Heavenly Genius - Chapter 144


As soon as the janitor put down his broom, he went straight into the yard and up the stairs to his room on the second floor. He immediately went to bed in the room and pulled back the mattress, under which lay a folded paper. Unfolding it, he saw the image of Niu Yu Dao. The same as Huang EN Guya and the others.

It was a member of the Yan Kingdom intelligence service. He was specially assigned here to wait for the object. Who knew that Niu Yu Dao would actually show up here?

This was something that Niu Yu Dao could not have foreseen. Niu Yu Dao only knew that Cui Yuan and the others had an image of him. But what he didn't realize was that sun Ju Ming had spread his net all over the Zhao Kingdom. It involved not only the Kingdom of Zhao but the entire celestial Empire. Not that he, even the Liuxiang sect, didn't know that. They thought that the song family involved only a few denominations, no more.

Sun Ju-Ming couldn't just order the intelligence Department to work for him. And even more so, because of his son sun Lung, he would not have been able to use the Kingdom's intelligence Department to catch the killer. But sun Lung was not only sun Ju Ming's son, but also an Ambassador. Therefore, the Yan Kingdom could not turn a blind eye to everything. That was why the intelligence member was now part of sun Ju Ming's web.

He held the image, staring at the idea of Niu Yu Dao. The man put the picture back under the mattress, then wrote a secret letter on the table. He took the birdcage out of the closet, put the letter in its beak, and after making sure that no one was watching him from outside, he immediately sent the king of birds...


The regional city of Chizhou. House of all colors. Orioles sing swallows dance.

The rich man of Chuan city, Shao Kang, welcomed the guests. Wine, appetizers, beauties-everything here was like at all such events. He was talking animatedly to his friends.

At the moment when the girl was pouring wine for him, the steward of the house came out of a separate office and approached Chuan Shao Kang.

He said, smiling:

"Sir, a man who has come from the capital.

Chuan Shao Kang looked at him sideways, then pushed the girl away from him. He stood up, folded his hands, and said to the guests:

"I beg your pardon, gentlemen. We need to meet a guest.

The fat man sitting next to me said, smiling:

"I heard you right. Is this a man from the capital? Why don't you call him here? Look at him.

"Good! Let's hear what he has to say! "the others did, too.

"Don't, don't! Chuan Shao Kang smiled and shook his head. Then he waved a hand:

"Gentlemen, help yourself." Eat, drink, and have fun. – then he went out with the steward.

A carriage was waiting for them outside the house of all colors. They got in at once.

The steward of the house waved his hand, and the carriage moved forward. And Chuan Shao Kang, sitting next to him, immediately lost his cheerful expression and lost all his drunkenness. He immediately became severe.

They hurried back to the Chuan residence. The master and steward went straight to the library.

Chuan Qiao took a secret message from the Cabinet and handed it to Chuan Shao Kang.

He looked at the secret message, then handed it to Chuan Qiao.

Chuan Qiao immediately burned the message, and Chuan Shao Kang went to the map hanging on the wall. He moved his finger:

"According to the direction, it's heading for the mountain of Flowing clouds. But where he's going next is still unclear. He must be getting there this afternoon. Few roads are leading up to the mountain, but after that, there are many places where he can go. Qiao, send people to all possible destinations where the object can go. The item must be caught.

He appeared to be a Chizhou businessman, but in reality, he was the head of the Yan Kingdom's intelligence in Chizhou. And the business was just a cover.

"Yes," I said. "the steward of the house answered.

Chuan Shao Kang pointed to the mountain of Flowing clouds:

"Contact all the evil spirits near the mountain now. Offer them gold to eliminate the object. Remember, you need to be careful. We can't be found out!

"Yes," I said. I'll arrange everything carefully!


Mountain of Flowing clouds.

In the distance, you could already see the rugged terrain with mountains.

Niu Yu Dao and the others were already approaching the mountain range. Then they did not follow the road but moved side by side through the woods.

They had never stopped all the way, so Niu Yu Dao told everyone:

"Let's stop and rest for a while.

Then he turned his head to Black pion.

"We'll need to take a little ride with you later." We will go together so that if anything, everyone will not fall into the trap.

"Do you know that if something happens to us, there's nothing we can do? Especially against the local evil spirits!» black peony thought to herself, but all She could do was nod.

"It's not appropriate to greet guests like this." Let's go for a swim. Niu Yu Dao pointed to Black pion in the direction of the mountain stream.

They came to the stream. Black peony squatted down opposite him, and as she washed her face, reminded him:

"Lord Dao, I have not been to the mountain of Flowing clouds, and I do not know the situation well now.

