Heavenly Genius - Chapter 14



resurrecting a dead soul by borrowing a corpse

Take an institution, a technology, a method, or even an ideology that has been forgotten or discarded and appropriate it for your own purpose. Revive something from the past by giving it a new goal or bring to life old ideas,  customs, or traditions and reinterpret them to fit your goals.


Niu Yu Tao was thrilled and quickly reached out to the mirror.

On the back of the mirror, the images became as if alive. This proved that it was the mirror that Dong Guo Hao Ran gave him. He just accidentally took it and accidentally found a clue to it, under the rays of the moon. Previously, he just didn't do it: he looked at it under the sunshine, boiled it in water, and kept a mirror under fire. But for the mirror, it was all doesn't matter. And then it suddenly happened.

He extended his hand to the clay vat and waved his hand in the cold water. And to himself, he began to mutter:

"The moon belongs to yin. The terrain is Kun, yin gathers in the water, 9 palaces of Bagua, as I did not think about it ... "(Kun (the name of the 8th (7th) of the eight trigrams in -yijing), symbolizes the feminine universe, earth, moon, southwest, mother, wife, subject))

After muttering, Niu Yu Tao came to his senses and remembered. Just before he entered the ancient tomb, he broke one barrier of the 9 palaces of Bagua. And then when he collided with a bronze mirror, the last events happened to him.

Are this bronze mirror and that ancient tomb interconnected? If this is true, then the person who established the formation of the 9 palaces of Bagua must have specially installed it. So that a person who can reveal his formation can get to the bronze mirror. And the one who was able to figure out his formation will be able to tell the secret of the bronze mirror.

Remembering this, he got scared and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Ah, if he had been allowed to carry away the bronze mirror and had not been thrown into another world. Then he would have long been able to learn with scientific tools more keys to unraveling the mystery of the bronze mirror.

However, the more he thought, the more he was scared.

Having regained consciousness, he again directed the mirror to the rays of the moon. And 9 rays again began to emit light in the reflection of water.

Niu Yu Tao held a mirror with one hand and counted with the other. He walked around the vat and carefully scanned the rays.

Then he turned the mirror a little to the moon, turned it over, and looked at the back of the mirror. He looked at the patterns of flowers depicted on the mirror:

          "Qian, Kan, Gene, Zheng, Zhong, Xun, Li, Kun, Dui!"

Having identified 9 colors, he squatted next to the vat. He laid the mirror on the ground and raised two palms. He spread his fingers and connected two thumbs, then pressed them on the largest flower. Niu Yu Tao left and right 4 fingers pressed on the remaining herbs. As a result, his two thumbs pressed on one big flower, and the rest on the spare 8. In general, it turns out 9. Then he immediately pressed on all 9 flowers.

Could hear a creak inside the mirror. Niu Yu Tao raised his eyebrows. As expected, these 9 flowers could be opened. No other way.

He relaxed his hands, and there could see how the flowers began to protrude from the mirror, that under them, you could see the gap.

Niu Yu Tao took a mirror and noticed that the rays were gone. He looked at the sky again and nodding said:

"Right! Yin is broken, yang comes out. I need to wait tomorrow when the sun comes out!" Glancing around, he returned to the room.

Glancing around, he returned to the room. Today he did not want to cultivate. He was waiting for the next day ...

In the morning, he got up, went outside, and saw Xu Yi Tian. This guard always neglected the society of Niu Yu Tao and did not speak with him. Only after saying hello, Niu Yu Tao took breakfast and returned to the courtyard of the peach spring.

The sun was already rising, so he went to the peach orchard and took out a well-hidden bronze mirror. Then Niu Yu Tao found one room where the window looked out to the sun and opened it. He directed the back of the mirror to the sun. As soon as the rays fell on the back, there could see a golden halo on the surface of the mirror, which was covered with different formulations. And next to them were three golden hieroglyphs:

 "Means Qian and Kun!"

These three characters inspired Niu Yu Tao. He carefully began to examine the hieroglyphs and determined that this was a cultivation method!

However, there were a few hieroglyphs. Niu Yu Tao turned the mirror over and saw patterns on the back. Niu Yu Tao realized that he needed to solve the riddle of the back of the mirror. However, it was not difficult for him. He turned again, rubbed the flowers, and after a while, one could hear the clicks of the mechanism back. Now in the mirror, there could be a chapter containing images and text. Niu Yu Tao could not stand it and grin. It turns out that's how it is.

All-day, he turned a mirror in his hands, chased after the sun, moved from one room with a window to the sun to another. He even climbed onto the bridge.

And when the sun disappeared in the west, Niu Yu Tao only then closed the windows. The bulges on the mirror recovered again and moved to their original places. Who would have thought that this is how the mechanism works.

For this day, he has already opened a whole book. It turns out that this mirror contains so many images and texts. This is a complete set of methods. Much more substantial and more comprehensive than the Tayi method.

So much is hidden in this mirror. Very-very much knowledge. And with the mechanism of 9 palaces inside the mirror, there can be constant transformations that protect a vast amount of knowledge.

