Heavenly Genius - Chapter 124


Several people looked at each other, but they decided that the Black peony would not deceive them in the end.

In the end, relying on the Black peony, a few people thought a little and finally agreed to follow her. No one left.

Of course, black peony was happy about this and, taking out 4000, distributed it to them.

Several people were immediately surprised when they saw the money:

"Chief, what is this?"

"He gave it to us and told us not to live outside, but inside. Black peony said, laughing:

- Now see. We can also live in The Yao yue Inn.

Several people looked at each other.

- Ah – one man exclaimed joyfully: and he is quite generous. Chief, didn't you do a good thing? You just checked us out!

Black peony, frowning, said: What nonsense! How many years we've been together? Don't you know me? I didn't check it, but his terms. He clearly said that if you don't want to, you don't force anyone to repent.

She looked sharply at several people:

"I don't know what we're going to do yet. He doesn't give it all for free. There are many single cultivators in the world, and it doesn't need as much. So, it has its own rules. From now on, you need to decide everything for yourself, so that there is no place for regrets later. If you follow him, you will need to understand what to do and what not to do. What to say and what not to say.

"I don't know which way it will take us. However, I rely on him. He's capable of. You've all known me for years, and I won't lie to you, and I won't talk too much. Now decide for yourself. If you don't go, the one who leaves with me will give all their belongings to the one who stays. And the completed 30 tasks will also be issued to you so that we do not have any resentments against each other.

Several people looked at each other. Today, they have to make a decision that will affect their lives.

They all decided to follow Black peony, which Black peony was very happy about. After all, they all went through a lot together, and if someone left now, they might be offended by it.

"Now listen to me, we are all going to live there!

Several people followed her to the Inn. The employee immediately stopped the Black peony and asked with a bitter smile:


Black peony ignored him and said:

- They also will be removed from the room. Not allowed?

No matter how the employee reacted, she went straight to the counter and put the money down again. She was going to rent two more rooms. She also asked to be moved to a room next to Niu Yu Dao.

After they were quartered, Black peony led the three people to Niu Yu Dao's room.

Yuan Fang opened the door, and Black peony said with a smile:

"I brought them to meet the Lord of the Tao.

Yuan Fang turned around, asked Niu Yu Dao, and then answered Black ping:

"The Lord of the Tao says it is too late. We'll talk tomorrow.

He didn't understand why Niu Yu Dao was doing this. They've already paid for it why he doesn't want to know his charges.

Black peony smiled, understanding him a little. Only the other cultivators immediately felt the pressure.

Black peony looked at the beautiful Park and pointing to it said:

- Take tea, and let's go there to drink!

Several people were immediately happy. Not because there's beautiful scenery, but because in standard times they are not allowed here!


The next day, when Yuan Fang opened the door, he saw Black peony and the other cultivators waiting outside.

Niu Yu Dao also came out after him, and Black peony immediately said with a smile:

- The Lord of the Tao, good morning.

Then turning her head, she said:

"These are my three brothers, whom I have known for several years. Lei Zong Kang, Wu San Lian, Duan Hu. This is the Lord of the Tao with his brother Jin.

"The Lord of the Tao, brother Jin. The three men smiled and bowed to them.

Nu Yu Tao looked at them. Black peony was young, and these people were middle-aged and older than her. And yet they call her the head, which made the Black peony even more interesting for Niu Yu Dao.

"We're all our people now. Niu Yu Dao smiled, turned around, and walked away.

He was not going to become a close friend with every person, as with the monks. He only got to know Yuan Fang well, and the monks didn't touch him. If anything, he would tell Yuan Fang. Even now, he wasn't going to get close to all the cultivators. All he needed was a Black peony, and as it was, he didn't have time to talk to everyone.

Yuan Fang, with the Black peony, followed Niu Yu Dao but kept the other three cultivators away from Niu Yu Dao. This was what Yuan Gan usually did, and now Yuan Fang was copying Yuan Gan's habits to some extent. Yet these three men are still strangers to them.

