Heavenly Genius - Chapter 160


On the way to Beizhou, Niu Yu Dao thought about what to do.

After talking to Shao ping Bo in the mountains, Shao Ping Bo didn't pay any attention to him anymore. He didn't even look at it once. And when they stopped to rest, Niu Yu Dao didn't have a chance to get close to him.

He thought about Shao ping Bo's attitude and gradually realized that Shao Ping Bo didn't bring him along because they were good cooks. It's because he wants to get a better look at them.

Where did he get it wrong? Niu Yu Dao thought about it.

It's not because he's a single cultivator. Shao Ping Bo suddenly changed his attitude and even cheekily fed all of the food.

At once, you could tell that he was not a vulgar or rude person in his own right, but he had behaved like this. It's strange, though.

Niu Yu Dao thought about this for a long time. However, there was no reaction from Shao Ping Bo. Niu Yu Dao, in turn, didn't know how to react to all this.

Niu Yu Dao even had a headache from the whole situation.

He said that he was Zhuge Xiong's man and was going to the capital. This means that Shao Ping Bo doesn't have much respect for either of them. But Shao Ping Bo is not a man who doesn't know who can be hurt and who can't. And he's not the type to create problems for the people behind them. Such a person is challenging to figure out because he has a cold-blooded mind!

Such people are smart, cold-blooded, and ruthless! He had once encountered such people and realized that such people were not to be trifled with!

Niu Yu Dao walked and gradually learned all about Shao Ping Bo and the others. And the more he knew, the more awe he felt in his heart.

They were advancing among a group of cultivators. Niu Yu Dao noticed that the two cultivators who first saw them treated the other two cultivators very respectfully. This indicated that the two were higher - level cultivators. Those cultivators also had an equal relationship with other cultivators, which meant that the other cultivators were also of the Jin Dan level.

So Shao Ping Bo is guarded by Jin Dan cultivators.

When the heavenly jade sect found out that Chao Zong had a hundred thousand strong army, they Sent several Jin Dan cultivators to guard him.

Only from this can it be understood that Shao Deng Yun attaches great importance to his son.

Niu Yu Dao didn't know much about Shao Deng Yun. He only knew that Shao Deng Yong had 3-4 children. But would each of them have so many bodyguards? After all, Jin Dan cultivators are not Peking cabbage. This is hardly possible. Does Shao Ping Bo go outside of the Kingdom for the performance of any business?

Niu Yu Dao began to think even more broadly.

Although the situation of Beizhou was not well known to Niu Yu Dao, however, everything that happened appeared in Niu Yu Dao's mind.

Shao Deng Yong has initially been the General of the Yan Kingdom's border Outpost, so he betrayed the Yan Kingdom and let the many thousands of Han Kingdom troops pass. In the end, he slaughtered an entire area of the Yan Kingdom and seemed to be rewarded for it. He was appointed ruler of the region of Bajo.

Now the Han Kingdom does not have much power over Shao Deng Yun due to concerns that he might turn to the Yan Kingdom. The Yan Kingdom can't attack Shao Deng Yong either, because the Han Kingdom is afraid.

Niu Yu Dao realized that Shao Deng Yun was his own master and had his army in the area. It's simple!

Shao Deng Yun has initially been a subordinate of Ning Wang, and then the old associates of Ning Wang began to be purged in the Kingdom. So, they forced Shao Deng Yong to betray the Kingdom!

A lot of Ning Wang's people were purged back then, but only one person betrayed the country. It was Shao Deng Yun!

And why Niu Yu Dao Shao Deng Yuan's style of behaviour reminded him of Shao Ping Bo. He began to wonder if Shao Deng Yong's betrayal could be related to Shao Ping Bo.

Perhaps he had a lot on his mind because a lot of things were unknown to him…

Beizhou has initially been a dependent territory of the Yan Kingdom; then, this territory passed to the Han Kingdom.

Ships were already prepared at the river bank. The horsemen mounted the boat, where the rowers were already sitting in two rows. They began to grow.

Slowly, the ship began to move away from the shore to the other coast.

On the opposite Bank, the sailors threw out a rope, moored the ship, and then carried out the ladder.

