Heavenly Genius - Chapter 127


As black peony watched her portrait being carried away, she froze in place. It was very difficult for her to part with her picture now, because she had not yet carefully looked at her portrait.

Niu Yu Dao's hands were dirty from the coal, so He went to wash them. And when he came out of the bathroom, he saw Black peony standing in the same place.

He smiled and said, " You seem to like the portrait."

He liked the way he drew the Black peony. And now, judging by her reaction, he was sure that he had done well.

Black peony looked at him kindly now.

- The Lord of the Dao, is this true for me?

Niu Yu Dao: you Are in the portrait. If not you, then who? Bear or me?

Black peony understood clearly. She went over and took the wine that the employee had brought. She poured wine into a glass and offered it to Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao drank it and then asked seriously:

"If I don't give it to you, I'll sell it to you." Would you take it for a hundred thousand gold pieces?

Black peony was startled. She nodded, then shook her head:

- I can't give you 100 thousand gold pieces. However, if I had a lot of money, I would buy it.

Yuan Fan's mouth is twisted. Most likely, the Black peony is sucking up like this. The picture is undoubtedly useful, but who will give 100 thousand for it? Ten gold - you might think, but not 100 thousand!

Black peony, having said this, immediately asked doubtfully:

"Lord Dao, do you want to make money with paintings?"

"With pictures?" Niu Yu Dao laughed.

If only pictures could change the way, Yuan Gan and Yuan Fang thought. If only the paintings could resolve the issue of hatred with the song family. If the arts could solve all the problems of this world, then Niu Yu Dao would not mind starting painting.

When a person draws with interest, they can get beautiful and interesting pictures. But when he does it for profit, the portraits or paintings will be deprived of their grace and charming power.

He shook his head: I don't sell art!

As soon as he left the room, the employee immediately held the picture in his hands and went to the head of the counter.

- Chief, look at this.

"What do you want?" the chief looked doubtfully at the open portrait and was also stunned.

"Is that a Black peony?"

He knew at once who the portrait was. However, this was not an ordinary portrait, executed in an unusual style.

- Right. The employee nodded.

The chief took the portrait and looked at it, then added with a click:

"What kind of art is this?" Who drew it?

"From room 2B, that young gentleman drew the black Piona. When I took the wine out, I saw him finish it. He used a piece of coal... - the employee told the boss everything. After that, the employee asked a little doubtfully:

- Maybe you need to show this new style of paintings above?

The chief's eyes flashed. He wrapped the portrait up and said:

- Don't rush to take a picture. Stay here while I go to the Manager.

"Yes," he said. The employee nodded.

The chief took the portrait and went to the Inn's castle…


Huang En Gui and a fellow student wandered in the Park looking for their object. They knew that the counter Manager had the room number of Niu Yu Dao, but he wouldn't tell them. Walking and knocking on every room was no good either, so all they had to do was walk in the Park and look out for him.

They wandered for a long time, but they did not see Niu Yu Dao. They already thought that Niu Yu Dao was out in the city again, so they were going to go out into the courtyard and wait at the door.

Suddenly, Cui Yuan stopped Huang EN Guy and pointed in one direction.

Huang En Gui looked in that direction and noticed the oz trees of the Park as lei Zong Kang left one of the rooms on the top floor and entered the next one.

"Let's go find him." "Huang En Gui said.

Cui Yuan held him back:

- Brother, we can bear it. Will we frighten him away?

Huang En Gui looked at that room:

"Since they are now under his command, that guy wouldn't have entered Niu Yu Dao's house without knocking. We'll go in right now and find out from him.

Cui, Yuan nodded.

Two people came out of the garden and went to the top floor of the opposite house. As they walked, they kept looking around.

Gradually and carefully, they came to lei Zong Kang's room, and there was no one around. Huang En Gui suddenly entered, and Cui Yuan followed. They immediately closed the doors from the inside.

Inside the room, lei Zong Kang stood in front of the window and looked out at the street. He thought about it. Today, the Lord of the Tao did not seem to be a particularly knowledgeable person. How can such a person have connections then?

They rented two more rooms yesterday, and he just got a single place. And Duan Hu and Wu San Liang settled together. Yet he could not live in the same room with a Black peony. This behavior is not appropriate for him. They were just talking about Niu Yu Dao and wondering if there was anyone behind Niu Yu Dao. However, two people still believed in Black pion. They have been together for so many years and have undergone many trials.

