Heavenly Genius - Chapter 155


"He appeared in dusty armor and saved me. I remember this picture for the rest of my life! His murderous aura immediately filled the room. He was like a God to me! Then my brother was also in the capital and endured sorrows and humiliations. When he found out that Shang Jiang Bo saved me, he was not happy about my rescue, but I might seduce Shang Jiang Bo! He did everything for self-preservation!

After saying this, Hai Ru Yue picked up the jug again and sipped the wine.

"He rode a horse in the desert day and night in the hot sun. When he was more than ten years old, he was already leading the campaigns. And when he was over 20 years old, that's when I first saw him. At that time, he was already a Mature and authoritative person! And his older brother Shang Jiang Luo is the current Emperor of the Yan Kingdom. He dealt mainly with the Affairs of the Kingdom. That's how it was with them. One was engaged in military Affairs, the other in government Affairs.

"As for his brother, my brother and I also went to Shang Jiang Luo. Only Shang Jiang Luo was different. He looked at the relations of Ministers and other court people and did not want to harm anyone, so the consequences of asking for help from him could be imagined.

"My brother, after Shang Jiang Bo saved me from Tong Mo's hands, saw a ray of hope in the form of Shang Jiang Bo. He noticed that Shang Jiang Bo was not like his older brother. He told me to seduce him. Though I was disgusted by the thought of having to draw for survival, I had not rejected that idea. After all, when Shang Jiang Bo carried me out of the Tong Mo residence, I already fell in love with Shang Jiang Bo and therefore began to look for opportunities to get close to him.

Shang Jiang Bo understood my plan but tactfully refused. And then even began to avoid. At that time, he already had a wife and an older son, but Shang Chao Zong was not there yet. However, I didn't pay any attention to it. I didn't need the position. I just wanted it so badly. As a result, any hero can not resist beauties' charms, and I got what I wanted. We were together.

Yuan Gan could not find words. They are cousins who are obtained… However, in such a violent time, even marriages between siblings were customary. Also, nothing to be surprised at.

- Then the situation in China changed. The Yan Kingdom, under pressure, was forced to respond to the demands of the Zhao Kingdom. In the end, we waited for the day when we could go back. Only then I didn't want to go back; I only wanted to be with Shang Jiang Bo. But my brother wouldn't let me think about it. He said that I am a Princess of the realm and definitely can't become a concubine. Otherwise, the Zhao realm will be disgraced!

"Back then, I truly loved Shang Jiang Bo and even secretly hid in the mountains. In winter, alone. I felt hungry and cold. Then Shang Jiang Bo personally took people, and when it was snowing, he still found me. Then I was moved. I thought that he wanted to stay with me forever, but who knew that he would decide to take me back to my homeland in a carriage personally.

"It was snowing heavily then. He rode motionless in front of my carriage. I shouted at him that I hated him!

"The person I loved the most hurt me the most!"

Speaking of this, Hai Zhu Yue came the tears. She remembered those days.

Yuan Gan sat quietly as if nothing had touched him.

- After I returned to my homeland, I always heard from him. How quickly it rose. How he became the commander-in-chief of the Uli and YinYang guards. How it shook the whole celestial Empire!

"And my parents, the Emperor and Empress, to appease Xiao Huang of Qingzhou, decided to marry me to his son Xiao Be Shang, my late husband.

"It wasn't long before Xiao Huang died. Xiao Be Shang took over the administration of Qingzhou. Later, my father, the Emperor, died. The brother sat on the throne and, following his ambitions, wanted to kill the Prince and even decided not to let go of his younger sister's husband!

"I didn't expect him to let him go either!" When our parents sent us to the Yan Kingdom, they said it was for the country! When my brother forced me to go back, he also said it was for the country's sake. When they forced me to marry the sick Xiao Be Shang, they also said it was for the country's sake. Always for the sake of the country…

- Then I gradually began to understand that you should not rely on anyone; you need to rely only on yourself. I couldn't hope for them anymore. So I contacted Shang Jiang Bo and asked him to help me in memory of my past feelings. In the end, he won an agreement in the Imperial court, led troops to the borders, and brought fear to the Zhao Kingdom. In the end, they moved away from Qingzhou and let me go. That's when the Vandong Palace gave me meaning!

- They did everything for the country! Now my brother probably wishes he'd killed me in the first place. And the reason for the course will be the same. For the sake of the country!

