Heavenly Genius - Chapter 16



letting the enemy off to catch him

Cornered prey will often mount a final desperate attack.  To prevent this, you let the enemy believe he still has a chance for freedom. His will to fight is thus dampened by his desire to escape.  When in the end, the freedom is proven a falsehood the enemy's morale will be defeated, and he will surrender without a fight.


Tu Han led the student not along the main road, but along a narrow path to the patriarch responsible for the law.

Patriarch Su Po tactfully and calmly questioned the student and then said:

"Don't tell anyone about this. Got it?"

That student did not yet understand what had happened, but he definitely knew that it was connected to the box of food. He guessed that Song Yang Qing did something. If he had not talked about Song Yang Qing, then would this have caused such a reaction. So he nodded quickly. "The student understood."

Su Po waved his hand to leave.

Tu Han, after making sure that the student left, turned around and came up leaning on the crutch. He said in the hoarse voice:

"Patriarch, our sect of the Highest purity, is a pretty famous sect. Once one student began to act so vilely, are we really so easy to let him go?"

Su Po was silent for a while and then asked: "Investigate? How do you want to investigate?"

Tu Han angrily said:

 "Song Yang Qing, having the support behind him and knowing that a sect of the highest purity would not go against his family, so he dared to act so brazenly and meanly. According to the laws of the sect, if the patriarchs let him go, then this would be a wrong thing!"

Su Po slowly closed his eyes: "You understand better than others that after the destruction of Ning Wang, who was pulling us to him, now every sect looks at us predatorly. However, they are all afraid of the Song family, which supports us. If not for them, then our sect would have been destroyed long ago. The imperial court destroyed Ning Wang, and we were left without his support. And can we now go against the Song family? The Song family should only show everyone that they are no longer connected with us, as other sects will immediately fall upon us. And who is more critical, Song Yang Qing or the sect of the Highest purity?"

Tu Han, with fierce hatred, said: 

"Patriarch. The sect of the Highest purity for the Song family has not played an essential role for a long time. And only the fact that Song Shu is the sect of the Highest purity sect is the reason for their concern. However, they are already behaving arrogantly. Now the Song family is just waiting for the opportunity to abandon the sect of the Highest purity. And they certainly do not think about how to protect the sect of the Highest purity. And sooner or later, they will abandon the sect. The student offers to quit everything now and disappear for a while. A do not wait here when death comes to us!"

"It's good that you only tell me that. Do not say this to anyone else, and especially with people. Otherwise, everyone will doubt your position! "Su Po sighed lightly and looked at Tu Han:

"If this day comes, then remember: do not worry about this place. You immediately leave this place, go to the Werewolf ridge and find your teacher!

Tu Han wanted to say something, but Su Po interrupted him:

"Okay, let's not talk about it. Come back and protect Niu Yu Tao well. Dong Guo Hao Ran knew physiognomy. And since he took Niu Yu Tao as a student, that was the reason. He could not shoot without a target. Something must not happen to Niu Yu Tao!"

"Yes, master!" Tu Han nodded sadly and left.

It is not happiness, it is a curse. In a past life, he avoided close relationships, but in this life, they were brought him to marry in advance.

Red lanterns shone under the peach tree. Lanterns also lit peach blossoms, which looked pretty magical.

Although the peach spring looked magically beautiful, there was no sense of celebration in the sect of the Highest purity. They did not even arrange a wedding banquet, not to mention guests from other sects who were not invited to such a ceremony.

A crowd of disciples in the inner circle stood and looked at the rite, and among them stood Song Yang Qing. He looked at Tan Yi, dressed in red robes. She, just with Niu Yu Tao, bowed to each other to the knees.

One could see the anger in Song Yang Qing's eyes. There were people on either side of him, ready at any moment to stop him.

"Enter the wedding chambers!" - the voice of the wedding manager was heard.

After drinking two wedding cups of wine, the guests began to disperse. Someone was grieved, someone shook his head, someone had mixed feelings.

However, quite a few people looked at the blackened Song Yang Qing and noticed it was funny. Everyone knew that Song Yang Qing loved Tan Yi. Who will not enjoy beauty? But no one in the sect dared to compete with him, and then the redneck appeared and took Tan Yi. Therefore, someone rejoiced at someone else's misfortune.

The doors of the room opened, and the newlyweds went inside. They looked at the lit red candles.

After they drank the wine, the assistants to the bride and groom took off their wedding dresses. They went out, closing the door behind them and leaving the newlyweds alone with each other.

A pleasant scent spread throughout the room. However, the sad Niu Yu Tao sometimes glanced at a nearby seated beauty. He did not know what to say. Moreover, he still did not know what this means? Is there a catch in this? Therefore, he behaved very carefully.

And Tan Yi also sat calmly and motionless. That was weird.

Two people stayed like that until dawn the next day. They did not even hold hands. Then one man knocked outside, and Tan Yi left.

Two students later came in. They told Niu Yu Tao:

 "Master Tan has things to do. We will go."

"M!" Niu Yu Tao nodded his head.

And when everyone left, he immediately fell asleep and only in the evening woke up.

