Heavenly Genius - Chapter 129


- Not worth it! Don't! The owner immediately said, laughing: The portrait has already been framed. Mr. Huangdi, look at this. Will it go or not?

Niu Yu Dao took the portrait, unfolded it, and looked at it.

"Not bad! Then he passed it to Black pion: Framed!

Black peony quickly grabbed and began to examine the portrait.

Yuan Fang also came over and began to examine the portrait, praising it.

Niu Yu Dao turned his head and looked at the landowner in surprise.

"Master, do you have anything else to do?"

- Hehe. There is a case. I don't know if it would be convenient to talk about it."

Niu Yu Dao: if you have something to say, say it. Not hesitate.

"Good! he looked at the portrait in the hands of the Black peony and said:

"According to the Inn' rules, we must not disturb our guests... only Mr. Huangdi is an excellent painter, so we would like to ask Mr. Huangdi to paint a portrait for one person. How does the Master see it?

At this moment, Black peony, who was looking at the portrait, immediately raised her head. There was a glint in her eyes.

Niu Yu Dao thought for a moment and then said, shaking his head:

"I'm afraid I won't live up to my master's expectations." I don't paint portraits of strangers.

As soon as he said this, Black peony became concerned. She immediately walked up to Niu Yu Dao and started winking at Him.

"Er..." the Master stood again and smiled and said:

"Don't worry, sir. You will be rewarded.

Niu Yu Dao, as if he didn't notice the black peony's wink, spoke.

"Master, if you have nothing else to do, you can leave. I have my own business here.

Black peony broke down and said:

"Lord Dao, the Master has come to you personally. Don't say no like that.

The landowner looked at the Black peony and said laughing: The Master is an understanding person; you do not need to take the words of the Black peony to heart.

Niu Yu Dao: Okay. Show the guest out!

Yuan Fan didn't wait to be told a second time. He came at once and, waving his hand, said: Please!

Black peony almost stamped her foot. The Master's suggestion still flashed through her mind. She tried to persuade Niu Yu Dao again, but he gave Her a sharp look.

And the landowner did not hurry to leave:

"Mr. Huangdi, don't you want to know who should paint the portrait?"

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"Master, it doesn't matter to me who you draw. The Inn has its laws, and I have my statutes. Please!

The owner didn't know what to do.

"Mr. Huangdi, that person sincerely invited you. What conditions will you have? You can agree to them at the meeting.

Niu Yu Dao seemed to have lost patience:

"Okay, I can draw it—100 thousand pieces of gold - one blade. See for yourself.

Yuan Fang blinked and exchanged glances with the Black peony.

"..." the host could not find words. Is it possible to give 100 thousand gold pieces for a portrait?

"What?" Do you think it's expensive? Niu Yu Dao waved his hand: Then nothing will work. It's like your Inn. One day - 10 gold. For some, it is costly, but people come themselves.

*I've never seen anyone so arrogant! * - the owner was directly angry, but still restrained himself and said with a smile:

"Good. I'll ask them then.

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand and escorted the owner back.

As soon as the owner left, Black peony immediately said:

"The Lord Of The Tao." The fact that the owner personally came to us-this already means that a famous person of the Inn was behind him.

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly:

"Was it the head of the city of Zhaixin, Sha Huang Li?"

Black peony nodded her head: The Lord of the Dao, most likely it is. Even if it's not him, it's still a significant person. He is related to Sha Huang Li. Lord Dao, this is an opportunity to make friends with Sha Huang Li. And after that, who in the middle Kingdom will dare to touch you?

Niu Yu Dao looked at her askance and noticed that this low-class person was thinking like a low-class person. However, it was quite natural. How else could she think? A high-flying personality like Sha Huang Li would not pay much attention to an artist?

So, if she wants you to draw for her, then you will bring for her?

He wanted to ask Black peony; doesn't Sha Huang Li know people who are proficient in the four classes of a scholar? What outstanding masters has she not seen? Would she attach such importance to one person?

You can become friends of a person because of their position or some kind of intimacy, but not just because of the picture.

Anyone who thinks that painting a portrait of Sha Huang Li will immediately become her friend is foolish. This way, you can get yourself in trouble.

People are respected in different ways, and not always respect seems right. Sometimes people just go around fawning over you, not honoring or respecting you at all. Sometimes they hate you and are angry at you, but at the same time, they appreciate you.

