Heavenly Genius - Chapter 137


When they got out of the mountains, they reached one of the stables. There they found another balloon.

Here they realized that Niu Yu Dao had taken the horses.

Six people saddled their horses and went on. As soon as they entered the desert, they immediately realized that Niu Yu Dao was not going to mountain lake County. Continuing on horseback, they sent the king of birds to Gao Su Tsung. The people of the Floating cloud shop sent the bird. It was not profitable for everyone to send birds, and Gao Su Tsong would still find out. So six people continued the chase.

On the other hand, Niu Yu Dao and the others had already crossed the Gobi desert, and already there were signs of greenery in front of them. A little later, they saw a lot of green grass.

Green hills rose before them.

On the way, they met groups of wolves.

The tiny wolves couldn't frighten Niu Yu Dao and the others. However, Niu Yu Dao did not allow them to be killed. It's just that from a previous life, he still has sympathy for them. Yet, they are smart animals. There were also occasional vultures in the sky. A pack of wolves, if they saw the game, they immediately tracked it down and attacked. And if the vulture was lucky, they quickly ate the carrion after them.

Black peony took out a map, kicked her horse forward, and accelerated to catch up with Nu Yu Dao. She showed him the plan and said:

- The Lord of the Tao, in front of a vast mountain. It's better not to go straight. If we go a little further East, we can find the road in two hours.

Niu Yu Dao looked into her eyes:

- Know.

Black peony couldn't find the words. She didn't understand him at all.

As soon as they passed the steppes, they reached the foot of the mountain. Nu Yu Tao pointed at one level of the mountainside and rushed over there.

So they all rode after him.

Niu Yu Dao stopped in the middle of the slope. He jumped off his horse and let it go to drink.

Everyone followed his example.

Nu Yu Dao, leaning on his sword, stood near a mountain stream. He looked around, enjoying the view. The others didn't know what Niu Yu Dao was going to do.

"Lord Dao, are we going to stay here for a while?" We haven't gone that far, and the horses still have strength. We can continue on our way." Black peony asked cautiously.

Throughout the entire journey, it always seemed to her that Niu Yu Dao was somewhat restless today. He didn't behave as freely as when they first met.

Although it was the first time he had treated her rather cruelly, she felt that they were kindred spirits. Only now did she think that he was moving away from her.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the river and said calmly:

"It's a lonely place and quiet. No matter what you do, no one will know. You want to kill someone, and no one will blame you. What are you waiting for? Why don't you attack?

He made his opinion clear.

Yuan Fang stood nearby and was surprised. He stared at Black peony and the others. He noticed that they immediately reached for the knives that hung from their belts. They were all wary.

Black peony was startled. Lei Zong Kang's heart tightened.

Black peony asked in surprise: Lord Dao, why do you say that?

Niu Yu Dao paused for a moment. He calculated everything along the way.

The reason is simple. He was continually changing his plans to make them all wary of him. To make everyone doubt him. If they had any doubts, they might not have followed him.

Now they were here, in this desolate place, without the protection of the Yaoyue Inn. There are more of them now. If they were really in cahoots, there was no better time to attack him.

This is how they will be freed from the Liuxian sect.

Of course, he still wanted to determine who had betrayed him and who had not fully.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Black peony said:

- The Lord of the Tao may have happened to be any misunderstanding?

Nu Yu Dao, standing with his back turned, said: "A misunderstanding? Huang EN GUI, Cui Yuan know them?

Lei Zong Kang's heart completely contracted.

Black peony was a little surprised. She didn't understand why she should mention these people:

- Know. They are from the shop of the Liuxian sect. We have sometimes traded in the city of Zhaixin, and of course, we will know these shopkeepers.

Niu Yu Dao slowly turned around and looked at everyone.. Bang!

He drove his sword through one of the stones and said with a stony face:

"Then why did you conspire with the Liuxian sect to harm me?"

Yuan Fang knew that the Lord of the Dao didn't just say such things, so he immediately slowly reached for the dagger. It is a lot of money spent on its purchase in the shop of the sect of Zion.

Black peony and the others exchanged glances.

Dun Hu said with displeasure:

"Lord Tao, why do you say that?" We didn't contact the Liuxian sect. Where could we do?

Nu Yu Dao: At the coaching Inn of Aoua! Day and night. Someone was communicating with Huang EN GUI and Cui Yuan in the room. I said last night that we were leaving today. After that, someone went to their room and reported. I changed my plan last night, and again someone went out in the night and said to them.

