Heavenly Genius - Chapter 134


Yuan Fang was continually standing by the door and waiting for Nu Yu Dao.

When Niu Yu Dao returned, Yuan Fan followed Him into the room. He went up to him and asked:

"Lord Dao, is everything all right?"

Niu Yu Dao shook his head and looked at Yuan Fan. He wanted to say something, but inwardly he sighed. The monkey is very careful. If there were a Monkey here, no one around would be able to hide from the monkey's eyes. In this regard, Yuan Fan is far behind Yuan Gan.

But he didn't say anything. Yuan Fang lacks experience. And when something happens, Yuan Fang will then be able to learn from his experience. And the next time the Yuan Fang then it will be much more careful.

Some things don't need to be said, but everyone should understand them.

He waved his hand and extinguished the lamp. Niu Yu Dao strolled to the window and opened it. His hands were clasped as he stared out at the night-time, faintly luminous city.

Liuxian's men appeared next to him, and it is not difficult to guess what they are up to.

It turns out that he has appeared traitors. They had not known each other long, but they were already plotting against him!

"Here is only Black peony, did I make a mistake in it?"

He could tell for sure that the Liuxiang sect only found him in the city of Zhaixin. If they had identified him earlier, he just wouldn't have gotten here. He would have been killed on the way.

Either this Black peony, or Black peony and the others were acting in concert with the Liuxian sect, or The liuxian faction deliberately set a trap for him and then forced Black peony and the others to follow him. As soon as he arrived in the city, Niu Yu Dao did the first thing to go to the Inn and meet a hopeful Black peony at the courtyard. It was unlikely that the Liuxian sect would have anticipated his actions.

So they found me after and found the Black peony.

After a moment's thought, Niu Yu Dao said coldly:

- Light the lamp.

Yuan Fang realized that Niu Yu Dao was severe now. He did not bother him but lit the lamp a second time.

Niu Yu Dao reached out and closed the curtains, then turned his head:

"Get the map."

Yuan Fang immediately took out a map and spread it out on the table, and started lighting the table with a lamp.

Niu Yu Dao went to the table. In the Kingdom of Zhao, he found the city Jicin. His gaze shifted to the North-East to the Kingdom of Han. He gazed, and then moved again to the town of Jicin, then South-East to the Qingshan district of Yan.

Then he put his finger on the map and began to move it back and forth on the map. In the end, he stopped with his finger in one place—Mountain lake County. And with a tap of his finger, he seemed to make a decision.

"Bear, call them," Niu Yu Dao said, looking at the map.

Yuan Fang took the lamp and turned around. Niu Yu Dao added:

"Don't say too many words. Tell them to come, and that's it.

"Yes," he said. Yuan Fang quickly left and wondered what the Lord of the Dao was up to.

Yuan Fang reached The black peony's room and knocked on the door without entering it. He said:

"Get up, the Lord of the Tao is calling you."

Black peony asked in surprise:

"What is it?"

Yuan Fan: I Don't know. He turned and walked away.

Black peony immediately, without thinking, told the others. Lei Zong Kang couldn't help but ask as soon as he heard this:

"Chief, why is it so late?" What is it?

"I don't know. Black peony shook her head.

Several people reached Nu Yu Dao's room. There, Yuan Fang let them in.

As soon as they entered, they saw Niu Yu Dao standing in front of the map. Black peony, looking at Nu Yu Dao, asked with a smile:

- The Lord of the Tao, what are the instructions?

Niu Yu Dao looked at several people and sighed:

"I just remembered something. If we all go out, we'll attract a lot of attention. I'm afraid that someone who is planning something terrible against us will do something.

Lei Zong Kang, hearing this, felt his heart tighten. Several people looked at each other and nodded. Really. Everything is possible.

Black peony asked:

- The Lord of the Tao, then what do we do?

Nu Yu Dao: I changed my plan For that. We will leave separately so as not to draw attention to ourselves—no need for everyone to go to the stables. You won't attract attention on foot. Choose a direction that will not come across and go.

Black peony nodded approvingly. Single cultivators always do this. They hide in the mountains and then disguise themselves so that no one can track them down unless a considerable number of people do not surround the hill.

