Heavenly Genius - Chapter 151


The groom shivered, and black blood flowed from his mouth.

Duan Hu: Lord of the Dao, this is my inattention.

They had put so much effort into finding the spy that they lost him immediately.

Niu Yu Dao immediately threw the items on the floor and placed them under the dead man's neck so that the blood wouldn't seep down. Then, looking at Duan Hu, he said:

"It's not your fault. Who knew he'd be a suicide bomber…? However, be more careful next time.

- Yes! Duan Hu awkwardly nodded his head.

Niu Yu Dao looked around the room and then said:

- Look at everything here. Don't miss a single detail. Just remember the sequence!

- Yes! Duan Hu immediately started searching for all the items.

Niu Yu Dao wasn't idle either. He calmly wandered around the room and checked everything. At the top, he noticed the birdcages and started checking them.

Duan Hu turned the bed over and noticed the paper under the mattress. He opened it and was startled.

- The Lord of the Dao, take a look!

Niu Yu Dao, squatting next to the groom, raised his head, and took the image in his hands. Looking at the picture, he immediately narrowed his eyes. He stood up slowly and asked:

"Like me?"

Duan Hu: very similar. Especially the hairstyle.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the portrait carefully. He knew how to draw images himself, and he knew that he was an expert in painting. Looking at this paper, he realized that it was not a painted portrait, but a seal!

Looking at the slow flow of blood, Niu Yu Dao said:

- No more searching. Lay it out as it was, but the body away, and clean it up here, so it's clean. Then change your clothes and go back to this post station. Bribe some stable boy and ask about this man-who he is and where he came from.

- Good! Duan Hu nodded his head.

Niu Yu Dao took the portrait and went out of the window. And while there was no one on the street, he disappeared into the mountain forest.

When he returned to Yuan Fang and Black peony, Black peony immediately asked:

"Lord of the Tao, how?"

Niu Yu Dao took out the portrait and gave it to them.

Black peony unfolded the portrait, and Yuan Fang walked over and looked at it. When they saw the image, they immediately looked at each other.

"Lord Dao, did you get this from the post office?" Yuan Fan immediately asked.

And standing with his hands clasped behind his back, Niu Yu Dao was already lost in thought.

Although he had doubted earlier, after seeing this image on the post office, he was sure of his guesses, which caused painful thoughts to start appearing in his mind.

It was a seal! And printing is not used for a small number of images. This means that his portrait was printed in large quantities. And this means that someone is seriously engaged in it and wants to catch it!

And that stable boy who turned out to be a suicide bomber. Suicide bombers are divided into two types: the first are those who go to the death fight in the first rows; the second are those who go to the death, but will not give up the secret!

He has no enemies in the Zhao Kingdom, so either the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom or the song family sent for him!

Maybe both of them. You could have found out from that suicide bomber.

The song family could send cultivators after him, but not suicide bombers and secret agents!

He still had doubts a few days ago; how could he have been discovered in another realm? The song family certainly has power in the Yan realm, but it is quite difficult for them to spread their influence to another domain. It exceeds the capabilities of the family soon!

As a result, all the threads are drawn to one, and the answer itself breaks from the tongue. These are the secret people of the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom!

This number of portraits of Niu Yu Dao means that the Imperial house of the Yan Kingdom has spread its net and is already trying to catch Him so that it can kill him! This is the aftermath of the assassination of the Yan Kingdom's Ambassador!

However, he now did not doubt that it wasn't the song family who ordered it. And this explains why the customer didn't contact the Liuxian sect and others.

But as for the portrait. Niu Yu Dao did not yet know where the picture came from in the Liuxiang sect. Maybe the song family gave it to them, or they had a view like this. Perhaps the song family asked the Imperial house to start such a large-scale search, or the Imperial house itself took the portrait from the song family.

When lei Zong Kang, Duan Hu, and the others arrived, Duan Hu jumped off his horse and reported Niu Yu Dao:

"Lord Dao, I gave a few gold pieces to a stable boy and asked about the suicide bomber. His name was Zhao Da. He was a local groom and trained horses. The landowner liked him and helped him become a stable boy, so he arrived at the post office more than ten days ago.

"More than ten days ago..." Niu Yu Dao whispered and then said:

- Map!

