Heavenly Genius - Chapter 145



After watching the two cultivators go, lei Zong Kang took the money out of his collar and stared at it for a long time. He was silent.

Duan Hu and Wu San Liang understood each other's feelings. They also took out the stacks and looked at them.

So much money. From that amount of money, they just sighed. How many humiliations and difficulties they endured for the sake of 100 thousand gold, and now two of them already had 100 thousand on their hands. This was already enough to open a sect. And this they earned in a few days?

However, now everyone has lost the desire to open a sect. Why open it? What for? Why did they spend so much energy earlier?

Moreover, they are not stupid. In the city of Zhaixin, many people will understand later whose goods they were selling that day. And if they open a sect, then the very next day their sect will be destroyed!

Two silhouettes flickered between the trees of the mountain forest, heading for the opposite peak. This peak was covered with fog. It was impossible to get further on horseback; the terrain did not allow. Neither of them knew what the situation was.

Two people were flying between high mountains. They had not gone far, however, when a whistle sounded in the fog ahead. Some black spots on them flew as if they were stones thrown at them. Two people dodged the rocks and then landed in the mountains.

- Who dares to invade the mountain of Flowing clouds! An angry voice came from the mountain.

Two people tried to make out someone in the fog, but they couldn't. Only clouds of gray mist could be seen.

Two silhouettes emerged from the fog and stood in front of Niu Yu Dao and the Black peony. Two of the cultivator kept the spears. One had black fur on its back and scales on its face. He must have had low cultivation to be completely unable to assume human form.

The two werewolves looked at our heroes, and the one with the scales said, " I'm sorry.

- If you want to live, get away from the mountain of Flowing clouds!

Black peony folded her hands.

"I am the Black peony, and I am friends with Hu Xiao Xiao from the mountain of Flowing clouds. I came to visit her. Please notify her.

The two men looked at each other and shook their heads slightly; then, the scaled werewolf waved a hand.

"I haven't heard anything about Hu Xiao Xiao. Go away, or we don't think you should blame us for this!

Black peony Niu Yu Dao said a little awkwardly:

"Hu Xiao Xiao is really from the mountain of Flowing clouds. Perhaps because there are so many people on the hill, they have not heard about it…

Niu Yu Dao waved a hand to stop her. If Hu Xiao Xiao were famous, these two werewolves would know her. He said, smiling:

"The tiny little demons haven't heard of her, and that's fine. This is normal. I don't know if you've listened to Yun Huang.

The two werewolves looked startled. How could they not have heard about the her-the head of the mountain of Flowing clouds, lady Yun, whose son now ruled the hill?

The black-furred werewolf spoke warily.

"Who are you?"

Nu Yu Dao: Simple travelers, single cultivators, and only. We've heard about the Yoon family for a long time, so we wanted to visit them and give them a precious gift. This is our first-time gift. He took ten bills from his sleeve and handed them to Black pion to pass on to them.

Black peony could not find words. This guy is throwing money around. She took the money and carefully handed it to the werewolves.

Two werewolves took the money and started looking at it. 100 thousand gold! They stared. When would they see so much money!

The black-furred werewolf checked the money and then passed it to the scaled werewolf.

"Are they real?"

Nu Yu Dao's mouth twisted into a smile. It was not clear what he was grinning at.

The werewolf with the scales checked it, then tilted his head and whispered to his partner:

- Most likely, Yes.

The black-furred werewolf took the money and said in a softer tone:

"Please tell me your names."

- Huangdi Dao!

- Black peony!

- Remembered. Please wait here for a while. I'll go report." - a werewolf with black fur spoke and immediately flashed away.

The werewolf with the scales had already changed his attitude when he discovered that these two were rich once the opposite party gets 100 thousand as a gift at the first meeting. And so freely. So they have a difficult position.

Black peony complained to herself about this change. The methods of the Lord of the Tao are quite simple. He just crushed them with money. However, these methods are effective! They made such polite cultivators out of rude werewolves!

Niu Yu Dao stood still. He leaned on his sword and looked around, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

Black peony broke down and looked at Nu Yu Dao. He had a habit of leaning on his sword and using it as a walking stick.

It wasn't long before a thin man emerged from the fog, followed by a black-furred werewolf.

"Gentlemen, I am HOU Qing Tian. the thin man introduced himself, then folded his hands and said:

- I don't know where my dear guests are from.

Nu Yu Dao: we are simple travelers, single cultivators.

- Single cultivators? HOU Qing Tian chuckled.

