Heavenly Genius - Chapter 149


Among the high mountains, where there are only tricky roads everywhere, it was incredibly difficult to continue horseback. After circling for a while, a group of people led by Niu Yu Dao searched for a cave to hide in.

They had initially wanted to move forward, but now they were in danger.

Someone ordered Niu Yu Dao. Niu Yu Dao did not foresee such a turn of events. He didn't know where the danger was coming from, so he didn't move on. The unknown is most frightening. And now Niu Yu Dao met with a threat that exceeded his expectations!

A group of people stopped in a cave. Everyone was not as wary as Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao stood up, leaning on his sword. He raised his head and looked at the moon, hanging alone.

Yuan Fang walked up to him and asked:

"Lord Dao, are we going to take shelter here?"

Niu Yu Dao did not move, and a little later said:

- Give 50 thousand to Black peony.

"..."Yuan Fang was at a loss for words. I knew better than to talk to the Lord of the Tao.

However, Black peony came over and said:

- The Lord of the Tao is not necessary.

Niu Yu Dao leaned on his sword and wandered in his thoughts.

Yuan Fang took out 50 thousand and gave it to Black peony.

Looking at the banknotes, Black peony looked at Niu Yu Dao. She was beginning to understand him a little, so she didn't bother him.

Suddenly, birds chirping rang out, causing the startled Niu Yu Dao to come to his senses. He immediately turned his head:

"There's a cave here.

Dun Hu immediately flew towards Twitter and found a cave there. Inside it, it looked like there were sparrows that stayed here for the night.

Several people went in and saw a mountain cave that had an oblique passage. It was small and went 2-3 Zhang deep.

When they entered the cave, Niu Yu Dao said:

- Map!

Duan Hu immediately took out a map from his bag, and with Wu San Liang, they stretched it out in the air. A moon butterfly flew up and illuminated the map of Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao leaned on his sword and looked at the map. His gaze wandered back and forth and finally settled on a mountain of Flowing clouds.

Who wants to kill him? His enemies are only people of the song family. He also killed sun Lung, the Ambassador of the Yan Kingdom. Other than these two powerful forces, who else could be following him and trying to kill him?

Moreover, the enemy has identified him and is following him throughout his route.

Who's watching? How does it track? If he fell under someone's net, then he would not dare to take an extra step!

Previously, it was only identified by the Liu Xiang sect, Floating cloud sect, and Refinement mountain. And among the rest, only the hill of Flowing clouds can know him the most.

It hadn't been long since he had made contact with Yun Huang, and judging from the mountain of Flowing clouds' reaction, they could be ruled out. They didn't know who he was. Otherwise, they would not have let him go, but kept him in captivity, harboring evil thoughts.

Moreover, HOU Qing Tian clearly said that after he left, someone hired them to kill him.

Three sects wouldn't hire a mountain of Flowing clouds either. If they knew where Niu Yu Dao was, they would have taken a short cut to get to Him and dealt with him.

Someone else had tracked him down.

And there can only be two options: The 1st is an opponent who cannot cope with it. The 2nd is an opponent who is at a great distance from him and will not grab him in time.

It should also be noted that this opponent is most likely not related to the Liuxian sect and the others. Otherwise, he wouldn't need to ask for a mountain of Flowing clouds.

But how did the enemy determine his route?

He first determined his location and then set up surveillance on him.

The city of Zhaixing can be excluded. After all, if he were identified there, it would be difficult for them, like these three sects.

So he was identified when he left the Gobi desert. When they moved along the road, it was placed.

But who knows him here? It was strange. After all, in the Kingdom of Zhao, few people know him, and he knows a few people. Especially in such a backwater where few people, the probability that he will meet someone who knows him is deficient. The case of Cheng GUI Shuo can't happen again. Although the Liuxiang sect had a portrait of him? Did he meet a man who had a picture of Niu Yu Dao on the way?

"Did you notice anything strange on the way?" Think carefully; every little thing is necessary.

