Heavenly Genius - Chapter 147


- The Lord of the Tao – Black peony smiled.

* And these are friends? Do you call them friends? Is this possible? *

She remembered how he let Cui Yuan and Yao Yu Liang go and said that he wanted to be friends. Or here is Yun Huang, Nu Yu Dao gave him money and says that he made friends. Are they friends? Are they reliable friends? Not at all!

However, Black peony was sure that Nu Yu Dao was fearless. Few people would dare go to Yun Huang and ask to be his brother!

When the two people returned to their hidden place, several friends immediately gathered around them and breathed relief.

Yuan Fan said in surprise:

"Lord Dao, did you return so quickly?"

They were gone for about an hour.

Black peony smiled bitterly. Fast? During this time, they saw Yun Huang transform into a human, how the Lord of Tao lit candles with him and called each other brothers like children. Tell anyone about it, no one will believe it!

- Nothing. We need to keep going. Nu Yu Dao waved his hand.

Yuan Fang was surprised. No problem, that's fine. He was worried that he would have to act as the Lord of Dao had told him to.

So the group set off again along the road…

After the incense burner had been removed on a cliff, Yun Huang was sitting on a stone chair under a tree.

Hou Qing Tian flashed by and stopped beside him:

"Chief, the merchants are here.

Yun Huang slowly sipped his wine and asked:

"What do they want?"

HOU Qing Tian: they Want to buy a life. Not cheap. 20 thousand gold. First, they will give 5 thousand gold, and after the case, they are ready to share 15 thousand!

Yun Huang: What kind of person? If this is outside of our domain, you do not need to accept the order.

HOU Qing Tian: they don't say the position of the object. However, the intermediary guarantees that the item is at the Zhu JI level and has five people around it at the same level as Zhu JI. In this regard, there should be no questions, and no force is behind them.

- Don't want to say his position? Yun Huang lowered his glass of wine:

"Without knowing his position, how can you attack?"

HOU Qing Tian: an Intermediary can find it for us. We won't even need to search.

"There are many strange things to do today," Yun Huang said in a whisper. He thought for a moment and then said:

- Tell the intermediary that without knowing the object's position, it is quite risky to attack it. Let him add 10 thousand gold pieces. You see for yourself, and of course, if he stands his ground, then give in. Agree to 20 thousand gold, but be careful. He waved a hand.

Hou Qing Tian folded his hands, turned around, and left.

However, before he had finished half the jug, another subordinate, Zhu Chang GUI, came to him. He flashed up to him and reported:

"Head, someone wants to enter our mountains.

Yun Huang turned his Head: Who?

Zhu Chang GUI: they are Said to be people of the Liuxiang sect, Floating clouds, and mount Refinement. They're looking for someone, and they want us to help them.

"This guy lured them here?" Yun Huang whispered, then turned his Head. He still couldn't talk about what he had promised Niu Yu Dao.

"The man they're looking for isn't here. And it's not a place where they can come and see when it's convenient for them. Let them go!

- Yes! Zhu Chang GUI clasped his hands and immediately, controlling the qi, went down. So he overcame the clouds around the mountain and stopped between the hills at a dead end.

Gao Su Cong and the others were standing right in front of him. A few dozen werewolves were standing around them.

Zhu Chang GUI shouted to them:

- We checked. Your man isn't here. Get lost!

Gao Su Cong said with displeasure:

- Yes or no, let us check to make sure.

Zhu Chang GUI said with a grin: this Is not a place where you can go in and out whenever you want. If we come to your sect and tell you that we want to search for your denomination, will you agree?

Gao Su Tsung: If you have proof, you can decide in the process.

Zhu Chang GUI: and where is your proof that the person is here?

- Bring it! Gao Su Tsung spoke.

At this time, the student brought and showed the cage with the bird.

Gao Su Tsung asked:

"Do you recognize it?" We follow the sniffer. He can't make a mistake. Isn't that proof?

And just one sniffer at that moment flew up to them, only to be caught by one colorful snake that was hanging from a tree. It immediately devoured the bird!

Zhu Chang GUI: Maybe sniffer was flying to the other side of the mountain?

Liao sen said: We follow it all the way and know which direction is right or wrong. I'll ask you a question now. Flowing cloud mountain doesn't want to help Floating cloud sect, Liuxiang, And refinement mountain? If so, we will remember your words as the master's words, and then we will not forget it to you!

A tough conversation had already begun, so Zhu Chang GUI could only wink at one servant. Here, he could no longer make decisions. The other person flew away, and soon Yun Huang himself and a group of people came down.

