Black peony, look. My friend is not happy with you.

Yuan Fang was startled and looked into the black eyes of the Black peony and whispered to himself, " This has nothing to do with her. »

It's just so hard to help. So Black peony, immediately pulling a smile, said:

"Lord Dao, we will not ask you for nothing. If you help us, we will follow you through fire and water.

Niu Yu Dao: Sounds good, but useless. What kind of sect would take on strangers? Will she risk it for you? Anyway, 100 thousand is a lot of money. You first collect the money, and then I will respect you - " he looked at the table and the viands.

"I'll help you get some sectarian references later."

Black peony, she thought to herself: "When we raise so much money, do we need your help?» But she smiled bitterly:

"Lord Dao, it's not easy for single cultivators to earn money. If you help us, we will return everything, and thank you when we have conditions!

Niu Yu Dao inclined his head:

"Let's say you got what you wanted. But with your cultivation, you will be able to establish a small sect, and in three years, will you be able to earn 100 thousand gold? And if you fail in three years, who will be responsible for you? How will you find the money for me? Open a shop? Start a business? Or will you be a mentor-protector? The more you will be better than other sects, that you will find a good income?

Black peony bit her lip and considered what to say.

Only Niu Yu Dao continued.

"You don't look like you have away." Then you better not fool me!

Black peony bit her lip:

- Indeed, even if we manage to achieve what we want, I cannot guarantee that we will earn 100 thousand gold within three years. The Lord of the Dao, why don't you tell us your conditions. And we will see if we can fulfil them or not?

"Shall I tell you the terms?" Niu Yu Dao looked at her questioningly and seemed to be asking: "Are you sure?"

Black peony nodded: Lord of the Dao, if anything, speak directly. We can do both dirty and dirty work.

Niu Yu Dao: However, there is one condition that you can make. He waved a hand at the Black peony.

Black peony thought that Niu Yu Dao was about to tell some secret, so she moved closer to put her ear to It.

Who knew that Niu Yu Dao would suddenly run his hand over her face?

Black peony immediately jumped back and shrank back. She was stunned and realized what Niu Yu Dao wanted.

Indeed, Niu Yu Dao looked at her appraisingly and said:

- Female beauty is excellent. Let's say I live here for six months and you sleep with me for six months. And I will help you with your question.

Black peony stood up. She was angry, but at the last moment restrained herself and said with a smile:

"Lord Dao, I am a spoiled girl and not suitable for you. I can blacken your reputation. Maybe you can tell me which girls you like, and I'll help you find one.

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"Do you think I lack women?" But this is the first time I've met a black woman who is so beautiful. Now I want something new. Just you!

Yuan Fang shuddered. The wild animal records affected him, and this expression made him look at Niu Yu Dao in surprise.

Black peony smiled.

"What's good about black?" White girls are prettier. The Lord of the Tao must be joking.

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly:

"Only this condition. You agree or not - it's up to you!

Black peony frowned and held out her hand:

- Please give me a receipt for six months of housing!

"You gave it to us." I didn't force you. Niu Yu Dao looked at his side:

"Bear, is this money hers or ours?"

"Damn it, 1,800 gold!" Yuan Fang seemed to sense the old days when he was looting in the southern lesser mountains.

He banged on the table:

- What's in our pockets, how could it not be ours? Who dares to take it away, first let them ask The Yao Yue Inn! He spoke with a sense of complete truth.

Black peony clenched her teeth and pointed at both of them:

"You dare take my money!" You have me still look!