Heavenly Genius - Chapter 123


“Is Bana already crying?” - Yuan Fang stretched his mouth and did not know what to say: “You got your money back, answered the case, and why cry? Shouldn't you be happy?”

Yuan Fang didn't understand a bit, and he approached Niu Yu Dao:

"Lord Dao, what is the matter with this girl?"

- Please don't pay attention to her. Eat while everything is fresh. Niu Yu Dao waved at him.

Yuan Fang looked around and immediately began to eat.

Yuan Fang liked everything, and the food and wine were delicious. Only the weeping man spoiled the atmosphere a little. It was strange, you eat, and someone cries.

Both men stopped paying attention to the Black peony.

Black peony wept for a while; then, her crying gradually began to fade. She only sobbed at times. Then she wiped her tears, stood up, and glared at the sitting and calmly eating Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fang. At the same time, she blamed herself. Why was she crying in front of them? But she didn't know it. Why didn't she restrain herself?

When she calmed down, she cleaned herself up.

Yuan Fang turned his head and noticed that the Lord of the Dao was right. Girls cry like that. You won't see, and your clothes are all wet.

Black peon was embarrassed. However, she sat down next to them, took out the receipt, and put it down to Niu Yu Dao:

"My options are limited. I can't get much, but this is my appreciation. What is?

Niu Yu Dao looked at her in surprise:

"How dare I take it?"

Black peony understood him. She first gave him a receipt, expecting him to help her. This time however, she pushed the arrival again and said awkwardly:

"This time, it's really from the heart.

Niu Yu Dao did not take it but nodded at Yuan Fang.

Black peony returned the receipt to Yuan Fang, who put the arrival back in his pocket without ceremony. Wouldn't he be happy with the money?

Black peony herself poured the wine for Niu Yu Dao, and this time, she felt free. She moved quite quickly. There was no weight on her now, as before, when she was afraid to make an extra move, so the Lord of the Dao would not help her. She felt comfortable now. It wasn't because Niu Yu Dao would or wouldn't agree to help her. She wasn't mad at him, even though he'd made her cry. She didn't know why she felt so good right now.

She suddenly felt a sense of security that she hadn't felt in a long time. In front of her sat a man who had just offended her. But she felt safe with him. It was a complicated feeling. Fear and danger had been watching her for a long time. Fear existed in her heart and never let go. But now she seemed to be free. And it looks like it's all because of this man. This man is bad, but he is evil. And this is his charisma.

It had been so many years since she had felt so free.

Niu Yu Dao leaned on a chair and said:

"There must be so many people here who want to create their sect. Why don't you get together and start your denomination?

Black peony sighed:

"We've been thinking about it. Only there are a lot of people. And if you create a sect, it will be challenging to manage it. Who will be the head of the cult? How to divide the profit? If something happens outside, who will be responsible for the consequences? Especially among a lot of people, who will believe whom? It won't be long before the sect collapses. We can just kill each other. And other denominations can easily sow enmity between us if they want to destroy us.

Niu Yu Dao nodded.

Black peony asked a little doubtfully:

- Lord of the Dao, I don't know which sect you will ask for and which will be the guarantor? When we get ready. I still need to tell my brothers, who are waiting for me on the street.

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: Is it essential to search for a sect?

- ...- Black peony was surprised: "Doesn't it matter?"

Niu Yu Dao looked at her: No need to dwell on one thing.

"..."Black peony hesitated.

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"Now, follow me." I'll do whatever it takes.

When she looked doubtful, he added:

"Any questions?"

Black peony thought for a moment, then answered decisively and nodded her head.


Niu Yu Dao held the glass, sipped a little and looked out the window.:

"How many brothers are there outside?" Women, men?

Black peony: Three. All men.


"Don't worry about that, Lord Tao. Reliable. If they weren't safe, I wouldn't have spent so many years with them.

Niu Yu Dao: you don't have to tell Me that. I'll just ask you. Will you take care of them?

