Heavenly Genius - Chapter 140


Because the whip caught on the sword, Yao Yu Liang had no choice but to run. Only the consequences of abandoning a fellow student were enormous.

To help a fellow student, Yao Yu Liang, threw down the whip and gathered all his strength in his palm. He was going to attack Nu Yu Dao.


Yao Yu Liang's eyes widened. He seemed to understand something.

Niu Yu Dao had already somersaulted and returned to the sword. The sword was already weakened from the whips, so Niu Yu Dao grabbed it and headed towards the desperately fighting Black pion.

Black peony and the others were not opponents of Fang Shao Quin. However, several people fought together against him. They always fought him off, hoping that Niu Yu Dao would come to their rescue.

Lei Zong Kang, who had already been injured several times, was no longer able to fight. He was now a burden to everyone, so all he could do was stand at a distance and watch the fight warily.

Black peony and the other few people surrounded Fang Shao Qun. The sword qi was powerfully scattered in all directions. Fang Shao Qiong was always throwing three people away, but he couldn't reach anyone. Three people were fighting him from a distance and did not dare to approach him. Whoever Fang Shao Qun was walking towards would immediately retreat, and the other two people would attack Him at the same time.

Three people have not spent so many years together for anything.

In this hopeless state, there was no winner or loser.

Black Peony, Duan Hu, and Wu San Liang bided their time, hoping for Nu Yu Dao. And he didn't upset them. They noticed that Niu Yu Dao had already slaughtered one and eliminated the others. And now he was flying towards them with a sword!

Normally calm and peaceful, Niu Yu Dao can be so ferocious and cruel! A few people would not have thought that Niu Yu Dao was capable of such a thing. A deadly aura directly emanated from him!

So many people were not opposed to Nu Yu Dao. Fang Shao Qun, being confused, immediately decided to run when he saw Nu Yu Dao.

Black peony shouted:

"Get him!"

It was impossible to miss him, so they surrounded Fang Shao Qun from all sides so that He would not escape.

A silhouette flashed by. It was Niu Yu Dao who reached them, and in confusion, he directed the sword qi at Fang Shao Qun. Fang Shao Qun immediately gathered all his strength and also struck with his sword.


The two swords collided, and Fang Shao Qun was afraid. He noticed that his sword power seemed to simply dissolve in front of the extraordinary strength of Nu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao returned the sword and instantly spun the sword and attacked again!

One sword with a bloody hand flew by!

The gleam of the sword stopped. Fang Shao Qun immediately tried to block the blow with his left hand, but the sword had already pierced his chest. The point of the sword went right through him.

Fang Shao Qun wanted to raise his head and look at Nu Yu Dao.

But at this moment, Niu Yu Dao, without waiting for his reaction, immediately pushed away from him and pulled out the sword behind him. Fresh blood began to gush down.

Black peony does not have time to react as one blow Nude Yu Tao killed Fang Shao Tuna.

However, at this moment, Niu Yu Dao was pointing his sword towards the hill. Several people turned their heads.

Cui Yuan staggered to his feet and tried to escape.

Yuan Fang appeared out of nowhere and attacked the unstable Cui Yuan with a ferocious expression. He wanted to stab him with his knife.

In the end, Niu Yu Dao waved his finger, and Yuan Fan stopped. He ran upstairs again, laughing.

Le Zhan Bing and Yao Yu Liang moved even more slowly. They definitely won't escape. At that moment, it was as if they were on their last legs.

Niu Yu Dao, holding the sword, said gravely:

- Collect all. Three sects United, so many witnesses to question!

"Yes," he said. Black peony replied. She waved her hand, and several people immediately took action.

Yuan Fang came running, presented his sword scabbard, and said with a laugh:

"The Lord Of The Tao."

Niu Yu Dao shook the sword from the blood and put it in the holder that Yuan Fang had.

Niu Yu Dao took the scabbarded sword and stood straight in front of the tall grass. The murderous aura had dissipated on his face again, and he was becoming calm and peaceful…

Blue sky, deserted wilds, tall grass, and a fresh wind.

Vultures, as if sensing the smell of blood, circling in the sky.

Niu Yu Dao was leaning on his sword and looking into the distance.

Black peony came over and wanted to report to him.

Nu Yu Dao: the Jin Dan Cultivators of the three sects left yesterday?

Black peony nodded: Cui Yuan says so. Yao Yu Liang also replied.

Nu Yu Dao: A Le Zhan Bin?

Black peony: he won't confess to anything, for the life of him. You can find ways to get him to talk, but it takes time.

Nu Yu Dao: No need to waste time on it. Those who confessed, leave, and those who do not want to ... kill!

"Yes," he said. Black peony replied. She held up the package and said:

"Lord Dao, these jewels were found in their possession!"

