Heavenly Genius - Chapter 158


Outside the city of Beishan County.

Three horsemen were riding out of the city. They passed the Inn and just entered the rice fields. Then, after crossing the fields, they reached a mountainous area. Suddenly there was a whistle. The three riders turned their heads and saw lei Zong Kang standing on the mountainside, waving at them.

Black peony, Duan Hu, and Wu San Liang immediately stopped, turned their horses, and rode up to him. Black peony turned her head and asked:

"Why are you here?"

Earlier, Niu Yu Dao had told her to go to Beishan city and find Duan Hu with Wu San Liang, but the place where she left was not here.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps, and a silhouette appeared from behind the hill and stopped near lei Zong Kang. Niu Yu Dao looked at them. Lei Zong Kang also jumped on the horse.

"Lord of The Tao! Duan Hu and Wu San Lian clasped their hands and greeted Niu Yu Dao joyfully.

Though they - a single cultivator, but it is worth it to see Nude Yu Dao, as is the feeling of isolation they had gone. Next to Niu Yu Dao, they became more confident.

- You must be tired on the way! Niu Yu Dao narrowed his eyes at them, then looked at the Black peony.

Black peony said: The Lord of the Tao, I saw Something. In the Inn and hanging lanterns, there was a flower hanging near one of the rooms.

Niu Yu Dao nodded.

Duan Hu also added, " Lord Dao, we saw many people from the post stations arrested on the way. We found out from the grooms, and it looks like they were our people.

"Let's go!" Niu Yu Dao smiled and turned his horse around. So, they moved on.

He found out all about it on the way. It was only necessary for any groom to throw a trifle, as he told everything in detail.

Therefore, he immediately realized that Hai Ru Yue had done everything as he asked.

Of course, Niu Yu Dao could have reported the spies at the stations to the local authority himself, but who knows who he might find. How will this official be faithful to the Kingdom of Zhao, as far as he is incorruptible? Therefore, Niu Yu Dao couldn't take such a risk. These were troubled times, so people in search of profit are capable of a lot.

Besides, wouldn't an official believe Niu Yu Dao's words? He will first check the information of Niu Yu Dao, and this takes time.

He didn't know what would happen in this case, so he immediately turned to Hai Ru Yue. If Hai Ru Yue takes action, he will solve everything quickly. Here is the result.

So, they moved on. The group followed Niu Yu Dao day and night.

Although there should be no problems with the post stations now, the group stayed overnight in the desert or mountains just in case. It was only when it rained that they stopped at the post stations. At the same time, they tried not to contact anyone.

It rained heavily again that day, and eventually, the group stopped at the post office also.

Thunder rumbled outside. In the room where Niu Yu Dao was taking a bath, the window was open, and he was looking at the scenery outside. He set the jug down next to the sword and occasionally sipped wine. Only when the water-cooled he got up, changed his clothes, and tapped the wooden wall twice.


Soon Black peony came in. She looked at the furniture, then called to the servants to take the bathroom away. A took a comb herself and started combing Niu Yu Dao's hair.

"It's raining hard outside. Why don't you close the window? Black peony asked.

Niu Yu Dao answered slowly:

- Listen to the wind, listen to the rain, look at the wind, look at the shower.

Black peony couldn't find words. After she brushed his hair, Black peony took his clothes and went to wash them. It's Something she's been used to doing for a long time.

The others were already used to this order and thought that this was the way it should be. They even believed that Niu Yu Dao and Black Pony had sex.

At this moment, Niu Yu Dao lay down on the bed in his clothes, put one hand under his head, and in this position began to fall asleep.

It wasn't long before Black Pony returned from washing her clothes. She placed a Cup in front of Niu Yu Dao.

Niu Yu Dao opened his eyes and asked,

" what is it?"

Black peony: Sugar frost.

Niu Yu Dao waved his finger to indicate that he wasn't interested.

Black peony just found an excuse and came here.

- Outside, the rain is not constant. Sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn't. Can we stay here today?

Niu Yu Dao opened his eyes, looked outside, then looked at the Cup in Black Pony's hand.

He asked: Ask at the post office if they have meat?

"Like pork?" Black peony answered doubtfully. Did it seem to her?

- M! Nu Yu Tao nodded.

Black peony: I just saw how they cut up the pork.

Niu Yu Dao stood up and headed outside: I'm buying you a drink today.

"... " Black peony didn't understand him.

Then she guessed. Niu Yu Dao went to the kitchen. It looks like he's going to cook the food himself.

Black peony began to persuade him:

"Lord Dao, why do you need to cook yourself? After all, you can ask the postal workers.

