Heavenly Genius - Chapter 142


Looking at the whispers of Niu Yu Dao and the Black peony, lei Zong Kang road last and was silent.

Niu Yu Dao did not say that he took it with him, but he did not send it away. So, they went together.

"Lei, you don't have to overthink. Wu San Liang slowly rode up to him and comforted him.


Under the moonlight, Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang ran out of the bushes. They stopped a little, looked back, and realized that they were not being followed. Only then did they relax a little and start strolling.

After they realized that the danger was over, the two men began to think about their current situation.

"They couldn't have robbed our stores for sure, could they?" Yao Yu Liang asked.

"On the one hand, nothing is impossible, but on the other hand, why would they try to fool us?" Cui Yuan replied with a sigh.

He never thought that Niu Yu Dao would be so brave. Did he dare to return to the city and Rob the shops of the three sects? If he had known this before, would he have dared to leave the shops unattended?

Yao Yu Liang: what should I do? Nu Yu Tao is going to keep a secret? If all this is revealed, then you and I will become traitors to the teachers. And you and I will not be able to bear the consequences then!

Cui Yuan: What do you want to say? Do you want to escape? If Niu Yu Dao wants to tell everyone, no matter where you and I run away, we won't run away from the teachers. Wherever the traitors run, they will be killed!

Yao Yu Liang: Then what do you suggest?

Cui Yuan: I think that if Niu Yu Dao wanted to kill us, he would have killed us. Why would he beat around the Bush?

Yao Yu Liang: Then it's pretty strange that he let us go. He really won't give us away?

Cui Yuan: if you Don't want to live, then don't hide it.

Yao Yu LAN immediately raised his voice:

"Then you must speak clearly. If we are going to hide, we must both hide. If one hides it and the other doesn't, it won't do any good.

So two people walked through the Gobi desert and whispered.

Zhaixing City.

Gao Su Cong of the Liuxiang sect, Liao sen of their Floating cloud sect, Wu Qian Hao of the Refinement mountain. Three men, leading the students, were returning to the city. Their groups have become smaller. Fearing that Niu Yu Dao had deceived them again, they left the students to continue to the Mountain lake district. They should never miss out on Niu Yu Dao.

After more than ten hours on the road, they were continually tracking down Niu Yu Dao, who had tricked them. And of course, they weren't in the best of moods.

However, nothing can be done. If you don't do your best, how are you going to pass it all up?

They immediately went to the shop of the Liuxiang sect. Seeing the sign that the shop was closed, Gao Su Tsung opened the door. A group of people followed him in. Their butterflies immediately began to circle and light up everything around them.

There was a cage of Sniffer birds on the counter. They were beeping at that moment. Liao sen and Wu Qian Hao looked at the shelves.

Gao Su Tsung also noticed that the shelves were empty. Everywhere you looked, everything was open.

The others also noticed something was wrong.

Liao Sen:

- Maybe they removed everything. They left.

Gao Su Tsong went and opened the chests, but they were empty. In the end, he went to the Armory and found a long spear and a sword. He looked serious.

Liao sen and Wu Qian Hao looked at each other as if they had guessed something. If they hid everything, why did they leave the spear and sword?

They did not know that when Niu Yu Dao looked at the spear and sword, he decided to leave them. After all, it was inconvenient to carry them with you.

Wu Qian Hao pointed at the birds and said:

"What about these Sniffers?"

Gao Su Cong looked at them, then walked over and frowned. He didn't understand either. Huang EN GUI and Cui Yuan must have taken the Sniffer with them. Why are these still reacting?

A sect of Thousands of animals raises sniffers.

And they use different proportions of bait for each batch of birds, mostly additional years. The thousand beast sect's reputation is well maintained, so there should be no mistake on their part.


Gao Su Tsung ordered:

"Send the birds to ask them at once. What's going on!

- Obey. A nearby student immediately replied.

He turned to Liao sen and Wu Qian Hao and said earnestly:

"No matter how we'll have to go and check it out.

Liao sen and Qian Hao nodded. If they don't keep going, and if Niu Yu Dao escapes from the three sects, then they will make everyone laugh. Then they won't be able to stay in Zhaixing city. They will most likely be placed as guards at the gates of the sect.

Mostly their students went there. They, too, could not ignore their students.

Two people were dissatisfied with Gao us Tsong. This is the business of the Liuxian sect. Why else would they be involved? However, nothing can be done. It's all because of the song's family.

