Heavenly Genius - Chapter 143


Everyone felt bad. Everyone knew what had happened.

Gao Su Cong still didn't want to believe what he had heard. He descended from his horse, and with hope, asked Cui Yuan:

- Our products?

Cui Yuan knelt: Uncle, when we left the city, the goods were still there!

Gao sung-Tsung clenched his fist but finally relaxed it. He just slapped himself on the forehead. Found yourself a headache!

Liao Sen sat calmly on his horse, his face impassive, and did not move at all. Only he knew that it was probably the same situation in his shop. Moreover, his students were not so lucky.

He looked at Gao Su Tsong with a little displeasure. Who asked them to get involved in all this?

Three sects were under the patronage of the song family. Still, because of the steward's son Liu Lu, a disciple of the Liuxiang sect, the Liuxiang sect was most interested in killing Nu Yu Dao. And now they had to share this bitter fate.

Pow, pow!

Gao Su Cong slapped his forehead, then turned and looked at Cui Yuan.

"Who dared do such a thing in the city?" Did you tell anyone when you left? Think about it, who could have stolen it?

Three shops held quite precious items. If you count all the goods, the number of their losses can be about several million golds. Therefore, if it is possible to find the robber, then they must find him.

Cui Yuan shook his head:

"Uncle, we don't know about this at all. I don't know who might have stolen the goods.

Gao Su Tsung pointed to the Sniffer on the other student's shoulder:

"What about the Sniffer?" Didn't you and he go after Nu Yu Dao? Why is he leading us all the way?

"This?" Cui yuan just froze and silently started swearing at Nu Yu Dao. Okay, he robbed the stores, but why did he keep the threads?

Cui Yuan replied in surprise:

"Uncle, how is this possible?" We were locked in a deadly battle with Niu Yu Dao and didn't know what happened in the city!

The rider on the horse, Liao Sen, said:

"Whoever left the Sniffer may be connected to Nu Yu Dao.

Gao sung-Tsung frowned and thought that this was possible. He asked Cui Yuan again:

"Sniffer, did his balls not give lei Zong Kang?" Didn't he go after Nu Yu Dao?

Cui yuan: the student personally handed the sniffer Balls to lei Zong Kang. There can be no mistake about that. He followed Nu Yu Dao. The student doesn't know what happened to the sniffers. The student doesn't know!

Liao sen dismounted and walked over to Gao Su Tsung:

"Is it Niu Yu Dao who has returned to the city again?" And that lei Zong Kang left the balloons again? It is also impossible. How did they know that in the shops there was no one? Were there still people in the city who watched our shops? However, this is also not suitable. Niu Yu Dao and I didn't have any connections at first.

From the beginning, they didn't understand much. There was fog everywhere for them. All options were possible. A few people couldn't get the full picture right now.

Wu Qian Hao also came over and said:

"They fought to the death, and about this time the shops were ransacked. Someone else left the threads with a sniffer. Much clearer now.

Liao Sen: Clearer? What is more important to do now? Looking for a thief or chasing Nu Yu Dao?

Gao Su Tsung: Both options are essential. Maybe Niu Yu Dao stole everything. Brother Wu, perhaps you can take the men and check out the battle site. We'll follow the sniffers. We will keep in touch with the help of the bird kings. What do you think?"

The two men nodded, and the group set off again.

Only in time did they realize that the sniffers were heading in the same direction that Cui yuan and Yao Yu Liang were pointing.

They passed through the desert, the steppe, and only before the hill sniffers were already looking in another direction.

The group stopped. They went to the place of battle, while the birds were called to them.

It was clear that a deadly battle had been fought here. Only there were no more people insight and no more corpses. The cultivators noticed that the techniques of the students seemed to be used here.

Yao Yu Liang and Cui yuan could not determine whether the others were killed or not. After all, there were no bodies left in place. However, if they were, it is unlikely that they can be easily identified. After all, wild animals and vultures would have long ago torn apart the troupes during this time.

Liao song, looking at the scene of the battle, asked:

"When did the battle take place?"

Two people estimated and answered: About 5 hours ago.

Ga, Liao, and Wu looked at each other and calculated that Niu Yu Dao really could have returned to the city and robbed them at that time.

Wu Qian Hao spoke seriously:

- 5 hours. How did you go?" If that's the case, you should have been back in town a long time ago.

