Heavenly Genius - Chapter 148-


At dusk, Niu Yu Dao and his group appeared on the sloping road. They had already crossed the mountainous terrain and were now riding across the plains, moving over the river.

Black peony pointed to the bridge that was ahead:

"Lord Dao, are we going straight or across the bridge?"

"Let's go over the bridge!" Niu Yu Dao replied.

The group reached the bridge, turned sharply, and crossed the bridge.

There was a hill behind the bridge, where men in black were hiding and looking at the fork in the road. They came down from the trees and sent the king of birds with a message…

On the other side of the Flowing cloud mountains, Hou Qing Tian  took more than 20 people out of the mountain band. They took a short route directly to the place indicated by the intermediary.

In the mountain forest, Hou Qing Tian  walked back and forth while a group of people stared at him and couldn't find their place.

It wasn't long before one person asked:

"Chapter, what does this mean?" How long should we wait?

Hou Qing Tian : Waiting. We won't leave until we get the news. Anyway, we already have the Deposit.

As soon as he spoke, the kingbird flew to them. One man reached out and took the letter. He handed the letter to Hou Qing Tian .

Hou Qing Tian  took the letter, looked at it, and pointed in one direction:

- The object will pass three turns. We'll need to get there in advance. Let's go!

The group of people immediately left the mountain forest and crossed the plains with mountains and rivers. So, floating through the air, they reached their destination.

It took them about an hour to reach a peak to see the road under the moonlight.

Hou Qing Tian  told them to keep an eye on the situation below while he waited.

Less than half an hour later, a man came up and reported:

- Head, someone is coming. This is most likely an object.

- Refine. Hou Qing Tian  shouted.

A group of people came down. They took up positions on the sides.

Gradually, the sound of hooves grew louder. There was a tree at the top of the mountain, and Hou Qing Tian  was hiding behind it.

People were approaching, and even though it was still impossible to see their faces under the moonlight, it was still possible to determine their number. Twelve horses and six riders, and at the head of them, was a young man.

Hou Qing Tian  came down. He took out his dagger and, leading the two men, stopped at the intersection of the road, cutting off the way for the objects to retreat.

At this time, Niu Yu Dao and the others rode calmly and did not know that an ambush was waiting for them.

At the turn in the moonlight, you could see the flash of a knife. The horses stopped immediately.

Niu Yu Dao's group looked around and noticed that cultivators from all sides immediately surrounded them.

- Get the treasure, then avoid death! Hou Qing Tian  spoke calmly.

Black peony and the others were astonished. They immediately grabbed their swords.

Yuan Fang took out a knife and glared at everyone. He used to steal it himself, and now they will steal it?

Under the moonlight, Niu Yu Dao looked around calmly. Initially, the person in front of him seemed quite familiar. And after hearing his voice, Niu Yu Dao narrowed his eyes and said:

"Hou Qing Tian , what are you planning to do?"

He slowly put his hands on his sword, and murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

As soon as he said this, Yuan Fang and the others were astonished. What does the Lord of Tao say?

Black peony began to stare at Hou Qing Tian .

The werewolves around them were also surprised. The object immediately identified their leader?

Hou Qing Tian  was also surprised. He immediately released a butterfly at Niu Yu Dao, and when Niu Yu Dao's face lit up, Hou Qing Tian  was at a loss for words.

Then the butterfly surrounded the group of people once more. That's right, 12 horses and six riders. Huangdi Dao is the youngest among them.

Is he the one who needs to be killed? Hou Qing Tian  felt a little uneasy. Niu Yu Dao gave them 200 thousand gold, and he was going to kill him for 20 thousand? Nonsense. Moreover, Yun Huang did not say that they should kill Niu Yu Dao. So he immediately said, waving his hand:

- Let go, let go. They didn't recognize their own. This is your own!

He put the sword back in the sheath and quickly went to Nu Yu Dao. Hou Qing Tian  folded his hands and said:

"Lord Of The Tao!

Your own? What is it? The werewolves began to remove their weapons and look at each other slowly. They couldn't figure out where some Dao masters came from.

One werewolf wanted to sound smart and said softly:

"That's right; I was saying. These customers seemed strange. They probably wanted to set us up.

And Yuan Fan and the others didn't understand what had happened either. Everyone looked at each other.

Niu Yu Dao still had his hand on the hilt of his sword and stared coldly at Hou Qing Tian :

"Did my brother send people to kill me?"

Hou Qing Tian  immediately waved his hand.

"How is that possible?" You and the master are sworn, brothers. The master can kill someone, but not you!

A Bunch of werewolves got scared. This, it turns out, is the master's named brother?