He stopped in front of Gao Su Cong and the others. Yun Huang looked at the sniffer in Gao Su Cong's hands and realized what was wrong. If someone were to throw bait for these birds here, it would be difficult for their people to find it. Moreover, Huangdi Dao himself said that perhaps the people of the sects would come here for him. Of course, you can guess that it was Niu Yu Dao.

Gao Su Cong, Liao sen, and Wu Qian Hao folded their hands.

Zhaixing city is not far away. Yun Huang also visits this city from time to time. And these three shopkeepers, although they don't know him, have seen him.

"Did you hear that the Floating cloud sects, Liuxiang sects, and the mountains of Refinement wanted to enter our mountains?" Yun Huang asked in a cold tone.

Gao Su Tsung: The Head of Yun in the old days did not know his opponents. What is now afraid of us? And our perp came in here. We, therefore, ask you to let us in to catch up with him.

Yun Huang: you can let them In, but don't threaten them. I want to ask you one thing:

"Why should I let you in?"

It wasn't because of Nu Yu Dao that he tried so hard. It was just that he didn't want to show everyone that the mountain of Flowing clouds was a place where everyone could go.

Gao Su Cong nodded:

"Chief Yun is right. Only, does head Yun know who we're looking for?

Yun Huang sharpened his attention because he wanted to know the position of Huangdi Dao right now.

"All right, speak up!

Gao Sun Tsung:

"This man killed the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom; his name is Niu Yu Dao. He is a dangerous criminal in the Yan Kingdom!

- ...- Yun Huang froze: * Huangdi Dao is Nu Yu Dao???*

Not that he was surprised by Niu Yu Dao's strength, but more by his fame. After all, the news that he killed the Yan Kingdom Ambassador thundered to all seven kingdoms. If it weren't for this, Yun Huang would hardly have heard of it.

In an instant, Yun Huang's heart started pounding. He never thought that Huangdi Dao was Niu Yu Dao. A criminal of the Yan Kingdom who dared to show up to him immediately gave him 200 thousand gold, and even become his sworn brother!

He never thought that Nu Yu Dao would have so much courage. Although this guy was inferior to Yun Huang in strength and power, he was far superior in fame.

Several people saw him behind him, and Nu Yu Dao performs the ceremony and becomes the named brother. The thought brought sweat to his face. If others find out about this, how can the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom behave? After all, it has considerable weight in the world of cultivators.

Yun Huang also understood Gao Su Cong's hint. He told him that this was not only the Liuxiang sect, Floating clouds, and mountains of Refinement, but also the world of cultivators that supported the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom. However, he wasn't afraid of them. Yet it is the Kingdom of Zhao is not their place. However, Yun Huang didn't need any extra trouble either.

That's how it is. Okay. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, I'll let you in. However, it is a mountain of Flowing clouds. And if you don't find the person you need, then you'll owe me! Yun Huang said in a cold tone.

Liao Saint: he wants the Head of the young?

"Anyone who violates the laws of the Flowing cloud mountain will pay with their life!" Yun Huang said with a chuckle. He wanted to take them on weakly.

Gao Su Cong, Liao sen, and Wu Qian Hao fell silent. Before entering here, they had a conversation and determined that if Nu Yu Dao entered here, he had received the mountain's protection. Otherwise, he wouldn't have dared to come here, where there are a lot of werewolves. Therefore, the probability that they will find it here is not great.

Three people also realized that they had already made a lot of noise. And if Nu Yu Dao conspired with the mountain of Flowing clouds, they will not find anything here and will not give the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom any reason to say anything in the direction of the mountain of Flowing clouds.

However, they chased Nu Yu Dao all the way. There's a sniffer trail here, but what can you prove? This is not enough to say for sure that Nu Yu Dao is here.

Now it was clear that they were being cheated. They have no power here, and the mountain of Flowing clouds puts a spoke in their wheels.

Gao Su Tsung: Good. We'll remember that!

Yun Huang replied disdainfully:

"A bunch of old men. You are not sure of your facts; you are not sure that your man is here, yet you dare to threaten me?

"We're leaving!" Gao Su Tsung shouted.

They turned and left.

They did not stop them, but only sent people to follow them.

Yun Huang slowly turned to all the people and glared at them, saying:

- Remember: Don't say anything to anyone! I'll kill anyone who says anything!

Everyone understood and nodded. They knew that they couldn't tell anyone that Yun Huang with Nu Yu Dao had become a sworn brother.