Heavenly Genius - Chapter 131


Before Sha Huang Li, the landowner did not know how to respond.

Xiang Ming slowly walked over to Niu Yu Dao, raised his hand, and placed it on His shoulder. Immediately, the magic power began to spread throughout Niu Yu Dao's body.

Niu Yu Dao turned around, and they looked at each other for a while. There was a warning in Xiang Ming's eyes.

Xiang Ming said laughing:

- MS is not well understood. How can one painting be worth 100 thousand gold pieces? Mr. Huangdi came to the city of Zhaixin on business, and we just concluded a contract for 100 thousand gold. And this picture was also included in the amount of the contract. Only we didn't agree on a second picture.

He turned to Niu Yu Dao and said:

"Sir, you are tired today, and you will need to rest. Come back tomorrow, and we'll talk about the price of the second picture. – he was going to speak to Niu Yu Dao later.

Sha Huang Li was not a fool, and she knew from the landowner's reaction that something was wrong:

"Take your hand away!"

Xiang Ming withdrew his hand.

Sha Huang Li, looking at Nu Yu Dao, said:

"Mr. Huangdi, tell the truth. What's happening? Don't worry, if someone threatens you, I will stand up for you.

Xiang Ming looked at him.

Niu Yu Dao: The Head of the city did not think that. As the Manager said, we agreed on one painting. If there is another painting, you will need to decide on the price.

As soon as he discovered that Sha Huang Li wasn't a cultivator, he immediately realized that Sha Huang Li didn't control the city. This steward holds the right reins of government. Therefore, he did not hesitate to meet Xiang Ming. After all, if Xiang Ming wants to, then Niu Yu Dao can leave the city dead.

Xiang Ming immediately calmed down.

As soon as several people looked at each other, Sha Huang Li said, " Steward." I hope you understand that a lot of people are starving in the world!

She doubted them.

Xiang Ming said to himself: "If you only knew how much money you live and eat every day. They serve you the best. What's 100 Grand to you?"

However, he did not dare to say such a thing but bowed and said:

"My lady, calm down. We give a lot of money to the poor every year. How can I not pay attention to this?

Black peony looked from one to the other.

Sha Huang Li, pointing to the portrait, asked:

"Mr. Huangdi, tell me honestly. How much will this painting cost? I don't advise you to lie. Otherwise, do not be offended."

Niu Yu Dao knew that he was between two fires. And why did he get a girl like that?

- We have already said that this picture is added value. A specific price is challenging to say. Niu Yu Dao replied with a smile.

Sha Huang Li: Then how much will you charge if you draw another such picture?

Niu Yu Dao: Head of the city, I'm not an artist, and I don't paint pictures for sale. If you need to draw, I can sell it for at least 1000 gold.

Xiang Ming inclined his head.

- 1000 gold is expensive. We gave you the materials ourselves. You just wasted your time.

Niu Yu Dao: Then you tell me?

Xiang Ming pointed one finger: I'll give you 100 gold pieces.

Niu Yu Dao shook his head: No, no. This is too low a price!

The two men began to bargain truthfully about the price.

Sha Huang Li looked at them.

Xiang Ming didn't give in, and Niu Yu Dao finally sighed:

- Head of the city, judge us. Can some things be evaluated only by materials? Is quality measured only in materials? He pointed to the portrait on the easel and said:

- Head of the city, do you think that this painting will cost 100 gold?

Sha Huang Li looked at the portrait with love. She thought that 100 gold pieces would not be enough. So, she turned around and said:

- 1000 gold is expensive. So that's it. You draw another picture, and I'll give you 500 gold pieces. What do you think?"

Niu Yu Dao didn't want to agree.

Xiang Ming said with displeasure:

- The head of the city personally told you the price, and you out of respect for her do not want to agree?

Sha Huang Li waved her hand to indicate that he should not press Nu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao sighed: If the house steward says so, then that's fine. 500 so 500.

Sha Huang Li smiled contentedly. It was as if she was glad that she had saved 500 gold pieces. She immediately ordered to present to Niu Yu Dao everything for drawing.

Niu Yu Dao told that servant to sit on a chair, but this time he did not adjust her position. The village - as a village. His hands waved again.

Sha Huang Li, on the other hand, hovered around him excitedly and occasionally asked him something. She was amazed at the technique of Niu Yu Dao and saw how the outlines of the girl gradually appeared on the paper.

Seeing Sha Huang Li's joy, Xiang Ming smiled contentedly.

As soon as Niu Yu Dao finished, he said: that's It!

"..."Sha Huang Li saw that apart from the beautifully depicted servant and the chair she was sitting on, everything else was empty. No background. And the scale was much smaller than her portrait.

