Heavenly Genius - Chapter 128


Lei Zong Kang nodded his head in silence.

Huang En Gui is unlikely to play it. Besides, lei Zong Kang didn't like Niu Yu Dao. And looking at the Black peony attitude, it seems that she will stick to her point of view until the last. And if she found out about all this, she might tell Niu Yu Dao. Therefore, there is no way that Niu Yu Dao can find out anything. Otherwise, the Liuxian sect won't let them go.

Although he will have to be silent, he does it for everyone.

Seeing that lei Zong Kang agreed, Huang En Gui stood up and said joyfully:

"That's the deal, then.

Lei Zong Kang nodded his head in silence.

Huang En Gui approached him and added:

"Not only our Liu Xiang family but the entire Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom has taken on this task. You understand that in this game, you don't have to resist us. Niu Yu Dao is now like a stray dog. I'm not going to say much, but you know yourself and what you need to work very seriously!

Lei Zong Kang folded his hands:

"Mr. Huang, don't worry. I know what to do.

"Good! Then wait for the connection. I don't need to teach you.

Huang En Gui tapped him on the shoulder and immediately left, lest someone comes in and finds them.

And lei Zong Kang remained in the room and sighed heavily...


"Boom! Boom! Bang! " came a thud from the room.

Hai Ru Yue and the guards entered the room and froze. There were cultivators on either side of it. And they all saw Yuan gang standing in the room in his underpants. All of his muscles now glowed brightly in the light. Logs were hanging on ropes around him, and Wei Duo was walking around in a circle and pushing the records hard at Yuan Gan.

The ruler, fearing that Wei Duo would use the force and she and Yuan gang would escape, ordered that Wei Duo's power be blocked. Therefore, it was difficult for Yuan Gang to train because Wei Duo's pure strength was not enough to beat him hard enough.

As soon as the door opened, the two people inside the room also froze and looked at the gates.

From the look on Hai Ru Yue's face, it was clear that she was confused.

Yuan Gan is tall, strong-muscled, and contains explosive power as if someone had cut his body out of stone. Every line was perfect.

Of course, this kind of look can cause any woman to have a fever.

Hai Ru Yue had seen many men. When she was inspecting the troops, she often saw strong soldiers naked to the torso in the camps. Many of them were healthy. But she had never thought that men could have a body like Yuan Gan's. This is Apollo! And he certainly looked good in Adam's suit.

As soon as they saw the half-naked Yuan gang, the two guards immediately hurried to close the door in front of Hai Ru Yue.

But it is useless. One glance was enough for Yuan Gan's masculine and exciting silhouette to be imprinted in Hai Ru Yue's mind.

She turned slowly and looked at the other Way. Hai Ru Yue took a deep breath and began to adjust her breathing. Still, it was difficult to dispel the silhouette that now reigned in her mind.

She wanted to visit them at the Lush Palace, but she didn't think she would find such a picture.

It wasn't long before the room's doors opened, and the clothed Yuan gang and Wei Duo walked out together.

They approached Hai Ru Yue, and Yuan gang coldly asked:

"After all, how long are you going to keep us here?"

Hai Ru Yue turned to him and said with a smile:

"You must understand that this is not my will... by the Way, I'll tell you some good news along the Way. Shang Chao Zong is a good fighter. Soon, he will probably take over the entire Qingshan County!

Yuan gang didn't seem at all interested:

"Any news from the Lord of the Tao?"

Hai Zhu Yue: Not yet!

Yuan Gan: I don't want to disturb the peace of your Palace. Let us go. I'll take full responsibility.

Hai Ru Yue turned around and finally said:

"This man is vulgar. Seal its power so that nothing unexpected happens.

As soon as she said this, immediately, one cultivator flashed and touched the place of Yuan Gan's acupuncture points.

Yuan gang did not resist. He knew it was useless. He followed the group of people with his eyes and then slowly turned around, but at this moment, he staggered. Yuan gang felt his body become soft. He couldn't use his power.

Wei Duo understood what had happened. The cultivators touched Yuan Gan's acupuncture point and blocked his powers. He immediately went to Yuan Gang and helped him get to the room. (touch (acupuncture point) - a legendary technique in Chinese Boxing, focusing vital energy in one finger and disabling the opponent with a single touch)

As soon as they reached the room, Yuan Gang pushed Wei Duo away and said in a weak voice: "Close the door!"

