Heavenly Genius - Chapter 13



beating the grass to frighten the snake

A stroke inflicted at random will make it possible to find out the real state of affairs. Think about the consequences of this test - and take decisive action.


With the methods of the sect the Highest purity, it is complicated to activate the pure qi of Tai. N the past life, Niu Yu Tao cultivated many other methods and realized that the method of the sutra of the heart of the highest purity is inferior to the method of Tayi.

Dong Guo Xao Ran impressed Niu Yu Tao with his talents, but what is happening now? Has a sect of the highest purity given him untrue skills?

He immediately spoke a little with Cheng Gui Shuo. He learned from him that the sutra of the heart of Highest purity is indeed the basic technique of the sect. And all the disciples of the sect cultivated her. The only difference is that low-level students cannot cultivate other techniques.

Damn it! What is it? Niu Yu Tao thought a little. He thought of the Tayi method, which he excelled much more than in his previous life. Therefore, he concluded that the Tayi method can be no weaker than the sutra of the heart of higher purity. Just in a past life, he cultivated in the wrong place. He cultivated in a place where there was a weak spiritual qi.

After such a conclusion, he could not find a place for himself. Everything was done in vain. If he knew this from the very beginning, he would take such risks, endure such adversities and dangers. Yes, he was almost killed here. It's good that it's gotten a little better now. And then, he is now in custody.

However, nothing can be done. Everything is relative. Without experiencing bitterness, how then will you appreciate the sweetness? Therefore, he had to continue to cultivate the Tayi method.

A month later, in the evening, he and Cheng Gui Shuo sat under a peach tree and drank wine.

"Each glass of wine spends as much food, and outside, how many people die of hunger. And here we drink beautiful wine. I don't know if this is a crime ... "- fellow Cheng Gui Shuo already said, smiling. Although he smiled, in his smile, one could also see shades of sadness.

Niu Yu Tao entirely poured wine from the kettle and smiled a little too:  "Brother drink."

Two people so often spent time drinking and eating together. And just at that moment, a man has climbed the stone steps to the mountain, and in front of him, a butterfly was illuminating the path. It was Tan Su Su, and two students were walking behind her.

Cheng Gui Shuo and Niu Yu Tao were scared. They didn't think that Tan Su Su would suddenly appear like that. They quickly stood up to greet her:

 "Master Tan!"

Tan Su Su looked coldly at the table and the food, and then discontentedly turned her gaze to Cheng Gui Shuo.

Cheng Gui Shuo immediately got scared and lowered his head down. Tan Su Su is the patriarch of law enforcement. And in regular times, she watches the students and can punish or fine them. Her character was terrible that all the students of the sect of the Highest purity were afraid of her.

However, Tan Su Su, today seemed condescending, and only indifferently said: "It's dirty. It's better to remove everything."

"Yes, master!" Two people answered and quickly began to clean. Only Niu Yu Tao came to the table with Cheng Gui Shuo when Tan Su Su suddenly said:

 Niu Yu Tao, let's go. - Having said this, she turned and went into the yard.

 Niu Yu Tao froze. He looked questioningly at Cheng Gui Shuo. He did not know what was going on.

Cheng Gui Shuo only nodded to him, making it clear that Niu Yu Tao need quickly follow her. Better not make her wait long.

Niu Yu Tao quickly entered the courtyard, and when he saw Tan Su Su walking around the yard, he followed her. He was very respectful. And why did she come?

Patriarch Tan left a deep impression on him. At the first meeting, she tried to kill him. And if it were not for the protective amulets of Dong Guo Hao Ran, now he would not have walked like that.

"Here, neat." Having passed outside and inside the courtyard, Tan Su Su started a conversation. She went to the sculpture of the founder of the sect and bowed respectfully. And when she straightened up, again looking at the founder, she spoke slowly. "In that year, the founder began to open the sect from here. Then there were no temples, no palaces, but only this peach garden. So he lived here. We can say that living here is receiving the blessing of the founder. This is your luck."

"Yes!" Niu Yu Tao respectfully answered:

"This is the student's luck."  And in his heart, he added to himself: * success being in custody *.

Tan Su Su looked around and asked: "Have you used to?"

Niu Yu Tao: "I report to the elder. It's cozy here."

Tan Su Su seemed to ignore him, and indifferently asked: '"Are you married at home? Or engaged with somebody?"

"Eh ..." - Niu Yu Tao was surprised. He did not know why she was asking such questions, but cautiously answered:

"I am still young, and at home, I saw only 4 walls. I was not engaged."

"You're not talking like a lout." Tan Su Su said. It's unknown, she made fun of him or spoke sincerely, but then she began to change the subject:

"A man, when he is growing up, should already start to fight for his abilities and luck. However, now people are showing you kindness - you can say your luck."

 Niu Yu Tao did not understand what she meant.

Tan Su Su looked at the founder again and seemed to be afraid of talking about something before him. They began to stroll behind the peach orchard, and then Tan Su Su continued:

"The daughter of the head of Tan Mu - Tan Yi, have you seen her? How do you like her?"

