Heavenly Genius - Chapter 153


As soon as a few people went about their business, Niu Yu Dao turned to Black peon and called her over. He pointed to his head, suggesting that she should brush it.

They moved to a rock and sat down.

Black peony couldn't help but laugh a little and picked up her hairbrush. She stood behind him and began brushing his hair:

- The Lord of the Tao, we are so close to each other. Aren't you afraid that others will think something different?

- Misunderstand? Niu Yu Dao chuckled: Thanks to you, everyone thinks that I spied on you when swimming. What else should I be afraid of?

Black peony was laughing and giggling on purpose to attract the strange looks of the others.

Niu Yu Dao closed his eyes. He thought of an ugly woman who had combed his hair so carefully and carefully. That ugly girl was much more discreet than this girl.


Qingshan County.

On a vast wide field stretched a vast military camp, on the banners of which the symbol *Shang*was emblazoned.

There was a constant watch around the camp.

A vast army was gathered at the borders of the Zhao Kingdom of the Qingzhou region. The massive troops of the southern part of the Yan Kingdom also gathered at the edges. Taking advantage of the moment, Shang Chao Zong captured the entire Qingshan County in one attack, and his troops occupied the borders. Thus, Shang Chao Zong posed a real threat to the ruler of the southern region, Zhou Shou Xiang.

Shang Chao Zong's action has thrown the entire Yan Kingdom into confusion, and internal turmoil is now a great danger. The Imperial court had to send people to negotiate.

After several negotiations, Shang Chao Zong temporarily stopped the attacks. The warriors Quanhai are now tired. And even if they capture new areas, they do not have the strength to hold them.

In the distance, a mounted troop rode with a * Feng * flag flying from its flagpole. Feng Ru Nan rode at the head of the party with a silver spear on a white horse. And behind her rode more than ten cultivators with swords.

There was a creaking sound, and the gates of the military camp opened. The Palisades were removed, and the horsemen rode in. A group of people came out of the main tent. At the head of them was Shang Chao Zong, followed by Shu Qing. She no longer wore a veil over her face. In wartime, no one paid attention to her stain.

Feng Ru Nan stopped the horse, dismounted, and threw the spear to her subordinates. She took long strides toward Shang Chao Zong. When she was almost at his side, she took out a sure arrow from her belt, knelt on one knee, and passed the needle on her two hands to Shang Chao Zong:

"I did as I was told. The revolutionary troops of Syan County are destroyed. I specifically came to report to the commander-in-chief about the execution of the order!

Shang Chao Zong took the arrow and passed it to LAN RUO ting, who was standing nearby. Then he lifted Feng Ru Nan with both hands, and looking at Her dirty face, he said with a sigh:

- My wife is exasperated!

After the official part, does he treat his wife like this in front of everyone? This made Feng Ru Nan uneasy. She even staggered a little and freed herself from Shang Chao Zong's hands.

"Commander-in-chief, if there are no other orders, I take my leave.

Chao Zong smiled and released her.

LAN RUO ting said to the nearby Shu Qing:

"Princess, can you help the Princess rest?"

Shu Qing came out and said politely:

"My brother's wife is tired. Let's go wash up.

As soon as Feng Ru Nan saw Shu Qing, she immediately began to smile. She pulled her towards her, and she and Shu Qing left with a smile.

Being ugly is useful. Many are wary of her, and few girls will be jealous of her.

As for Feng Ru Nan, she even started to sympathize with Shu Qing. She tried every day to ignore the Shu Qing stain in every possible way.

And the more Feng Ru Nan got to know Shu Qing, the more she realized how unfair the sky was. How can you!

Feng Ru Nan found out that Shu Qing had quite a good character. No matter what talent, figure, or temperament, Shu Qing was excellent in everything. Only the smudge on his face marred the whole picture. How can this be?!

From the border Outpost, too, very soon there was movement.

The gates of the border Outpost opened, the Palisades were removed, and more than ten horsemen rode out. They were going down the mountain road to the plain, to the vast army.

At their head rode a single rider in a black cape. His face was white. This was GA Miao Shui.

Not only was he a senior Palace eunuch, this time he came as a negotiator from the Yan Kingdom.

The group stopped at the gate of the camp. They dismounted and entered on foot.

As soon as they passed the gate, they were banned from the channels. Then a man led them to the central ward.

In the tent, the primary map with the layout of the troops was tightly closed. Shang Chao Zong sat with his back straight, and Bai Yao stood beside him, holding his sword. There were also disciples of the Heavenly jade sect. They looked at the newcomer with predatory eyes.

Anyway, Chao Zong still belongs to the Royal family, so as soon as GA Miao Shui walked in, he immediately folded his hands and said:

- Greetings to the Prince!

Chao Zong replied in a cold tone.

"What else is there to talk about?" Conditions are set. If you agree, then fine. Do not decide, then we will talk on the battlefield!

GA Miao Shui stood up:

"Prince, it is impossible to agree to your terms fully.

Chiao Zong: we Disagree, what else can we talk about?