"On the other hand, if I had stayed with Shang Jiang Bo, nothing good would have happened either. Shang Jiang Bo… You must have heard what happened to him. If I'd stayed with him, I'd probably be dead too! – she was talking and crying and laughing. Then she grabbed the wine jug and drank again.

Yuan gang took the wine jug from her and threw it into the pond. Then he stood up and said indifferently: Lord Dao does everything for you. You don't need to ruin your own business.

After that, he turned around and left.

Hai Ru Yue pursed her lips. What an inhuman man!

When she raised her head, she could no longer see Yuan Gang.

Later, she told her subordinates to call Zhu Shun and instructed him about the Niu Yu Dao case.

When she had made up her mind, she staggered back to her room. When she returned to her room, someone grabbed her around the waist near the door.

She turned her head and saw the elder of the Vandong Palace, Li Wu Hua. He had already moved his hand to a place where it was not usually allowed to touch a woman.

"I hear you've been getting closer to this yuan gang lately. Did you fall in love with him?

"What is it?" That Niu Yu Dao is a talented person. I want to get a better look at the people who are close to him.

"You're mine!"

"It's easy to tell her to be yours." You take me in marriage! Princess of the Kingdom of Zhao! Dare you? Hardly. M...

Then they threw her on the bed…

Lush Courtyard.

Yuan gang walked in a depressed state back. Networks are spread throughout the Zhao Kingdom. It seems that the Yan Kingdom is very angry with the Lord of Dao. The Lord of the Dao is in danger!

When he returned to the manor, he saw Wei Duo standing at the door.

"The Lord of the Dao is in danger. We can't wait any longer. I can't lift your ban yet. We'll think about it later, but now I have to act!

Wei Duo nodded: Good!

Yuan Gan: you pack your things quickly, while I arrange everything. As soon as there's a commotion, you take the opportunity to run! Then I'll find you. We'll meet on the street!

- Good! Wei Duo nodded his head.

- Perhaps the noise will be extreme, you do not get lost and do not worry, and immediately run away. Got it?

- Pppp.have panel! Wei Duo nodded his head many times.

Yuan gang immediately took the jug and left the courtyard.

Wei Duo quickly began to collect the clothes in the drawer.

Yuan Gan picked up the wine jug and went to the ornamental garden.

After looking around calmly, he squatted down and took out a thing wrapped in black oil paper from under a decorative mountain that had a small cave. He opened it, took out one of the ropes, and pressed it to the ground.


He began to pour black sand into the jug, which he took from under the ornamental garden's wall. When he put enough sand in the jar. He picked up the jug and strolled toward one of the arbors. On the way, he slowly poured out black sand from the pitcher, leaving a black streak behind.

So he reached the stairs and stopped there.

Yuan gang placed the jug beside him and felt for the fire stick in his bosom. It was only at this moment that he noticed two maids appear in the garden. He waited until the two maids were gone, he opened the fire stick, blew on it, and then threw it on the ground.


Smoke appeared, and the black sand sparkled. The sparks went down the road as Yuan Gang disappeared into the forest.

"Bang!" came a powerful explosion. The decorative mountain exploded and flew in all directions.

Yuan Gan disappeared behind a large tree in the forest grove. Mighty rocks could be seen flying past him. Rocks smashed almost everything.

The entire Luzu courtyard was shaking. Everyone who was sitting or walking here suddenly felt a shiver.

This shaking just scared people.

What kind of movement is this? Wei Duo was also scared at first, then took the bundle and ran out. Cultivators were flying from all directions. They were looking towards the cave, and each of them did not understand what had happened. A lot of people passed here. And of course, no one at this time cared about those who left the courtyard.

As soon as yuan Gan ran out of the Luzu courtyard, he immediately went to the street. On the way, he met a huge crowd of people who were heading this way and were looking towards the explosion and the black smoke rising in the Lush courtyard.

- Tol….just now...

At the beginning of the street, Yuan Gang met Wei Duo.

Yuan gang grabbed his shoulder and said softly:

"We need to seize the moment and leave the city while we still have time before the city gates are closed!

The two people immediately started moving at high speed.

After enjoying the***, Hai Ru Yue, who was drunk and dozing in her sleep, heard a thunderclap inside the ruler's Palace. The ground shook. She woke up immediately, got up naked, took her clothes from under the bed, and ran outside.

Only the sky was clear. There was no hint of thunder. She saw the maids and asked them:

"What happened?"

The maids only shook their heads. They didn't know anything…