Nu Yu Dao: together catchy. Tomorrow you will leave the city using the river so that others will not find out. Yuan Fan and I will leave the town secretly in a few days, depending on the situation.

The so-called river is a mountain stream. When the ice melts in the mountains, a stream is formed. There, single cultivators use this river to leave the city. They dive into the river and come ashore somewhere in the mountains. Then they will be challenging to track down.

Several people looked at each other, and Black peony frowned:

- The Lord of the Tao and how will we meet?

Niu Yu Dao pointed to the map and said:

- In the district of a mountain lake. There we will meet at the largest Inn.

Several people looked at the place and remembered it well. Black peony nodded:


Nu Yu Dao: Do so. You'll be on your way tomorrow. Go and rest.

After several people left, Niu Yu Dao told Yuan Fang to put the map away. He took out a silk cloth, sat down before the lamp, and began to clean the sword.

He sang: River, lakes…

A few people left and gathered again in the room of the Black peony. They discussed how they would leave the city.

After drinking a Cup of tea, everyone went back to their room. After a while, lei Zong Kang quietly opened his office again and went out. He went down to the garden and entered the opposite house.

Cui Yuan had just returned from the shop. He thought for a while and wanted to go to lei Zong Kang. Who knew that lei Zong Kang would return on his own? As soon as he saw it, he asked:

"Has anything changed?"

Lei Zong Kang nodded:

"Master Cui Yuan is wise. Circumstances have changed. Niu Yu Dao changed the plan of leaving... " he told Cui Yuan everything.

Cui Yuan: this bastard is pretty careful.

Lei Zong Kang: Mr. Cui, tomorrow we will leave separately. I will not be near him and will probably not transmit messages promptly and do not know his path.

"He'll leave in secret, that's all right. So I brought this with me. Cui Yuan took out a bag, grinning, and handed it to lei Zong Kang:

- This thing you use on the way.

Lei Zong Kang took the bag, opened it, and saw balls the size of soy. They gave off a smell. He looked surprised:

"What is it?"

Cui Yuan: Crushed wax. It can emit a strange smell. You use it to leave tracks on the way, and I can find you.

Lei Zong Kang asked in surprise:

"I will only meet the subject at the Inn in Mountain lake County. Mr. Cui, why else would I leave footprints?

Cui Yuan: just in case. What if he changed his plan again? How will we contact you then? We won't be able to get in touch on the way, so you'd better leave your tracks.

Lei Zong Kang understood and nodded.

Cui Yuan suddenly smiled and tapped him on the shoulder:

"My uncle has already sent a letter to the teachers. They will write a letter of recommendation for you.

Lei Zong Kang didn't know if Cui Yuan was telling the truth or not. How can the Liuxian sect take good care of a few single cultivators? He had no choice once they found him. He only wanted the Liuxian sect not to do anything terrible to him and his friends. And if Cui Yuan weren't lying, it would be a pleasant surprise.

However, he smiled happily and folded his hands and said:

"Mr. Cui, don't worry. A sure lei will do everything!

"Good! You go back quickly so that something else doesn't happen. Cui Yuan said calmly.

As soon as lei Zong Kang left, Cui Yuan also left the Inn after a while…

In the tower of the Inn, the Old dog knocked again on the Chief's door.

Bai Yu Lu did not rest. He sat and counted the receipts.

Groin, groin, groin.

He was still a little uneasy. He got so much money today.

The old dog came up and reported:

"Chief, lei Zong Kang met Cui Yuan again. After that, Cui Yuan went back to the shop of the Liuxiang sect.

Bai Yu Lu, still counting, said:

"Okay, got it.

As soon as the Old dog was gone, Bai Yu Lu stopped counting and leaned back to whisper:

"I did. Damn it…

He stretched and left the room. So he went down and reached the counter.

When the employee who was sitting behind the counter's sofa saw him, he immediately stood up:

- Chief, it's so late, and you don't rest?

Bai Yu Lu replied calmly:

- Counted. Now he went for a walk. Is everything okay?

Employee: It's beautiful. Nothing happened.

Bai Yu Lou walked over to the bar and tapped with his finger and said:

"I just met a client from 2B who asked me to bring him a jug of wine.

- Well. I'll take it—the officer, who immediately nodded.