Most of all, Niu Yu Tao was surprised by the complex mechanism of this mirror. Even in his past life, people with advanced technologies are unlikely can do this. Moreover, also having this mirror, people are unlikely to be able to copy it!

It was because of this that he only believed that the technique of this world was not simple. It is not surprising that Dong Guo Hao Ran did not spare his life for the sake of this mirror.

Having understood the riddle of the bronze mirror, its contents Niu Yu Tao wanted to comprehend this knowledge eagerly.

In the following days, he read continuously * Qian and Kun *.In the coming days, he read consistently * Means Qian and Kun*. And when he understood a little what was happening, only after that, he began to cultivate.

Less than half a month later, he realized how powerful this technique was. His progress in cultivation not only surpassed the higher purity heart sutra of the heart of Highest purity but also higher than that of the Tayi method. When he cultivated the method of the sutra of the heart of Highest purity, he could hardly use the true qi of Tayi. And cultivating the means Qian and Kun, with the slightest action, the true qi of Tayi immediately boiled chaotically.

The only thing Niu Yu Tao regretted was that he had not discovered the secret of the mirror before. Otherwise, he could remain in the temple and be free for himself.

However, he would have no cultivation companions in the temple and would have problems with food. That, at least it reassured him.

Again, after a few days, Niu Yu Tao felt that his true qi seemed to come into contact with the nature of Qian and Kun. Also, his body appeared in the separation of yin and yang. Hot and cold qi appeared in his true qi.

A few days later, his true qi seemed to have changed. It became fragile under the hardening of cold and hot qi. As a result, it could not stand it and broke into 4 parts. It was divided into 4 parts - two beams of a golden ray and two beams of a silver ray.

One golden ray began to merge with the silver, forming pairs. And when they headed along the meridians, they again ran into 33 blood amulets of Dong Guo Hao Ran, which cobwebs lingered at the acupuncture points of Niu Yu Tao.

Initially, there were 36, but when Niu Yu Tao fought off the werewolf near the temple, when he warmed up from the frost on the river and when he defended himself from the attack of Tan Su Su, he spent three amulets. Now he has 33 amulets left!

When the true qi of Tayi tried to disperse his amulets, then the amulets seemed to defend themselves and were not given

Like last time, the bloody amulets began to beat off again, and under the pressure of a golden and silver beam, they trembled. From their pressure, the bloody amulets were not as potent as last time. Gold and silver rays prevailed over them. This allowed Niu Yu Tao to understand something. He immediately began to control the gold and silver stream and did not quickly throw them on bloody amulets, but rotated a gold and silver ray together. He turned them over bloody amulets, and as soon as he processed the true qi of Tai, he gradually began to transform the bloody web under the influence of hot and cold qi.

Indeed, the bloody web could not stand, and there could be a bloody fog. It was not Niu Yu Tao's blood but was the blood of Dong Guo Hao Ran.

What Niu Yu Tao was most pleased about was the fact that the true qi of Qian and Kun did not only process amulets in his body, but also process other blood and qi, merging with it.

Bloody amulet passed to the heir. This is the amulet in which Dong Guo Hao Ran invested all his cultivation and before death passed it to the body of Niu Yu Tao. And now its true qi Qian and Kun processes and absorbs it. Doesn't it turn out that cultivating Dong Guo Hao Ran becomes his cultivating?

After he determined this, Niu Yu Tao went crazy with joy. How powerful was the Cultivation of Dong Guo Hao Ran!

He felt that absorbing the true qi of Dong Guo Hao Ran. His cultivation began to proliferate. His cultivation is likely to have increased a thousand times!

He looked at his cultivation and realized through true qi that the difference before and after the absorption of bloody amulets was like the difference between an ant and a tree.

It turns out that 33 bloody amulets contain such cultivation.

Niu Yu Tao could not imagine that he would receive such an unexpected gift. He felt blood begin to seep through the pores of his body. It was the residual blood of Dong Guo Hao Ran after he processed it. Therefore, the room smelled of blood again.

"Patriarch! Did you hear that Sister Tan will marry Niu Yu Tao?"

Tan Su Su sat in front of the founder's statue and was liting candles. Suddenly, the distraught Song Yang Qing broke in behind her. He shouted out loud.

After she laid the candle, Tan Su Su turned her head, looked at him angrily, and said in a cold tone:

"There are laws, and what are you doing? Can it be that the laws of our sect of the Highest purity cannot control you?"

It was as if she drenched Song Yang Qing with cold water, and he immediately cools down. The sect of the Highest purity is truly afraid of the power of the Song family. But if he behaves like this before the patriarch, then she will kill him immediately like an ant.

Song Yang Qing already sent them a wedding present, so he asked:

"Is it true?"

Tan Su Su slowly turned and said calmly: "If the truth is what?"

Song Yang Qing was saddened and further asked:

 "Patriarch, but you already agreed to give Sister Tan married to me." Why do you say one thing and do the other stuff?