Heavenly Genius - Chapter 152


He asked Duan Hu and the others:

"How's the road?"

- Safe! Several people responded immediately. They took out maps and pointed to the post stations along the road.

Niu Yu Dao told them to put all the marks on one map. After that, they began to examine the plan in detail.

Three people marked more than 70 postal stations in 3 days. And among them were stations where more than ten new grooms appeared.

Even so! Niu Yu Dao became agitated. It turns out that there were more than ten agents on these three roads!

Although there weren't many people, Niu Yu Dao was still wary. He took out a charcoal pencil and began drawing circles around the new grooms' stations. He noticed that the post stations where potential agents appeared were mostly important post stations located at road forks.

Aha! Here comes the clue!

He drew more and more lines and circles on the three people's notes, causing chaos to appear on the map.

However, he didn't know if these people were assigned to another mission or to catch him.

Gradually, even others began to see the thread on the map.

Black peony said:

"That explains a lot. Lord of the Tao, look at this. There are many interchanges around these roads. If you follow these roads, most travelers stop at these stations. This is where it is more convenient to change horses. Putting your person there, so you do not need to involve a large number of people. It is enough to have your people at these stations, and then the entire area will be under control.

Niu Yu Dao nodded. She dispelled his doubts. Indeed, if one person were to be installed at each post station, how many would the Yan Kingdom require? And so, by distributing people, the Yan Kingdom saves a lot of money.

Yuan Fang blinked.

"So if you avoid these stations, you can avoid them.

Niu Yu Dao  : Not a fact. First, we don't know the exact situation. When we get to the post office, we can find out. Look, there are three post stations here ... " he pointed to one relatively long road.

"If they put people in two of the three stations, how do you know which station we need to go to?" More bridge crossings over the river - who knows where they have people there. Yes, on horseback, you will have to make a large circle go around everything unnoticed. Won't it tire the horses and us? Then it's better to walk.

Yuan Fang scratched his head and smiled. He didn't think about it.

Black peony and the others were perplexed. They didn't know where Niu Yu Dao was going if He didn't want to go on foot. So they're going to make a long trip on horseback. But where?

"There's one more thing. Who can guarantee that our assumptions are correct? Who can say for sure that in someplace, there will not be a hidden enemy?

Black peony: Lord of the Dao, then what do you think?

Niu Yu Dao said calmly: It is unwise not to pay for evil. Suppose you didn't know, fine. Now that we know, we need to uproot everything.

Duan Hu spoke doubtfully.

"Lord Dao, what can we-a few people-do?

Niu Yu Dao: Relying on our strength, of course, we can't do anything. We have before us a power that just a sect will not be able to overcome. The opponent's strength is so great that they can easily send out several top-level cultivators. If we advance on our own, we will find our death. At most, we will take a little more people with us.

Black peony: Then what should we do?

"Let those who can handle it take us on. Niu Yu Dao pointed at Duan Hu and Wu San Liang: could you complete it again?

Two people immediately replied:

- The Lord of the Dao listens.

Niu Yu Dao  : Ride to the capital of Zhao, ride non-stop. As soon as you reach the capital, find five people-the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Han, Zhuge Xiong; the Kingdom of song, Tu Huai Yu; the Kingdom of Jin, Chu Xiang Yu; the Kingdom of Wei, Su Pai and the Kingdom of Qi Zuo, An Nyan. After you find them, don't tell me much. Just reveal the secret network of the Yan Kingdom to them. You don't need to focus on someone. They will be wary and will check themselves. And of course, they will send messages to their realms to check their mail stations.

He initially didn't want to talk about the Han Kingdom because he was just about to go there. Only now the danger is everywhere. And what's the point of hiding something if he can't leave now?

As for whether this network is installed in all the realms or not, it is not so important. If so, it will eradicate the opponent's tentacles. If not, it will alert and frighten you. The enemy would then not dare to interfere with him, and Niu Yu Dao could safely go to the Han realm.

