Heavenly Genius - Chapter 15



luring the tiger out of his den

Never directly attack an opponent whose advantage is derived from its position.  Instead, lure him away from his position, thus separating him from his source of strength.

"In words, one thing, in fact, another?" - Tan Su Su said in a cold tone:

"Are you talking to older teachers like that?"

Song Yang Qing got a little flushed, but immediately shook his head:

 "The student simply does not understand!"

He fell on his knees and began to pray:

"The student loves sister Tan. If possible, the student asks the teacher to help!"

Tan Su Su freely shook her head and looking down at him said:

 "Can help. Do you want to become the head of the sect? If you agree, then Niu Yu Tao will not be a problem. And I will give Tan Yi to you. What do you think?"

"This ..." Song Yang Qing raised his head, and his lips trembled, as if in convulsions. He was already thinking about it. Only his father had already warned him. The sect of the Highest purity had vague ties with Shan Jian Bo. It could easily fall under the emperor's disfavor. The situation of the Song family is high, and they cannot be involved in this.

Knowing who is behind him, Song Yang Qing certainly cannot bring suspicions on himself.

"The student is limited inability. I cannot take such responsibility upon myself." - Song Yang Qing said in a weak voice.

Tan Su Su calmly replied: "Okay,  then you can try to persuade your father. As soon as you occupy the position of head of the sect, I will immediately extradite Tan Yi."

"In the affairs of the father, how can I be the master?" - Song Yang Qing promptly answered. Is it not clear that his father does not want to be involved in the place of the sect of the Highest purity.

Tan Su Su with shining eyes, said:

"Good. This business cannot concern you and the father. I will ask you. Do you want Tan Yi to become the head of the sect?"

Song Yang Qing raised his head and with a gleam in his eyes said:

 " Of course. The student hopes that Sister Tan will become the head of the sect. If she becomes the head, the student will be immensely happy."

Tan Su Su swore to herself: "You are a fool. If the father does not want to touch the place of the head of the sect. Do you think he will let you marry the head of the sect? It's worth Tan Yi takes the position of head of the sect.  Then your connections will already be broken! "

However, she still calmly asked:

 "Tan Mu, before dying, appointed Dong Guo Hao Ran as the head. Now Dong Guo Hao Ran is also dead. And according to the laws of the sect, who should now be the head of the sect?

"This is ..." Song Yang Qing hesitated a little and then called his name loudly:

"Niu Yu Tao!" - Then immediately added: "Only Niu Yu Tao already refused!"

Tan Su Su:

"He refused. I don't have to explain much. Everyone understands how he declined. Everyone is silent because they know that Niu Yu Tao does not understand the situation and is not suitable for the role of the head of the sect. So who else can become the head of the sect? Everyone looks at your father's support and hopes that thanks to you, the sect will be able to flourish. Only you do not want this. We, the 3 patriarchs, were already heads, and now we cannot become heads of the sect again. Initially, Wei Duo was the best fit. Only he is a stutter and cannot become the head of the sect. And Wei Duo is stubborn and shouts nonsense that he must abide by the rules and appoint Niu Yu Tao as the head. I had to punish him and leave him at the foot of the mountain so that he would come to his senses. Rest? Niu Yu Tao refused, and the others are silent. They don't want to incriminate themselves! "Having finished this, Tan Su Su sighed heavily. In the end, the sect is in difficult times. In the country of the storm. Chaos reigns everywhere. The sect without a leader. If it were now the heyday of the sect, then a crowd of people would fight for the position of the head of the sect.

Song Yang Qing said: "Therefore, the student believes that Tan Yi is best suited for the role of the head of the sect!"

Tan Su Su nodded: "Tan Yi is the daughter of the head. This is the key. If she will not assume this responsibility, then who will want to take it? Only how can she conquer all the students, being the daughter of the head? Who will not doubt her intentions? Who will not blame her for selfishness? If Tan Yi becomes the head of the sect, then she will have to pay a high price. Do you think she wants to marry Niu Yu Tao? If she becomes the head of the sect, then she must marry Niu Yu Tao. This is for the sake of everything was calm in the sect. Do you understand?"

Saying this, she pulled a letter from her sleeve and threw it to Song Yang Qing in front of her knees:

"Your father has just sent this letter from the capital. Look at it."

Although Song Shu is her pupil, some things in the sect are accomplished only with his approval. They sometimes ask his opinions, because the Song family provides considerable support to the sect. And Song Shu approved the choice of Tan Yi, as the head of the sect.

Song Yang Qing began to read the letter, and his face gradually took on a woeful look. His father warned in a letter that Song Yang Qing did not have pipe dreams and obeyed Tan Su Su. Otherwise, he will severely punish him.

