Heavenly Genius - Chapter 126


"I can't guarantee it, so I want to see the portrait again." Huang En Gui replied.

He took the paper and began to look at the image of the man from left to right. He didn't know where the song family got this image from.

In the end, he replied: Similar! 90% similar. Especially his hair. It must be him.

After Shu Qing taught nu Yu Dao how to comb his hair, He also began to take care of his nose. If there were conditions for it, he washed every day and put his hair in order. However, it was a bit of a fuss.

If people didn't pay so much attention to short hair, he would have cut it short long ago.

"Did you identify him?" the landowner asked enthusiastically.

Niu Yu Dao had killed several people of the Liuxiang sect, and now they were his sworn enemies. Especially that he killed the son of the steward of the house of song, Liu Zi Yu, the Liuxian sect, could not save Zi Yu. They were already ashamed in front of the steward of the song family home, Liu Lu, who always looked after them. And now the song family has personally disbanded their networks. No matter how they should take good advantage of this moment.

In Jicin, they were able to stumble upon Nude Yu Dao. This is excellent news. Now they can somehow stand out in front of the teachers and the sect. For this, the song's family can reward them well.

Huang En Gui said with a bitter smile:

- The person with the portrait may differ. Uncle, let me know for sure. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that it's him!

The landowner looked worried:

"Then why did you come back?" And if he escapes now, what will we do? Don't you want a reward for it?

Huang EN GUI: Uncle, take your time. He lives in The Yao Yue Inn and seems to have no intention of leaving this place. So I went back to identify him from the portrait.

"The Yaoyue Inn?" the landowner stroked his beard and thought:

"The fact that he lives in this courtyard already creates difficulties. You can't just take it.

He thought for a moment, and then, as if finding a solution, he tapped the bar and said:

- Go. Take another man and check his position in the Inn more closely. Remember, don't scare him off.

Huang En Gui nodded. He turned and walked quickly away.

When Juan EN GUI I reached a lane, I asked one of the fellow students. He told him the whole story, and then they went together to the Yao Yue Inn.

As soon as they came to the Chief's Desk, they put ten gold pieces. Huang En Gui said, smiling: Master, we need a room.

There were many influential people in the city, and although you won't know all of them, you will see many of them. The master immediately identified them as Liuxian sect disciples, so he immediately warned them:

- You can live, you can't make noise. Otherwise, you know what the consequences will be for you.

He just knew that the Liuxian sect had its shop in the city. Then why would they come here and rent a room? It was rather strange.

Huang En Gui replied with a smile:

"Chief, don't be ridiculous. How dare we make noise here? It's just that we may have a distinguished guest arriving. So we came to prepare everything.

- If so, that is good. The head of the counter replied in a cold tone. He registered them and dropped one tag.

The two men thanked him politely and then went to their room…


In Nu's room, Yu Dao asked the Black peony to stay.

Yuan Fang didn't understand what the Lord of the Dao wanted to do. He only saw Niu Yu Dao sharpening the charcoal-like a pencil.

Two people didn't understand what was happening. They asked him, but he didn't answer. He only said that they would soon find out for themselves.

When he sharpened the coal well, Niu Yu Dao went to the window and looked out at the landscape. Then he placed a chair in front of the window and turned to wave at Black peony:

"Come, sit down, sit down.

Black peony did not understand and came and sat down on a chair, as he said.

Nu Yu Dao shook his head in displeasure and pointing with his finger said:

"You don't have to sit there. Freer. Bend over, Yes, spread your legs. Put your hand on your leg, rest your forearm on the back of the chair, and rest your cheek on your side.. Don't do that, it's more natural. Yes. That's it. Smile ... great! That's it! Now don't move! He turned and walked back.

Black peon was uncomfortable. She asked with a bitter smile:

"Lord Dao, what do you want to do?"

Nu Yu Dao: Earn money!

"Make money?" Black peony was surprised: But how can you earn money like that?

- Then realize. "Nu Yu Dao only threw this sentence at her.

He looked at the furniture and then placed a chair in front of the Black peony. Then Niu Yu Dao waved his hand at Yuan Fan and said:

- Come up. Sit down!

"Should I sit down too?" Yuan Fang was astonished.

"I told you to sit down."

Yuan Fang reluctantly sat on the chair. However, he also began to imitate the Black pion. He crossed his legs, put his hands under his cheeks, and assumed a seductive pose.

- ... - Nu Yu Dao could not find words.

Black peony, who was sitting opposite Yuan Fang, couldn't help but laugh. She tried to control herself at first, but in the end, she couldn't and started rocking, clutching her stomach, and shouting:

"No, no," I said. I can't do this. Funny to death! Hahahaha…

Nu Yu Dan didn't know what to say. He just pushed Yuan Fan:

"Who asked you to sit like this?" Sit down normally. Lower your head, lower your back!

