Heavenly Genius - Chapter 132


Niu Yu Dao did not argue with Yuan Fan, but pointed at his money and said:

"You go for a walk." Come to the shop of the sect of Zion, swap out your pocket knife, and along the way, buy yourself a spiritual pill.

Yuan Fan chuckled:

"No hurry, no hurry. I want to help the Lord of the Tao first.

"Help me? » Niu Yu Dao couldn't find words. He knew what the idiot was thinking. This monk cherishes a dream to build a Grand monastery.

Niu Yu Dao only grinned and said:

"If you don't work on yourself, you won't be healthy. When you build a monastery and face problems, how can you protect yourself? The mountain is not high, but there is a celestial. The lake is not deep, but there is a dragon. Have you forgotten what the Monkey said?

Yuan Fan froze and, without saying anything, took the money and left…

The landlord came to the Front Desk. He sat quietly, but when he thought of the bills in his pocket, he was immediately amused.

Pushing his thoughts away, he asked the employee:

"Did anything happen?"

Employee: Nothing. An old dog waiter was looking for you.

The landowner frowned. Previously, people of the Liuxian sect would suddenly come here. Only for what? So the owner told me to look after them. Is there anything? He waved his hand: Let him come.

"Good! - the employee left.

Soon the waiter came by the nickname Old dog.

The landowner immediately asked: Got anything?

The old dog whispered in his ear:

"The two people of the Liuxian sect are really up to something. They stayed in the Park for various reasons and continuously looked out for someone. And when you left, they made their way to a friend of Black peony's. To Lei Zong Kang. I don't know what they were doing there. However, after they left him, Huang EN GUI left, and Cui Yuan stayed here.

Lei Zong Kang? The chief immediately remembered Nu Yu Dao. He stroked his beard.

"What are they going to do?" Did they want to make a fuss in the Inn? "the idea occurred to him at once.

Old dog: I Don't know. However, they can hardly afford an Inn. Not like them, where is lei, Zong Kang? How did he and Black peony have so much courage? However, who is this, Mr. Huang?

The chief thought for a moment and said:

"Take more people and keep a close eye on them. We can't let anything happen in our yard!

"Good! The old dog nodded and left at once.

That evening, Niu Yu Dao gathered everyone for a feast. They ate and drank. Even black peony's friends were called. It was the first time they had feasted like this together.

After everyone had complimented Nu Yu Dao, Niu Yu Dao put down his glass and said:

"Have a good rest tonight. Take what you need with you.

Several people looked at each other. Do they look like they're going to leave? Especially a few people of the Black peony. Didn't he say he was going to stay here for six months?

Black peony asked:

"Lord Dao, are we leaving?"

When Black peony called him "Lord of the Tao," lei Zong Kang's lips twitched. Does this scoundrel still make everyone call * the Lord of the Tao*?

Nu Yu Tao nodded his head, heading out Tomorrow.

Black peony asked: Where to?

Nu Yu Dao: As we come, you will find out. As always, he didn't answer directly.

Black peony nodded and didn't ask any more questions. She didn't know what Niu Yu Dao was going to do. The only difference was he wasn't going to come close to Sha Huang Lee? Why is he leaving?

Or she was wrong to think that he wanted to get close to Sha Huang Li.

What does the Lord of the Tao want to do?

After the feast, Niu Yu Dao again walked around the ancient city. He went to the shop of the thousand beast sect and bought some small moon butterfly eggs. He wanted to grow his butterfly.

Nu Yu Dao, this time, bought ten eggs, each of which is worth 100 gold. This means that he spent a thousand gold pieces. However, these eggs were more significant than regular eggs.

When clients have spent so much money, shop thousands of animals by taking good care of them. They also attached the things you need to grow butterflies and explained how to improve them.

When they returned to the Inn, each went to his room.

Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan each took out a wooden box the size of half a palm. As soon as they opened the boxes, they saw a multicolored glittering clay. This clay was called earth of all colors. With the help of it, butterflies are born.

In the notes of the sect of the Highest purity, it was written that clay of all colors is made secretly. Other people couldn't do the same. They couldn't get the little moons out. Only the thousand beast sect was able to bring them out. And what was stranger was that they were continually hatching males. It is not known what method they used, but they always appeared only males. Thus, the sect, thousands of animals, have cornered the market butterflies.