Song Yang Qing, grief-stricken, decomposed on the ground, and his heart bled.

After Song Yang Qing left, Tan Su Su went to the back of the yard and saw Lun Yuan Gun playing chess with Su Po there.

As soon as she came up, two people stopped playing. Luo Yuan Gun looking at her asked: "Is everything okay okay with the Song family?"

Tan Su Su looked who won against them and said:

"Just that Song Yang Qing is gone. We only need the consent of the Song Shu, and this will mean that the Song family also agrees. Now the only question is Song Yang Qing. It seems that he has deep feelings, and this is not to the good of Niu Yu Tao. This aristocratic youth loves to achieve what they want. He will not do anything openly but secretly capable of all the tricks. Nothing should happen to Niu Yu Tao during this time. If something happens to him, then who can adequately explain everything to the students? When our students see that Tan Yi occupies the position of head of the sect, and Niu Yu Tao is in trouble, they will immediately think that this is the work of Tan Yi. The consequences will be irreversible. Brother Su, this business, can you take over? You should not allow Song Yang Qing to come to the peach source!

"M!" Luo Yuan Gun also nodded to Su Po.

Su Po stood up without saying anything and silently left.

Tan Su Su watched him go. Tan Su Su's gaze was firm. She did everything for the sake of the ascension of Tan Yi. Her husband died for the sect. Her son also died for the sect. Now her nephew died for the sect. She is ready for anything for the sake of the welfare of the sect. She will always protect the sect ...

"I'm - Tu Han! From now on, I'll be watching you!"

In the peach source, Cheng Gui Shuo and Xiu Yi Chan disappeared. Now, in front of Niu Yu Tao, a big one-eyed man was leaning on a crutch. He spoke in a loud voice, and he wore a sword scar on his neck.

Niu Yu Tao nevertheless began to look at him and noticed that the lame man had tanned skin, a rough face, and a curly mustache. Maybe because of the scar on his face, Tu Han seemed fierce. Such people usually simply bring children to tears with their terrible appearance.

"Thank you for the service. Thank you!" Niu Yu Tao politely took a box of food and thanked Tu Han.

Tu Han asked: "Anything else you need?"

Niu Yu Tao tried to find out: "And why did they change the people?"

 He was worried that Song Yang Qing would now mistreat him, and perhaps Song Yang Qing changed his guard.

To this question, Tu Han just turned around and left, not paying attention to Niu Yu Tao.

Niu Yu Tao did not find words. Another ignorer.

A few days later, around the peach source, everything became lively. A crowd of students of a higher purity sect came and prepared everything for a holiday.

On the other side of the cliff, Song Yang Qing stood and glared at all these preparations. He remained in this desert for so many years for the sake of Tan Yi. He guarded her. And now he had a little left to taste this fruit when suddenly a different one takes his fruit from him. And it would be nice if the other one is a student, but this is the pure hillbilly. How can he, the son of an aristocrat, endure this?

And now he will stand still and watch Tan Yi marry to Niu Yu Tao? The more he thought about this thought, the angrier he became. As a result, he could not stand it and went down the mountain.

Every time the same student delivers the food to the peach source. Only today, on a wooden bridge, he was stopped by Xu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo.

"Brothers, I was told that you do not need to be involved in food delivery."

That student politely said. Maybe these two students misunderstood?

Song Yang Qing was there. He jumped from the cliff, went up to him and, holding out his hand, said: "Give me the box, I'll check."

"This ..." that student was in a quandary.

Song Yang Qing, not paying attention to him, took the box, turned around, and went to the rock.

"Brother Song ..." that student became worried. Only Xu Yi Tian and Cheng Gui Shuo stopped him. Everyone knows the position of Song Yang Qing and the influence of the Song family. Even the three patriarchs fear the Song family. How should he go against Song Yang Qing?

Fortunately, Song Yang Qing checked the box and then returned and gave it back: "I looked. All right, go!"

That student took the box and left. However, in the distance, he found a quiet place, opened the box, and checked it. Indeed, everything was in place. It seems nothing has changed.

Then he reached the middle of the mountainside, where Tu Han was in one cave. The student gave him a box of food and left.

Tu Han opened the drawer, took a silver hairpin dipped it in a flask. There was white powder in this flask. Then he pierced the food with a pin in the wooden box and noticed how the area where he had stabbed the pin turned black.

* Poisoned! * - Initially, the fierce face of Tu Han became even angrier. His body flashed from the cave, and, after somersaulting, he jumped off a cliff of a height of 20 zhang. (Zhang = 3.3m). Tu Han below immediately grabbed this student and pressed him to the ground:

"Did anything happen on the way?"

That student did not know what was happening, and immediately told the story of Song Yang Qing.

"Follow me!" Tu Han pulled the student.