Niu Yu Dao: Nothing, but we can expand our horizons. Don't you know someone from here?

Black peony: I don't know anyone. Especially evil spirits. This mountain is quite large, and it is not a fact that we will meet someone in half an hour.

Niu Yu Dao: it's Okay. We'll go inside, and then we'll act on the circumstances.

Black peony could not find words. This is a den of evil spirits and werewolves. If something happens, they won't be able to escape.

The two men washed, then returned to the forest.

Niu Yu Dao said to Yuan Fang:

- Give me 200 thousand gold pieces.

He had no money on him. He did not like to carry cash with him at all, so someone always went around and paid for it.

"200 thousand?" He had noticed long ago that Niu Yu Dao did not usually spend money on himself. So he asked:


Niu Yu Dao tilted his head and looked at him expressively as if to say: "I still need to ask your permission to spend money on what?"

Yuan Fang's mouth twisted, and he reached for the bills without enthusiasm.

Niu Yu Dao had previously given him money, and Yuan Fang also picked up 50 thousand Black peonies. And then he took all the money in Zhaixing city. As a result, he now had 1.3 million gold coins on his hands. This caused Yuan Fang to be in high spirits all the way. And now it was difficult for him to part with the money…

He groped for 20 bills and gave them to Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the thick stack and, as if remembering something, said:

- Give everyone 50 Grand. Everyone should have money.

As soon as everyone heard this, everyone's heart started pounding.

"50 thousand gold pieces each?»

Yuan Fang's eyes widened. His mood has dropped significantly. He looked around and looked at lei Zong Kang: "All 50 thousand?"

Niu Yu Dao understood him, but said calmly:

- Whole.

Yuan Fang nodded, then took out another 200,000 gold pieces and gave them to Black pion.

"Give it away."

After that, he immediately put away all the money, fearing that Niu Yu Dao would remember something else. At a time, they took 400 thousand from him!!! Yuan Fan's heart was bleeding now. He cursed under his breath. He has money, but he can't spend it!?

Black peony remembered the words of Niu Yu Dao: "If they give you, then take it."

"Then, I thank Lord Duo from all of you!" Black peony said happily. She turned to Niu Yu Dao and folded her hands. Then she turned around and went to hand out the money.

When everyone received money, everyone said:

"Thank you, Lord Dao!"

Even the last lei Zong Kang initially didn't want to take the money. He was embarrassed.

"Take it; you don't have to deny it. Black peony shoved the money right into his pocket.

Lei Zong Kang nodded awkwardly and turned to Niu Yu Dao and said:

"Thank you, Lord Dao.

Niu Yu Dao didn't seem to be listening. He took a paper from his bag and wrote something on it. Then he folded it, called Yuan Fang to him, and whispered in his ear:

"If I don't return before dark, you should return to Zhaixing city immediately. Find the Wandong Palace shop and tell them that I am in trouble here on behalf of Hai Zhu Yue. Let them come here and rescue me. If they disagree, you ask them to send a message to Hai Ru Yue. Then she'll find away.

Yuan Fang asked in surprise:

"Lord Dao, if it's so dangerous, then maybe we shouldn't go." A bunch of monsters, why mess with them? He sounded like he wasn't a werewolf himself.

Niu Yu Dao: Nothing dangerous. It's just in case. Do as I say. Be careful on the way.

"Good! Yuan, Fang nodded. He suddenly remembered something and scratched his head.

"Lord Dao, how did you know at the Inn that someone was reporting us?" Did the innkeeper tell you?" – he's been doubtful about it for a long time, and he wanted to ask all the way, but he didn't get the chance.

Niu Yu Dao replied calmly: If the Monkey had been with me, he would have known.

Yuan Fang asked in surprise: Why?

Niu Yu Dao: Your heart and eyes are focused only on money. You only see the money, but you don't notice the main thing! If I wasn't careful, would you be able to stand there and count the money? Bear, I'm not saying that you're far from a Monkey, but if it weren't for that, you wouldn't have fallen into the hands of that fool sun Yang Qing!

With that, he turned and left. Although he didn't know exactly what had happened, he could guess.

"..."Yuan Fang's mouth is twisted.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn't say anything and hung his head: "Is this true? If the Monkey was here, would he notice? And I couldn't see anything? Am I far from a Monkey?"

"Be careful! If we don't return before dark, you follow Jin Wei. I've already planned everything. Before leaving, Niu Yu Dao gave instructions to several people, then waved to Black pion:

"Let's go!"