She broke down and asked:

"Sir, where is the background?"

Niu Yu Dao replied in a small voice: Painting pictures is still tricky; it consumes a lot of energy. So I drew it for 500 gold pieces.

When Xiang Ming heard this, his lips twitched. He didn't know what to say.

Fortunately, Sha Huang Li didn't say anything. She was so happy.

Having gained knowledge, Sha Huang Li wanted to start trying to draw immediately. She immediately put before a servant, and taking the charcoal, began to draw her.

Xiang Ming left with a nod to the landlord. The landowner escorted Black peony and Niu Yu Dao out of the house.

When they came down, the landowner asked them to wait for a little, and he left. After a while he returned and handed a stack of banknotes to Nu Yu Dao:

"Please, sir, count it."

Black peony looked at the stack and saw 20 banknotes of 10 thousand gold. The 10 thousand note is the most abundant banknote in the middle Kingdom.

Niu Yu Dao counted it and found joyfully that this steward of the house kept his word. 200 thousand, no less - and this is for two paintings. And in front of Sha Huang Li, they were bargaining for show.

The landowner looked at him, admiringly and said:

"The steward asked Mr. Huangdi not to say anything that was not worth mentioning. Otherwise, you can find problems.

Niu Yu Dao nodded his head and motioned for Black pion to lead the way.

Black peony as soon as she left, Niu Yu Dao looked around and took out ten banknotes, counted out half and gave it to the landowner:

- The owner worked hard today. This is my gratitude.

The landowner was surprised. He had seen many generous guests, but not so generous. He immediately began to refuse.

Niu Yu Dao persisted.

"Master, don't worry. Only you and I know about it. You don't need to tell someone to look for problems.

The Master knows these words well. Many of the guests liked to give them money to be treated well. This is standard business. Only not every guest was so frighteningly rich. Therefore, the owner did not dare to take the money and returned it.

- We agreed on 100 thousand. I won't take any more. You can keep them and give them to the Manager when you need them.

Hearing this, the landowner finally took the money and shoved it up to his sleeve. Out of habit, he glanced around.

The rest he understood well. These 100 thousand Niu Yu Dao gave him. But if Niu Yu Dao plans anything against them and their court, the landowner will just give them to Xiao Ming and tell them everything.

Two people agreed and left.

At the bottom of the stairs, near the arched doors, Yuan Fang and Black peony were waiting for them. They said good-bye to the landowner and left.

On the way, Yuan Fang could not stand, and asked: Money?

Niu Yu Dao looked at him askance, and then at the Black peony:

"Don't tell anyone about today.

"Yes," he said. - two people answered.

When they returned to the room, Niu Yu Dao counted out 50 thousand each and gave them both. He left nothing for himself.

Of course, Black pion was not comfortable taking the money, and she wanted to give it back to Nu Yu Dao. She was still embarrassed about her words.

- I gave it to you, so take it. No need for extra words. Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"In some cases, do as you think best. Just don't tell your friends about it yet. They will learn a lot and think about it a lot. And for them, it is not useful. Understand me?

"Yes," he said. Black peony answered immediately. She knew that she had been hasty in the Palace.

And when she returned to her room, her heart was full of embarrassment and shame. How many years she worked and earned every penny with difficulty. And he went, quickly made and also easily spent money. What nature and energy he has! She was even ashamed.

In her room, she hung up the picture and began to look at it carefully. And when she thought that this picture was worth 100 thousand, she shuddered. She looked at her 50 Grand.

When Niu Yu Dao gave her the painting, he asked: "Would you buy this painting for 100 thousand gold pieces?

She was still surprised and thought that the Lord of the Tao was joking. Who knew that his painting would be bought for such a sum?

She couldn't stand it any longer and began to remember everything that had happened today. She remembered how the Lord of the Tao had found out about Sha Huang Li. She had said that Sha Huang Li was interested in art. Then she remembered how the Lord of the Tao had explicitly requested that an employee personally bring the wine and take the painting to the frame… After Recalling everything in detail, she concluded that the Lord of the Dao seemed to have deliberately arranged it all to get acquainted with Sha Huang Li. However, he decided to keep her at a distance to lull her to sleep. Was he planning something with her?

Inside the room, Yuan Fang was happily looking at the ten thousand-dollar bills. There was no limit to his joy. Only he sometimes mumbled to himself.

- The Lord of the Tao, as long as we know it? We don't even know what kind of person she is. Why give her so much money?

He spoke a little resentfully. How much he followed Nu Yu Dao, how much he endured! It could be said that he was only now considered to be in the same gang as Niu Yu Dao.