He even told me the time and place. It must be something more than just words. Are there traitors among them?

Black peony and the others hesitated. Their hearts skipped a beat, and they felt a chill on their backs. They looked at each other and thought - is there a rebel? They've been together so long. How many times had they risked their lives for each other? Now, if there's a traitor among them, it's like a knife in their back. So he can kill them, and they won't know!

Yuan Fang was also surprised. He was always with the Lord of the Tao. They were still together. How did the Lord of the Tao know all this so accurately?

In the end, Black peony, Dan Hu, and Wu San Liang looked at lei Zong Kang because his face turned pale.

"It's me! Lei Zong Kang shouted. He stared at Nu Yu Da: So what?

- Although the others already guessed, they did not dare to believe it until the last moment.

They never thought that lei Zong Kang would betray them. And he also admitted it.

Nu Yu Dao: Black peony, I could have killed it yesterday. But I didn't do it out of respect for you! Black peony, you remember what we talked about. Let unreliable people go. You said everyone was reliable and trustworthy. Well, I believed you! And now? What are you going to do now? What are you going to tell me?"

Duan, Hu, and Wu San Liang, with a sad expression, looked at lei Zong Kan.

Dun Hu shouted: WHY?

Black peony also gritted her teeth and stared at lei Zong Kang.

"We've been together for so many years. Where did we offend you? Why did you betray us?

"I didn't betray you. I did it for you! – Lei Zong Kang tapped his chest. He pointed again at Nu Yu Dao:

"It's him!" Do you dare ask who he is? He can't protect himself, and he took us to save him and work for him. If I didn't, we'd all be dead. The Liuxian sect wouldn't let us go. The Yan Kingdom would not let us go. We could not resist them. We'll just find our death!

Where did the Yan Kingdom come from? Several people looked at Nu Yu Dao.

Black peony bit her lip and asked:

"Lord Dao, who are you, after all?"

Although it was pointed out, Niu Yu Dao did not want to argue with them. He didn't need to. He only answered calmly:

"It doesn't matter who I am. You chose to follow me; I didn't persuade anyone. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself. Everyone is their own master in choosing. I don't know how you will agree, but now you have to pay me the debt! " he hinted that he would not let lei Zong Kang go now.

Lei Zong Kang pointed at him and roared:

"He is Nu Yu Dao!" The one who was recently exiled from the Highest purity sect in the Yan Kingdom. The one who followed the simple Prince Shang Chao Zong. The one who recently killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom. The same Nu Yu Dao. Shang Chao Tsung has already exiled him. Now he doesn't know where to take shelter!

Yuan Fan's mouth is twisted. It sounded pathetic.

These people do not know the truth but repeat the thoughts of other people. Niu Yu Dao didn't want to refute the rumors, but he didn't tolerate disdain. So he broke down and said:

"If anything, I was not a disciple of the Highest purity sect and could not be banished from it!"

No matter what the situation, he would not tolerate contempt.

However, from these words, it was clear that lei Zong Kang understood that no one was behind Nu Yu Dao.

Black peony and the others were afraid. They looked at him as if they couldn't believe it.

The assassination of the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom made Niu Yu Dao famous!

Lei Zong Kang: He has already confessed. Do you understand now that I didn't betray you? I did it all for everyone!

Black peony shouted: Why then did he hide everything from us? Why didn't you tell us?

Lei Zong Kang waved his hand.

"Even now, you're asking me?" Even now, you still don't know which side you're on? Why didn't I tell you? What was I worried about? Don't you understand?

Nu Yu Dao: he speaks correctly; everything is already evident. Now everything is clear. And it will be clear who will do what.

Daun Hu and Wu San Liang furrowed their brows. Solei Zong Kang had finally betrayed them and put them in such an awkward position.

Black peony turned and said decisively to the three of them:

"Listen to me this time. We will follow the Lord of the Tao! Zong Kang, you listen to me. You only need to agree to support us sincerely. I will then ask the Lord of the Tao to forgive you. I believe that he can forgive you.

Why did she make the decision so immediately, because she saw in Niu Yu Dao a key that opened up possibilities for her? They can certainly help the Liuxian sect to avoid the risk. However, what can the Liuxian sect give them? And she only recently followed Niu Yu Dao, and already she had 50 thousand in her pocket! She wasn't that rich yet!

It is still unclear what the Liuxian sect will do to them later. They can't just kill them, and Nu Yu Dao's capabilities are powerful!

Now they will all have to make a decision.