Heavenly Genius - Chapter 133


Niu Yu Dao and Yuan Fan decided to sit down early to rest today, because they had to leave early tomorrow, so they had to gain strength.

And recreation for them is cultivation.

With the help of spiritual pills, Yuan Fan felt noticeable progress in cultivation.

It was effortless. In addition to the spiritual qi of the sky and earth, he also drew in the spiritual qi of the spiritual pill, so his cultivation speed increased.

And Niu Yu Dao was even faster than ordinary cultivators. Other cultivators absorbed the spiritual qi and processed it into their own, and he also handled the talismans left by Dong Guo Hao Ran.

After he reached the Zhu JI level, he felt that the processing of Dong Guo Hao Rang's amulets had become much faster. Along the way, he has already processed three charms and has begun to prepare four faith-transmitting amulets.

By reworking two amulets, you can already reach the highest degree at the level of Lian qi. But Niu Yu Dao now felt that he was far from the highest level of Zhu JI. And this was not surprising in principle. Niu Yu Dao wondered if the remaining amulets of Dong Guo Hao Ran would be enough for him to reach the highest level of Zhu JI. It should be enough.

Dong Guo Hao Ran was once a Jin Dan level cultivator. How could he pass all the cultivation to him without getting injured? Especially since he was already wounded when he gave him the transmission of the creed amulets.

Even if Dong Guo Hao Ran had full cultivation, he would hardly be able to pass on all of the Nu Yu Dao.

In General, as they say: you find Something and lose Something. No other way!

"Knock, knock."

Two people opened their eyes. Who would come here tonight?

Yuan Fan got up and went to the door to find out what was going on. Then he came back and said:

"Lord Dao, this is an employee of the Inn. I saw him in the living room. He says there is a case.

Niu Yu Dao nodded his head. He knew that they wouldn't bother the guests just like that at night.

Yuan Fan went and let the employee in. An Old dog came into the room.

After he found out that Niu Yu Dao was meeting with the lady today, he became very respectful towards Niu Yu Dao. The old dog, seeing Nu Yu Dao, immediately bowed and said:

"Sir, you are invited by our chief.

- Chief? Niu Yu Dao remembered today's business and said, "I don't know why."

The old dog said, smiling: Just a Cup of tea.

"Have some tea?" Niu Yu Dao was surprised. So late for tea? It seems that he has a case.

He got up, put on more clothes, and said, laughing:

"If the master asks, I dare not refuse." he waved his hand at Yuan Fang to go with him. Only at this moment the Old dog barred the way and said apologetically:

"The boss only asked for one person.

Niu Yu Dao's Eyes flashed, but he answered with a smile: Well. You stay here.

Yuan Fang immediately took the sword of Niu Yu Dao and presented it to Him. He wanted Niu Yu Dao to take this sword with him.

Niu Yu Dao shook his head and decided to go like this.

He knew that if the owner wanted to do Something to him in this Inn, his sword would not help him. It is better to go to him calmly, without any hostility.

Two people left the room, and the Old dog led Niu Yu Dao into the attic. When they went to the chief's office, Niu Yu Dao noticed that the head was already making tea. After exchanging glances with each other, the manager told the Old dog to leave them alone. Then he invited Niu Yu Dao to sit across from him.

Niu Yu Dao looked around and noticed that the room was quite simple. It must not have been the chief's room.

Niu Yu Dao came over, sat down, and asked with a smile:

"I don't know why my master called me."

The host had not yet poured the tea but said:

- Drink tea!

The two men smiled. Everyone knew what was what. The tea party was just an excuse. Niu Yu Dao folded his hands:

"I still don't know the owner's name."

The chief was white-skinned, and stroking his beard, he replied:

"Bai Yu Lu!" People usually call me that in the city.

Niu Yu Dao sighed and said: Good name! Beautiful name! (p. p. Bai Yu Lu means the house of white jade, and the Chinese worship jade)

Bai Yu Lu replied with a laugh: I Don't know which sect Mr. Huangdi is from.

Niu Yu Dao shook his head.

"I'm just wandering around the world. I am a single cultivator.

"Single cultivator?" Bai Yu Lu outwardly smiled and said:

- I gave 100 thousand gold pieces and didn't even blink an eye. It would be to do a single cultivator. Yet a sure Bai felt a little less knowledgeable! He hinted that he didn't believe Nu Yu Dao.

Then he surprised Niu Yu Dao even more. He took out ten bills of 10,000 gold and placed them in front of Nu Yu Dao. If Niu Yu Dao doesn't want to talk directly, he won't dare accept the gift from Him.

He was puzzled. How could he have taken the money earlier? Did the devil confuse him? Then he thought. Usually, when he was offered a few or a thousand gold pieces, he didn't even look at them. When it came to 10,000 gold pieces, he was still clear-headed. But Niu Yu Dao offered a crazy amount that even He couldn't refuse.

Niu Yu Dao looked surprised:

"Master, what do you mean?"

Bai Yu Lu: this is too precious a gift. I can't accept it. I didn't help my brother in any way. Why should I take an offering?

