Heavenly Genius - Chapter 154


"Good, very good!

B the house of the ruler of the County Quanhai, Feng Lin Bo looked at the report and said happily:

- Arrange a quick exit. I want to see for myself and explore Qingshan County.

The steward of the Shaw Nian household bowed and said:

"Master, can you talk to your wife first?"

Feng Lin Bo: What to say? Doesn't she want to see her daughter?

Shaw Nian once again, helpfully repeated: Master, you can still consult with your wife.

Feng Lin Bo furrowed his brows, looked at the nanny Show, and asked:

"Does she have anything to do?"

Shuo Nian did not speak but only bowed.

Feng Ling Bo walked around the table, looked at it for a while, and then left.

When he reached his wife's room, he saw Peng Yu LAN and the two daughters-in-law. After Feng Lin Bo greeted the two daughters-in-law, He said:

- The Nanny show is acting weird.

Peng Yu LAN asked in surprise: What's strange?

Feng Ling Bo: After receiving news about Qingshan County, I wanted to go and set up a patrol there. Only the Nanny Show doesn't want that.

Peng Yu LAN: Why do you need to set a watch?

Feng Lin Bo: I'm thinking of just who to leave there. Senior Ru And or second Ru Jie? They can both become masters there. If one goes there, he will rule the County there, and the other will remain to lead here.

Peng Yu LAN understood her husband's idea. He wanted to give the reins to his sons, but he wanted to stay in the shadows and rule from there.

"Husband, it's better not to go to Qingshan. Peng Yu LAN said with a soft smile.

Feng Lin Bo: there is chaos In Qingshan. I want to see the situation there myself and sort it out.

Peng Yu LAN: Isn't Chao Zong with Ru Nan there? They will be able to cope with Qingshan.

Feng Lin Bo waved his hand:

"There are many poor people in Qingshan, how many years they have suffered there! Chao Zong and Ru Nan are only warlords. They have no experience. What can they do? If I leave them, I won't be satisfied. Especially a son - in-law-he is a son-in-law. At most, he's half a son. I certainly can't hurt my daughter, but my daughter has already found her family. It is better to pass Qingshan to Ru And or Ru Jie. Don't worry; I won't hurt these spouses. After all, Ru Nan is my daughter.

Some things don't need to be said in front of strangers.

Peng Yu LAN was silent.

Feng Ling Bo stared at her: Are you hiding something from me?

Peng Yu LAN slowly raised her head and sighed:

- The husband, forget about it. Leave Qingshan to the spouses!

Feng Lin Bo furrowed his brows: What nonsense!?

Under these circumstances, it is already difficult to hide anything, so Peng Yu LAN said awkwardly:

"There aren't any troops of 100 thousand ravens at all!

Feng Lin Bo's face changed: What do you want to say?

Peng Yu LAN: Father says that Ru Nan is his granddaughter, and Chao Zong is also his son-in-law. We are all one family, so Qingshan is left to them!

Feng Lin Bo froze. He said sourly:

"What's the joke?" Soldiers and supplies from County Quanhai! I'll talk to my father-in-law! He turned and was about to leave.

Peng Yu LAN grabbed his forearm and shook her head.

"Forget it, husband. It's useless. This is the desire of the Heavenly jade sect. Father may be the head of the sect, but he must look at everything through the sect's eyes and not favor anyone.

Feng Lin Bo: What nonsense? They are spouses-my subordinates. They have no experience in management. If there was chaos in Qingshan, what good would it do the Heavenly jade sect?

Peng Yu LAN: in a few months in Tsang Wu, they put things in order. The older adults of Ning WAN appeared-kind and experienced veterans. And this LAN RUO ting is quite a talent!

Feng Ling Bo furrowed his brows and asked angrily: whose side Are you on?

Peng Yu LAN replied with a bitter smile:

"These are not my words, but my father's! It doesn't matter where I stand. It is important on which side of Qingzhou. Hai Ru Yue runs Qingzhou and is Chao Zong's aunt. And she only recognizes him. If the ruler of Qingshan changes, then She will stop pressuring the capital, and Zhou Shou Xiang will put pressure on us. And forces Quanhai not enough to keep the two counties. Then we will not lose what Qingshan has failed, but we will even be in danger ourselves…

Only the last words Feng Lin Bo didn't hear. Remembering the 100-thousandth army of ravens, he seemed to understand something.

His face turned pale. Feng Ling Bo pursed his lips and began to whisper:

- The cub has the heart of a wolf... The cub has a wolf's heart… He deserves to be Ning Wang's son! A tiger won't give birth to a puppy… Good! Good! Took my daughter…I'm the one who brought the wolf into the house - " he suddenly put his hand to his chest and rolled his eyes. He was staggering about to faint.

It was a good thing that Peng Yu LAN picked him up and began to let power into him with her palm, leveling his qi. Her tears flowed freely…


Palace of the ruler of Qingzhou. Garden, Lotus pond. Yuan gang was standing there as straight as an arrow.

Behind him, there was a pavilion where two maids accompanied Hai Ru Yue.

Seeing the back of the yuan Ghana, Hai Zhu Yue smiled Flirtily:

"Brother Yuan, come here!"

Yuan Gan turned his head, turned around, and started to climb. As soon as he entered the pavilion, he nodded his head:

- Princess.

