Heavenly Genius - Chapter 150



Several people looked at each other as if they were startled. They were amazed at the wisdom of Niu Yu Dao, and he is such a young guy!

Black peony asked, blinking her eyes.

"Lord Dao, what should we do?"

Niu Yu Dao: the Enemy has not only discovered us but also traced our path. So we need to hide here for now and not show up for a while!

Dun Hu: Lord Dao, I think we should let go of the horses and secretly hide on foot.

Niu Yu Dao: Since we were discovered, we will be well watched for a while. Whether it's an intermediary or a customer, everyone will follow us. Without knowing where the danger comes from, you should not put yourself at risk. Otherwise, we will encounter difficulties on the road. We need to wait here!

After saying that, he ignored the reaction and opinion of the others; he just leaned on the sword and slowly left.

Several people looked at each other. Yuan Fang turned to Duan Hu and Wu San Liang.

- Open the map.

A few people started looking at the circles of Niu Yu Dao in detail again.

They didn't understand some things, but they weren't stupid either. And when Niu Yu Dao was drawing out everything, they noticed everything, and now they were gradually digesting everything that Niu Yu Dao said. Black peony and the others agreed to take turns guarding the cave ... So the night turned to dawn.


On the mountain of Flowing clouds, in the Yongxiao cave, Yun Huang sat on a rock and cultivated, and HOU Qing Tian came over and presented him with 50 thousand gold. He was smiling.

Yun Huang furrowed his brows.

"What did you just say?" Was the object Niu Yu Dao?

HOU Qing Tian smiled. The chief didn't seem to think of Huangdi Dao as a brother at all, so he couldn't even remember his name. He decided to correct him.

"The head was wrong, not Niu Yu Dao, but Huangdi Dao. Who else could be so generous?

Yun Huang replied in a cold tone.

"Huangdi Dao is Niu Yu Dao. Niu Yu Dao is Huangdi Dao. The guy who killed the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Yang sun, the Moon, is a Nu Yu Tao!

"..."HOU Qing Tian almost bit his tongue.

"How is...is this possible?"

"Why is it impossible?" Yun Huang immediately briefly told him how it all happened. He took the bills and whispered to himself:

"There's a chase in the back, and they want to kill you in the front, too. How many people did this guy cross the road? He also dared to come to our mountain!

Seeing HOU Qing Tian droop a little, he waved his hand.

"Go away, and don't blame yourself. You didn't know anything. However, you don't need to tell Anyone about the ceremony. Although we are not afraid of anything, we do not need problems.

- Yes! HOU Qing Tian replied and immediately left the cave. As soon as it came out, it flew in one direction. When he met Niu Yu Dao at the turn, he might have said something that shouldn't have been saying. Now we need to tell the wards to keep their mouths shut…

On the second day, Niu Yu Dao, who was cultivating On the rock, came out of the cave. He looked at the evening dawn and headed for the mountain stream.

When he reached the river at the top of the gorge, he saw a wet head peeking out of the water.

This Black Peony was swimming in the river.

It was her turn to guard. However, she had not bathed for a long time, and, looking at the emerald pond, she could not stand it, took off her clothes and jumped into the cold water. She thought that since she was on patrol, no one should come here. Only who knew that at this moment, the sound of footsteps would be heard, and she would see Niu Yu Dao coming here.

"Lord Dao, don't come any closer! Black peony shouted.

Niu Yu Dao narrowed his eyes and realized what was happening. However, he ignored her and continued walking.

Black peony quickly grabbed her clothes and covered her body.

However, Niu Yu Dao calmly passed by and did not even glance at her.

"..."Black peony couldn't find the words. There are types. She threw off her clothes and continued to wash; only now she was flowing much faster.

As soon as she washed, she dressed and ran upstream.

There, near the cliff, she saw Niu Yu Dao leaning on his sword. He was admiring the evening light, and Black peony was watching his expression.

Niu Yu Dao turned to her and said calmly:

"I saw you, you caught me. Now we're even.

Black peony smiled and wanted to flirt with him:

"Lord Dao, when you passed by me, didn't you want to take a look?

"For what?"

"On me when I wash!" Aren't all men the same?

"What's there to watch?"

"Am I not beautiful?"

"You're black.

"..."Black peony stared:

"Is it a little dark?"

Niu Yu Dao: I Didn't look because you covered yourself with your clothes anyway. And so escaped notoriety… This explanation calms you down?

Black peony smiled and said: Quite. The Lord of the Dao, you are young and in the Prime of life, and you don't like women?

