Heavenly Genius - Chapter 139


After clearing his throat, lei Zong Kang seemed to feel that his qi was beginning to return to normal. His hunched back gradually began to straighten.

Black peony and the others exchanged glances.

In the end, under the eyes of Black peony and the others, he got up, went, and climbed on the horse. And driving around Nu Yu Dao, he reached Black peony and the others. He tossed the bag to Black pion and said:

"The Liuxian sect gave me these scented balls to track us down on the road. They'll probably be here soon. You need to leave as quickly as possible.

The three men looked at each other and folded their hands as if telling him to take care of himself!

Lei Zong Kang turned his horse and rode off down the hill.

Niu Yu Dao called Yuan  Fang to him. He took the receipts from him and bowed his head: Look.

Yuan  Fang immediately shot up and appeared on the cliff. He stared at the steppe.

After looking at the receipts, Niu Yu Dao gave them to Black pion.

Black peony was surprised: the Lord of the Dao, this is…

Nu Yu Dao: Keep them for me and don't lose them.

The three men looked at each other in surprise. What is this?

At this time Yuan  Fang had already returned and said with a serious look:

- The Lord of the Tao, someone is coming. Lei Zong Kang will face them. It looks like the people of the Liuxian sect. We should leave as soon as possible!

Niu Yu Dao flew up to the hill, and Black peony and the others followed. Seeing that people were rushing here, Black peony said:

- The Lord of the Tao, faster! We need to leave.

But Niu Yu Dao didn't seem to be thinking of leaving at all. He knew that lei Zong Kang was spying on them. He didn't immediately expose lei Zong Kang because he wanted to send a message to the Liuxiang sect that he would leave for Mountain lake County. He believed that when the Liuxian sect found out that he was going to the County, they would take him seriously. In Qingzhou, Niu Yu Dao managed to kill sun Long, who was surrounded by high-class cultivators. He did not believe that under such circumstances, the Liuxian sect would act carelessly and not send the main force to mountain lake County.

He believed this as they left the Yaoyue Inn.

Of course, there are unforeseen cases. So he thought to find the shop of the sect of the Celestial jade Palace Vanden in Jicin. Only he had two reasons for not doing it. The first reason is not the fact that the Heavenly jade sect and the Vandong Palace will help him. Second – he didn't want to reveal himself in the city of Zhaixin. He even told Hai Ru Yue not to say to the Vandong Palace about him, because there were certain things that the Vandong Palace would not take responsibility for.

That's precisely what happened. He didn't think that the Liuxian sect would use scented balls.

"Look at these people. Nu Yu Tao said to the Black peony.

Black peony and the others began to stare into the distance, only so far only silhouettes were visible.

Six riders rode on the steppe. The sniffer bird sat on Cui Yuan 's shoulder. He didn't want to go anywhere else, which meant that it was crushed only in this place. No more balloons were used.

Six silhouettes stopped and looked around. They didn't know where Niu Yu Dao was going. They must have climbed the hill ahead of them. The aroma of the balloons was interrupted, which made many people think that there was trouble.

They didn't know that Niu Yu Dao would stop the horses at the hill. And there already lei Zong Kang was uncomfortable in front of everyone to crush the balls.

Seven people wanted to discuss what to do next when suddenly a silhouette of a rider appeared from the mountain area.

Lei Zong Kak saw six silhouettes and walked towards them. And as they drew level, they recognized each other.

Six people noticed that lei Zong Kang was in poor condition - his clothes were torn, and the blood on his body was not yet dried.

Huang EN GUI asked:

"What happened?"

Lei Zong Kang shook his head.

"I was discovered. Thanks to old friends who stood up for me, I am alive. Otherwise, Niu Yu Dao would have killed me.

Huang EN GUI asked: and Nu Yu Dao?

Lei Zong Kang pointed to the hill:

"Upon the hill." I don't know if he's gone or not!

"Let's go!" Huang EN GUI waved his hand and led the way towards the hill. The others followed.

Lei Zong Kang hesitated for a moment, but then followed them all.

Looking at the approaching people, Niu Yu Dao's heart sank. He was worried that there would be a high-level cultivator among them. Now, it seemed, he didn't have to worry so much.

"Huang EN GUI and Cui Yuan  are riding ahead. Behind them, the Refinement mountain disciples Le Zhan Bing and Yao Yu Liang, and behind them, the floating cloud sect disciples, Fan De and Fan Shao Qun. Black peony told him. She, too, when she saw the enemy, immediately calmed down.

Duan Hu and Wu San Liang couldn't help but look at Nu Yu Dao. These few people should not create problems for them.

But they didn't understand why lei Zong Kang was coming back again. Was he forced? Or does he want to fight on the side of the Liuxian sect?

After identifying the people, Niu Yu Dao no longer hid and came out to meet them with a sword. He was waiting for them!

Yuan  Fang kept a wary eye on Black peony and the others. They went out, too.

Huang EN GUI and the others reached the bottom of the hill and saw Niu Yu Dao and the others. They stopped their horses and looked at their opponents in surprise. They didn't think they would dare go out in front of them.

Juan EN GUI and Cui Yuan  put his hands behind his back and pulled out a pair of moon discs.

