Heavenly Genius - Chapter 125


- Such people, as a rule, keep goods at partners. They don't dare carry products with them. And as soon as they find a suitable buyer, then they begin to negotiate a price. However, although they behave carefully, sometimes there are troubles, and poor people attract a lot of attention.

Noticing that Niu Yu Dao didn't understand what was going on, and looking at the unintelligible Yuan Fang, Black peony couldn't help but wonder if She had made the right choice.

Following them, lei Zong Kang, Wu San Liang, and Duan Hu also exchanged glances.

Lei Zong Kang frowned and started to say something, but didn't say anything.

"Have you done this before?" Niu Yu Dao asked.

"It didn't work out very well. These shops have considerably lowered prices, so you will not get much revenue from trading here. Black peony spoke awkwardly. Then looking around, she began to change the subject:

"There are many shops here, and they can only be opened by sects that have a dominant faction behind them. Weak and small denominations will not be able to open a shop here. On the other hand, you do not need to look at the fact that there are many shops here. They mostly sell the same type of things, so their profit is not unusually large. The mainstream of people here usually buys stuff on their way to work. Few people come here specifically for shopping.

- In addition to the usual shops, there are also specialized shops. For example, the Lin sect. Because their faction is focused on making pills, they are the best in the world of cultivators in this regard; their shop sells medicines here.

Or, for example, the Qiyong sect. They are the best at making ritual vessels. They also sell ritual vessels here. A cult of thousands of animals - they are tame animals. Another faction of natural phenomena-they is aimed at the arrangement of formations. You can buy a lot of amulets and talismans in their shop. This kind of specific shops earns a lot of money here. And a lot of cultivators are just coming here to see them.

Regarding these sects, Niu Yu Dao read in the records of the highest purity sect. And this time, when he heard about them, he became interested. He wanted to know about this world and these sects.

He even involuntarily said:

"Let's go and look at them."

Black peony and the others, of course, took them there.

As Black peony had said, these shops were aimed at particular goods. The size of these shops stood out in the ancient city.

The first on their way was the shop of the sect of natural phenomena. There was a unique atmosphere as if it were a place of the dead. This kind of qi came from various engraved amulets. There was a price list at the top of the shop that listed the prices of these amulets.

Various kinds of amulets and talismans caused the delight of Niu Yu Dao.

He was amazed that they were able to contain the energy. It was as if they contained different kinds and quantities of energy. How many methods do you need to use to make amulets like this? And how many cultivators can do this? After all, to make an amulet, it often requires the cultivator's energy, and sometimes even the cultivator's life.

For example: transmitting the creed to the successor of the amulet that Niu Yu Dao had. Dong Guo Hao Ran had just used his life force to create these amulets for Niu Yu Dao.

Usually, none of the cultivators want to use such methods.

And as it was said in the records of the Highest purity, the sect of natural phenomena just broke through in this. They know how to accumulate energy in other items, creating amulets and talismans.

For example, a horse can't always race as hard as it can, and it will need to stop and rest. However, the sect of natural phenomena has an amulet that will allow the horse to ride regularly, all day at full speed. Only when the effect of the amulet stops, the horse can drop dead. That is why such charms are rarely used.

They also had talismans to ward off evil spirits. They can be put in the house, and then this talisman will release magic power. Various kinds of evil spirits, werewolves, and beasts will believe that there are cultivators at home, and will not dare to enter the house.

Some talismans contain energy. When a person is on edge, they can dramatically increase their strength.

However, many amulets can only be used once, and the price for such a charm will be quite high. You can say that buying it, and you throw money away. A simple person will not buy it, and it is unlikely to be able to use it.

Therefore, when Niu Yu Dao entered the store, he just looked and expanded his horizons. He didn't buy anything. And he didn't have enough money to buy such things.

As soon as they left the store, then went to the shop of the sect of Zion. There they could buy all sorts of tools.

Of course, everyone came to Qiyong's shop because of the unique method of inventing tools.

For example, a simple sword. When you fight with a simple sword, it can be easily broken even if it is in the hands of a cultivator. However, a sword produced by the Qiyong sect would be much healthier. And of course, the higher the price - the better the sword.

Niu Yu Dao walked around the shop and thought that Yuan Gang should take a dagger. And Yuan Fang will need a different weapon. However, he still did not have enough money to buy guns.