Wei Duo immediately closed the door, then turned his head and saw that Yuan Gang had already removed his outer clothing. He moved slowly into the rider's position, holding his hands at waist level, and slow breathing. Yuan Gan's gaze was directed straight ahead. He was breathing deeply.

Wei Duo's eyes widened. He noticed that Yuan Gang's breathing was getting deeper and deeper. Moreover, he saw that white qi was being released from Yuan Gan's nose like a mist. How could a white fog form when you exhale at this time of year?

He inhaled through his mouth and exhaled through his nose, while his stomach also gradually became more and more swollen as if there was something in his stomach.

Suddenly, Wei Duo noticed that Yuan Gang's body began to change. Red dots appeared on it, which also grew larger and redder over time.

Wei Duo quickly realized that these spots appeared in place of acupuncture points. The bloodstains began to swell.

"Pop!" - one blood bubble burst and the bloodstain itself became smaller as if it was seeping through the stain.

"Pop, pop, pop!"

There was a series of POPs, and all the bubbles burst, and then the bloodstains disappeared.

Yuan gang then took a deep breath and inhaled all the white qi back in again. It was as if he had placed it in his stomach.


Yuan Gan's clenched fists felt like thunder. The wind blew in the room, and the veins in Yuan Gan's hands swelled.

Wei Duo was shocked. What kind of kung fu does this guy use to eliminate even the bans of cultivators on his body?

He had removed the ban!

Standing in the rider's position, Yuan Gang steadied his breathing and looked at his fists. He could feel the strength coming back to him.

Not only strength, he felt that his qigong had become even stronger!

He didn't even know it.

He just felt like something was holding him back, and something wanted to leak out, to get out from under the ban in him. That's why he was now training qigong and ended up getting this effect.

Yuan gang knew that this effect was for the best. But what should he do next? He didn't know, and no one told him.

Wei Duo looked at his hands. He couldn't find the words. He is a Zhu JI cultivator and cannot handle his ban. And this warrior, who hardens the body, was able to cope with the ban? What the hell is this?

Yuan gang put on his clothes again and turned to Wei Duo:

"Didn't they say they'd provide everything we needed?"

- Yes! – Wei Duo nodded:

"But ... but." They are SC ... SC ... SC.they said we...we...we...we ... should ... be Nah...Nah..be here. Drink, eat, hum ... hum ... walk. That ug ... ug ... anywhere but here. Wei Duo finally finished.

Yuan gang said with displeasure: I need to write a list of things to buy. Bring paper and a pen. I'll write a list…

Niu Yu Dao stood in front of the window and looked out into the distance. I don't know what he was thinking.

And Yuan Fang stood holding a Board with paper and drawing on it with charcoal a teapot that stood in front of him. He didn't do very well.

Black peony was also trying to draw something on paper and sometimes giggled at her work.

They both had a sudden interest in art. Yuan Fan asked Niu Yu Dao to teach him how to draw, and He agreed. He told Yuan Fang to take a teapot and bring it first. After all, skill comes with experience!

When Yuan Fang started teaching, Black peony also couldn't stand it and even asked to learn.

"Knock-knock!" came the knock.

Niu Yu Dao said:

"Come in!"

One man opened the door and entered. When Yuan Fang and Black peony turned their heads, they were surprised. After all, this was not an employee of the Yaoyue court or Duan Hu and others, but the head of the counter himself.

The chief smiled and, holding the rolled-up canvas in his hands, walked over to the drawing of Yuan Fang and Black pion. And when he saw their terrible pictures, he immediately smiled and said:

- Dear guests are busy!

Black peony asked in surprise:

"Master, why have you come?"

Standing with his back to Niu Yu Dao, he couldn't help but smile as he heard.

The head of the counter, holding the canvas in his hands, looked at Niu Yu Dao and laughed:

- Mr. Huangdi asked the employee to issue a ticket. Everything is already done, so I brought it instead of an employee.

Niu Yu Dao turned and said calmly:

"Then, I sincerely thank the host. How much will the registration cost? You will enter it in the price of your stay. When I leave, I'll pay for everything.