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"When I roam and ride, the wind and the rain are good for me!" Where I go, there is a way with whom I communicate-that and the friend. The only thing I ask is that they create more interference for me. The boss has a lot on his mind if you don't want to take it, for fear that someone will Harbor evil intentions, then fine!

Niu Yu Dao reached out and took the teapot from the stove, then with his other hand, he took the bills and wanted to throw them into the furnace where the coals were smoldering.

"Fuck! » Bai Yu Lu's mouth is twisted. He immediately grabbed Nu Yu Dao's hand.

The two men stared at each other. Niu Yu Dao slowly lowered the teapot, and Bai Yu Lu slowly relaxed Niu Yu Dao's wrist.

He sighed:

- Brother, why so? One hundred thousand gold is not a pity? Outside, many single cultivators are willing to shed blood for 100 thousand.

Niu Yu Dao still convinced him that he could burn 100 thousand.

Niu Yu Dao returned the 100,000 and placed it on the table in front of Bai Yu Lu.

Bai Yu Lu did not accept them yet, but said calmly:

"Brother, what is your connection to the Liuxian sect?" he began to get down to business.

"The Liuxian Sect?" Niu Yu Dao was surprised. He thought that the other side had already found out about him in detail.

He has had little contact with anyone until today, and few people in the city of Zhaixin know him. It seems the power behind the Inn is powerful. It far surpassed the imagination of Nu Yu Dao. Nu Yu Tao thought that we would then deal with the system that uses the power behind the city, Jicin.

He was a little flustered. Is the Liuxiang sect one of Luo Qiu's spheres of influence?

"Is the master talking about the Liuxiang sect of the Yan Kingdom?"

Bai Yu Lu: as far as I know, only one sect has this name.

Nu Yu Dao: I didn't see much, but I did contact the Liuxian sect. Friendship is out of the question, but there is a place for hatred. "he didn't want to reveal himself ultimately.

"Hate?" Bai Yu Lu seemed to know what was happening. At that moment, the kettle boiled, and he poured out the tea:

"What happened?"

"They seem to have a lot on their mind about me," Niu Yu Dao replied slowly:

"Nothing much. It's just that a few of the Liuxian sect's disciples were killed by my hand. Why did the chief mention the Liuxian cult?

Bai Yu Lu now understood the situation and said calmly:

"Your brother needs to be careful, especially with those who serve you.

Niu Yu Dao narrowed his eyes:

- How do you explain your words?

"Two people from the Liuxian sect have checked into the Inn. One is called Huang EN GUI, and the other is Cui yuan. They are the shop people of the Liuxian sect. Bai Yu Lu spoke.

Niu Yu Dao picked up the teapot and refilled it.

By doing so, he indicated that he was respectfully awaiting further conversation.

Bai Yu Lu raised his Cup, took a SIP of tea, and said:

The city of Jicin occupies a special place, and some things do not concern us. However, because my brother has pleased the lady today, I will say a few words. Lei Zong Kang, you must know him. Today, after you had dinner, he met with the people of the Liuxian sect. They had already met twice. Day and night. I don't know exactly what they were talking about—just this for now.

Niu Yu Dao raised the Cup to his lips and seemed lost in thought. I don't know what he was thinking.

However, he soon recovered. Niu Yu Dao wrapped both hands around the Cup and drank it down, expressing his gratitude.

Bai Yu Lu also drank to the end in response.

Niu Yu Dao helped him pour the tea again.

"I'll remember that. In the future, I will have the opportunity to thank you very much! No matter how the owner will perceive me-as a friend or not, but I keep my word and will not cause a friend's problems. Tonight, if they meet again. Can the owner then send an employee to our room with wine? If this is a problem for the boss, we will assume that I did not say anything.

Bai Yu Lu neither refused nor agreed. But this was understandable.

Niu Yu Dao didn't answer either, but changed the subject:

- What good tea…

The two people talked for a while, and then Niu Yu Dao folded his hands and said:

Tomorrow I will need to leave the city, Jicin. I'll take my leave.

Bai Yu Lu raised his glass: Good luck!

Niu Yu Dao nodded his head and turned away.

Bai Yu Lu noticed that Niu Yu Dao had left the money and smiled: this guy is attractive.

Just then, the door opened, and the Old dog came in. He saw 100 thousand and asked in surprise: This?

Bai Yu Lu shook his head laughing:

I saw how much he pleased the lady today, so I reminded her a little about the Liuxian sect. Who knew that he was at enmity with the Liuxian faction, so he left 100 thousand?

The Old dog shook his head.

Bai Yu Lu took 50 thousand and gave the rest to the Old dog:

"We can't let anyone know about this, for the sake of our reputation. Give the rest to all your brothers.

The old dog took the money without hesitation:

"Then, I'll give it to them."

"Do it well. Bai Yu Lu waved his hand.

And when the Old dog left, Bai Yu Lu, looking at the 50 thousand, sighed. After all, he could have taken everything himself initially, but in the end, he got half of it.

However, this is good. But now he will have a clear conscience. And even if the steward finds out, there's Nothing wrong with it. He removed 50 thousand and enjoyed the fragrant smell of tea…