Now, as it turned out, he had a powerful opponent in front of him, so now he doesn't have the ability to face it alone.

Black peony and the others were surprised. They didn't know the ambassadors because the ambassadors weren't people of their level. But it turns out that Niu Yu Dao is already familiar with them. Indeed the circles of Niu Yu Dao   and they're very different.

Wu San Liang said excitedly:

"Lord Dao, I'm afraid that with our position, we won't be able to see them. Not that we can't see them, but we can't even see their doors.

Duan Hu also nodded his head. Ordinary people can't get to such ambassadors. There are higher cultivators around the ambassadors. So you can't get close to the day or night.

Niu Yu Dao  : Don't worry. When you come to them, say my name. Tell them I asked you to give them a message. They'll let you in.

Black peony and the others looked at each other and thought to themselves: "Are you that respected?"

It wasn't really about respect. However, when his name is mentioned, the ambassadors will immediately remember the case in Qingzhou. Niu Yu Dao knew that it was unlikely that the ambassadors would help him if he asked for something. However, if it is in their best interests, why not help?

Black peony asked: Lord Dao, after the case, where will we meet?

Niu Yu Dao pointed to a place on the map:

- In Beishan County. After you deliver the message, immediately head to Beishan County. There we will meet at the largest Inn.

- Good! The two men nodded their heads.

Niu Yu Dao wrote something on the paper. Everyone looked, but no one understood what was written there. Then he gave the letter to Yuan Fang.

"You disguise yourself and go straight to Zhaixing city. Find a shop there, Palace Vandon. Tell the landowner my name and ask him to forward a secret message to the ruler of Qingzhou. Then you don't have to come here, but go back to the Prince and wait for me there.

Black peony and the others looked at each other. Then there's the Wangdong Palace, the ruler of Qingzhou, and the Prince. It seems that the power behind Niu Yu Dao is considerable. No wonder five ambassadors can pay attention to it.

Only a few people didn't understand one more thing. The Vandong Palace is one of the most powerful sects of the Zhao Kingdom. Why didn't he tell them about the Three liuxian sects, the Floating clouds, and the Refinement mountain?

However, it does not matter what is there. From what he said, it was clear that the power behind Niu Yu Dao was enormous. This means that this power will also be behind them. After all, they are now with Niu Yu Dao, and this is much better than opening an austere sect. How many small denominations want to connect with powerful sects. Only this isn't easy.

Now they were all cheered up.

Only lei Zong Kang stood with his head lowered. He was ashamed. He blamed himself for being short-sighted and blamed himself for not listening to Black peony!

However, if you look at it this way, then he had no choice. The Liuxian sect put a lot of pressure on him.

And Niu Yu Dao also said this for a reason in front of them. He showed what forces are behind him so that these newly minted disappeared all evil thoughts, and now they are fully committed to work.

However, Yuan Fang froze:

- The Lord of the Tao, I can still find you then?

He certainly believed in the possibilities of Niu Yu Dao; for this path, he expanded his horizons a lot.

Niu Yu Dao shook his head:

"Did you forget the book I gave you at the Yaoyue Inn?" I can't keep you with me, and it's not convenient for us to contact you. I don't know how many people are going to stand up to us in the future. If we split up, I'll worry about you. Please get me some money; I'll need it on the way.

As soon as Yuan Fang remembered the *wild animal records*, he immediately shuddered.

- Good! But how can I contact you again?

However, when he remembered the money, his heart began to bleed. This guy is a waster!

Only in this regard, Yuan Fang was not his own master, so he put a heavy hand in his pocket and took out the money with difficulty.

"I'll figure something out on the way." Don't worry. Niu Yu Dao counted out 80 banknotes and handed them to Black peon. He gave the rest to Yuan Fang. Then he waved his hand.

- Good. Do as I say. Let's eat and hit the road!

- Yes! Several people nodded their heads.