Heavenly Genius - Chapter 138


At this point, Duan Hu, Wu San Liang, and lei Zong Kang realized a lot.

- Zong Kang! Duan Hu and Wu San Liang shouted.

Lei Zong Kang hesitated.

Black peony took out 50 thousand and showed them:

- The 50 thousand gold coins were given to me by the Lord of the Dao!

Several people stared at the 50,000!

Nu Yu Dao: He tried to harm me secretly, and you ask him to stay with us. Will you ask him if he can stay with us? Will he be ashamed!?

Nu Yu Dao's hint could be clearly understood.

Black peony begged him:

- The Lord of the Tao, can you give him another chance?

Nu Yu Dao: I'll give you a chance. It doesn't matter to me. I don't know what kind of person he is, so I don't care about him. Black peony, we've been talking. You believed in them then. And now here's what happened. Now you owe me one. If you don't pay my debt, I'll deal with it myself!

They immediately felt threatened by Nu Yu Dao.

"You don't have to ask him!" Lei Zong Kang shouted. He looked at Black peony and the others.

"We've been together for so many years. Will you believe him or me? Which side are you on?

He sensed the danger, so now he began to draw everyone to his side.

Niu Yu Dao said calmly:

"Even if they take your side, you won't run away!"


Lei Zong Kang drew his sword. He furrowed his brow. Duan, Hu, and Wu San Liang looked at each other and walked over to lei Zong Cana.

Black peony looked at them uncomfortably. Finally, she picked up the sword, but the bills on the ground and slowly walked over to them.

- The Lord of the Tao, I'm sorry. We have been together for so many years and have supported each other many times. I can't ignore them. Lord Dao, can you please forgive the low people, and we will go our separate ways?

She firmly believed in Nu Yu Dao, so she carefully retreated, trying to reduce the risks.

A gleam of admiration flashed through Niu Yu Dao's eyes.

He calmly said: he was Secretly trying to hurt me, and we're just going to break up?

Duan Hu, Wu San Liang, and Black peony also slowly drew their swords. Several people gradually began to retreat, preparing for a surprise attack.

Niu Yu Dao pointed at Yuan  Fan:

"The bear has brothers, too. He wanted to kill me, also, but I didn't pay any attention to it. And we're still together.

Then he pointed at lei Zong Kang:

"Do you know the difference between a bear and you?" Do you know why I won't let him go? He is limited in ability and still considers himself right. He also thought he shouldn't have consulted you… And now there was a problem, and he dared not take responsibility, and he led his brothers to take risks. This is a low man!

Lei Zong Kang's heart sank.

Niu Yu Dao said: Lei Zong Kang, don't say that I despised you. I'll give you one chance. Suppose everything is as you say. If you did all this for everyone, then take three of my blows! If you can only take three of my bangs, I'll let you go! If you don't dare come out and fight, I'll let you go too, because I don't want to get my hands dirty from a low man like you. But someone else will pay for you with their life!

Yuan Fan’s mouth is twisted. He initially thought about how they would resist a few people. And now, it seems, there is a way out of the situation.

Black peony looked around.

"Don't mind him. He wants to make us quarrel. Let's go!

However, lei Zong Kang did not think of leaving. He stared at Niu Yu Dao with a stony expression. Niu Yu Dao's words made him stop.

Black peony tugged at it.

"Let's get out of here!"

Niu Yu Dao stared at him with disdain:

"I'll even give in to you." One hit the palm of your hand! As soon as you don't fall from one blow of your hand, I'll let you go. Otherwise, I will kill the Black peony!

Yuan Fan immediately added:

- Lei Zong Kang. If I were you, I wouldn't risk the lives of Black peony and the others!

He had already wandered with Lord Dao and Yuan Gan for a long time and had seen the powerful palm strike of Qian and Kun. Now he couldn't wait to see someone else try it out.

Lei Zong Kang shouted angrily: Will you keep your word?

Nu Yu Dao: What's the point? Even if you can't hold back my blow, then how can you escape? Would it be better to play a bet?

"Let's go!" Black peony was nervous and pulled at lei Zong Kun.

Lei Zong Kang turned his head:

"Chief, I heard that when he escaped from Shang Chao Zong, he was only at the Lian qi level. Right now, at most, it will be at the level of Zhu JI. We will have about the same cultivation with him. I don't believe I can even take a single blow!

He waved his sleeve and resolutely broke away to Nu Yu Dao.

The others already knew that he could not be persuaded. Niu Yu Dao shamed lei, Zong Kang. And if he ran away like this, he wouldn't be able to look them in the eye again. Black peon could only let go of him and watch anxiously with the others.

Lei Zong Kang asked through clenched teeth:

"Just one punch?"

Nu Yu Dao: One palm strike!

Lei Zong Kang shouted:

"We'll see!" he immediately released the blow of his hand.