As soon as he had seated Yuan Fang, Nu Yu Dao took out a Board and placed it between Yuan Fang's back and the chair. Then he put the paper on the Board and rested the Board on Yuan Fang's shoulders. He also made him hold the Board with his hands.

"Sit down as you were before!" Nu Yu Dao said seriously to Black pion.

Black peony calmed down and sat down in the same position.

Nu Yu Dao held a charcoal pencil and, standing behind Yuan Fan, began to examine the Black peony. Then he put his hand on the paper and began to draw the features of a Black peony.

Not that Niu Yu Dao could draw the living and the dead well. After all, in a previous life, he had mastered the four lessons of a scientist long ago.

Sensing movement from behind, Yuan Fang turned his head and wanted to look.

Knock, knock! Nu Yu Dao hit several times and said:

- Sit down and don't move!

Yuan Fang remained calm. Only his eyes could move.

Nu Yu Dao drew. At times he held up a charcoal pencil before him and measured the proportions of the Black peony.

Before long, the mischievous Black peony was already dimly visible on the paper.

Black peony blinked her eyes from time to time and also wanted to see what Niu Yu Dao was doing there. Was he drawing her? Coal? Is that how they bring?

When Niu Yu Dao was almost finished, He picked up the Board with the paper, put it on the one hand, and said to Yuan Fang:

- Go! Call an employee. Let him bring a jug of wine.

Yuan Fan straightened up and sighed, then headed outside. And when I passed by Nu Yu Dao, I couldn't help but look at the picture. At the same moment, his jaw dropped: - the Lord of the Tao, this is...

Niu Yu Dao calmly asked: is it Similar?

"Yup, yup, yup!" Yuan Fang shook his head like an idiot. Yuan Fang looked at Nu Yu Dao respectfully. There was a glint in his eyes now. He now understood why Yuan Gang was following Nu Yu Dao so blindly. Nu Yu Dao is merely incredible.

Black peony is also shifted on the spot. She was very interested in what Yu Dao had drawn there.

"Didn't you hear what I said?" Nu Yu Dao looked askance at Yuan Fang.

Yuan Fang quickly started to leave.

- Remember. Don't bring it yourself. Let the yard employee personally bring it. Understand? Niu Yu Dao said from behind.

"Yeah. Understood. "Yuan Fang is gone.

It wasn't long before Yuan Fang returned. He said at once:

- The employee should be here soon.

After saying this, he walked over to nu Yu Dao and watched as He finished his work. At times, he would shake his head in admiration and cluck always.

Black peony became more and more interested. She tried to see what was drawn there.


There was a knock outside, and then the voice of an employee:

"Sir, your wine."

Nu Yu Dao: Come in!

The employee came in. He didn't know what to do in the room, so he put the wine on the table.

"Sir, I put the wine on the table–"

Nu Yu Dao said again:

"Wait, I'll be done soon." Help me arrange the painting later.

"A picture?» the employee was surprised. He went forward and looked at what Nu Yu Dao was drawing.

He reacted the same way as Yuan Fan. When he saw the picture, his eyes widened. He looked from the Black peony to the painting. Then back to the Black peony…

Nu Yu Dao quickly finished drawing and put his signature in the corner: "One who has seen the sea can't be surprised by a stream. Who saw clouds on mount Wushan-does not recognize other clouds. Looking back, half the way was to improve, and half the way was to dominate. 523 year of the U calendar, end of spring. A gift to Black pion!"

"Good, good. Nu Yu Dao tossed a charcoal pencil to Yuan Fang and waved at Black pion:

- Come up. Look if it's not.

Black peony has been waiting for this for a long time. She almost jumped out of her chair. Then she looked at the picture and saw a fantastic portrait. Black peony immediately screamed and covered her mouth with her hands. She had never seen anything like it before. Is it possible to paint a picture of charcoal so vividly and delightfully?

In the picture, there was a window with a full sky and floating clouds, and in front of the window sat a beautiful woman leaning back in a chair. She was leaning her cheek on her elbow, smiling slyly. She looked alive. Even her gaze seemed real.

Black peony slowly lowered her hands and asked in a stunned voice:

"Is that me?" This is for me - " she read the verse written at the bottom and what it said- a gift to Black peony!

Nu Yu Dao handed the painting to the employee and said:

"Go and feed her well." And be careful! Don't spoil it!

"Good, good. Don't worry; everything will be done! The employee spoke excitedly. In all his life, he had never seen such a stunning portrait. He stood back, nodding his head and holding the picture, and still stared at Niu Yu Dao in an unconscious way.