In the end, the group went to see the shop on the mountain of Refinement, and it was also empty!

After that, the shelves in the Floating cloud sect shop were also empty. They all tried to console themselves by thinking that all the goods were hidden somewhere.

"They must have hidden everything."

Gao Su Cong and Wu Qian Hao nodded:

- Perhaps.

Only to themselves, they were glad that they were not the only ones. However, they did not think that they were robbed. After all, who in Zhaixing city would dare to steal from them? The town protected every shop in the town.

But everyone understood: "There is no one in your shop and there is no sale. And what if the city sends people to look after your property? It doesn't matter if it's the city or their teachers; no one will see any logic in your actions.»

However, they were not up to it now. They could only hope that their students had hidden the goods well. Otherwise, if they were left without the product and missed out on Niu Yu Dao, they would have a big problem. If they catch Niu Yu Dao, they will at least have a reason. And if not?!

There are no goods, there is nothing to guard, so they immediately all left Zhaixing.

And Niu Yu Dao and the group were already driving along the highway when the king of birds arrived in the night's silence.

Duan Hu reached out and took a secret message from a bamboo tube, and put the king of birds in a cage.

He opened the letter and handed it to Niu Yu Dao.

- The Lord of the Tao, it must be a message from the sect Liuxiang.

One butterfly flew up to Niu Yu Dao. Niu Yu Dao looked at the contents of the letter but did not understand anything. He realized that the message was encrypted, and nothing could be deciphered.

"Does anyone know anything about this encryption?"

Duan Hu: this must be the secret code of the Liuxiang sect. Only their sect can take it apart. We can't unless you sit and think for a long time.

"Nonsense! Niu Yu Dao picked up the paper and tore it open, then threw it down. He wasn't interested in what it said. One thing is exact for sure:

"The three sects seem to have already returned to Zhaixing city and must be chasing us right now.

Black peony asked, startled:

- The Lord of the Tao, then you want to lure them here?

Niu Yu Dao: Don't worry. They won't catch up with us. There's a big-time difference between us. Whether they come or not is up to them.

Out of town, Chrysin was released Sniffer dogs. A crowd of people followed them. They came out of the mountains and reached the stables. More than ten people took their horses and rode on.

The stars were their cloaks, and the moon their hats. Butterflies flew in front of them, lighting their way. So they realized that the Sniffers were flying in the same direction that Huang EN GUI and the others had indicated.

"Uncle! Suddenly there was a cry.

Gao Su Tsung waved his hand, and the group stopped. They all looked up.

Two people could be seen coming from behind. It was Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang.

They were both walking across the desert, but as soon as they heard the hooves' sound, they immediately hid in a hole. Who knows who they will meet now. And when the group drove past them, they noticed that they were their own.

Two people quickly ran up and greeted everyone.

Butterflies circled the two cultivators. And it was possible to see now what a state of distress they were in. They had no weapons, and all their clothes were torn.

Gao Su Tsung shouted: What is it? Where Is Huang EN GUI?

Cui Yuan spoke with a sad expression on his face.

- That Niu Yu Dao was not simple. All of us were not his opponents! We were seriously injured, and if it weren't for the brothers who covered us with their lives, we wouldn't have escaped and reported back to you. And Huang EN GUI and others… I'm afraid they're already dead!

Yao Yu Liang also nodded, wiping away tears.

Two people agreed that this would be the way to tell everything. After all, if they tell you that they were in captivity, they will not get far with such a reputation!

Wu Qian Hao jumped down from his horse, grabbed Yao Yu Liang's wrist, and after determining that Yao Yu was seriously injured, he said:

"What about the goods in the shops?"

As soon as he said this, Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang's heart sank. Niu Yu Dao is furious to dare to Rob them!

Yao Yu Liang, wiping away tears, said in surprise:

- Uncle, they are certainly in the shop!

Wu Qian Hao angrily took hold of his clothes.

"There's nothing in the store. Everything is empty. Where is the product?

Yao Yu Liang said in a frightened voice:

"We didn't have time to remove the goods to catch Niu Yu Dao in time. Everything was left in place. My brother said that no one would dare steal in Zhaixing city!

"Nonsense! Wu Qian Hao kicked him and knocked him to the ground, then walked over and struck him again. Yao Yu Liang flew away by as much as one Zhang.

He was almost mad. The students were killed, the man was not captured, and the goods were lost how they will report all this to the teachers!

Who will take responsibility now? How will they be viewed directly?