According to their method, Yuan Fan and Niu Yu Dao cut their hands and spilled a lot of blood into a wooden box. Then they mixed the blood with the clay of all colors. And as soon as the earth was soaked in blood, they each put an egg in a box, burying them in the mud.

According to the thousand beasts' method, as soon as the eggs are immersed in the clay, they immediately absorb the quintessence of mud and blood. And when they have absorbed all the useful substances, only then will they form a cocoon.

In General, the method was simple. And when the butterflies hatch, they already recognize their host by blood.

After smearing the wounds with the medicine, the two men looked at each other, smiling. They attached small boxes to their belts and went…

When lei Zong Kang went to his room, he waited for a while and then came out again after a while. He looked around and started to walk away.

When he went down to the garden, he went straight to the room opposite. Looking around again, he tapped lightly on the door. Then he entered the room.

He was met by none other than Cui yuan:

"What is it?"

Lei Zong Kang:

"We're leaving tomorrow.

Cui yuan: Didn't you say that you would be here for another six months?

Lei Zong Kang: Mr. Cui, I didn't know either. He says what he thinks. We can only obey.

Cui Yuan: Where?

Lei Zong Kang: I Don't know.

Cui yuan: You didn't ask?

Lei Zong Kang: This is a person who doesn't tell the truth. Black peony asked him, but she didn't find out.

Cui Yuan thought for a moment, then tapped lei Zong Kang on the shoulder:

"Good! You go back first and monitor the situation. Let me know as soon as you find out.

Lei Zong Kang nodded.

Cui Yuan left the room and looked around. When he saw that no one was there, he immediately waved his hand. Lei Zong Kang left his office and went to his room.

Not long after lei Zong Kang left, Cui Yuan also left his room and left the Inn…


In the attic of an Inn, a landowner sat cross-legged in one room, cultivating. He couldn't stay at the bar all day, either, so now he was sitting in his office.

"Knock-knock!" came the knock.

The owner slowly opened his eyes and said:

"Come in!"

The old dog came in and immediately started reporting:

"Chief, that lei Zong Kang sneaked out of his room again and went into Cui Yuan's room. They stayed together for a while, and then lei Zong Kang returned to his office, and Cui Yuan left the Inn. We tracked him down and found out that he had returned to the Liuxian sect's shop.

The landowner got up and, clasping his hands, began to walk up and down.

"What are master Huangdi and the Liuxiang sect up to?"

He was now Recalling Xiang Ming's words about keeping a careful eye on Nu Yu Dao. What if his target is Sha Huang Li? So, they should be cautious. Therefore, he was initially afraid to take 100 thousand gold. But now he thought it was impossible. Why would Niu Yu Dao move in with them if he wanted to hurt Sha Huang Li? Only a madman would do that.

The old dog said: Chief, I don't think Mr. Huangdi is in League with the Liuxiang sect. It looks like the Black peony people behind Mr. Huangdi's back are conspiring with the Liuxiang sect.

- Huh? – the landlord turned to me and said: Why do you think that?

Old dog: Chief, think about it. Suppose Mr. Huangdi wanted to talk to the Liuxiang sect. Why would he be talking through third parties here? Moreover, everyone already knows that the Black peony is with him. Additionally, lei Zong Kang regularly does everything in secret. And it seems that he is doing this secretly from Mr. Huangdi. Lei Zong Kang meets the Liuxiang sect alone. I think it's the Black peony people with the Liuxian sect who are plotting something in secret against Mr. Huangdi.

The chief shook his Head slowly.

"That makes sense!"

He thought for a moment then turned and said:

"Old dog, you go to Mr. Huangdi and tell him that I am calling him for tea. One!

The old dog froze:

"Chief, you don't want to wake him up, do you?" We don't need to be involved in this case. We keep an eye on them, and most importantly, we don't let them make any noise in our Inn. The rest is none of our business.

The chief said calmly: Mr. Huangdi met with the mayor of the city today.

"Er..." the Old dog said doubtfully:

"Who is this, Mr. Huangdi?" Why did he meet with the Head of the city?

Chief: does the Head of the city need to ask you? Some things are not worth asking. I know what to do.

How can he not pay attention to it? If something happened to Niu Yu Dao at his Inn, then Niu Yu Dao might put Him in an awkward position, especially when everyone finds out that Niu Yu Dao gave him 100 thousand gold.

He wanted to question Niu Yu Dao now. And if something happens, he will immediately give the money to Xiang Ming!

"Yes," he said. The old dog replied with a nod and turned away.