Lei Zong Kang initially thought of persuading Duan Hu and Wu San Liang to dissuade Black peony from this idea. But it didn't work out. They believed in the Black peony.

Since Wu San Liang and Dun Hu did not agree, He did not press the issue.

It wasn't that he didn't believe Black pion; it was just that it was too much of a risk for them. And while there's still time, it's better to leave.

But suddenly someone came in. He thought it was Duan Hu and Wu San Liang who entered. Only when he turned his head did he freeze.

Huang En Gui put a finger to his lips, hinting that he should not scream. He kept a safe distance, showing that he had no evil intentions. Then he said softly:

"Lei Zong Kang, calm down. We didn't come to the Inn to make a fuss.

Lei Zong Kang said in disbelief:

"Mr. Huang and Mr. Cui, to what do I owe your presence?"

Huang En Gui: Nothing like that. I just wanted to ask you something.

Seeing that the opposite side guaranteed safety, lei Zong Kang still didn't dare to approach them:

"Mr. Huang, tell me what's on your mind."

Huang En Gui: I Heard you found a reliable master?

When lei Zong Kang heard this, he immediately bitterly smiled:

"It's all a mistake. You've been said something outside. You don't have to believe it.

Huang En Gui: What is the man's name?

Lei Zong Kang didn't know what was going on. But he didn't think it mattered.

- Huangdi Dao!

- Huang Tao…Huang En Gui spoke in a whisper and exchanged glances with Cui Yuan. Then he asked again: Do you know what sect he's from?

Lei Zong Kang shook his head: do not know! Mr. Huang, I am not deceiving you. We don't know anything about his past.

Huang En Gui exchanged glances with Cui Yuan, then slowly walked over to lei Zong Kang and brazenly sat down on a chair.

"Are you looking for trouble for standing up to the Liuxian sect?"

Lei Zong Kang was surprised:

"Mr. Huang, what are you saying?" When have we not respected the Liuxian sect? Where did we go wrong?

Huang En Gui: are you sure you don't know him? Or are you pretending?

Lei Zong Kang suspected something:

"We don't know. Mr. Huang, do you have anything to say?

"This man is not Huangdi Dao at all. It's a fake name. His real name is Niu Yu Dao. He is a disciple who left the Yan Kingdom's Highest purity sect. Huang En Gui began to tell everything from the moment Niu Yu Dao killed sun Yang Qing. It is mainly exposed to Nude Yu Dao with a lousy hand.

"If you're following him, doesn't that mean you're against us?"

Lei Zong Kang felt fear in his heart. Is this Lord of the Tao really what they say he is? They definitely shouldn't hurt the Liuxian sect.

"We didn't know that for sure. We have nothing in common with him... " he now had no intention of following Niu Yu Dao:

"Mr. Huang, don't worry. I'll tell black peon later, and we'll break off all relations with Him. We will not dare to oppose the Liuxian sect!

Huang En Gui chuckled: Do you think that here you can get involved in a case at any time and get out of it at any time? Have you ever thought how big a deal it is to kill the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom? Even a simple Prince broke off all relations with him. And you aren't afraid of death!

Lei Zong Kang felt a cold sweat start to form on his body.

- Mr. Huang…

Huang En Gui waved his hand, interrupting him:

"Since I've already found you, don't worry about it. You and I have no animosity. Especially since you didn't know him. It's not your fault. However, this case has now taken a turn, and you can not just leave everything.

Lei Zong Kang folded his hands and said:

"Mr. Huang, I hope you will guide me to the right path."

Huang En Gui said calmly:

- The rules of the city Jaysin, you know. We can't touch the guests of the Yaoyue courtyard. But we must not frighten him away. Understand?

Lei Zong Kang froze. So they want him to spy. He immediately nodded:

"Mr. Huang, calm down. I'll notify my friends immediately. We will keep an eye on him for the Liuxian sect!

Huang En Gui waved his hand:

"Since black peony contacted him, it's not clear what dirty things He used against her. This man is dangerous. He can see a part and guess the whole, and we don't need surprises. You don't have to tell Black peon and the others yet. The fewer people who know, the better. Don't worry; your work won't be wasted. I'll ask the teachers to vouch for you later. And then everything will depend on your luck.