Heavenly Genius - Chapter 141

Only 1 of 200 thousand? They've sold out most of the three stores! And for all received only 1 200 thousand gold? Black peony and the others had a heart attack. After all, the more the amount came out, the more they suffered losses in the sale! However, if you think about it, when would they have been able to earn such a huge amount? They were rich in an instant. It was impossible to imagine. Yuan Fang was also getting more and more excited. He was getting richer and richer! Only Black peony and the others were upset that they sold everything at half price. Knowing this, they had no peace in their hearts. Yuan Fang immediately remembered how he and his brothers had plundered the southern mountain for several years and had only managed to earn a few hundred gold pieces. Now several people were following Niu Yu Dao with their heads down. They recalled the happy expressions on the faces of landlords and employees. When would they have been so lucky, when so many good things were given to them at half price? And only when they left the city of Jicin and plunged into the mountain river, only after that, they came to. There was nothing to be seen in the black water, and the direction of travel was indistinguishable. But once on the beach, Niu Yu Dao immediately determined the direction of the stars, then took out the scented balls, crushed them, and threw them on the ground. The group set off again. However, they did not use the butterflies of small moons but walked under the moon's light. After they came to their senses from the missed opportunity to profit, Black peony and the others, looking at their leading Niu Yu Dao, continuously sighed. They've done a lot of bad things in their entire lives. And he seemed to be doing just as much. Only one of his times is many times more expensive than all their combined misdeeds. Black peony was incredibly surprised. She herself saw how Niu Yu Dao drew a portrait and earned 100 thousand. He even robbed quite calmly and did not blink an eye. For him, it looks like 10-20 thousand gold is worth nothing. But this amount is huge for them. Several people realized that Niu Yu Dao was also a single cultivator. Only he doesn't worry about it. Is it so crucial for him to open a sect? Is it worth risking so much for 100 thousand gold pieces? Yuan Fang was also enlightened. The Lord of Tao told him that he was too petty, and it was not so difficult to get money for the temple. And all of this turned out to be true. Having experienced this experience, several people have already begun to look at many things differently, as if their essence has changed a little. Of course, they did not immediately become arrogant and did not attach value to other things people. They just realized that there are more important things than banknotes. As soon as they crossed the bridge, they found one stable again. Taking their horses, they set out for the Gobi Desert. As soon as they crossed the desert, they immediately passed the steppe and reached that hill. Stopping in front of the hill, Niu Yu Dao looked around warily and said: "Check it out together." Duan Hu and Wu San Liang shot up and went to check everything on the hill. It wasn't long before Duan Hu returned and stopped in front of the horse, saying: - The Lord of the Tao, all here. All right. Niu Yu Dao and the others also took off and climbed the hill again. Over the mountain, they saw Wu San Liang standing shoulder to shoulder with lei Zong Kang, and Cui yuan and Yao Yu Liang lying on the ground. Butterflies swirled around them, illuminating everything. Niu Yu Dao nodded his head, and Wu San Liang dragged them both up. Niu Yu Dao said calmly in front of their sad faces: "We have just returned to the city of Zhaixing. Fortunately, your information was correct. We didn't see anyone in your shops, so we cleaned them up a little. Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang stared. This guy dared to go back to the city. They were afraid to imagine how mad their teachers would be. Lei Zong Kang also froze. He looked at his friends and saw them give him a slight nod. So, it's all true. Robbing stores - he had never dared to think about it in his entire life. And this madman robbed three sects at once? And it seems that his friends were also involved. Cui Yuan gritted his teeth and said: "What were you thinking?" Niu Yu Dao: You calm down. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to kill people. Besides, you've helped me get rich, so I don't want to hurt you. He waved a hand. "Let them go." Several people looked at each other, and Duan Hu said in amazement: - The Lord of the Tao, let them go? "I didn't say that." Let go! Niu Yu Dao replied firmly. Duan Hu and Wu San Liang looked at each other and untied the two people. Niu Yu Dao pointed again. - Remove the ban from them. Duan Hu and Wu San Liang did not understand Niu Yu Dao at all, but they did as He said. The two injured cultivators were no longer afraid of them. There was no need to worry about that. But why leave them alive? If he doesn't like killing, well, they can do it! Why should they go the future extra trouble? Only the authority of Niu Yu Dao was already rising in their eyes, so they did everything as he said. Not that they, Cui yuan and Yao Yu Liang, couldn't believe it. After