Heavenly Genius - Chapter 122


Niu Yu Dao: the Master said, it seems that the front yard of Asia in Jicin is security. I'll find out in just six months whether it's true or not.

Yuan Fang nodded happily. We'll see.

"Well, so be it! But forever you will remain in Jicin. One day you will need to leave the city! Black peony said, blushing.

She could only make verbal threats now. She didn't dare start a fight here. In the entire Middle Kingdom, only a few people would threaten to cause trouble here. After all, the owner of this shop is one of several powerful cultivators.

"Are you threatening me?" Niu Yu Dao looked at her with a tight smile: isn't their power behind me? Do you think to attack me when I leave the city?

"You wait and find out!" Black peony said through her teeth. She waved her hand and started to leave.

As she walked around the table, Niu Yu Dao suddenly said:

"Take your time, if you don't want to. We can talk more.

Black peony paused and looked at him hopefully. Maybe he will offer conditions that will be better suited for her.

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"I haven't tried anything new, but I want to." All right, I'll let you do it. Not six months, but a month. What do you think?"

Black peony clenched her fist and showed it to him. And she said with displeasure: Don't think of letting your hands loose on me! She turned and continued walking away.

And when she just reached for the door handle, Niu Yu Dao said indifferently:

"I will yield to you again. One night. Just one night!

Black peony froze. She thought about it. After all, she had suffered so many hardships for so many years and had waited so long for this day.

How difficult it was for them to reach Zhu JI's level. How many times had they risked their lives for cultivation resources? How many dark things they had to do. And how many times I had to take funds from other cultivators. How many times did they have to kill?

And after they reached the level of Zhu JI, they now need more resources. After all, the higher the cultivation, the more funds you need to advance your civilization. How dangerous their lives are. Every one of their dark deeds must not be revealed to everyone. If we expose them, then we're all dead. Or now, when they need to get more resources, their goals become stronger. And someday they may get wet running over the river. Who knows what is the highest cultivator will be used against them.

How many of her friends had died before! And now the tasks become even more difficult.

How often had she awakened from nightmares, and during the day, they had always lived in fear of some danger of past deeds. So they worked hard and worked hard to establish a sect. Few people know what difficulties they experienced to complete 30 tasks.

To find this person, she was insulted by an employee and the head of the counter. She brought snacks and food for him. And for what?

Now she had a chance to sleep with him for one night. And this life can change her life.

Just one night! She wasn't a virgin, after all. What did she have to lose?

She even told herself that she should do it not just for her own sake but also for her brothers!

This is in excellent condition. However, she lowered her hand and opened the door. At this moment, her hand seemed to weigh thousands of jins. She was about to open the door.

Yuan Fang saw her reaction and smiled. But at the same time, he groaned to himself.

The Lord of the Tao is very cruel. He took money from her and made her wait on him. And now… But this girl came across it. She found her grief.

Hearing the movement at the door, Niu Yu Dao, knowing what was going on in the heart of the Black peony, slowly turned his head and continued to seduce her. He said to her in a calm and indifferent voice:

"You know perfectly well that no one else will offer you such terms. Not just for one night, but a whole year. Because the cost and risk are high.

"Black peony, you're missing this chance. Maybe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Then you will regret this chance. The only regret won't do any good. You will live forever as before, in those torments.

"Once you agree, you won't even need to search for 100,000 gold pieces. I'll give them to you! In this troubled age, ten gold coins can buy functional beauty. All you have to do is sleep with me for one night, and I'll take 100 thousand gold pieces at risk.

"One night! Just one night, I won't tell anyone and ruin your reputation. No one will know about it.

Black peony was subdued, her hand trembling. She turned the doorknob slowly. The door opened, and she said bitterly:

"That bastard left me, and I was mad at him. But he didn't even dare show up! I know I'm not the most beautiful person, but if I do this, I will despise myself for the rest of my life!

She opened the door and strode away.

Black peony felt the wind cool her cheeks as she drove. She raised her hand and saw that her face was already bathed in tears.

