Heavenly Genius - Chapter 156


An alarm sounded within the city walls.

Yuan Gang and Wei Duo had already left the city and looked back. They saw the city guards already closing the gates, not letting people in or out.

Wei Duo was overjoyed. It was a good thing that Yuan Gang had taken out a map beforehand and found the most extreme path to the city gate. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to escape.

"Let's go!" Yuan Gan called out to him and reminded him:

"There should be more security on the road in all directions soon. You may have to move towards the mountains for a while.

- No.no..no...nothing! Tol..tol....tol...just now you ... you...you...what did you do?

- Not understand. You talk a lot.

Lusu Courtyard.

One palanquin accompanied by guards arrived at the scene of the explosion.

Hai Ru Yue came out and saw a large Pit on the ground. A decorative garden that once was here has already disappeared. Many trees and plants also disappeared. Many trees were uprooted, some were broken off, and the arbors that were around were smashed. Buildings that were a little further away were only hit by shrapnel.

Li Wu Hua was already here. He stood in front of the pit and stared at it, puzzled.

Hai Ru Yue walked Up to him and asked doubtfully: Elder, what do you think?

Li Wu Hua shook his head.

Hai Ru Yue: even the elder didn't see anything like this?

Li Wu Hua raised his Head to the sky, thought for a while, and said:

- We can assume that a meteorite fell from the sky and crushed the earth!

Hai Ru Yue also looked at the sky and then looked at the pit. Did she ask doubtfully: a Meteorite?

Li Wu Hua: he Must have smashed everything.

"So that's it! Hai Ru Yue nodded her head, then called the house Manager Zhu Shun and quietly instructed:

- Spread the news that a meteor fell from the sky and smashed everything here. This is a happy omen of heaven! Make a meteorite and put it on public display. We need to eliminate all possible inappropriate rumors!

- Yes! Zhu Shun reacted immediately.

Li Wu Hua turned his head and looked at her with a smile. This woman knows how to manage. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to pass everything to the sect.

Hai Ru Yue looked around and then asked the person in charge of the Luzu courtyard:

"Did anyone get hurt?" Is Mr. yuan Gan all right in the Western courtyard?

The person in charge replied in a weak voice:

"He's gone!"

Hai Ru Yue stared: What do you mean disappeared!?

Responsible: I took the opportunity and ran away!

"Escaped?" Hai Ru Yue chuckled coldly:

Even for a weak person, on which was placed the ban, are unable to discern? She waved her sleeve and was about to strike.

Immediately, the other subordinates in charge ran up and began to beg her to calm down.:

- Princess…Princess…

The Princess paid no attention at all. Hai Ru Yue then called a commander:

"Close the city gates and find him for me!"

The commander replied with folded hands: Reporting to the Princess. As soon as there was an explosion, we closed the gate.

- Good! Hai Ru Yue said approvingly:

"We need to find these people at all costs!"


There was a post office across the winding river bridge.

A group of warriors, led by a bearded officer, were heading for the station. The officer rode, swaying on his horse, and behind him were 100-foot soldiers.

They stopped at the post office. The officer got off his horse and went inside the station with more than ten soldiers.

The stationmaster immediately got up to meet him. He folded his hands and said with a smile:

- It turns out the centurion van visited us. Where is the master going?

The bearded officer answered lazily:

- Where am I going to do your mind thing? Set two tables for us.

- Good! Wait a while. The chief answered immediately, then waved to one of the grooms.

The bearded officer sat down at the table with another man. This warrior took a Cup of wine and drank some.

At that moment, one of the grooms was passing by with a faggot on his way to the kitchen. The warrior saw the groom and immediately put the Cup on the table. He took a rope from his belt and followed the groom. He quickly caught up with him, threw the rope over the groom's face, and held it between his mouth. The warrior acted deftly and skillfully.


A Pile of firewood fell. That stable boy wanted to resist, but several warriors immediately surrounded them. They grabbed the groom by the arms, shoulders, and legs and pulled him down. They just immobilized the stable boy.

The stable boy growled: Whoo…

Only the rope was so tight around his mouth that he couldn't speak properly.

The post office people froze in place. Outside, the remaining warriors also went inside, drew their bows, and aimed at all the post station people.

And the stationmaster stared and asked in a frightened voice:

"Master, what does this mean?"

Centurion Wang drank a Cup of wine, got up, went to the groom, and asked:

"Is this man a new groom?"