Niu Yu Dao looked at Duan Hu and the others who came out behind them and said with a smile:

"You're lucky. Today I will show you a secret cooking method. In this world, only two people know about it.

As soon as he said this, several people followed him into the kitchen. They drove the grooms out.

Niu Yu Dao told his charges to find ginger and garlic. Before that, yuan Gan said that some products are right here. You can only find them in the pharmacy, but even then, they will not be suitable for food.

Niu Yu Dao pulled out a knife and started carving the pork. His movements were beautiful and agile. At the same time, he lit the oven and washed and peeled the vegetables. He also passed the kitchen dishes clean.

When the boiler on the stove got hot, Niu Yu Dao threw in the meat, or preferably pork fat, and occasionally stirred it with a spatula. After that, he added ginger, garlic, and other spices that were found.

Black peony and the others looked at him in confusion. They already thought, maybe Niu Yu Dao used to be a chef?

The stew made fat. Then he took out the sugar frost, broke it, and threw the pieces into the butter.

Black peony and the others were at a loss for words. How can you beat that? How can butter be mixed with sugar?

After the sugar dissolved, Niu Yu Dao added more meat and started roasting it. At times, he sprinkled ginger and other spices on top.

Very quickly, a fantastic smell spread throughout the kitchen, which whetted everyone's appetite.

Several people already believed that this was indeed a secret method.

Black peony looked at lei Zong Kang and said:

"We'll have to make sure none of the grooms come near."

She didn't want anyone to know about this secret method.

There's sauce left in the pot. Niu Yu Dao threw in more fish and also fried it in this sauce. Then he added herbs and used pork fat for this, too. It couldn't be helped; there was no other oil.

Niu Yu Dao then nodded his head to Black peony. He showed her how to cook.

After that, Niu Yu Dao left everything and left.

- This is one of the ways to earn money. Clean up everything nicely. You can't leave any tracks! Black peony, said Duan Hu in a whisper. She was afraid that someone else would find out Something about this secret method.

Inside the hall of the post station, a bunch of people gathered. They smelled the delicious smell and watched curiously as several people carried the dishes.

After that, the small group began to eat dishes and drink wine with a great appetite.

Niu Yu Dao still tried a little and stopped eating. Whatever it was, he was eating better food. It was a pity that there were no everyday ingredients. What came out of it, I did. However, Black peony and the others pounced on the food like hungry wolves. Their eyes glittered. They had no idea that the greens could be so delicious.

The grooms looked at them doubtfully. Can food be so delicious? However, it smells great!

The stationmaster asked,

" could you see how they cooked?"

One chef shook his head.

I do not know. I only know that they added medicinal herbs.

The chief could not find words:

- Is it possible to eat medicinal herbs like this?

The table was empty, though. Duan Hu and the others ate everything.

Even Black peony forgot about manners and rules of tone and ate as well as men.

When Wu San Liang had eaten everything, he said:

"Lord Dao, on the Eastern side, the Beizhou region of the Han Kingdom is right next to it.

He recalled this because if they were going to the Han Kingdom, then Beizhou is the current domain of the Han Kingdom. However, it was previously the land of the Yan Kingdom.

Niu Yu Dao smiled coldly:

"When the time comes, you'll find out. Then he got up and left.

Everyone knew that a High purity sect was now established there under the protection of Shao Deng Yun.

Black peony looked at Wu San Liang and scolded him:

- Like to eat, why are you talking nonsense?

Wu San Liang was surprised:

"What did I say wrong?"

Black peony: Why did you remind me about Beizhou?

Wu San Liang was surprised: what did he mention?

Black peony said with displeasure:

"You already know the position of the Lord of Dao, and why are you talking nonsense again? Didn't you know that the high purity sect is now in Beizhou and that the Lord of Tao is from the high purity sect? Why are you putting salt in his wounds?

Wu San Liang's face changed, and immediately said in a whisper:

- Let slip. I didn't mean to.

On the second day, when the rain stopped, the group set off again. Niu Yu Dao jumped on the horse and froze in place from what he saw. He had just seen the black cauldron on lei Zong Kang's back and the bag on San Liang's back. Duan Hu also came up with pumpkin and other vegetables.

"What are they? Did you decide to take the kitchen with you? » Niu Yu Dao frowned and asked,

" what are you going to do?"

At this moment, Black peony ran up and threw Something into the bag for San Liang, laughing and saying:

- It'll come in handy on the way…

"... " Niu Yu Dao was at a loss for words.

"These people have nothing to do? Don't get tired on the way? »

He immediately rode forward.

Well, the others followed him as before. Only the constant sounds of the rumbling cauldron irritated Niu Yu Dao.