The three cultivators had only to follow at the end.

Niu Yu Dao walked around the Inn and the forest Park behind the Inn. There was a structure there. He said, smiling:

"What is this place?" Let's go and see.

Black peony immediately broke out in a sweat. Niu Yu Dao seems to be the first time in this city. She said at once:

"Lord Dao, there is an Inn in front of the Park, and behind it is the residence of Sha Huang Li, the head of the city. No outsiders can enter it. Otherwise, they will kill you!

Niu Yu Dao remembered reading the notes of the high purity sect. Although there was not much information about the world of cultivators, it did mention the granddaughter of one of the 9 Yuan Ying Luo Qiu, the head of the city of Zhaixin Sha Huang Li.

"Not even a visit?" Niu Yu Dao asked.

"There's no telling how many people in the city want to visit her. But they can't even say a word. Black peony shook her head. However, when she looked at Niu Yu Dao, her eyes shone:

"Of course, if there is a powerful force behind the Lord of the Tao, then it can be done.

Nu Yu Tao nodded his head: Where did we touch? By the way, have you seen her?

Black peony: a Lot of times. She often goes out to the city.

Niu Yu Dao: Sha Huang Li, what is it? Beautiful or not? Are you married or single?

Black peony wiped the sweat from her brow. How can you talk about that in a place like this? She whispered to him:

- It looks quite ordinary and does not Shine with beauty. But in her position, no vision could match her. I never heard of her being married.

Niu Yu Dao asked again: what does she like?

Black peony became alert and immediately reminded him:

"Lord Dao, can we not talk about this here?" If people hear it, they'll think we're up to no good.

"Oh, hush. Niu Yu Dao smiled and turned around. If they aren't allowed in, they don't have to go.

Black peony followed him and added softly:

- I don't know what she's into. However, it does not need food, and it should have no problems with resources that she might be interested in. Can cultivation?

Niu Yu Dao nodded and asked again: What kind of person is she?

Black peony: I don't know. However, it looks peaceful. And every time she goes out into the city, she doesn't fight with anyone.

Niu Yu Dao: do you Know who she communicates with?

Black peony froze. Niu Yu Dao will find out all about Sha Huang Li. What was he up to? She had doubts:

"I don't know. As single cultivators, how can we go to the same places as her? However, I have heard that they often spend time with Xue Luo er from the ice and snow Palace. They usually go out into the city.

"The Palace of ice and snow?" Niu Yu Dao, when they heard this, then I have stopped asking. And there was a sly gleam in his eyes.

When they left the Inn, the head of the counter, and the employee did not look at Niu Yu Dao much, but mostly they looked at the Black peony following Him.

The chief shook his head:

"Young man, he is easily deceived. It looks like he got caught in the net.

A nearby employee said:

- Whatever! I've already convinced him. And his business is not to listen and do as he please. This doesn't concern us.

And when they came down the stairs, there were a lot of people waiting for them outside. The single cultivators looked at Niu Yu Dao with hope. Niu Yu Dao understood what they wanted. But without slowing his pace, he said indifferently:

"I have no interest in you. Go away! Who will approach that to kill!

The crowd didn't know who Niu Yu Dao was, so they didn't dare approach. They were embarrassed.

Following Niu Yu Dao, Black peony and the other cultivators straightened their backs. They now felt that they were not like these people.

One of the single cultivators looked after them and said:

"Looks like Black peony got it!"

"If I had known earlier, I would have come in yesterday, too."

"What if I did?" Black peony is beautiful. She probably spent the night with him…

Some spoke with envy and jealousy in the direction of the Black peony.

Ancient city. There were ancient ruins everywhere, and various buildings and structures of wood or stone could be seen rising among these ruins.

A lot of people were walking through the streets. Someone was looking around as if searching for the things he needed. Someone would stop and whisper something in someone's ear.

Black peony said that those who whisper always might be single cultivators. They sell cheaper things that you can buy in stores. So, they go and look for a potential buyer.