Niu Yu Dao: What do you want to say?

Black peony asked with interest:

- Do you have a favorite girl?

- No!

Black peony: How is this possible?

Niu Yu Dao: Why do you need all this? Do you want to marry someone, or amorous longing tormented that the old cow wanted to try fresh grass? (an old cow eats young grass (about the relationship between people with a massive age difference))

Black peony: to Woo, you first need to like someone. And as for the second one, our age doesn't match. Of course, if you don't mind being an old cow, I won't care either.

Niu Yu Dao laughed. He shook his head and remembered the resentful girl who had refused to spend the night with him at the Inn.

Black peony nudged him.

"What are you laughing at?" I'm serious! If you want to, you're young - I understand that. There are no girls around, and if you feel like it, don't say anything, find me, and that's it. Don't worry; I'm on my own. I'm not kidding you. Honestly.

Niu Yu Dao chuckled and nodded his head: I understand you!

Black peony: So do you agree or not?

Niu Yu Dao smiled thoughtfully.

"Guess what!

Black peony's eyes widened: You bastard! She turned and jumped off the cliff.

When it was already dusk, Niu Yu Dao returned to the cave. He noticed a Black peony sitting by the fire, roasting food. She acted as if nothing had happened. However, lei Zong Kang was looking at Niu Yu Dao strangely.

Niu Yu Dao walked over and sat down in the main seat. Yuan Fang, sitting there, stood up and tried to get closer to Niu Yu Dao. Then he spoke in his ear.

"Lord Dao, Black peony spoke ill of you.

Niu Yu Dao was surprised.

Yuan Fang whispered:

"When they were just talking, she said you were spying on her while she was washing." as he spoke, Yuan Fan watched Niu Yu Dao's reaction.

Hehe-Niu Yu Dao chuckled.

He looked at Black peony, who was acting as if nothing had happened. Although she knew what Yuan Fang had told him. Niu Yu Dao understood her. It was the only way she could stay in control.

Over the next few days, Duan Hu and Wu San Liang also looked at Niu Yu Dao strangely…

A few days later, the group left the cave. And when they came out on the road, they went back along the same path.

They drove without stopping. When they reached the post station, Niu Yu Dao waved his hand in front of it, and Duan Hu and Wu San Liang parted on both sides of the road.

They disappeared into the mountain forest, where they abandoned their horses and ran on foot in the post station's direction.

Niu Yu Dao and the others didn't stop. They went to the post office.

A few people got off their horses and went to eat, and Black peony also came over and arranged with the chief to change their horses.

When they had eaten and changed horses, the group set off again.

Only this time, they did not go far but went to nearby villages. When the group of travelers was out of sight, they again hid in the mountain forest.

Black peony and Yuan Fang stayed there, while Niu Yu Dao flew out of the mountain forest and headed back to the post office.

A window opened on the top floor of the postal station, and a kingbird flew up.

The groom looked around and then closed the window. Just then, Duan Hu shot out of the woods and through the stable boy's window. He landed near the window, opened the door, and rushed in.

Inside the room, the groom turned and was startled. He didn't even have time to make a sound before Duan Hu smote him.

Duan Hu stretched out five fingers and started releasing power, causing the groom to fall to the floor slowly.

After making sure that the stable boy was lying motionless on the floor, Duan Hu climbed out of the window, climbed onto the roof of the station, and waved in the direction of Wu San Liang. When he received a reply from Wu San Liang, Duan Hu returned to the room.

Niu Yu Dao noticed that Wu San Liang appeared near the post office, coming out of the mountain forest. Niu Yu Dao immediately ran to the back of the post office and saw Duan Hu through the open window. Niu Yu Dao immediately flashed and climbed through the window.

"Lord Of The Tao! Duan Hu folded his hands and spoke softly. He pointed to the groom on the floor.

"Just like you said. There are questions with this stable boy.

Niu Yu Dao: did you scare Anyone off?

Duan Hu: Lord of the Tao, don't worry. I didn't disturb Anyone at the post office.

Niu Yu Dao went to the groom and noticed that the groom had black blood on his lips. He was frightened, sitting on his haunches, and opened his mouth. Niu Yu Dao saw that the stable boy had bitten through a tooth cell.

Duan Hu was scared and hurried to put his hand out to save the stable boy.

Niu Yu Dao slowly stood up:

- Well. There was poison in his tooth. He didn't want to fall into the hands of the Enemy. You can't save him now.