"Don't be so formal, brother. Sit down! Hai Ru Yue walked forward, grabbed  Yuan Gang's hand, and wanted to lead him.

Yuan Gan pulled his hand back. He wasn't used to being led back and forth by women like this. Especially a widow.

Hai Ru Yue smiled and looked at him while giggling. She didn't know why she could feel the powerful male qi seeping into her through her pores when she was standing next to this man, causing her heart to pound even harder.

She had seen many men in her life, but this was the first time she had ever seen a man with such a robust male qi. He just immediately involuntarily stands out from her. And the more she was with him, the more she noticed that this man is not like everyone else. He's not like that at all!

If he doesn't want her to pull it, then she won't insist. Hai Ru Yue pointed to a chair for him.

Yuan gang sighed and sat down, while Hai Ru Yue took a stool and sat down next to him.

Hai Ru Yue noticed that he didn't mind, so she smiled to herself. From the very beginning, she began to approach him. This hard, unapproachable man didn't want to talk to her at all and reacted to her like a Scorpion's venom. Now, however, he was slowly getting used to it.

Yes, and Hai Ru Yue returned the favor. She allowed Yuan Gang almost anything he asked for and even allowed him to walk freely in the Luzu courtyard.

Hai Ru Yue tilted her head:

"There are no outsiders here. You're leaving!

- Yes! The girls answered and left.

Hai Ru Yue personally poured the wine for yuan Gan, gLancing coquettishly at yuan Gan now and then. She couldn't take her eyes off Yuan Gang's painted face! This hot brute.

"Come on, brother yuan, let's have a drink together!" Hai Ru Yue raised her glass.

Yuan Gan remained motionless and did not raise his glass at all.

"Doesn't brother yuan want to have a drink with the Princess?" The Lord of Tao sent a letter to me!

She didn't say much, but touched her cherry lips to the glass and drank it ultimately. Then she took a letter from her sleeve and placed it on the table.

Yuan gang immediately took out the letter, opened it, and saw familiar handwriting. No one could understand these characters.

He looked at the contents and thought for a moment.

Hai Ru Yue asked him:

"What does it say?"

"The Lord of Dao wants the Princess to write a letter to the Imperial house. In the Zhao Kingdom, some hindrances need to be removed..." Then he added: After completing the task, the Princess needs to send a person to Beishan County. An extensive coaching Inn, let him on the roof, hang the bastard! (Safflower, American saffron, wild saffron, dye Thistle (Latin: Cárthamus tinctórius) is an annual pLant; a species of the genus Safflower of the Aster family, or compound Flowers. Ancient oil and dye culture (in Ancient Egypt, it was used for staining bandages during mummification).)

Hai Ru Yue nodded her head: Understood. She raised her glass again.

Yuan Gan understood that the Lord of Dao was in trouble right now. How could he sit and drink wine with her now, so he refused to say:

"Princess, you'd better get busy!"

Regarding this matter, Hai Ru Yue was no less worried about him because Niu Yu Dao helped her solve a big problem and is now working for her. However, she didn't like the way Yuan Gang reacted. She drank the Cup of wine herself and turned it over, showing yuan gang that the Cup was empty. Yuan gang poured more wine for her.

Hai Ru Yue started drinking Cup after Cup, causing her cheeks to turn red, and her eyes were already drunk as she looked at Yuan Gang. Yuan Gang stopped pouring it for her. The Princess didn't get lost and started to pour herself some wine.

Yuan Gan grabbed her wrist and said sternly:

"Princess, you don't need to drink anymore. You take care of business!

Hai Ru Yue looked at him with bleary eyes:

"When a man and a woman give or take something, they shouldn't touch each other, what are you up to?" Do you want to insult me? Don't expect anything good from men!

Yuan Gan relaxed his hand, picked up the Cup, and threw it back.


The Cup fell into the Lotus pond.

Hai Ru Yue stretched out on the table and began to laugh out loud. It was a long time before she raised her head and looked at yuan Gan and said:

"I'll tell you the good news. Shang Chao Zong took Qingshan!

Yuan Gan: Princess, we must complete the Lord of Tao's task as soon as possible!

Hai Ru Yue said with a smile:

"Do you know what connections we had with Shang Chao Zong's father?" He was my first man!

"..."Yuan Gan froze. He thought he imagined things.

Hai Ru Yue took a jug of wine and started drinking wine directly from the jar. Then she looked into the distance, her vision becoming hazy as if it was passing through time:

- I was 16 at the time. My parents cruelly sent me to the Yan Kingdom as a hostage. You don't know how scared my brother and I were. I cried all the way. Princess, what's the big deal? When I arrived in the capital, because of my beauty, only if a person was influential enough-they could immediately reach out and take me!

"Do you know Tun Mo?" Current Minister of Public Affairs. Then I was captured and brought to his office like a lamb in a box. However, then the door suddenly opened, and one person hit him. No-one stopped him. The man then kicked Tong Mo several times. He beat him until he bled. Do you know who it was? Exactly! Shang Jian Bo! He came from the border and reported to the Emperor. I haven't seen my relative yet. He didn't even take off his field armor when he heard I was in trouble! That was the first time I saw him. He was my Savior!