Black peony hesitated.

"No need to worry. However, they are capable and caring.

Niu Yu Dao: If one at a time, I can lead a person. Like you are now. But when there are a lot of people, I will not have time and energy. Look, I don't need the unreliable ones. Send them away at once. It will be better for you and them. Otherwise, you don't have to blame me later. If something happens, it will be bad for you. A little pain is better than a long one. The unsuitable ones should be sent immediately. Black peony, I'm not kidding!

Black peony: Lord of the Dao, they are reliable. If there were any questions, I wouldn't be able to stay with them that long. I'm not blind, either.

Niu Yu Dao: Then it's okay. If you say so, I believe you! However, you must be responsible. You will be responsible for them.

Black peony noticed that this man was quite organized. She nodded immediately.

- Give four bills to her. 4 thousand. Niu Yu Dao waved Yuan Fang to give the money to the Black prong.

Black peony and Yuan Fang were astonished. Yuan Fang looked doubtful but did as he was told. He gave 4 thousand to Black pion.

Black peony asked a little doubtfully:

"Lord of the Tao, is that it?"

"One man, one thousand. No need to cook outside. Let them come in. Niu Yu Dao waved his hand and told her to do it.

He understood that if you want to get good loyal people, you need to show strength. And wealth is just one of the forces.

Black peony shook his head.

- The Lord of the Tao, even though we can't get so much money. However, we can get money to stay for a few days.

Niu Yu Dao frowned and said:

"Nothing like that. I told you to do it, so do as you're told.

Black pion had only to take the money and leave:

- Well. I'll tell them to come in.

When she opened the door, she remembered how recently the Lord of the Tao had seduced her. She was disgusted at first, but then she turned and said:

"Lord Dao, if you wanted to take me to bed. I was ready to go all the way today. Should I look for you later?

Niu Yu Dao stared and said:

"I like white ones, but black ones aren't my type." Away!

Black peony smiled and left.

As soon as she left, Yuan Fang muttered to himself:

- One thousand eight hundred received and 4,000 given. Now we have a 2200 loss. Why do we need so many people? Lord of the Tao, will you sleep now? "he was sick of losing so much money.

Niu Yu Dao:

- A girl controls a bunch of single cultivators and them. This girl is capable. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have agreed. In some cases, a girl is more suitable. And I need a girl with abilities around. And it just fits!

As soon as Black peony left the room, she took long strides and breathed freely. Freedom. She stretched out her arms and waved them around like a bird.

As soon as she left the Inn, she called for her men. They entered a dark alley.

Someone asked:

"Did you cry, chief?"

Black peony: for joy.

Several people looked at each other, and it looked like it was all over.

Black peony waved her hand and said truthfully:

- Dealing with the discovery of the sect will have to wait.

Several people screamed.

One asked: Head, what do you want to say?

Black peony: I'm telling you. The matter with the sect can wait. I'm going to follow him. If you want, we'll go together. If not, then stay. I won't force you. Those who follow him, leave all their riches to those who will remain on their own. We've worked well together, but now we're going to part ways.

Someone asked: Head, where is this person from? What is his origin?

Black peony shook her head:

"I don't know. If I tell you, you won't believe it. I don't even know his position. After that, she couldn't help but chuckle at herself. Was she mad? Is it her?

But Black peony now felt such comfort and freedom. It had been a long time since she'd felt this way. Even if she hurts herself, this freedom is worth it.


Several people thought she was outraged. She's done so many crazy things today. I collected their money to pay for a room for six months to a stranger. I also bought first-class snacks and wine. And now she's going to give up what she's been working for for the last few years and want to follow a stranger.

Someone asked doubtfully:

"You're not in love, are you?"

Black peony immediately growled:

"Don't be absurd! Everyone stop talking nonsense and going or staying? If you don't go, then I'll give you everything I have. You will continue to live as you want. But I will follow him!