all, recently, they both wanted to kill Niu Yu Dao, and now Niu Yu Dao can't let them go? They doubted Niu Yu Dao, of course. Yao Yu Liang: Niu Yu Dao, you took us to the backwoods. What is this game? If you want to kill, then kill. No need to play with us like a cat with a mouse! Niu Yu Dao, leaning on his sword, said: - Wandering around the world on a horse, to the liking of both wind and rain. I make friends on the way! I like to solve everything in a peaceful and friendly manner. If all is peaceful, then I will not attack. In General, you can decide whether to believe me or not. Don't worry. We didn't tell anyone that we robbed your stores, and we won't say that you gave us everything. So, you can safely return to your sects. When he saw that the two men did not believe him, he said, smiling: "It may be difficult for you to report to the sect once the lords return. You can say that I asked you to deliver a message. I hope this is the end of it, and the three sects will let me go! I don't care what they say. However, you initially made a mistake in your calculations. In this regard, you can justify yourself. When he had finished speaking, he turned and said: "Good day." I won't see you off! However, he had not gone far when his voice was suddenly heard, and two people were frightened. They thought that Niu Yu Dao had changed his mind. "Gentlemen, don't take horses outside. You'd better walk away. Also, it's not worth mentioning that lei Zong Kang betrayed you. I've already prepared something at the store, so don't overdo it. Otherwise, you will harm yourself. Fair wind to you! Cui yuan and Yao Yu Liang breathed a sigh of relief. They quickly began to leave and took off from the hill. As soon as they got down to the bushes, they did not touch the horses but ran on themselves. Yes, so fast they raced, apparently afraid that Niu Yu Dao will change his mind. Behind the hill, Black peony, still not believing what was happening, asked: "Lord Dao, will you let them go?" "It is better to eliminate enmity than to maintain it!" Niu Yu Dao replied calmly. Black peony said with a bitter smile: "The Lord of the Tao is magnanimous. Only I'm afraid they won't appreciate it! Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: Then it turns out that he paid well for evil! In any case, if there are more friends-is, it bad! Black peony scratched her head and didn't understand him at all. What is the price of the good for evil? He's weird! Niu Yu Dao didn't want to argue with her, so he bowed his head and said: "Take the horses and bring them all. We'll change them on the way. Don't leave any more prisoners ' belongings here. A few people left the hill and crossed the steppe under the moonlight. Niu Yu Dao ordered yuan Fang to get a map. He looked at her, pointed to a spot, and asked: - Does anyone know the situation on the mountain of Flowing clouds? Several people thought about it, and Duan Hu replied: - The mountain of Flowing clouds is not far away. You can get there in a day. Wu San Liang: There are many werewolves on the mountain of Flowing clouds. It dominates Ms. Sheng Yao Yun. Mountain, Flowing cloud is her place. Lady, she Yao Yun is a cultivator from the Tribute list. Once upon a time, the Zhao Kingdom gathered cultivators to eliminate werewolves. Still, there are many werewolves on the mountain of Flowing clouds, and it isn't easy to get there. Therefore, several times the hill of Flowing clouds defended its independence. However, lady Yun did not like these attacks either. As a result, there were rumors that the Zhao Kingdom and the mountain of Flowing cloud had secretly agreed to a mutual non-aggression. Niu Yu Dao had already read about This in the notes of the sect of Supreme purity. He asked: "I have heard that lady Yoon does not interfere in worldly matters now and that her son seems to be in charge of the mountain of Flowing clouds. And he seems to be a fortune hunter. He is greedy for wealth. Is it true? Black peony answered: "You could say that. It's just that the position on the mountain of Flowing clouds is quite limited. Few people will be able to develop trade there so that you can understand it. Niu Yu Dao nodded, then asked: "Who knows the mountain of Flowing clouds?" Several people froze. Black peony looked around and asked doubtfully: - If it's okay, then there are no such people among us. However, you can probably meet someone who knows the hill of Flowing clouds well among the mountains. You can ask them. Niu Yu Dao was delighted: He knows, this one knows a little. Here you can and complete a picture of the to collect? "Lord Dao, you will not go to the mountain of Flowing clouds, are you?" Niu Yu Dao: Why not go? He handed the card back to yuan Fang, crushed the scented ball, and threw it to the ground. Then he shouted to everyone: "Let's go!" Everyone was surprised. They looked at the crushed ball and then followed Niu Yu Dao. The group raced under cover of night. Black peony caught up with Niu Yu Dao and asked: "Lord Dao, do you want to use the mountain of Flowing clouds to deal with the three sects?" Lord Dao, but I'm afraid the mountain of Flowing clouds won't do it. Niu Yu Dao: You've made up your mind. On the way, you need to make friends. Along the way, you can find treasures and visit someone to become friends. Is that a bad thing?