Le Zhang, Bin Yao, and Yu Liang took out a flexible whip. ("flexible lash" (chain of several metal segments))

Fang De and Fang Shao Qun drew their swords, and behind them, lei Zong Kang also drew his sword.

Huang EN GUI, holding the moon disk, said:

"Nu Yu Dao, give up, and maybe the consequences won't be so disastrous!"

Even as he spoke, lei Zong Kang's expression turned ferocious. He suddenly swung his sword left and right.

At such a short distance, it was best to kill Fang De and Fang Shao Qun.

"Ah!" said Fan De, blood running from his belt. It was almost split in half, and it was screaming furiously in pain.

However, Fang Shao Qun managed to evade, the only lei Zong Kang managed to injure him superficially. His blood spurted in all directions. He immediately released the power of the invisible palm.

Lei Zong Kang was also thrown away by this palm. He had been severely injured before, and now the blow caused him to cough up blood again and start backing away.

Fang De was already lying on the ground, and Fang Shao Qun headed towards lei Zong Kang. Lei Zong Kang swung his sword and could only defend himself this way for now.

Huang EN GUI and the others turned their heads. They didn't think that lei Zong Kang would find the courage to resist them!

Seeing that lei Zong Kang was in mortal danger, Black peony, Dun Hu, and Wu San Liang immediately went to his rescue.

Huang EN GUI, who was in the lead, went upstairs. The four people paid no attention to Fang Shao Qun. Their main goal is Nu Yu Dao.

They knew how valuable Niu Yu Dao was and did not dare to grab Him while black peony and the others were with Him. Now Niu Yu Dao was alone. This is an opportunity. If you only take Nu Yu Dao, it will be great merit!

- Experience the cold! Niu Yu Dao lowered his head and shouted.

Yuan  Fang shrank a little and became alert.

Two lunar disks flew to Nu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao stood and did not shy away. He made a quick gesture with his hand.


He drew his sword from its sheath. A glittering sword appeared, which instantly beat off the lunar disks so that they flew away.

The sheath of the sword stuck into the ground, and Niu Yu Dao shot up and met the attacking Huang EN Guya.

Huang EN GUI took out another lunar disk.

"Jin!» there was a metallic sound.

Huang EN GUI was surprised and even scared. His moon disk seemed not to affect Niu Yu Dao at all. Moreover, a cold glint flashed inside him, causing his soul to experience incomparable fear.

Niu Yu Dao's wrist trembled, and his sword slashed at Huang EN Guya's neck. The blood spurted from the cut, and the head of Juan of EN Guia flew off to the side. Niu Yu Dao hit Huang EN Guya in the stomach, causing his body to fly away immediately.

Initially noticing that Nu Yu Dao's strength was unusual, Cui Yuan  threw a lunar disk at Nu Yu Dao. But it was too late to save Huang EN Guy.

Niu Yu Dao, with the blood sword, immediately threw away the moon disk and pushed off Huang EN Guya's body, quickly heading towards Cui Yuan .

Two revolving garbage went to Nu Yu Dao. (Gambian (an ancient type of crushing weapon without a blade in the form of a bamboo stalk)).

Nu Yu Dao, spinning with his sword, dodged them. Only ganban like snakes, changed its trajectory and headed again for Nu Yu Dao. Therefore, Niu Yu Dao was forced to fight back with his sword.

A ferocious expression appeared on Cui Yuan 's face. He took advantage of the opportunity while Niu Yu Dao was busy, and immediately sent a mad punch to Niu Yu Dao's head.

Niu Yu Dao held a sword with one hand in this chaos, while the other released a palm strike towards Cui Yuan .


The wave spread in all directions. Cui Yuan  opened his eyes. He now felt all the charms that lei Zong Kang had felt before, and also fell to the ground.

At the same time, Niu Yu Dao fought with whips, which exerted tremendous pressure on his sword. He rose even higher and wanted to get rid of these whips of gabyan.


Le Zhan Bing and Yao Yu Liang simultaneously jumped to the ground.

Two depressions appeared on the ground, and with this push, Le Zhan Bing and Yao Yu Liang shot up again. Their whips chased Niu Yu Dao as He ascended. The fight was brutal.

When he reached the highest point, Niu Yu Dao gathered his strength, and his sword flashed. He aimed his sword at the whips that were flying at him.


The sword and whips collided together. Only the whips also bound the sword of Nu Yu Dao.

Le Zhang Bing and Yao Yu Liang pulled the whips with all their strength, while Niu Yu Dao, in turn, drew the sword back. Only the sword and straps were tightly bound.

Three people were falling from the sky. As soon as they reached the ground, Le Zhan Bing and Yao Yu Liang started running in different directions. Their intent was clear. They wanted to tie up Nu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao realized that he was still going to be surrounded until the sword could be released. He looked at Le Zhan Bing, and a cold glint appeared in His eyes. He left his sword and headed towards Le Zhan Bing.


The two men exchanged palms.

Le Zhan Bing ignored Cui Yuan 's current state. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to face Niu Yu Dao so head-on.

Yao Yu Liang noticed that something was wrong with his classmate. He was about to go to his aid, but Niu Yu Dao had already reached Him.