Niu Yu Dao's clothes did not waver, and his hands rested on his sword. He suddenly raised one side and let go of the palm.


Two hands collided, and there was a crack.

Lei Zong Kang suddenly opened his eyes. He felt something wrong. The opponent's palm didn't have the same strength as his own. Niu Yu Dao's power quickly dispersed his force, he simply couldn't resist the opponent's strength.

He was afraid: "what the hell?"

What scared him the most was that the power of Nu Yu Dao's palm was like a whirlwind.

Lei Zong Kang began to step back. His eyes widened as if two forces in his body were doing damage to his innards.

Even as he retreated, half of his face turned red, and half turned pale. Then there was even frost on that half of the face.


He broke down and coughed up fresh blood, then crouched and fell on the ground.

Niu Yu Dao calmly returned his hand and placed it on the hilt of his sword.

Both had the same level of cultivation, but the difference between them was so noticeable. This is not because he used the palm of Qian and Kun. He dared to take such a risk because he had long ago learned about the Qian and Kun technique's "transformative power of Qian and Kun".

Of course, his cultivation increased, so the strength of Qian and Kun's palm strike also increased. And the next thing he wanted to know was the technique of * Moving Qian and Kun*.

Looking at Lei Zong Kang's face, Yuan  Fan was overjoyed. Finally, someone else tasted the palm of the Dao master's hand.

Black peony and the others were afraid. They didn't think that the difference in strength between lei Zong Kang and Niu Yu Dao would be huge! Indeed, even the palm could not stand it. What was more frightening was that Niu Yu Dao remained where He was and didn't also move.

Now they understood why Niu Yu Dao spoke so calmly.

Three silhouettes flashed by and supported lei, Zong Kang. However, he constantly coughed up blood. He tried with all his might to suppress the force that was raging inside him. The cold and heat were hurting his insides. Half of his body was like boiling water; half of his body was like ice. And the longer that power wandered inside, the worse it got.

Three people, without thinking twice, began to pour their strength into it. They wanted to eliminate the raging energy in his body.

"Knock, knock, knock."

The three people looked up and saw Niu Yu Dao leaning on his sword as He approached them.

Niu Yu Dao lowered his head: I told you that if you can stand it, I'll let you go. If not, there is no need to ask for anything. I don't want to make it difficult for others. If you don't want to stay, then leave.

Black peony and the others exchanged glances. They could have escaped earlier. But now that lei Zong Kang is injured, they won't be able to escape.

Black peony turned and began to beg on her knees:

- The Lord of the Tao, you've seen the whole world. There is no need to pay attention to low people like us. Will you just let him go?

Lei Zong Kang looked at the Black peony, at the way she knelt for him and started coughing up blood again. He was ashamed.

Nu Yu Dao: Bear, what do you think?

Yuan  Fan has already picked up 50 thousand gold pieces and put them away. He came up at once and said, clucking:

"Reckless bastard. She dared to secretly plot against the Lord of the Tao! Lord Dao, the debt has already been repaid, it is better to leave it to suffer like this!

"You are cruel. I don't like to kill. Niu Yu Dao looked at him disdainfully, then turned his head and said:

- However, his words make sense. It is impossible to write next to such a person. You have two choices: either he stays, and you leave. Either you visit, and he goes!

In this case, the choice was clear in principle. Only Black pion and the others were hard to tell.

Lei Zong Kang grunted.

"I'll leave!"

Black peony and the others silently agreed. They had complex emotions on their faces.

Nu Yu Dao: All Right. I'll cure him and let him go. From now on, your lives belong to me. You will do everything for me. If you disagree, then I'll take his life. Three lives in one. Fair or not, think for yourself.

In the end, lei Zong Kang again mumbled and shook his head.

However, Black peony was already gritting her teeth and nodding:

"I agree!"

Duan Hu also nodded:

"I agree!"

Wu San Liang nodded:

- Ask the Lord of the Dao, cure it.

Nu Yu Dao: Once you decide, then write a receipt in the blood that you are selling yourself into slavery!

Lei Zong Kang grunted and shook his head. Tears could be seen running down the red side of his face.

Black peony sadly took a paper from the bundle, and they all bit their fingers and wrote a receipt on the sheet in blood.

Niu Yu Dao nodded his head, and Yuan  Fang cautiously approached them and took the paper. After checking it, he nodded to Niu Yu Dao with a smile.

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand.

"Get out of here!"

Black peony and the others moved away.

Niu Yu Dao gave the sword to Yuan  Fang and supported lei Zong Kang, then pressed one hand against his back.

Soon the frost and redness on lei Zong Kang's face disappeared.


Niu Yu Dao clapped his hand, and lei Zong Kang moved forward. He coughed up more blood, and you could see the ice and blood balls that lei Zong Kang spat out. The ball lay on the ground and melted.