Niu Yu Dao walked back and forth and pondered. He thought only of the post office. After all, in this backwater on the road, you meet a few travelers, and most people gather at the post station.

A few people thought, but they didn't remember anything.

Black peony asked:

- The Lord of the Tao, you didn't think that he wants to kill us after we visit the young Juan.

Niu Yu Dao: I didn't think!

Black peony: Then nothing strange. After we left Zhaixing city, other than these stops, we only had one stop. At the post office, where we changed horses.

- Where is the location of the postal station? Show me on the map. Still, Yoon Huang's nest and the place of 3 turns where we were stopped, all more precisely point to me. Niu Yu Dao instructed her, then turned his head and looked at Yuan Fan, saying: Give me a charcoal pencil.

After Yuan Fang found out that you can draw a picture with a charcoal pencil, he now always carried a pencil with him and handed it to Black peony.

Black peony and Duan Hu consulted and began to determine the location of the post station. The post office is the largest here, and it will undoubtedly be in the best place, where there will be the most forks. As for Yun Huang's lair, it was just a matter of finding the most prominent mountain and everything around it. This will be the lair of a young Juan. And the intersection with three turns - it was even easier for them to find.

"Lord of the Tao, we have found it. Black peony turned her head and said.

Niu Yu Dao walked over to him, picked up a pencil, and stared at the map. The maps were not as accurate as they had been in his previous life, but they were much more accurate than the abstract maps of ancient times. It seems that in this world, plans were made with the assistance of cultivators.

He took out his sword, ran it over the map, and calculated something in his mind. Then, with a pencil, he drew a ruler on his sword and began using it to measure distances on the map. Black peony and the others didn't understand what he was doing.

After that, Niu Yu Dao looked at the map again and asked them:

"Where do you think the person who ordered me to Flow cloud mountain came from?"

Black peony smiled bitterly:

"How do we know?"

Niu Yu Dao, looking at the regional city of Chizhou, slowly said:

- You two, stretch the map.

Duan Hu and Wu San Liang stretched out the map.

Niu Yu Dao used his sword to compare the distance from Chizhou to Yongxiao cave, then calculated the approximate time using the speed of the bird king. He wrote it all down on the map with a pencil. Only a few people didn't understand it.

Then, using magic power and a charcoal pencil, he slowly described the route from Chizhou to Yongxiao cave. After that, he silently calculated the time from the post station to the mountain of Flowing clouds and multiplied by the king's approximate speed. As a result, the distance to the city of Chizhou was the same.

From all directions, all distances point to the city of Chizhou. All the circles are there.

Niu Yu Dao picked up a pencil and surrounded the post office, noticing a small error.

However, this is not important; mostly, if there were no errors, then it would be dangerous. After all, it was also necessary to take into account the time for receiving news, making decisions, and sending people. Moreover, if you add map errors, these errors cannot be avoided.

And he still counted approximately.

Then Niu Yu Dao put the dots on the map again and circled the places. More and more circles appeared. Niu Yu Dao used to write out incomprehensible numbers on the side and count something. After quite a long time, he put the sword in front of him and said:

- The problem seems to have appeared at the post office. There we found ourselves.

Several people looked at each other.

Then Niu Yu Dao said slowly:

"Looks like it all started with the mail." From there, a message was sent to the city of Chizhou. The news lingered in the town for about half an hour, and then the intermediary went to the city to the mountain of Flowing clouds. This means that the intermediary and the customer are in Chizhou city.

Several people were at a loss for words. He spoke as if he had seen it all happen.

Black peony tried to say:

"Lord Dao, did you think of this city from the very beginning?"

Niu Yu Dao: I assumed it was Chizhou. The customer must be an essential person. And he probably has a convenient position; he should be able to contact everyone quickly. And this is not one person, but an organization. I don't know how many people they have. But this organization is not among the modest villages around. They must have a favorable location so that they can communicate with everyone from a distance. If my calculations are correct, Chizhou is most suitable for this. So I assumed it was that city. Then I just calculated the space, time, and speed. Most likely, this is the city of Chizhou.