"Single cultivators, who immediately took out 100 thousand gold pieces?"

However, since they didn't want to answer, he didn't question them.

"Do the gentlemen want to see our host?"

Nu Yu Dao: Exactly.

HOU Qing Tian: Why?

Nu Yu Dao: we want to pay a visit!

HOU Qing Tian just chuckled and didn't answer. It was not known whether he believed them or not.

Then he put his hands together: Please, gentlemen, follow me!

Two men immediately followed him through the fog.

Black peony noticed that on the way through the fog, Niu Yu Dao had discreetly thrown the bait to lei Zong Kang.

There was a platform at the top of the mountain in the gray fog. Two people landed right on top of it. There was a sheer cliff in which a rather Grand cave could be seen. This was the entrance to the Palace.

As the three men approached the cave, several cultivators immediately appeared from both sides. They surrounded them.

Black peony became alert, and Niu Yu Dao looked at them with a cold stare.

HOU Qing Tian turned and smiled at them:

"Gentlemen, please don't be surprised. We have our own rules here. We have to resort to such measures to prevent visitors from making a fuss here. Temporarily we will have to block your magic powers!

The black peony looked at Nu Yu Dao. Niu Yu Dao nodded calmly.

"Good! He dropped the sword.

HOU Qing Tian took the sword, then went over and took the sword from the Black peony. Then people came up to them and banned them.

HOU Qing Tian took the swords and handed them to the people standing nearby. Then he invited Niu Yu Dao and Black peony to go further:

"Please, gentlemen!

Three people entered the cave. HOU Qing Tian let the butterflies go-ahead to light the way.

In the cave, they reached one of the stairs and began to climb to a higher level.

As soon as they got up, it was as if they were in a vast Palace. A thick, foul smell wafted from the cave's depths, where giant snakes were eating something. As soon as the people reached them, all the snakes turned their heads.

There were also many butterflies on the ceiling in the cave. They lit up the cave there. The light made the cave seem even more terrifying.

HOU Qing Tian asked the people to wait for a while and then went to the back of the Palace.

It wasn't long before HOU Qing Tian came out and stood at the side of the highest seat in the Palace.

Soon after, a twittering sound came from the back of the Palace, and one giant black snake with green eyes crawled out. It was as thick as a bucket and more than three zhangs long. She crawled to the steps to the throne.

As soon as the snake's head touched the steps, the snake began to change. First, her head began to transform, then her entire body. And in an instant, the snake was transformed into a man with a strong and healthy back. He was wearing a black belt and also had a black wrist shield on his wrists. He strolled up the steps to the throne.

"The snake has turned into a man!» Niu Yu Dao clicked to himself. Today he has increased his horizons!

The man turned and sat down on a stone chair. A rather powerful qi emanated from him. He looked down on everything.

HOU Qing Tian began to introduce them:

- Gentlemen, this is our head!

Niu Yu Dao and Black peony folded their hands:

- Welcome to the head of the UN.

Yun Huang smiled slightly:

"I don't know what the masters will teach you."

Nu Yu Dao: we don't dare teach you. We are simple travelers and make acquaintances everywhere. And when we visited rich places, we heard your name. Here we come to make an acquaintance with you!

Yuan Huang smiled tightly and asked a little menacingly:

"Just like that?"

He took out 100 thousand gold pieces that he had given to Niu Yu Dao earlier.

Looking at it, Niu Yu Dao immediately realized that the owner is not a fan of beating around the Bush. So he replied:

"It's that simple! Today is the first time I have seen the elegance of the host, and your fame is blooming for a reason. Now I am delighted and thrilled to have met you. I want to follow great people. I don't know if we can become sworn brothers. He folded his hands again.

"..."HOU Qing Tian couldn't find the words. He thought to himself, " Is this man ill? Who are you? Without saying anything about yourself, what makes you think you can become our master's brother? Moron or what?"

Black peony turned her head and looked at Nu Yu Dao. Her eyes widened.

Yun Huang, who was sitting on a stone chair, was also taken aback. It's the first time he's seen something like this. He stared at Nu Yu Dao, and his eyes flashed. He was thinking about something.

And Niu Yu Dao took 100 thousand out of his sleeve again and offered it to Him:

"I didn't have time to buy anything valuable for a gift on the way here, so I didn't have much money with me today. It turns out that this is the only modest gift I can give you. I hope the owner will not disdain and accept a modest gift! In the future, I will present a more worthy gift as an apology!