The tears didn't stop. She didn't know what was happening to her. She was used to being healthy. She hadn't cried in years. Why now?

She turned and began to look around. Only there was no one to approach now. She didn't have anyone to rely on here. She even forgot her room number.

She didn't want anyone to see her like this right now. I had to find a safe place to hide.

Inside the room, Yuan Fang was startled. This girl turns out to have refused? He thought she would agree.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the door and then smiled.

One night and one life. He knew what Black peony was feeling. He understood what difficulties this girl had agreed to how difficult it was for her to resist the temptation offered by Niu Yu Dao!

He waved his hand at Yuan Fang and pointed to the door:

"Go, go, and get it back."

- ... - Yuan Fang could not find the words. He bitterly smiled and said, " Lord of the Tao, why to bring her back?" She won't agree.

He said to himself: "You do such shameless things-okay, but I don't need to get involved in this.

Niu Yu Dao: Tell her I'm canceling these conditions. Let him come back. What are you watching? Go quickly. If you don't get it back, then don't come back.

"What's this got to do with me?" However, he quickly left.

It wasn't long before Yuan Fang returned, and Black peony walked in with him. Only this time, her head was down. She was no longer a confident, cheerful girl with her head held high.

Niu Yu Dao pointed to the empty glass and said:

"Pour the wine!"

Black peony, biting her lips, went to the table and poured wine to the brim. And when she put down the glass, she noticed that Niu Yu Dao was smiling at her face.

She was immediately confused and turned her head.

Niu Yu Dao: what's wrong with your eyes? Both red and wet. Crying?

Black peony found the strength and firmly said: tell Me, have you changed the terms?

Niu Yu Dao: You know my terms very well. I'm giving you one last chance to think. One night and that's it!

Yuan Fang rolled his eyes. "Lord Dao, what are you doing?"

Black peony was surprised and said sternly:

"Huangdi Dao, I'll remember that!" she turned to leave.

- Stop! Niu Yu Dao sipped his wine and added: I was only joking, don't you see? Not angry. Come back and let's talk business.

Black peony paused, her chest rising rapidly. She only turned her head and looked at Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao said to Yuan Fang with a smile:

"Is this your money?" Get the receipt and give it back to the owner.

Yuan Fang's eyes widened.

Black peony also turned in disbelief.

Niu Yu Dao: I told you to return the receipt. Haven't you heard?

Yuan Fan reached into his pocket a little reluctantly and took out a receipt. Then he went to the Black peon and mumbled: Here, take it.

Black peony slowly took out the receipt and looked at it, as if checking to see if she imagined it.

She stared blankly at the receipt. What did Niu Yu Dao want to say? Does that mean he doesn't agree?

If so, then she had lost nothing.

Niu Yu Dao, sitting at the table, said with a smile:

"Why did you rush to pay for me?" Why would you do that? Did I ask you to?

Black peony wanted to swear. Didn't you ask me to! You made it clear.

Niu Yu Dao still smiling said:

- I will not pay attention to the products… Even if you agreed, I wouldn't sleep with you. Maybe it would have helped. Take these 1,800 gold pieces. And you still refused, so I don't want your money. You don't have to be so honest with anyone afterward. And tell your brothers so.

Black peony froze in place. She realized that Niu Yu Dao was playing with her.

Niu Yu Dao winked at her:

"Was it worth your tears?"

He was right in her Achilles ' heel. Pain and resentment came out of her heart again. She stared at Niu Yu Dao and said:

"You're a scoundrel!"

Nu Yu Tao shrugged his shoulders: Thank you for your praise! Remember, I returned the receipt for your tears.

Black peony looking at the receipt, I felt like she was losing control of himself. She covered her mouth with her hands and slowly began to step back. And when she ran into a wall, then slid to the floor and began to whimper.

She was crying harder and harder. It was as if all the bitterness and pain were coming out of her.

Niu Yu Dao held a glass and looked out the window. He sighed:

"Ah! Girls. They do nothing but cry. Unbearable!