 Niu Yu Tao hesitated. Is it their kindness shown - to bring him to Tan Yi? Isn't that a joke? He answered uncertainly:

"Sister Tan is undoubtedly beautiful."

"M!" Tan Su Su nodded her head and then smiling said:

 "Our kindness is your sister Tan. I am the sister of her grandfather and can now be said, I'm to represent her older generation. I now suggest that you marry her. What do you think?"

"Ah!" Niu Yu Tao cried out. He did not think about it at all. First, they offer him the post of head of the sect, but now they offer a beauty - the daughter of the leader of the sect as a wife. This the sect of the Highest purity is some *** strange. He immediately answered:

"No, I won't!"

The smile on Tan Su Su's face immediately disappeared. She said gloomily:

"Why? Your sister Tan is beautiful. You're just small right now. When you grow up, you will separate the tares from the wheat. Then, of course, you will understand how good your sister Tan is."

Niu Yu Tao did not know how to answer. It was extraordinary.

"Patriarch, I'm small, and I'm not suitable for Sister Tan ..."

Just not waiting for Niu Yu Tao to finish, Tan Su Su interrupted him: "If look at your village, then you are already suitable by age. All are suitable here. Your teacher, once with the head of Tan, agreed on the union of his daughter Tan Mu with a student of Dong Guo Hao Ran. And the only student of Dong Guo Hao Ran is just you. Tan Yi marry whom now? As the saying goes: a teacher is a father. And is it possible to break the father's order?"

Marriage contract? Niu Yu Tao stared as if he had seen a demon. Tan Mu and Dong Guo Hao Ran have entered into a marriage contract! And now I'm participating there ?!

His suspicions only increased. It seemed to him that a conspiracy was circling him. However, it is better not to allow this collusion. He replied:

 "A student by age does not fit Sister Tan ..."

Tan Su Su again did not let him finish and interrupted: "Do your know-how in the sect of the Highest purity they treat violators of the law? Do you know what consequences may await you? The sect of the Highest purity does not tolerate such scum, and I, the patriarch of the law enforcement, follow this order and will not allow violators to exist! If you want to violate the will of teachers, then I will not even get dirty my hands. You will jump off a cliff yourself!"

A butterfly wing swayed on her head, making it possible to see Tan Su Su's stern face.

 Niu Yu Tao did not find words. Did she threaten him? He did not know if this damned prenuptial agreement existed, but now it makes no sense to argue with this older woman. So he swallowed his saliva and asked:

 "Can I get the opinion of sister Tan? Can I talk to her?"

Tan Su Su said indifferently:

"Not necessary. You should not worry about Sister Tan. I'm just asking you now. Will you resist the will of the teacher and break the law?"

As a result, Niu Yu Tao himself did not understand when he went into a trance and how he was able to return to the yard.

Tan Su Su did not leave him a retreat. She seemed to be saying that if he did not agree, then she would kill him. And how then to refuse Niu Yu Tao? Thinking about this, he concluded that there was a catch behind all this. If the case was simple, it's not like his opinion. First, they would ask Tan Yi.

As soon as he came to, he immediately ran out. He wanted Cheng Gui Shuo to find out what was happening, but Cheng Gui Shuo was not outside. Niu Yu Tao then headed down to the foot of the mountain. Only on the side of the hill, he was detained by two students who came with Tan Su Su.

Returning to the courtyard of the peach spring, he took out a mirror from the peach hall. And looking at his face, he thought, how can I get married at such a young age?

This is all right. After all, there are still people behind Sun Yang Qing. The Song family has a power that should not be affected by a sect of the highest purity. But then they want to give the girl Song Yang Qing to him? Do not they condemn him to death? He certainly did not think that Song Yang Qing would let him go in that case!

He regularly behaved carefully, considered his every move, but here he was left without a choice!

And when he was going to put the mirror back, he noticed standing vats with water nearby. There were 5 of them. They were usually used for watering flowers.

Suddenly, in the reflection of the water that was in the vat, something flickered. He again raised his hand with the mirror back. In the dark, everything was dimly visible. But when he put the mirror under the rays of the moon, then lights appeared behind the mirror. 9 rays emanated from the back of the mirror.


Niu Yu Tao was frightened and stepped back a few steps. He looked at the moon, then at the mirror and the back of the mirror, but did not notice anything.

And when he again approached the vat of water, he still saw the rays behind the mirror. Looking at it all, Niu Yu Tao began to mutter to himself:

"The sky for the sun, the mirror for yang. Earth for the moon, back of the mirror for yin. The sky is like a celestial compass, the mirror enclosing yin and yang is like a door, namely a door compass. The earth is like an earth compass. Heaven, door, earth, three compasses ... " - Niu Yu Tao spoke in a whisper as if he realized something, and lights appeared in his eyes. He said in surprise and dumbfounded: "9 palaces of Bagua!"