Heavenly Genius - Chapter 159


Niu Yu Dao got angry, couldn't stand it, and decided to ride behind.

"Lord Dao, I'm going to buy some vegetables!"

On the way, someone spoke at the sight of a town or a post station and immediately jumped for food. Soon he was coming back with meat or vegetables.

Niu Yu Dao was at a loss for words. Although the meat looked attractive, it wasn't the kind of cultivator he had in front of him.

Once he was standing over a cliff and looking at the night sky, and at this time, a pleasant smell was spreading below. The meat was turned over in the cauldron.

Black peony and the others were very interested in this secret method of cooking. They only had one cauldron, so only one could cook each time. So, they took turns cooking. And when someone reached the queue, he went to get food.

Niu Yu Dao noticed that their speed had noticeably slowed down. However, what is surprising if they bought food and prepared food at any opportunity.

Niu Yu Dao gradually got used to this, as well as the clink of the cauldron and other utensils on the way. He even thought that if he got the chance, he could show them a different recipe.

The four of them had completely changed in terms of food. When they had the opportunity to eat at the post office or in a tavern, they preferred to buy their food and cook.

Still, their journey was long and tedious, so Niu Yu Dao ignored their Hobbies.

So, they left the borders of the Zhao Kingdom and entered the walls of the Han Kingdom…

Among the emerald mountains, a group of more than 20 people rode on horses. At the head of them rode a young man in white clothes with a black Cape, followed by half the cultivators and half the soldiers.

They went up the mountain, and the young man waved his hand and stopped. Following behind, the cultivator asked:

"Senior master, what is it?"

The young man drove a little way, sniffed it, and then, looking around, said:

"do you feel it?"

Behind him, two cultivators sniffed the air and then shot straight up from their horses. They headed straight in the direction of the smell.

Between two mountains, where a mountain stream flowed, Niu Yu Dao and the others stopped.

Black peony was stewing meat in the sauce. Their campfire gave off a fragrant smell. Sitting next to him, Niu Yu Dao couldn't find words. So many days and always eat such meat. Aren't they tired of it?

Suddenly, two people descended from the sky. Several people turned their heads and noticed two middle-aged men looking at them.

Niu Yu Dao slowly stood up and became alert. It looks like these two cultivators are of the Jin Dan level.

It is not known whether they are friends or enemies. Black peony and the others were doubtful, could it be the song family who found them?

The two cultivators looked at the languishing wing in the cauldron and clasped their hands, asking:

- Can I ask what's in the cauldron?

Niu Yu Dao waved his hand: Please!

One cultivator came over, grabbed a roasting wing, and sniffed it. A robust and fragrant smell hit him in the face. He broke down and said approvingly: It must be delicious. What is this? How did you prepare this?

Niu Yu Dao walked straight up to the two people and asked with a smile,

" We haven't seen each other before.

The two people looked at each other and immediately, without saying anything, shot up. They flew away.

Now everyone was sure that they were Jin Dan cultivators!

Black peony and the others sighed. They were left and right. So, they won't cause them any problems.

Only who knew that soon they would hear the sound of horses and a group of horsemen would ride up to them. A young man in white calmly and elegantly rode up to them.

Niu Yu Dao and the others were wary. They saw two Jin, Dan cultivators, in their formation. Only now, there were even more cultivators.

Also, among them were government soldiers.

Black peony and the others began to regret. They shouldn't have cooked here. It looks like their cooking has attracted uninvited guests.

The young man threw off his cloak, dismounted, and, accompanied by a guard, approached the fire. He folded his hands and said:

- We smelled a delicious smell so that we couldn't resist. We wanted to broaden our horizons and find out what smells so good. I'm sorry to bother you.

He immediately greeted Niu Yu Dao, noticing how Black peony and the others involuntarily reached out to Niu Yu Dao. That young man immediately identified Niu Yu Dao as their head.

Niu Yu Dao politely replied, also folding his hands: Yes, Nothing like that. Just don't know where the high-ranking guest came from? the

the intelligent young man replied: Shao Ping Bo from Beizhou.

Niu Yu Dao pondered. Beizhou and the surname Shao. He couldn't help but ask,

" are You the ruler of Beizhou?"

Shao Ping Bo replied with a smile:

"It's my father!" I see you are an extraordinary man. But where are you from?

He didn't flatter Niu Yu Dao. Niu Yu Dao was the youngest among their entire group, but he was also the most important. This meant that he was truly a gifted person.

Niu Yu Dao was at a loss for words. He did meet Shao Deng Yong's son…

"I'm not a high - ranking person, just a messenger from Zhang San. I have just received an order from the official Zhuge, so I am going back to the capital to carry it out.