As soon as they looked around, they left the store.

At the intersection at this time, one person was standing and continue looking around. And as soon as he saw Black peony and the others, he stared intently at Niu Yu Dao.

And when they passed him, he followed them cautiously.

It wasn't long before the group entered the Lin sect's shop. However, the man did not go for them but stayed on the street.

In Lin Niu's shop, Yu Dao looked through a lot of pills. He knew that he couldn't buy good pills yet, especially not in large quantities. He didn't need the pills again, but Yuan Fang did. Only if they buy some medicines, they will make others laugh. And in order not to increase the doubts of Black peony and the others, he spent 1000 gold to buy some Shang pills.

As soon as they left the shop, they went back to the shop of the thousand beasts.

The thousand beast sect was slightly more interesting. After all, she had all sorts of animals and birds. You can expand your horizons here. Many birds and animals were in the cage. They were already tamed. And if you buy them, the thousand beast sect will teach you how to control them.

Different animals had different prices. The relatively cheap bird was the kingbird, so it was the most popular.

And the more expensive animals were in the inner rooms. It was animals of a larger size. There even were birds at the height of one Zhang. (1 Zhang = 3.3 m)

You could even fly on such birds. Only a simple person will find it difficult to operate them. Although the birds were plentiful, it was difficult for them to carry heavy loads in flight. And cultivators could use their wings made of qi. Therefore, using these birds, they could travel a much higher distance at a time. This was much more convenient for cultivators.

But now there are very few such huge birds left. They were either caught or killed. And it is quite challenging to breed such birds. They don't hatch very often, and it's not easy to keep track of them. However, the thousand beast sect knows a lot about this. That's why their shop sells such animals.

These flying birds are quite expensive. Their price goes for millions of gold. Few people can afford such a luxury.

"You sold it once in three years, and you've been eating for three years!" Niu Yu Dao looked at the vast amount and said.

After leaving their shop, he took another walk around the city. Then they all went back to the Inn.

Some people were standing around the courtyard again, whispering after Black peony and the others had disappeared into the Inn.

Then the man who was chasing Niu Yu Dao appeared. He walked up to the single cultivators and said:

"What are you talking about?"

"Ah, Mr. Huang?" several people turned their heads and immediately respectfully greeted the Liu Xiang sect disciple.

This man's name is Huang EN GUI. He is a disciple of the Liuxian sect who works in The liuxian sect's shop. Although he seems to be a simple shop employee, these single cultivators did not dare touch him.

Juan EN GUI nodded in the direction of coaching:

"Who were you watching?"

One person said it's a shame:

"Mr. Huang doesn't know everything. Are you familiar with the Black peony? A girl who often hangs out in the city. Her skin is dark.

Juan EN GUI nodded: Know what?

The man said irritably:

"She'll probably be able to start her sect soon." I don't know what methods this girl used. However, one can imagine how she persuaded the high Lord to help her. Most likely, she had dropped her pants, and that all the persuasion was ready for. And no need to waste words.

Huang EN GUI smiled. He heard the sour tone of that cultivator, but it didn't interest him. He said, smiling:

"You sound jealous." By the way, who is this high-ranking gentleman? What sect?

The man shook his head:

"He looks young. But I don't know what sect he's from. His name is recorded in The Yao Yue Inn. Only they don't give away their guests.

"Oh, don't be so jealous. You'd better do something useful. Huang EN GUI tapped him on the shoulder, glanced at the Inn, and then turned and left.

The man shouted:

"Mr. Huang, can you put in a word for me in the luxia sect?"

Huang Peng GUI waved his hand without turning around and said:

"I don't own it. You'd better wait here for your opportunity!

Even so, several people still spoke politely to him:

"Mr. Huang, be careful.

As soon as Huang Angus entered Liu Xiang's shop, which was mostly sparsely populated, he quickly went behind the counter and told the cross-legged landowner:

"Uncle, give me a portrait."

The landowner opened his eyes: what portrait?

Huang Peng GUI: You told us to stand at intersections and look out for the person whose portrait the song family sent us. Niu Yu Dao. I think I saw it.

- Really? The landowner stood up. He immediately took out a roll of paper and spread it out on the counter, showing it to Huang Ying Gui.