Heavenly Genius - Chapter 130


Niu Yu Dao bowed:

- The way it is.

Sha Huang Li spoke curiously.

"I know a little about painting, too. I just don't know what style of art you use.

Black peony looked at Niu Yu Dao with hope. She hoped that Niu Yu Dao would take a moment to explain to the ruler. After all, they can get closer, and it will also be suitable for the Black peony. As the water level rises, so does the ship.

Outside the majestic pavilion, the house steward Xiang Ming also slowly approached. He stood near the entrance and stared at Niu Yu Dao in silence.

Niu Yu Dao did not want to explain everything to a person who did not understand the things of his world. So, he said quietly:

"I draw for pleasure when I have Nothing to do. And what kind of style and how it is drawn, I don't even know what to say about it.

Black peony could not find words. I missed such a precious, extraordinary moment.

Sha Huang Li looked at him and didn't know if he didn't understand a painting or didn't want to talk?

"One who has seen the sea cannot be surprised by a stream. Who saw clouds on mount Wushan-does not recognize other shadows? Looking back, half the way was to improve; half the idea was to dominate... What does that mean? Is this your poem?

Niu Yu Dao wrote this verse on the portrait because he didn't know whether Sha Huang Li preferred poetry or painting. So he left this record in the process.

- Once I heard this verse from another, and when I was drawing, I decided to go it on a sheet. Nothing interesting.

Sha Huang Li realized that the opposite party didn't seem to want to talk to her very much. She looked around.

"You weren't rude to the gentleman?"

- No!

- The head of the city, the gentleman just arrived. We didn't even say anything. "the servants on the right and left immediately responded.

Niu Yu Dao immediately began to speak, so as not to spoil the life of the servants:

- Head of the city, I don't know who will be the subject of the portrait. Can you? If so, can we start early?

Sha Huang Li herself also wanted to be drawn faster, so she said with a smile:

"Good! Then I'll rely on the master.

Niu Yu Dao: I was in a hurry to get here, so I need some things.

Sha Huang Li nodded.

- What is necessary immediately say.

Paper, charcoal, easel... - Nu Yu Tao immediately transferred all that he needed. (charcoal. 1. reg. The part of the self-spinning wheel on which the coil is held. 2. outdated. pencil used by painters.)

At the same moment, two people began to prepare everything.

Very quickly, they brought an easel and paper, but the rascal was not popular with them in use, so Niu Yu Dao again had to sharpen a piece of coal with a knife.

Sha Huang Li seemed interested. She immediately personally approached and began to examine everything. She was learning from experience.

When everything was ready, Niu Yu Dao asked:

- Head of the city, will we draw right here?

Sha Huang Li looked at the previous picture. She also understood that the background played a significant role in the beauty of the film. So, she asked:

"I'll listen to the master." Where the master says, there we will draw.

Niu Yu Dao: for the head of the city, you cannot paint a portrait with your sleeves off. However, this is the first time I have come to you, so I don't even know where it will be better.

Sha Huang Li smiled: she Understood. Sir, you can take a walk then. And where you like it, we will draw there.

"Good! Niu Yu Dao folded his hands. He looked around, stepped out of the stately pavilion, and began to pace slowly. He took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view. Sha Huang Li followed at a certain distance. Servants also carried whatever was needed.

The steward of the house, Xiang Ming, was still looking at Niu Yu Dao with a calm expression.

The ruler's house was built on mountainous terrain, and it always went up. Niu Yu Dao was looking for a suitable place for the landscape, but he kept shaking his head. It was only when he reached the highest point, the upper verandah of the Palace, that Niu Yu Dao leaned on the railing and looked at the ancient city, nodding.

"Here. What do you think?

Sha Huang Li: Good. As you say, sir.

The servants set up tools for the portrait. But who knew that Niu Yu Dao would turn around, look at the landscape again, and say:

"Probably change the easel and paper. Need a bigger size… -

Those servants were speechless. How long have they been carrying these tools, and then it turns out that they are not needed?

However, Sha Huang Li became agitated. After all, they are going to draw a more prominent portrait for her. So, she immediately began to adjust:

"Come on!" Do as your master say.

"Yes," he said. - several people answered and, taking things, went to make a new easel. It didn't take long before everything that Niu Yu Dao needed was brought back.

How could Sha Huang Li not have enough money to please Niu Yu Dao?

As for Sha Huang Li, Niu Yu Dao told her to come out of the veranda and stand to lean on the railing.

"With your back to the railing." You need to look prominent. More to the left. Don't stand there like that. Lean-to the right. Face this way, don't look down. Look straight. Voot, that's it…

Niu Yu Dao spun Sha Huang Li as he wanted, and Sha Huang Li did everything he said without a murmur.

