Heavenly Genius - Chapter 135


The employee went to the counter, called another employee, and told Tom to take the wine.

Bai Yu Lu turned and walked away. He walked out of the Inn and put his hands behind his back and looked up at the night sky.

Huangdi Dao and the people of the Liuxiang sect are plotting something against each other in secret. Huang Tao, even he was involved. Plots are being hatched tonight. This Huangdi Dao said that he would leave the Inn tomorrow. The main thing is that nothing happens tonight.

Lights constantly flickered in the night sky. The ancient city was so beautiful at night, and it was just relaxed on the top of the mountain...


"Mountain lake County?"

In the shop of the Liuxian sect, the head of the shop heard this and said with a furrowed brow. He looked at Huang EN Guy and said calmly:

"Let me see the map."

Juan EN GUI came in and soon pulled out a map. He spread it out on the counter, and three butterflies fluttered at the top, lighting up the chart below.

Cui Yuan, pointing to a place on the map, said:

"My uncle is here in the County town of a mountain lake.

Three people looked at the same place.

Huang EN GUI scratched his chin and said:

- There will be a meeting here… This guy escaped from Qingzhou and made it to the city of Zhaixin. Now he wants to go to mountain lake County. Where was he going?

Gao Su Tsong looked at the map, ran his finger to the Southeast, and seemed to understand something and said:

"True, there can be no mistake. If he will go or to Qingzhou or the County Zhan Y, he would still have to pass through the district of mountain lakes. He should cross this lake on a horse.

Two people looked at it and understood. Cui Yuan said:

- He was probably in town for Jaysin shopping and now going back to Shang Chao Tsuno.

Huang EN GUI said calmly:

"Shang Chao Tsung has told everyone that he has nothing more to do with him. The knowledgeable will understand that it is just in words they did so. They still hang out together. And if he is with the Prince again, there will be nothing to be surprised at. He raised his head and looked at Gao Su Tsung.

"Uncle, we can't let him get to Shang Chao Tsung. Otherwise, under the protection of the Heavenly jade sect, it would be impossible to get it.

The Liuxiang sect understood that although Liu Zi Yu and the others say that Niu Yu Dao killed them Nu, Yu Dao killed them, they were killed by the Heavenly jade sect. Only the Liuxian sect doesn't dare to offend the Heavenly jade sect. They can only get even with Niu Yu Dao in secret, especially when the song family is looking for him.

Cui Yuan: The most important thing is that he told Black ping and the others to go first. We can't know precisely when he's going to leave town. He pointed to the Mountain lake district and said:

- Only here, you can install networks.

Gao Su Tsong, looking at the map, said with a sigh:

"He ran away once, then again. But he can't always run away. If he ran away with the bear this time, the sect wouldn't be able to respond to the song family like that. We can't fail in front of the cult.

He pointed at two people: You two, one of you can stay here and look after the store. Let one go to the Inn. If anything happens, let me know promptly. I'll take the other four people, and we'll go to Mountain lake County. This time we have to deal with this bastard.

Huang EN GUI said hurriedly:

"Tiny Niu Yu Dao, why would my uncle waste time on him?" Can we handle it ourselves?

Gao Su Tsung shook his head. If he escapes again, we will lose face. If the sect weren't so far away, I would have sent for my mentors. Only they won't arrive in time, so I'll go myself and deal with the enemy personally. I will also ask for the help of mount Refinement and the floating cloud sect. This time we must capture him!

The two men looked at each other. The mountain of Refinement and the Floating cloud sect are also the forces of the song family. Although the three factions did not communicate well, there was even a rivalry between them. However, they could not refuse the song's family. Although sun Ju-min has retired, it is rumored that the Minister of Public Affairs, Tong Mo, still summons sun Ju-min from time to time. And here, after seeing a part, you can guess about the whole. This means that sun Ju-Ming can return to his position at any time. Therefore, no one should underestimate him.

This time, my uncle decided to ask for the help of two sects, so he attaches great importance to the capture of Niu Yu Dao.

Since Gao Su Zong had already made such a decision, the rest had to follow his orders.

Gao Su Tsong wrote a secret message and told the man to send the bird king to the Liuxiang sect.

After that, Gao Su Tsung took four disciples and set out at night. As Cui Yuan said, who knows, maybe Niu Yu Dao will go at night. And they should get to Mountain lake County before Niu Yu Dao.

A few people took two kingbirds with Them, and they secretly left through the back doors of the shop and went to the shops of mount Refinement and The floating cloud sect. Very quickly eventually gathered 10-20 people who have left the city Jicin…

The lamp was lit, and Niu Yu Dao sat cleaning his sword.

