Heavenly Genius - Chapter 157


Capital of the Yan Kingdom. The song family residence. Song jumping was sitting in the library, locked from the inside, and didn't come out.

Outside in the courtyard, Sun Chuan was pacing back and forth. He had just returned from work and hadn't even changed his clothes when he came here and asked:

"What happened?" I hear your father hasn't been out of the library for half a day?

Lu spoke softly: He got the news. Intelligence received a lot of damage. All the grooms stationed at the post stations in all six realms were suddenly captured.

The song family in the entire Kingdom had their own eyes and ears.

Sun Quan was afraid: How is this possible? Did it affect my father?

In any case, the decision to establish such an extensive network in all the realms that the intelligence service made came from the song family. And the damage that intelligence received was tremendous.

Liu Lu: The Exact situation is still unknown. Also, in Qingshan County, the Imperial family suffered a loss. Now you can imagine the mood of the Emperor. I hear his Majesty is cursing the world right now. Moreover, we don't know what Mr. Mo Bin will say. The master, as soon as he received the news, immediately closed in the library.

The Xiaoshi division is the intelligence of the Yan Kingdom. The other realms must not know about it. Mo Bin was the head of this Department.

Sun Chuan said in a low voice:

"Does Mo Bin want his father to take all the responsibility?" Yet the Xiaoshi Department is under the influence of his Majesty. And without his Majesty's agreement, how could such a thing be allowed? Did the father address the master?

Liu Lu: Xiaoshi's Department didn't let him in. After that, the gentleman went to the Minister of public works' residence, but the Minister's attitude after that became worse to him.

Sun Chuan: what does this mean? Can't the Minister do anything too? And he really can't protect his father?

: You can't blame the master for that, either. The master did not think that this would be so difficult. He was asking the person above and wanted to know what happened. Who gave them away? Where the leak came from. The Minister mentioned that the Xiaoshi Department had suffered a lot of damage and told the master not to bother him anymore about this matter.

Sun Chuan didn't understand. He asked: What does this mean?

Lu replied: This is a big question. One thing is sure. Where there is trouble, there must be a responsible person. Someone needs to be punished!

There are many people in the Imperial Palace. Sun Chuan's eyes widened as he said:

- Someone wants to punish for this case?

Liu Lu nodded his head: anyone who wants to punish is at least as strong as the Minister.

Sun Chuan understood. The intelligence network has suffered a lot of damage, and now someone must take responsibility. You can't leave it like this. Otherwise, if you do not punish for mistakes, then lawlessness will reign. And then everyone will break the law without fear of punishment.

There's got to be a scapegoat in this case. Either this is Mo Bin or someone who is connected with such an assignment. Guess who is not difficult.

Sun Chuan growled, "They want to punish my father!"

Liu Lu tried to calm him down: The Minister will probably protect my master.

- Nonsense. My father has already retired. He has no position. And will they stand up for him now? This is just a joke to the chickens! Will he be forced to accept public responsibility? How is this possible?

Sun Chuan turned and looked at the closed library. He understood his father's feelings, though, and gritted his teeth.

I want to find out who's behind all this.

Lu bowed his head. After all, the person who puts pressure on his father is also not weak and has mighty powers.

After all, it can be said that he blocked access to intelligence. And now they can be charged with anything, but Nothing can be done in response.

"I told you, you shouldn't have given up your position as chief justice so quickly. Now the father without a post is entire without protection! Sun Chuan tossed his sleeve. This news also caused problems for him. Everyone is not an idiot and knows whose son he is. Someone is fighting a battle against them.

Liu Lu hurriedly said: Hush, the walls have ears!

Sun Chuan said with displeasure, " Yes. We need to keep it a secret. When a tree falls, the monkeys run away!

Just then, a man came up from outside. It was none other than sun Shu. He brought a secret message.

Sun Shu walked up to them and passed them a message:

"Wang Heng sent people to get his daughter. He wrote this letter. She says her daughter is still young. They can't, as parents, see that their daughter will continue to live like this. So, they hope that the song family will agree to remarry!

Sun Chuan opened the letter, and indeed it was written there. It was clear that they had not consulted them, but had already made a decision.

Liu Lu looked at the letter and stiffened like sun Chuan.

At this point, Wang Heng decided to cut ties with them. It seems that the Emperor's entourage already knows about this. Van Hen's seal is proof of that.