A few people are already used to picking up the card. Yuan Fang took out a map, and he and Duan Hu stretched it out in front of Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao looked at the map. He looked at the postal network and thought that maybe it was he who stumbled upon the post office, where just was his seal. However, he knew that this was a deception. He just wanted it to be like this.

He didn't know if all the post offices in the Zhao Kingdom had a picture of him. And is this web spread in all States? He couldn't imagine exactly how strong one realm could be right now, so he was worried. After all, they needed to get into the Han Kingdom.

Of course, he could evade attacks or disguise himself, but continually hiding like this is not an option. And it is still unknown how many of his portraits were distributed throughout the realms. He couldn't hide like this all the time, which made him sad at heart.

"Duan Hu, Wu San Liang, and lei Zong Kang.":

"The three of you disguise yourselves and take three roads from this branch. On the way, visit each post station, bribe grooms, and learn about the likes of Zhao Da new grooms. Mark the postal items on the map. In three days, at this hour, meet me here!

He still didn't believe that every post office would be waiting for him. Yet, these are tremendous resources, and the Middle Kingdom is big. For example, the Kingdom of Zhao is so huge.

Three people did not understand what he wanted to do but folded their hands and said:

- Yes!

Nu Yu Dao: On the way, do not be petty and change horses. Hit the road now!

- Yes! - three people answered.

They immediately changed their appearance, then jumped on their horses and dashed out of the mountain forest. When they reached the fork in the road, the three men split up, and each went in their direction.

Niu Yu Dao did not stay in his place at this time. He began to go deeper into the mountain forest…

Chizhou City, Chuan residence, library office.

Chuan Shao Kang sat with a displeased face.

"Any other news?"

A stable boy suddenly disappeared from a post office. He went somewhere but didn't come back and wasn't seen at home. From the outside, it may seem that the person just disappeared. However, everyone here was alarmed because everyone knew the man's situation.

Steward of the house of Chuan Qiao:

"The post office is looking for him. They say maybe he got lost in the mountains.

Chuan Shao Kang: He just sent us the news and immediately disappeared? Isn't it too apparent a coincidence?

Chuan Qiao said doubtfully:

- He is only responsible for sending information and cannot assume other responsibilities. Among all the others, how could Niu Yu Dao identify him? This is unlikely!

Chuan Shao Kang slowly stood up:

- Hard to say. This Niu Yu Dao is not easy. As soon as I ordered his mountain of Flowing clouds, he could use his power to force the mountain of Flowing clouds to retreat and make up for the damage. Here, after seeing a part, you can guess the whole. Second, he showed up at the same post office and identified the same informant. This is already suspicious!

He came out from behind his desk, hands clasped behind his back, and strolled around the office, but stopped abruptly:

- We need to ensure security. Immediately inform people who are on the same task, so that they do not give themselves away. Let them do nothing yet and wait!

Chuan Qiao: Above…

Chuan Shao Kang: Perform! I explain it to them myself…

- Yes! Chuan, Qiao replied.


Three days later, at the agreed place.

In one gorge, Niu Yu Dao sent Black peony to meet Duan Hu and the others while turning to Yuan Fang:

"I'll go somewhere else to watch. You hide behind the road and follow them to see if they've brought anyone. If no one is there, go to the back of the ravine and light the firewood I gathered yesterday, and then meet them. If there is someone, you don't need to go back, but go straight to that place. We'll meet you there. Niu Yu Dao pointed out a place to him.

- Good! Yuan Fang understands it. He nodded his head and left immediately.

Niu Yu Dao looked around and then disappeared into the mountain forest.

Black peony met her friends and brought them back. Only the gorge was empty. They started searching everywhere for Niu Yu Dao.

Black peony even started shouting: Lord of the Dao, Lord of the Dao…

After a while, Yuan Fang's voice rang out:

"Why are you shouting?" The Lord of Tao has things to do. Back soon.

Several people turned their heads and saw Yuan Fang come out of the mountain forest.

After a while, Wu San Liang pointed in the direction of the back of the gorge:

- Quickly look! There's smoke.

A few people looked over and saw a column of smoke rising. Everyone immediately rushed up there.

When they reached the gorge's back, they saw a fire being lit, but no one was there.

And after a while, Niu Yu Dao appeared. He brought a washed and peeled pheasant and a wild hair that he had caught in the mountains. Giving it to Black peony, he said:

- Fry. Everyone worked hard; now, you can eat.