And when he left the room, red lanterns and red silk everywhere hung strikingly caught his eye.

Niu Yu Tao immediately saw Tu Han, who was lighting red lights under a peach tree. As soon as he saw Niu Yu Tao, he quickly approached him, and together they entered the courtyard.

Dressed in a large red robe, Niu Yu Tao stood under a peach tree and looked at the shining palace of the Highest purity on the other side of the cliff.

The night gradually came, and one peach petal fell on his shoulders.

Only on the wedding day, Niu Yu Tao saw Tan Yi, and on the other days, they did not see each other. Tan Yi only came in the new year to have dinner with him, sitting opposite. Then he slept in his room, and she slept in the next room and left at dawn.

Solitude, calm, and loneliness felt Niu Yu Tao after the wedding. At times, Cheng Gui Shuo and others talked to him. With them, he was more pleasant and exciting to communicate than with the boring Tu Han.

However, Tu Han was addicted to alcohol and often carried a pumpkin bottle with him. And after drinking alcohol, he became more cheerful.

At such times, Niu Yu Tao talked to him and, at times, could find out useful information.

For example, after their wedding, Tan Yi became the new head of the sect.

This means that he became the husband of the head of the sect! Only the husband who was under house arrest. However, Niu Yu Tao still did not understand what the sect of Highest purity wants from him?  And no one told him the answer.

So another year passed.

Under the perpetual peach tree, one gentle, graceful young man stood with his hands clasped. By his features, it was possible to determine that he was a talented person. He emanated warmth and harmony. A horsetail was tied at the back of his head. This young man was just Niu Yu Tao.

The sun and moon scurry through the sky, like weaving shuttles. (time runs unnoticed). So flew 5 years, as Niu Yu Tao was under house arrest.

Now from youth, he has turned into a developed young man. Thanks to the strong character formed in the past life, he took the opportunity to calmly and solitary spend his days and often cultivate.

If so, then he has nowhere to rush. He knew that sooner or later, he would leave this place because of his strength. And although the sect did not provide him with resources for cultivation, the amulets transferring the creed to the successor were his primary support!

Initially, its protective amulets now formed in two lines. Still, the cultivation of it reached only the peak of Lian Qi.

And the higher his cultivation became, the faster he processed protective amulets. This was his power.

Lian Qi(improving qi (or practicing breathing), Zhu Ji (laying the foundations), Jin Dan (the stage of the golden core), Yuan Ying (the stage of the original fruit), and then the levels have not been mentioned further. As Tu Han said, there are few Yuan Ying cultivators in this world. And Yuan Ying cultivators are considered incomparable masters. Jin Dan is also considered an excellent high level.

In the sect of the Highest purity, only 3 patriarchs reached the level of Jin Dan. Previously, two more people were at the Jin Dan level, these are Tan Mu and Dong Guo Hao Ran. A few more people were at the level of Zhu Ji. Last year, Tan Yi, with the help of three patriarchs, made her way to the level of Zhu Ji, and the rest of the students still stay at the level of Lian Qi. Therefore, the cultivation of Niu Yu Tao can be considered not low in the sect. Only he did not attract attention and was not going to show his capabilities.

He was well now. There is food and drink here. Here a calm place, just convenient for cultivation. He heard that outside the world was in turmoil. So he is unlikely to be able to find a more suitable place for cultivating the heart, so he was in no hurry to leave the sect.

Relaxed, Niu Yu Tao lay down on a couch under the peach tree and calmly fell asleep ...

The night went down to the capital of the kingdom of Yan. There was a forest of luxurious shops, and a crowd of people filled all the streets. It was as if they had nothing to do with the restless outside world. In the dark alleys, beggars lived their lives.

In one secluded palace hung a sign * Song Residence *. This was the estate of an influential person in the Supreme Court of Justice of the Yan Kingdom.  Song Jiu Min's estate.

One wagon drove up to the estate, and one man in a cloak got off the wagon. He stroked his beard, freely climbed the stairs.

One gatekeeper immediately opened the door and shouted into the house:

 "Mr. Cao!"

Immediately one man ran out of the house. He had not yet left the house, as he folded his arms and said smiling:

"What wind brought Mr. Cao to us? Come inside faster!"

Going out to meet Cao Feng Duo was the eldest son of Song Jiu Ming - Song Chuan. He was also an official.

The guest who came was one of the chief advisers to the Minister of Public Works. Therefore, Song Chuan personally went out to meet him.

Two people smiling, talking, and entered the courtyard, where they sat down in the living room and began to drink tea.

After a while, Song Jiu Min came to them. His face was white. From qi and appearance, it was possible to determine that he took good care of himself. And when he entered, two people stood up.

Cao Feng Duo folded two hands:

"Greetings to the dignitary of the Supreme Court of Justice!"

Song Jiu Min nodded and straight sat down at the main place. He calmly and thoughtfully asked:

"Since Mr. Cao personally came, so you want to tell an important case.?"

"That's right!" Cao Feng Duo bowed his head and said in a low tone:

"Tomorrow, the son of Shan Jian Bo - Shan Chao Zong is released from prison ..."