It's normal for Wang Heng's daughter to want to get married a second time. Only now, at this time, this behavior clearly shows that Wang Heng is throwing stones at the person who fell into the well.

Only they can't refuse now. If the song family refused now, it would just give Wang Heng a reason to despise and humiliate them.

- We need to check. Who started putting pressure on our family! We still need to find out what happened in intelligence! Sun Chuan said in a firm tone.

As soon as Song Shu heard him, he knew that Wang Heng's case was not as simple as it seemed. He asked doubtfully:

"What happened?"


The rays of sunset slanted across Qingshan County. They also fell to the veil of Shu Qing, who was walking in the city walls.

She received news that yuan Fang had returned to Cang Wu County. Only he had returned, and there was no one in Cang Wu County, so yuan Fang went to Qingshan County again. And as long as he passes the mountain road, he should arrive by evening.

Shu Qing had been walking under the city walls for an hour and was waiting for him.

Didn't she know that means the arrival of the yuan Fang? And Nu Yu Dao? Did something happen?

In Cang Wu County, they couldn't mention yuan Fang and Niu Yu Dao.

A cloud of dust suddenly appeared in the distance. Shu Qing started looking at it and happily noticed that it was yuan Fan.

The rider rode up to the inner borders and stopped in front of the gate, as a gentle and gentle voice came from the walls:

"Abbot Yuan Fang!

Yuan Fang raised his head and greeted her with a smile:

"Grand Duchess!

Then you didn't have to introduce yourself. He was immediately admitted to the gate.

Seeing the dusty yuan Fan, Shu Qing politely asked: Abbot, are you tired from your journey?

"Nothing, Nothing. Yuan Fang waved his hand happily.

Shu Qing extended her hand, inviting him to the tower to rest.

As soon as they entered the tower, Shu Qing brought everyone out and poured tea for him. As soon as yuan Fan drank one Cup of tea, only then did she ask him:

"Abbot, why are you alone?" And the Lord of Tao?

Yuan fan immediately Replied: The Prince has already broken off relations with the Lord of Dao, how can the Lord of Dao return like this?

Shu Qing paused for a moment and then asked again: is the Lord of Dao back but not showing himself?

Yuan Fan waved his hand: no. The Lord of Tao has things to do. He is now with one group went to do this job, and I was sent here.

"A gang?" Shu Qing asked: what happened?

Yuan Fang slapped his thigh: a Lot of things. The song family sent high-level cultivators from 3 sects after us. They chased us all the way. Not only the song family but also the Imperial family. They used a lot of forces and wanted to encircle us. It's a good thing that the Lord of Tao is enlightened; otherwise, we would have met the Buddha long ago! "

Shu Qing listened carefully, and her heart was filled with anxiety. She asked:

Yuan Fan scratched his head and continued:

"The Lord of Dao has taken many risks along the way, and now he doesn't want many people to know the details of our journey. Otherwise, we will only increase the risk. Princess, don't make my life difficult.

"..." Shu Qing was at a loss for words. However, she wasn't the type to question people.

Only yuan Fang's words caused her heart to feel a great deal of unease. Three sects and the Yan Kingdom sent so many people to search for him! This is how dangerous a situation he is in.

"If it's so dangerous, why hasn't the Lord of Dao returned?" Why are you the only one? Shu Qing asked.

Yuan Fang: is the Lord of the Tao, the person who will not respond to evil? He was beginning to answer them. So, he sent me to find help. I didn't want to leave myself, but I had to find help.

Shu Qing: to Ask the sect of the Celestial jade? "if so, she'll be begging for him now."

Yuan Fang waved his hand. Would the heavenly jade sect be able to Eliminate everything quickly? The Lord of Dao had already contacted the six realms, and I was in charge of the Zhao realm. As soon as I completed the task, I had to come back here. The connection with the Lord of Dao was lost, but he told me to go here.

Shu Qing froze. Six kingdoms? And you are in charge of the Zhao Kingdom?

Will the six kingdoms listen to you?

- Princess. I hear my monks are here, too. I'll check on their classes. It won't be useful if you keep me here all the time! Yuan Fang quickly drank the Cup and left immediately.

He sputtered. He must have been in a hurry.

However, his calm appearance calmed the feelings in her heart a little.