Yuan Fang and the others didn't understand what was happening. What is called brother? Head of Flowing cloud mountain Yun Huang? When the ruler of Tao with the young Juan called the steel brothers?

Nu Yu Dao: Then why are you blocking our way?

Hou Qing Tian  smiled:

- The Lord of the Tao, this is a mistake. A mistake. I didn't want to Rob you. We were thinking of robbing passers-by, but who knew we'd run into you.

Nu Yu Dao: You got here pretty quickly. I left much earlier than you did. However, we have met again. You must have come here by a direct route. And you're saying it's a coincidence? You moved here quickly, not just to Rob, but on purpose. This is hardly a coincidence!

Hou Qing Tian  smiled bitterly. It wasn't a coincidence. He folded his hands:

- In secret, the Lord of the Dao. A client came to us on the mountain. He had an order for us to block the road here and grab the object. But who knew it would be you. If we knew, would we dare to act like this?

Niu Yu Dao believed this time.

"Watching us!" - Nu Yu Tao immediately had this thought.

He said displeased:

"Have your men search the area around you. There must be some suspicious people here.

"..."Hou Qing Tian  froze: "Did you think that you and master have become inseparable friends?"

However, he didn't dare say such a thing, so he looked at the werewolves and shouted:

- Why are you, deaf? The Lord of Tao said, quickly look around!

- Yes! - A bunch of werewolves immediately began to carry out the order.

Niu Yu Dao jumped down from his horse and slowly walked towards Hou Qing Tian :

"Who asked you to kill me?"

Hou Qing Tian : Lord of the Dao, I don't know. I don't know the current situation either. I also wanted to know who the customer was. Our head wants to know, too. Only we talked to the intermediary.

Nu Yu Dao: Who is the intermediary?

Hou Qing Tian  sighed and said:

- The Lord of the Dao, you don't need to ask. First, the intermediary has excellent power behind his back and cannot be offended. Secondly, this is a shadow business, and everyone does not want to disclose their position. I don't know who he is either. Third, each profession has its own rules. Even if I knew the intermediary, I couldn't tell you. After all, if I break the rules, it will create problems for Flowing clouds. Moreover, the intermediary itself will not give the customer away, even if you find it.

Niu Yu Dao understood him. So he asked:

- How much did they give for me?

"Heh-heh! Hou Qing Tian  said apologetically:

- 30 thousand. If we knew it was you, we wouldn't have accepted the order.

Niu Yu Dao: You won't kill me, how do you tell the customer?

Hou Qing Tian  sighed and said:

- We have already taken a Deposit of 10 thousand. And according to the law, we will have to return the Deposit and double the amount. Of course, the head can't hurt you.

Niu Yu Dao looked back and said:

- Black peony!

Black peony got down from her horse and came over:

"Lord Of The Tao!

Niu Yu Dao: How much money do you have?

Black peony: 50 thousand.

Niu Yu Dao knew how much money she had, so he called her instead of Yuan Fan. He couldn't show that they had so much money.

Niu Yu Dao pointed at Hou Qing Tian  and said:

- Give 50 thousand to him.

Black peony sighed to herself. However, there was nothing to do. She took out the banknotes and handed them to Hou Qing Tian .

Hou Qing Tian  pretended to refuse:

"What is this?" It is not necessary!

Nu Yu Dao: I will not allow you to suffer losses because of me. Take.

"Since the Lord of Dao insists, I'll take it. Hou Qing Tian  folded his hands and accepted the banknotes, but inwardly rejoiced: "We will not suffer losses, but we will earn even more! We didn't come here for nothing!"

Nu Yu Dao: When did you receive your order?

After receiving the money, Hou Qing Tian  readily replied:

"As soon as you left."

Niu Yu Dao narrowed his eyes.

While they were talking, the werewolves returned. They didn't find anything.

Hou Qing Tian , after questioning them, asked Niu Yu Dao:

"Lord Dao, what should I do next?"

Nu Yu Dao: You go back.

- Good! However, Lord Dao, you seem to be being watched. And the customer might ask others to take you on, " Hou Qing Tian  reminded him. They caught such a bag of money, and if anything happened to him, he would be sorry.

- Yeah. When you get back, say hi to your brother.

- Good! Then I'll take my leave. Lord of the Tao, take care of yourself!

After watching the werewolves disappear into the mountain, Niu Yu Dao pointed at Dun Hu and Wu San Liang to give them a good look.

And when the two people said that the werewolves were gone, Niu Yu Dao got back on the horse.

He looked ahead. His eyes glittered, and he suddenly turned his horses:

"Let's go!"

They did not continue on their way but began to return. And when they found a gap near the road, they turned into the depths of the mountains.