Although he was talking nonsense, Black peony and the others were not surprised. After all, it was unclear who was in front of them. Friend or foe. Therefore, it would be better to protect yourself with a position.

- M? It turns out that you are the people of dignitary Zhuge? Shao Ping Bo nodded his head. He sniffed the air and fixed his eyes on the cauldron.

I don't know if anyone can try Shao?

Nu Yu Tao smiled: Good. Since Mr. Shao wants to, I won't dare refuse. But it's not cooked yet, so Mr. Shao should wait a bit.

- Of course. Shao Ping Bo nodded his head.

Behind him, the men all dismounted. He asked Niu Yu Dao again: I Don't know precisely the Zhuge dignitary asked brother Zhang to do?

Niu Yu Dao realized that Shao Ping Bo wanted to make sure of his situation.

"Nothing like that. Recently, the official Zhuge passed the news to the capital. After that, every postal station was searched. Now the money is requesting details. Only the letter doesn't explain everything, so the official Zhuge sent me.

Shao Ping Bo was a little scared:

"The grooms' business?" This is the news from Lord Zhuge?

Niu Yu Dao counter-asked,

" Is something wrong?" Does Mr. Shao have any other news?

Shao Ping Bo waved his hand and didn't want to talk about the matter anymore. Looking at the unruffled Expression of Niu Yu Dao, he seemed to believe in Niu Yu Dao's position. Then he asked again:

"Brother Zhang seems to be a cultivator too. I don't know what sect you're from.

Niu Yu Dao initially thought of naming a sect of the Han Kingdom. Only, he didn't know that he knew Shao Ping Bo. So he said with a smile:

"Not one of them. I'm just a single cultivator.

Shao Ping Bo only chuckled. It is not known whether he believed him or not.

The meat was already cooked in the cauldron. Black peony placed the cauldron on a rock, and Niu Yu Dao waved Shao Ping Bo over.

However, one of the soldiers came over and sprinkled white powder on the meat. He was testing the food for poison. When he found out that the food was all right, he nodded his head.

Immediately, another soldier brought gold chopsticks to Shao Ping Bo. He took the chopsticks and, without ceremony, grabbed a piece of meat in the cauldron.

He slowly brought the piece to his mouth, sniffed it, and then bit it. Shao Ping Bo slowly chewed the meat with his eyes closed and then said with a sigh,

" it's greasy, but not cloying." Exquisite fragrance!

However, he then gave the wands back to the subordinate. He tasted only one piece of meat, then waved at the others:

- Try everything. This is delicious food!

He didn't even care if Niu Yu Dao would allow it or not.

More than 30 people came over and tasted the meat a little. So all the food ran out. Shao Ping Bo glanced sideways at the others. In some things, these people know their place.

When everyone tried it, Shao Ping Bo looked at the Black peony:

- My sister is a good cook!

Black peony modestly replied: Mr. Shao over-praises. The real master is Mr. Zhang. I follow him.

Shao Ping Bo turned and looked at Niu Yu Dao: brother Zhang, can you come with me to Beizhou?

Niu Yu Dao looked at him blankly.

Shao Ping Bo explained: I'm going to invite an important guest and would like you to show us your skills there.

"What? Do you want to pick me up on purpose so that I can serve as a cook for you?" Niu Yu Dao replied with a stony face,

" I have state duties. Unfortunately, I won't be able to meet the master's expectations.

Shao Ping Bo: Don't worry. It's not fair. You don't even need to enter Beizhou. And you have a long road, and Nothing will happen in one day. And if the Zhuge dignitary or the Imperial house finds out anything, then blame it on me.

"If Mr. Shao needs a cook, then take her. Is she good at cooking? All right? Niu Yu Dao pointed at the Black peony. It's not that he doesn't want to be a chef, but he doesn't want to go to Beizhou, especially with such an arrogant Shao Ping Bo.

If it weren't for his strength, he wouldn't even offer the Black peony to him.

Shao Ping Bo: I'm asking for a dear guest, and I need the best cook. Brother Zhang, there's no need to refuse. That was the end of it!

He turned around and didn't even let Niu Yu Dao say anything. So, he left. I mounted my horse and rode on.

Black peony cursed under her breath. I wanted to appear modest, but in the end, I passed the Nude Yu Dao.

Several cultivators surrounded Niu Yu Dao and the others.

- Please!

Once in this situation, Niu Yu Dao and the others had no choice but to follow them.

The cauldron and other dishes were still there, but Black peony and the others had already lost interest in cooking such yummy food. This will be a lesson for them.

As soon as they left the mountains, they headed back. Only they did not go to the Zhao Kingdom but turned in the direction of Beizhou.