Cui yuan hastily replied:

- Students were saved. And did we dare to go back that way? We had to make a circle, so we spent so much time.

Gao Su Tsung: Niu Yu Dao must have been prepared for this. If he had not known that the shops were empty, would he have dared to return to the city? Didn't you tell him about it?

Cui Yuan replied in a mournful voice:

"Does my uncle doubt that the disciple could have betrayed the sect?" To tell important news? If the disciple betrayed the teachers, wouldn't Niu Yu Dao have killed us? Why would he let us go?

Yao Yu Liang also looked at the incredulous Wu Qian Hao:

"That's right, that's right. Teacher, we survived happily and didn't say anything.

After that, Cui yuan and Yao Yu Liang sighed to themselves. It's a good thing they haven't been exposed yet. But if they are discovered, they will not live!

However, people no longer doubted them. Indeed, why would Niu Yu Dao, who even dared to kill the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom, leave these two behind?

Now they were more and more lenient with the two of them. After all, they fought in a deadly battle, were injured, and almost lost their lives, and now they are also suspected? Everyone imagined what it was like for Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang.

Wu Qian Hao tapped Yao Yu Liang on the shoulder and said:

"Yu Liang, you know this is a serious matter. I had to find out for sure.

Yao Yu Liang nodded and replied resentfully:

- The student understands.

Now everyone has concluded that Niu Yu Dao most likely robbed them. After all, sniffers and time coincided – everything pointed to him.

Now, except Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang, only the other students could talk about it. Only who? You can't ask the dead. And even now, when three sects have United, it is not the time to look for the culprits. Therefore, they decided not to raise this issue yet.

"Really bad!" Liao sen said through clenched teeth. At least some of the others were still alive. – This bastard probably doesn't need to be called Nu Yu Dao; he's more suited to the name bandit Nu Yu!"

Gao Su Cong spoke seriously:

"Perhaps lei Zong Kang hasn't given himself away yet, so he leaves the balloons. We must continue to pursue them!

Wu Qian Hao: Or else they left the bait for us!

Gao Su Tsung: Brothers, then tell me what to do. Can we leave it at that?

Wu Qian Hao stared, "this is nonsense, right? » "he wanted to grab Nu Yu Dao.

Three sects can't capture one-person, lost disciples, and were robbed by them? This is just a joke! After that, they were supposed to be sent to guard the gate.

Liao sen looked annoyed:

"Now, even if we have to go to the mountains of swords or the sea of fire, we must catch him at all costs!" Continue. Only by catching him will we possibly get our things back and maybe redeem ourselves!

Now, even if they show up at the Lin sect and ask for their pills to be returned for the same price, the Lin sect will refuse them. Their denomination is not more substantial than the Lin sect!

- These riding horses are needed for replacement so that we do not waste time on the rest of the horses. You go back on foot!

Yao Yu Liang and Cui yuan are injured. If they follow them, they will still be of little use.

The two men watched the riders go, and when they rode away, they only breathed a sigh of relief. Yet they managed to deceive their teachers.

However, looking around, they were again at a loss for words. They will have to walk back again for half a day. Before that, they just came here?

But they had nowhere to go, so the two men went under the moon.

The sun was rising. On the way, they came across one colossal post station.

Niu Yu Dao and everyone else had already been riding all night. Only now, 12 horses are exhausted. Although they changed them, the horse still has limited strength.

And at the post office, you could have a bite to eat. Such Commerce post stations specially bred. And while everyone was eating, Niu Yu Dao told Black pion to arrange with the postmaster to change horses.

Before that, they had come across many post stations, but they were all small. They couldn't change so many horses at a time, and this big station could.

However, all the horses at the station were state-owned, and the stationmaster could not just change them, much less sell them. But Black peony put a 100-gold bill in front of him, and immediately the boss changed his mind. He immediately offered them to change horses and showed them good horses.

"This is an Imperial secret message!" Get busy quickly, and help them change horses. Give them good horses! "the stationmaster told one of the grooms.

Niu Yu Dao did not want to stay at the post office, so soon as they changed horses, they immediately went on their way.

One janitor was sweeping the stables. He bowed his head as Nu Yu Dao, and the others drove away. And when they were gone, the janitor raised his head, put the broom aside, and immediately went into the yard.