GA Miao Shui: the Imperial house has said the last word. It is impossible to admit Zhou Shou Xiang's guilt. Qingshan County will go to the Prince - the Imperial house can agree to this. But it is impossible to acknowledge this to the entire celestial Empire publicly! Apart from these two points, we agree with the rest. We are ready to compromise on this. If the Prince continues to demand, the reputation of the Imperial house will be ruined. Then the Imperial house will have to deal with the Prince on the battlefield. Then it will be possible to see how long the Prince's men can hold out!


Chiao Tsun stood up quickly. He glared at GA Miao Shui.

LAN RUO ting hastily stopped him:

"Prince, his Majesty is still your uncle. Since he's already made some concessions, maybe we should do the same!?

After making a compromise, both sides agreed. That was the end of it.

Looking at this with their own eyes, the cultivators of the Heavenly jade sect rejoiced inwardly. Their sphere of influence has increased, and now they have almost absorbed one County!

Taking the agreement slowly, GA Miao Shui looked at Chao Zong awkwardly:

"Some things are better left in the house. If there is a commotion, it will not be useful for the Yan Kingdom, nor will it benefit the Prince. The Imperial house won't be so compliant next time. The Prince knows the consequences perfectly well. I hope I meant it, the Prince understood!

LAN RUO ting said with a smile:

- Is grandpa GA talking about a 100-thousand-strong army?

Like he said, Ha, Miao, Shui, and Bai, Yao have changed in the face. They didn't think that LAN RUO ting would talk about such a secret in front of everyone. What is this?

And Chao Zong was calm.

LAN RUO ting burst out laughing and said:

"Grandfather GA, there are some things I would like to enlighten you about. When the Prince was framed and put in prison, you knew better than I was waiting for the Prince. Someone wanted the Prince dead! So I had to use my position to spread a rumor about a 100-thousand-strong army of ravens. If it weren't for this rumor, I'm afraid the Prince wouldn't have lived to see this day!

GA Miao Shui narrowed his eyes, and his cheeks trembled. He pulled back the hem of his Cape, turned, and left.

Before leaving, he stopped suddenly again and looked at Chao Zong. He remembered song jumping's words that they were letting the tiger go to the mountains!

After seeing GA Miao Shui off, the sword-wielding Bai Yao immediately said:

"Mr. LAN, I'm a little confused. What did you say?

LAN RUO ting slowly turned around and looked at him:

"It's simple. One hundred thousand ravens don't exist. They weren't there! When the Prince was in danger, we had to deceive him to save him. And when we left the capital to escape the death blow of the Imperial house, we had to trick you into supporting us. But now we've taken Qingshan County, isn't that bad!

Bai Yao was a little confused. They deceived the sect of the Celestial jade!

He slowly approached Chao Zong:

Prince, some jokes are better not to joke with us!

Chao Zong was calmly silent.

LAN RUO ting walked up to him:

- Mentor! The sect of the Celestial jade is something lost? What losses did you suffer? None at all! On the contrary, you have only benefited. Did the Prince do a lousy job for the Heavenly jade sect?

"The Prince is no weaker inability than Feng Ling Bo. Feng Ling Bo has been in power for so many years and has expanded his territories for the Heavenly jade sect at that time? The Prince had only been in Cang Wu County for a few months and had already captured a County for the Heavenly jade sect! If the Heavenly jade sect refuses the Prince, how many denominations will want to take him in!?

"Prince Feng Lin Bo is related to the husband of the daughter of the head of the Heavenly jade sect. And the Prince is the husband of the head's granddaughter. We are all also one family; what should we share? Especially a Prince from the Royal family. With the correct placement, the speech will flow smoothly. And its origin can be very beneficial for the sect! More terms with Qingzhou. They prefer to have a Prince in Qingshan. Why does the coach need to give up Prince? Why shouldn't the sect give the Prince a chance?

Bai Yao couldn't say anything at this moment. Yet in such matters, he was not his own master. He will do whatever the teacher says.

He realized that now Chao Zong dared to reveal all his cards. Now he's bolder!

Bai Yao slowly turned around and left.

The other students looked at each other in confusion and then also left.

It wasn't long before Shu Qing entered the tent. Feng Ru Nan was still washing, so she left it.

"I just saw the mentor's puzzled face. Did the negotiations with the Imperial house fail? Shu Qing asked worriedly.

Chao Zong sighed and said:

"We told you about the Raven case. Now the cult of the Heavenly jade knows all of our cards.

Shu Qing was silent. She understood why Bai Yao was puzzled.

LAN RUO ting said with a smile:

- No matter how much has already been done. Everything will be fine! We took Qingshan, Lin Feng, now Bo will not be able to pull off the Prince. The Prince is now independent. Now we have a new life waiting for us.

"Calculated the wedding with Feng Ru Nan, borrowed the Kuangai troops, settled in Cang Wu, took care of Qingzhou, negotiated an Alliance, and now we have quietly absorbed Qingshan! Shu Qing softly reminded.

The two men nodded in silence. Chao Zong sighed and said:

"The Lord of the Tao has indeed done a great thing!

Shu Qing lightly walked to the door of the tent and looked at the bottomless sky. She whispered:

"I haven't heard from him in a long time. How is he?