The Head of the station nodded his Head:

Yes. I don't know what he did wrong.

The centurion grinned and waved his hand, saying:

"Search his room!"

A group of people immediately went to search his room.

It wasn't long before a cage containing the king of birds and a portrait was pulled out of the room.

"Sir, we found it!"

The centurion looked at the king of birds, then at the portrait.

"It turns out you have a problem." Defuse it, and be careful that it doesn't kill itself!

Immediately, someone came up to the lying groom and pulled his head. Then he inserted an iron rod into his mouth, thus opening his mouth more open, then he forcibly grabbed the tooth with the tongs. There was a grain of something in the groom's tooth. The man started to pull the tooth out forcefully. More precisely, not the tooth, but the seed that was installed in the tooth.

The groom's mouth began to bleed very quickly, so after the poison was extracted from the tooth, the groom was covered with a rag. The scout was lifted and bound tightly.

The other warriors reported that they found nothing else.

Someone brought a horse. The centurion mounted it and began to lead the men out.

The stationmaster ran up and, folding his hands, asked:

"Master, what's going on?"

The centurion did not pay any attention to him. But then, after a moment's thought, he pointed at him with the string.


- uh. The stationmaster froze. It was as if he heard the hint in his words, so he immediately took a gold coin from his sleeve and held it up with both hands:

"My brother worked hard. This is for wine!

The centurion initially smiled, but then turned somber and said, pointing at the stationmaster with a string:

"This man may be an accomplice. Take him away too!

- Sir! the stationmaster groaned and was immediately pinned down as well.

This wasn't just happening here. Not only in the Kingdom of Zhao. But also in all other kingdoms besides the Yan Kingdom.

This was an unprecedented precedent. Many scouts were caught at post stations. At this time, many people were brought under suspicion, especially the families of scouts. Many families died or went bankrupt during this time…

Chizhou City. One cart was leaving the city. She was speeding along the highway.

In the carriage, Chuan Shao Kang opened the curtain and looked back. He saw Chizhou disappear. Pulling back the curtain, he said, shaking his head and sighing:

"I probably won't see this city again."

The steward of the house, Chuan Qiao, who was sitting next to him, said:

"We are the people of the Yan Kingdom, is it wrong to go back to our native land now?

Chuan Shao Kang: What's good? I've lived here half my life. How much blood you've spilled? And now to let it go?

Chuan Qiao: Master, you need to act promptly. We may have failed, but the damage will be more significant if we lose you as well. Then our network will be in danger. It is a great joy for the Yan Kingdom that you will return!

Chuan Shao Kang smiled bitterly:

- In this case, because of my mistake, how many people died and their families?... When I left home, my father was just a minor official. Who knew that in 20 years, he would reach such a high position.?

Chuan Qiao understood him. If there had been another person in Chuan Shao Kang's place, he would have been punished, but Chuan Shao Kang, on the contrary, was praised and called back to his homeland and prepared a place for him. This means that there is a massive force behind Chuan Shao Kang. And his failure, thanks to that person, was a stroke of luck that no one dares to say anything against Chuan Shao Kang!

- The Head, probably this time, will appoint the master to a different position! Chuan Qiao folded his hands and said: I didn't live up to the master's expectations this time either!

The relationship between the two people was not that of a master and a servant, but more like a Manager and a subordinate.

Chuan Shao Kang thought:

"The Yan realm is getting worse and worse. Where is it going? Then he shook his head and changed the subject:

"I don't know when I'll be able to see my family.

Chuan Qiao: Master, don't worry. They gave an order from above. They've been on the road for days. It must be that as soon as they reached the borders of the Yan Kingdom, they would immediately go to the capital. The Head will not look calmly at his offspring if something happens to them.

The carriage stopped, and two people got out. Chuan Qiao let him know, and the carriage continued.

Two men strolled up the hill and lit a fire. Chuan Qiao then took out a porcelain flask and sprinkled it on the fire, causing thick smoke to rise from the fire.

Chuan Shao Kang turned around and looked towards Chizhou:

- How many brothers and their families died! I'm running like this… Niu Yu Dao, I'll remember that for you!

At this moment, a huge black eagle descended from the sky. A mighty wind blew as he fell. This eagle was 1 Zhang tall.

One cultivator jumped off the eagle. He determined both men's position, put them on an eagle, and flew down the hill, leaving the fire to burn out…