Many people met them on the beach. Shao Ping Bo stepped off the ship and passed people who folded their hands in front of him and nodded their heads in respect. He paid no attention to anyone but went straight to the lone beauty.

Niu Yu Dao walked behind him and also couldn't help but look at that girl. This girl was incredibly beautiful. She stood among them all, like a crane among ducks. She had a gorgeous hairdo, Phoenix eyes, snow-white porcelain skin, a graceful figure, a beautiful long dress, and celestial qi.

Niu Yu Dao was at a loss for words. After all, he recognized this girl! It was Tang Yi!

He walked around Bajo to enter the Kingdom of Han because I didn't want to deal with people of the sect of the Highest purity. And what is the result?

He looked around and thought about how to hide. But he had nowhere to hide except to go back to the ship or jump into the water.

He stopped, only the cultivators were pushing him from behind.

There were two other people on either side of Tang Yi. Niu Yu Dao knew them, too. They were Su Po and Tang Su Su, who had tried to kill him more than once.

Whether it was because of Tang Yi's beauty or because she was the head of the highest purity sect, Shao Ping Bo treated her well.

Fortunately, Tang Yi and the others were only looking at Shao Ping Bo, so they overlooked Niu Yu Dao. He hid behind the people who were coming out behind him.

Standing behind the others, Niu Yu Dao heard Shao Ping Bo and Tang Yi talking. Shao Ping Bo liked Tang Yi very much. You could listen to his sympathy for her behind his speech.

Fortunately, Tang Yi tactfully refused him. Otherwise, Niu Yu Dao would probably be doomed to death.

Indeed, he did not like Tang Yi. He didn't even have a craving for her. He had never liked anyone in this world before. Only Tang Yi - his wife, with whom he bowed to the sky.

And even though he didn't love her, he was disgusted to see his wife now accepting compliments from another man!

"By the way, I've prepared a present for you.

"Senior young master is too caring. Just don't, I'm a married woman!

Tang Yi always reminded Shao Ping Bo of her status between conversations, as if she was hoping for something.

"I know you don't accept gifts, so I've prepared a special gift for you. I brought a good cook. Most likely, you have never tasted such dishes in your life.

Shao Ping Bo smiled and turned his head to shout:

- Brother Zhang.

It was only at this moment that he seemed to remember it.

From behind, the cultivators immediately dispersed and showed Niu Yu Dao. Niu Yu Dao was at a loss for words.

Tang Yi, Su Po, and Tang Su froze in place when they saw Niu Yu Dao. They never thought that they would see Niu Yu Dao here.

Niu Yu Dao calmly walked over, leaning on his sword. He looked at Tang Yi appraisingly and said with a smile:

- Beautiful!

Shao Ping Bo frowned and said:

"Brother Zhang, be careful what you say!

Niu Yu Dao smiled:

"Mr. Shao, is this, your dear guest?"

Shao Ping Bo nodded: Exactly!

Nu Yu Dao: Mr. Shao, and you distracted me from the things for her? I didn't think you were trying so hard for simple beauty.

Shao Ping Bo cautiously said:

"Brother Zhang, this is the head of The highest purity sect!

After hearing the name brother Zhang, Tang Yi and the others still thought they had just identified themselves. However, the sword that Niu Yu Dao leaned on was well known to them. It was Dong Guo Hao Rang's sword!

The man in front of them, the sword too. If it's not Niu Yu Dao, who is it?

Niu Yu Dao was making fun of them right now. It can't be helped. He tried not to meet them, but it turned out quite the opposite. If so, you need to put pressure on them not to reveal his position.

Tang Yi didn't like to hear all this, but her husband was standing in front of her. And it's not fair to swear in front of people; otherwise, what will they say in the middle Kingdom?


And Tang Su Su wanted to kill Niu Yu Dao. God forbid that Niu Yu Dao will reveal himself now! Then it would be a disgrace to the Highest purity sect. Even a slap in the face for the highest purity sect.

"The highest purity sect?» Black peony and the others looked at each other in confusion.

"And she is the head of the sect?"

And this Chapter has a husband? Who is the husband of this beauty? And could this beauty be the head of a sect?