How many people are there in China? How many powerful and influential cultivators are there? And will they respect and fear you because you painted a picture of Sha Huang Li?

However, the Black peony will not be able to understand this yet. She is not that level of the person, and Niu Yu Dao was too lazy to explain everything to her. So, he said quietly:

"If Sha Huang Li pays the money, then you can meet her." In the meantime, don't overthink.

Black peony was angry with herself. She wanted to say: * Sha Huang Li is the daughter of one of the nine most powerful cultivators in the middle Kingdom, Luo Qiu! And it is just desirable to meet her, and you refused her? *

She didn't believe that someone more reliable than Luo Qiu was standing behind the Dao master!

The landowner went to the back of the Inn, passed through the gate, climbed the stairs, and came to a blooming garden.

An older man with a gray head tended the plants. He sometimes came and pruned the flowers, and if he didn't like something, he went back and pruned them.

This man was the ruler of the house, Governor of Jaysin, Xiang Min.

The landowner respectfully approached him and, folding his hands, said:

- Steward.

Xiang Ming replied without turning his head.

"Since you have come, take the man to the lady."

The landowner began to sweat on his forehead:

"The steward, he didn't agree.

Xiang Ming turned around and asked: Why not?

The landowner smiled bitterly:

"He said he doesn't draw for strangers," I begged him several times, but he gave me one condition. One picture - 100 thousand gold!

"Ah, indeed, a robbery in broad daylight. Xiang Ming smiled outwardly, but waved his hand:

"The lady liked the drawing, and money is not essential. 100 thousand, so 100 thousand. The lady doesn't need to know.

"Yes," he said. The landowner nodded at once.

He had just turned around and was about to leave when Xiang Ming added:

"This man may be in a fickle mood. Report quickly and be careful with him.

The landowner was surprised and asked:

"Does the steward think this man is in trouble?"

"Whether he has a problem or not, I don't know. Money - it's the little things. However, reckless people should not just be allowed near the mistress.

- Obey. The landowner bowed and left.

It wasn't long before he returned to Niu Yu Dao's room.

- Hehe. Mr. Huangdi. The one who wants a portrait agrees to pay you 100 thousand. – the landowner, as entered, immediately folded his hands respectfully and said. He looked very compliant and polite.

Black peony was overjoyed and immediately looked at Niu Yu Dao. She hoped he wouldn't do anything wrong again.

Yuan Fang was also happy. This is 100 thousand!

Niu Yu Dao looked at the landowner calmly. He paused for a moment and then said calmly:

"I don't seem to have any reason to refuse."

"Please! - the landowner invited him with his hand and also said to Black pion:

"You can go, too." Take your portrait. The lady wants to make sure that the picture looks so well.

Seeing that Niu Yu Dao didn't mind, Black peony took the portrait.

A few people left the room, went to the back yard, and went through the arched doors. However, in front of Yuan Fang's staircase, the guards blocked the road.

You could see how Grand the castle was. How many resources and finances were invested in it. Especially in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

When they got to the garden, they found one gorgeous pavilion. One man asked to wait for them in front of the building and then went to the Governor.

The black peony and the landowner looked agitated, while Niu Yu Dao calmly walked around and admired the landscape.

The majestic pavilion was indeed chic and very beautiful. Nu Yu Tao looked at the curved roof in the Chinese style. How many hieroglyphs were engraved on the building and etched elegantly? The Master knew his business. It seemed that he used a knife when he stamped everything like a pen.

The landowner kept an eye on nu Yu Da when He walked and wandered quite calmly. He looked at him as if he were mad.

It was not long before several maids, surrounding one girl, came out to them.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the Black peony and the landowner. He watched their reaction and immediately assumed that this must be the true mistress of the house. He looked at her carefully and discovered that she was true of a dull appearance. However, her skin was white and sparkling. She was graceful in every movement.

Right, it came to the ruler of the city of Jicin - Sha Huang Lee.

Sha Huang Li immediately waved her hand as soon as she arrived, so that the landowner and the Black peony would not be shy. Then she looked a little at Niu Yu Dao.

Sha Huang Li waved at Black pion and said gently:

"The portrait, may I see it again?"

Immediately, a man went to the Black table, took the portrait, and opened it to Sha Huang Li.

Sha Huang Li looked from the portrait to the Black peony, and sighed:

- Artfully. Truly divine fulfillment!

She looked at Niu Yu Dao who was standing to one side and said:

"Is this supposed to be Mr. Huangdi?"