Yuan Fang didn't know what Niu Yu Dao was doing. He had been sitting there for a long time as if he didn't want to talk. He had never seen Niu Yu Dao in such a state before.

Knock, knock.

Yuan Fang stood up and opened the door.

"Sir, your wine."

"Wine?" We didn't order wine!

The sword wielder Niu Yu Dao said in a cold tone:

"I ordered this."

Yuan Fang took the wine, walked over to Niu Yu Dao, and placed the jug next to Him. He looked surprised.

"Lord Dao, would you like some wine?"

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: Wine for you.

- Hehe. Lord of the Tao, don't joke like that. You know I don't drink wine. Usually, I can take a SIP by pretending to.

"You're a scum - still boring." Don't drink, don't eat. If you don't drink, put it down. Niu Yu Dao spoke indifferently. He shifted his gaze from the sword to the wine jug. There was a terrible gleam in his eyes.

He swung his sword and sheathed it. He threw down his sword and, with a wave of his sleeve, extinguished the lamp, throwing the room into instant darkness.

"Go to bed first."

Only Yuan Fang, who was laughing, could not find words. It turns out that he still goes very little with the Lord of the Tao…

On the second day, several people had already had Breakfast and left the rooms. Black peony and the others went to see Niu Yu Dao and wanted to say goodbye.

"Lord Dao, we will go to the mountain lake district. Black peony and the others folded their hands.

Standing near the window, Niu Yu Dao slowly turned around and, holding the sword, said to Yuan Fang:

- Collect things. We'll go together, too.

Black peony and the others were startled. Just now, when they were having Breakfast, he gave no sign that he would go with them. And now you've suddenly changed your plan?

Yuan Fang did not understand:

"Lord Dao, aren't we leaving in a few days?" "he asked what everyone wanted to ask.

Niu Yu Dao: I thought about it and decided that there was no need to be so careful. We just need to leave together in secret, and nothing should happen. We'll be looking out for each other.

Several people looked at each other in confusion, and lei Zong Kang asked:

- The Lord of the Tao, and we will go to the County Mountain lake?

Niu Yu Dao: We don't need to meet at the Inn there now, but we must pass through this city. He waved a hand to Yuan Fang was packing.

Yuan Fang nodded and immediately gathered up his things. They didn't have many ideas.

A few people left the room and went down to the Inn.

Cui Yuan, sitting in the garden and slowly drinking tea, noticed them. However, when he saw Yuan Fang with the bundle on his back, he was surprised.

He immediately looked at lei Zong Kang. Lei Zong Kang looked at him, but there were people nearby, so it was not profitable to give himself away.

When they reached the counter, Yuan Fang took out a receipt for 1,800 gold pieces and placed it on the table.

Bai Yu Lu, who was sitting on the sofa, stood up but did not count. He waved to the employee and told him to do it himself.

After calculating, the employee asked:

"Will you use the front door or the back?"

Black peony: Rear!

The employee immediately called the person to accompany them.

Bai Yu Lu clasped his hands to them: gentlemen, be careful on the road!

They exchanged a calm glance with Niu Yu Dao. And if you looked at it from the outside, you couldn't see anything strange.

The employee-led them all into a side room. Then they entered a closed gallery and walked around the side of the mountain. There they began to descend the stairs.

They walked for a long time and finally heard the sound of a stream. Then they saw the light again. When the group reached the exit, they noticed that they were near the cliff. Two streams of the river converged together, causing steam to rise around them. They say there are people that guard the city Jicin. So that no one escapes without knowing it. As soon as they came out of the mountain, they saw one cultivator sitting with his feet folded on a rock. He has cultivated.

The employee went to the cultivator and agreed with him.

Niu Yu Dao, pointing down, told everyone to go down with the current. Several people nodded and plunged into the river.

As soon as they were submerged in the river, they were covered with a single bubble.

From this point on, it can be considered that they have already left the protection of the Inn. And now The yaoyue Inn is no longer responsible for them.

However, in this river, there is little chance of encountering trouble.

The stream here is steady, and cultivators will not be able to hold out in this river for long. Many cultivators use this river to leave the city. And amid a rapid flow, it is quite challenging to determine the right person for you. Therefore, if you do not know the exact location, you will not be able to find someone. Besides, there were many places where you could get into the river and many places where the river could take you. In General, few people will look for you in the river.

Therefore, this river is the best way to leave the city unnoticed.

This is another reason why the city Jicin became a place that receives so many cultivators.