From this meeting, the Black peony of sweat on his forehead. As if the Lord of the Tao was not accused of sexual harassment.

What most people didn't realize was that Niu Yu Dao wasn't worried about this at all. He knew from experience that girls in front of a camera or an artist who is going to draw them completely turn off their brain. There they can be stripped naked, and they will not notice. How could Sha Huang Li resist now?

As soon as he set Sha Huang Li the way he wanted, he started drawing. Niu Yu Dao estimated the proportions of the drawing and began to quickly and deftly sketch the picture.

At this time, Black peony came over and watched the process.

The other servants did not dare approach, for they were afraid to interfere with him.

Xiang Ming also couldn't stand it and went over to look at the work. As soon as he saw it, he was surprised. He had never seen or heard of drawing like this. It is evident that under the deft movements of Niu Yu Dao's hand, the outlines on the paper were continually changing. Niu Yu Dao put his heart into the portrait.

Sha Huang Li was also interested. She shifted her gaze slightly, only Niu Yu Dao immediately said:

"Don't move!

Sha Huang Li immediately modestly froze and did not dare to move.

The drawing was more significant, so it took much longer - an hour.

Sha Huang Li stood submissively in the sun. She didn't move at all. A lot of people were sweating for it. They were afraid that Sha Huang Li would become ill. Strangers do not know, but they know perfectly well that Sha Huang Li was not suitable for cultivation from birth! And here it is quite challenging to stand for an hour in the sun.

And when Niu Yu Dao said "Good," then Sha Huang Li straightened up. She was still leaning on the railing, but in the end, she almost fell. An agonized expression crossed her face. At that moment, someone jumped up to her and held her back.

As soon as they entered the verandah, they activated her blood circulation and restored her to order.

Looking at all this, Niu Yu Dao and Black peony stared at each other and looked at each other. They just now found out that Sha Huang Li is not a cultivator.

Xiang Ming came over and asked her several times about something. Sha Huang Li shook her head and, holding the brown side of her face, quickly went to look at the portrait.

Niu Yu Dao hastily folded his hands and said apologetically:

"I didn't know the head of the city wasn't a cultivator. If I did, I'd offer you a chair.

"Nothing! Sha Huang Li replied magnanimously. She didn't care now. She walked past Niu Yu Dao and looked at the portrait. As soon as she looked at him, her eyes widened in admiration.

In the picture, you could see a young girl standing in a long skirt. She looked gentle and stern at the same time. The girl, leaning a little on the railing, looked into the distance, as if she were thinking of something. And behind it, you could see the beautiful sky and the ancient ruined city, among the ruins of which stood stalls, shops, and shops.

From the picture, it was clear that this was her city. Only this city wasn't necessary to her. The most important thing was that Sha Huang Li seemed to feel the way she was depicted in the painting.

Everything was elegantly depicted in the painting, and Sha Huang Li was even more beautiful in the picture.

Not only she but even others who came and looked at the picture saw that Sha Huang Li was more beautiful in the film than in real life.

Sha Huang Li was overjoyed inwardly and said with a sigh:

"Mr. Huangdi is truly a genius!"

Niu Yu Dao smiled and replied: The main thing is that the head of the city liked it.

Sha Huang Li was silent and stared at her portrait for a while. Then she suddenly turned around and pointed at the most beautiful maidservant and asked Niu Yu Dao:

"Sir, can I paint another portrait for her?"

When she heard it, the maid almost jumped for joy, but said respectfully: The Servant would not dare.

She certainly thought a lot of things out for herself. Sha Huang Li just wanted to learn and see how Niu Yu Dao draws, and what technique he uses.

Niu Yu Dao furrowed his brows: We agreed on one painting.

Sha Huang Li smiled: I stood there and was tired. And the gentleman was drawing and must be even more tired. If the master is tired, maybe another day?

Who knew that Niu Yu Dao would turn around and tell the landowner standing next to Him:

- Chief, you saw what a portrait I drew of Black peony. We agreed for one picture - 100 thousand. And to the head of the city, out of respect for her, I drew an even larger portrait at no extra cost. Here the leader asks to bring more. I can't say no to the administrator, but what about the payment?

After learning what Sha Huang Li was, Niu Yu Dao did not hesitate to mention the price.

Xiang Ming narrowed his eyes.

The landowner's brow was covered with sweat. What a pity that it was not possible to close the mouth of Niu Yu Dao. The house manager also said that the head of the city did not find out the cost of the painting.

- One portrait - 100 thousand gold? "Sha Huang Li was just scared. Even the most famous artists don't charge that much.

The maid was also afraid. Unless they will spend 100 thousand gold on it, she wouldn't be able to accept a portrait for that amount.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the chief in surprise, saying to him, " what Are you doing? Do you refuse to pay? »