"You take them apart yourself," Niu Yu Dao replied calmly. He wasn't interested in these things.

Black peony said nothing. She just put the package back and went straight to Le Zhan Bin. She drew her sword and stabbed him through the heart.

Such things were no longer new to her. In a cruel age, when you often have to fight each other to the death, such actions do not touch the heart. She just didn't understand why Niu Yu Dao had left two witnesses.

Niu Yu Dao came over and told Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang to drag them to him. He thrust the sword into the ground and then held his hands up to their backs.


Two men spat out blood ice. Niu Yu Dao released the force on them again and sealed their acupuncture points. Then he raised his sword and said: Bind.

Duan Hu and Wu San Liang immediately bound both of them tightly.

Yuan Fan has already brought six horses from a distance.

Niu Yu Dao took one horse and jumped on it. Pointing at the sprawled and injured lei Zong Kang in the distance, he said:

"Take two witnesses and take them over the hill. Wait for us to come back!

As soon as he said this, several people immediately looked at each other. Niu Yu Dao's words had a deep meaning!

Black peony immediately began to scold lei Zong Kang:

"Why aren't you talking?" Quickly do what the Lord of the Tao has ordered!

Lei Zong Kang folded his hands in front of Niu Yu Dao with mixed feelings.

"Yes," I said.

"Let's go!" Niu Yu Dao urged the horses on.

Black peony and the others mounted their horses and followed.

When they caught up with Nu Yu Dao, they noticed that they were going back. Black peony asked in surprise:

- The Lord of the Tao, where are we going?

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: In the city of Jicin!

- Ah! A few people screamed in surprise.

Duan Hong hurriedly said:

- The Lord of the Tao, if we go back to the city of Jicin, not if we still go into the jaws of a tiger?

"They'll be back late. Time works for us! Niu Yu Dao replied, then looked ahead:

"The floating cloud sect and the mountain of Refinement have entered the game. Dare to interfere with me? They will have to answer for the evil. We need to teach them a lesson now!

Several people looked at each other.

The group rode out again into the steppe, then into the Gobi desert, and again stopped at the stables.

Abandoning their horses, the five men rose again and entered the mountain ranges.

It was getting dark, and several people entered the lighted city.

Black peony, Duan Hu, and Wu San Liang lit the path with their butterflies.

"Where is Liuxian sect's shop?" Niu Yu Dao asked.

Several people seemed to know what they were going to do, and they were afraid. However, they led him.

When they reached the Liuxian sect shop, they saw a sign that the shop was not working yet. Niu Yu Dao, ignoring the passers-by, walked straight up to the shop, opened the door a crack, and lifted the bolt. Then he swung the door open and entered. Black peony and the others followed.

Several people went inside. Black peony and the others started lighting up everything with their butterflies.

Niu Yu Dao closed the door and said:

- Walk around and grab everything worth it!

The Black peony and the rest was sweat on his forehead. Does this guy really want to Rob the store? The Liuxian sect won't go mad later?

Yuan Fang, on the other hand, was delighted. He immediately began to walk and collect things. He took the spiritual herbs out of the closet.

Black peony and others were also quick to collect expensive items.

Niu Yu Dao took out a cage and threw three sniffer birds into it. Then he continued his search.

Everyone was also looking for jewelry.

Niu Yu Dao tossed a few more bird kings into the cage, then waved them away.

Several people with bundles on their backs went out into the street. Outside, there was a massive flow of people. That's how they robbed the store in front of everyone.

Black peony and the others were nervous, but Niu Yu Dao walked out calmly and went on as if he was out for a walk. They didn't close the doors; they just left a sign.

Several people immediately went to the shops of the Floating cloud sect and mount Refinement.

There, they also conducted an audit and dialed several nodes.

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand:

"Let's go and sell to the big stores."

Wu San Liang hastily said:

"Lord Dao, if you sell to the shops, the most you can get for the product is half price!

Nu Yu Dao: it Doesn't matter. No need to be petty about it!

Duan Hu said with a bitter smile:

"Lord Dao, this is not a small matter. These are rare things!

"And how far will you carry all these rare things on your back?" Niu Yu Dao answered immediately.

A few people went to Lin sect's shop and sold all the precious herbs. Niu Yu Dao seemed not to pay attention to the price. So they managed to sell everything they stole at half price. Taking the notes, the group of people left. The landowner and the shop employee began to whisper among themselves, not understanding where they got so many spiritual herbs.

Niu Yu Dao and the others also went to the thousand beast shop. Niu Yu Dao gave them some birds and got half the price for them.

Then they took all the tools and sold them to the Qiyong sect's shop. However, they did not give half price for them. Only Niu Yu Dao didn't even pay attention to this. Yuan Fang only kept a few more daggers.

After they sold everything, they made a profit of over 1,200,000 gold!